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News Links, January 14-15, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Baltic Dry Index Crashes 18% In 2 Days
Baltic Dry Continues Collapse - Worst Slide Since Financial Crisis
Banks in Denmark Face Tougher Credit Rules to Tackle Record Debt
Spanish Lending Rates Soar To Highest Since 2008
Faber: We Are in a Gigantic Financial Asset Bubble (video)
Greek Deflation Continues For 10th Straight Month; Stocks Up 19% In 9 Days
Greece hopeful, but any debt relief likely to be symbolic
The only time stocks have been more expensive is the tech bubble, warns Goldman Sachs
Sochi Olympics carry $51 billion price tag
Nordic Crisis Waiting to Happen Puzzles Krugman Assessing Debts
Scandinavia, which attracted investors during Europe's sovereign debt crisis, is now coming under international scrutiny on concern that record household debt levels from Denmark to Sweden aren't sustainable.

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Kingfisher A380 Order Cancellation Cuts Revival Chances
Air India plans to further stop loss-making routes
Qantas axes Hobart workers
9 surprising factors that influence the price of your airline ticket
German TUI aims to cut airline costs by 65 million euros each year
Japan Air grounds Boeing 787 after battery problem
United Drops $1.08 Billion of Airbus Orders in Jet Shift

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Mexican vigilantes seize new town from drug cartel
Vigilantes seized a drug cartel's bastion in western Mexico, sparking a shootout as the civilian militias gain new ground in their struggle against drug gangs in a violence-plagued region.
Mexican police start to disarm vigilantes in Michoacan
Iran nuclear deal: Dubai leader backs easing of sanctions
'At least 30 killed' in Baghdad area attacks
American Government Backed Murderous Mexican Drug Cartel for More Than a Decade
Pacific Tensions May Intensify In Coming Weeks
Iraq to Revive Sunni Militia to Fight al-Qaeda

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thai protesters create huge traffic jam to shut capital
Thai protesters target ministries, threaten stock exchange
Two protesters killed in clash with South African police
Fight in Iraq has oil traders holding their breath
Pew report: Religious conflict rises around world
Amid hype over constitution, Egypt's police brace for the worst
Spanish riots in northern city over street plans leave 11 police injured; 40 arrested
Striking French Cab Drivers Attack Uber Cars, Demand Government "See Things Their Way"
Protesters mark 1000th straight day of fight against nuclear power (Japan)

## Energy/resources ##
Must read: Why EIA, IEA, and Randers' 2052 Energy Forecasts are Wrong
The nuclear renaissance is stone cold dead
The most that could be said for the 2013 figures − four reactors connected to grids, four permanently shut down − is that they weren't as bad as the previous year. Nuclear power suffered its biggest ever one-year fall in 2012 − nuclear generation fell 7 per cent from the 2011 figure.
After a building boom, solar energy's prospects now aren't as sunny
The pace of solar development has slowed to a crawl, with a number of companies going out of business and major projects canceled.
German wind farm operator Prokon warns of imminent insolvency
The controversial German wind farm operator Prokon has warned 75,000 retail investors of imminent insolvency, perhaps by the end of the month.
API Predicts Massive Oil Industry Spending Spree
The article makes it sound as though the spending will all be on infrastructure, but just getting the oil out of the ground is getting more and more expensive. -- RF
Tremendous Investment, Astute Project Management Needed for US Shale
It's not too Early to Review Drilling Efficiency
New drilling technologies used in shale formations in the United States have given energy companies access to oil deposits that were previously out of reach. That, in turn, has led to historic increases in U.S. oil production. The EIA's forecast for 2015, however, was lower than it expected in previous reports, adding to speculation the U.S. oil gains may be short-lived.
They are not "new" technologies. Already existing technologies are being put to work seeking junk hydrocarbons because of desperation. And yes, the gains will be short-lived. -- RF
Few asteroids are worth mining, suggests Harvard study
Qatar official: U.S. shale gas production no 'game changer'
UAE Energy Forum: Shale Gas Is Not A Threat
UAE energy chief backs new law to cut power consumption
Iran's Oil Plans in 2014
Iran's oil sector is like an ageing wrestler who could still surprise opponents with a show of strength. With this essential industry currently flat on its back, President Hassan Rouhani's team has to find a way to get their champion back on its feet. Meanwhile, international oil companies are looking on from the sidelines, and whispering some encouragement.
S Korea to build more nuclear plants despite opposition
Japan's Abe eyes Mozambique's gas reserves on Africa visit
Blackmarketing of petrol‚ diesel rampant (Nepal)

