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News Links, January 21-22, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Spain's Worst Year for Work Leaves Rajoy Counting Cost of Slump
Neofeudalism: The Global Elite: Rigging the Rules That Fuel InequalityNew report from Oxfam states that 85 of the world's richest people own the wealth of half of the world's population.
Default fears spook Chinese financial markets
'Wealth Effect': Spiffy Hotel Rooms For The 85 Richest Folks Who Own As Much As Poorest Half Of Humanity
Greek Unpaid Electricity Bills Grow By €4 Million Per Day: Over 700,000 Pay In Installments
UN: more than 200 million jobless last year
The United Nations' labor agency says the number of unemployed people around the world rose above 200 million last year as job opportunities failed to grow at the same pace as the global workforce.
Thai Default Risk Soars as Funds Pull $4 Billion: Southeast Asia
French Banks Face €285 Bn Capital Shortfall, Germany €199 Bn, Spain €92 Bn
Iraq 2014 Budget will Collapse without Kurdish Oil Income
The $23 Trillion Credit Bubble In China Is Starting To Collapse – Global Financial Crisis Next?
Study says 'true' eurozone stress test could show over US$1 trillion shortfall in banks
Keynes Is Dead, Abenomics Fizzles, US Fails to Reach Escape Velocity, Stimulus Fatigue
Look: The "Aurum" — A New Way to Hold Gold
Why an algorithm wants your highly skilled job

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Air industry mulls jet fuel hedging options
Poland considering plan to put LOT airlines, airport and services into single holding company
Many passengers dislike airlines' 'slim-line' seats
Great Lakes Airlines paring back operations
Cope with cold travel: Freeze cancels thousands of flights

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Large chunk of Canada's narcotics lost to thieves brandishing guns, knives and home-made flame throwers
Already Toast? Mexico's Energy Reform Buzz vs. Oil Theft, Corruption, And Organized Crime
Russians study Islamic video threatening Olympics
Iran, US, Europe start implementing nuclear deal
Philippine Navy Adds to Regional Arms Build-Up
The Complete Chinese War Preparedness And Military Update
Russia's Sergei Lavrov: Ukraine getting 'out of control'
Peace Talks In Chaos As Greeks Refuse To Refuel Syrian Flight
Cost of Nato's new HQ soars by 25 per cent
Japan scrambled jets against Chinese planes 138 times from October to December
China to start regular patrols from island in South China Sea
Iraq: Al-Qaeda Has Firepower to Occupy Baghdad

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thailand imposes state of emergency over unrest
New anti-protest law triggers violent clashes in Ukraine; Klitschko warns of 'civil war'
Ukraine clashes escalating as West condemns harsh new law
Ukrainian Activists Fire Catapult as Kiev Clashes Persist
Ukrainian anti-government activists, enraged by new laws to subdue dissent, battled police for a second night, building a catapult to launch Molotov cocktails.
Two in Three Americans Upset by Income, Wealth Inequality

## Energy/resources ##
Think "peak oil" is a discredited idea? Think again
Not so Fast on Libyan Oil Optimism
Perfect Storm of Problems Forces Shell to Announce 48% Drop in Earnings
Oil Glut Threatens US Shale