## Got food? ##
US 'superweeds' epidemic shines spotlight on GMOs
"In parts of the country, weeds resistant to the world's most popular herbicide, glyphosate, now grow in the vast majority of soybean, cotton, and corn fields," many of which were planted with seeds resistant to the weedkiller, said the study published in the journal Science in September.
Tyson Foods Recalls 33,000 Pounds of Chicken Product
Big Ag's big lie: Factory farms, your health and the new politics of antibiotics
How to Check for Seed Viability (Video)
Major California Drought Could Spell 'Catastrophe' for Nation's Food Supply
WFP official says more food aid desperately needed to feed thousands in South Sudan
Shivering Cattle Signal Higher McDonald's Beef Cost: Commodities

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
17 Tricks Stores Use To Make You Spend More Money

## Environment/health ##
Complaints Mount Against Fracking Pollution
California's Pot Farms Could Leave Salmon Runs Truly Smoked
According to critics, marijuana plantations guzzle enormous amounts of water while also spilling pesticides, fertilizers and stream-clogging sediments into waterways, including the Eel and the Klamath rivers, that have historically produced large numbers of Chinook salmon and related species.
The 'smart life': How connected cars, clothes and homes could fry your brain
Oil remains four years after BP Gulf spill (video)
Rising Seas, Sinking Coasts Spell Doom for Eastern US

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Review Of Terrorism Cases Finds NSA Spying Helped Very Little
Bin Laden Photos Won't Be Released as Court Spurns Appeal
The U.S. Supreme Court refused to order the release of photos of Osama bin Laden's corpse and burial at sea, leaving intact the CIA's classification of those images as top-secret.
Federal Court Sides With Telecom, Deals Blow to Open Internet

## Japan ##
Japanese Agency Designs Experiment to Create Controlled Nuclear Meltdown
The Japanese Atomic Energy Agency has begun planning an experiment, set to be carried out within the next year or so, that will see them create a controlled nuclear reactor meltdown in order to study it and learn exactly what happens so that they can better prepare for similar situations in the future.
Japan holds military drill as S. China Sea islands dispute widens
Izumo to serve as command ship
The brand new Maritime Self-Defense Force helicopter destroyer Izumo will undergo a refit to serve as the command center for defending remote islands in the southwest, sources said.
Japan Current-Account Gap Widens to Record on Weaker Yen
As Nuclear Concerns Rise, Japan Delays Energy Plan
Nikkei follows Wall Street, plummets 490 points
Movement against Japan-U.S. Security Treaty to hold 750th demonstration
Industrial espionage growing rapidly
From bases in China, crime groups increase scams targeting elderly Japanese

## China ##
Red Flags in China – Can It Prevent a Major Financial Crisis?
China's water shortage is so bad it could turn out the lights
For Soft Landing, China Must Tackle Debt-to-GDP Ratio in 2014

## UK ##
Hopes of North Sea Resurgence Dashed as Investments Expected to Fall after 2015
Total deal speeds up UK shale gas race
U.K. to Pay Up To $3M a Well to Councils Allowing Shale Gas
Grieving families face £1,000 'death tax' as councils cash in on burials
GCHQ fears hackers will loot Government websites
Spies fear the British Government will become 'the biggest free bank in the world' as Ukrainian hackers harvest hundreds of customer passwords every day
No danger of blackouts, says David Cameron

## US ##
New report says millions of women at risk of falling into poverty, economic ruin
Stocks fall most in two months as a weak start to 2014 drags on; Energy sector slides
Groups pledge $330 million to save Detroit art, pensions
When Will Interest on US National Debt Exceed $1 Trillion? When Will the Fed Hike Rates?
Demolitions dire for America's poor as foreclosures fuel affordable housing crisis
Welcome To The Blackstone Recovery: Over 11 Million Americans Spend More Than Half Their Income On Rent
U.S. Desire for Short Term Profit could Lead to Nuclear Power Implosion
We Can't Expect a Reliable Energy Future Without Talking Water
$1.1 Trillion Spending Bill Overturns Pentagon Cuts
Congressional negotiators have unveiled a $1.1 trillion spending bill tonight that officials say will avoid a government shutdown, and will also increase Pentagon spending above the levels a previous sequestration deal called for.
When Will the Fed Hike Part II - Discussion of Debt Duration - Communication the Only Tool Left
Florida theater shooting raises questions about texting etiquette — and guns
Diesel Fuel Shortage Impacting North Dakota Haulers

And finally...
Police: Pet parrot squealed on drunken driving suspect

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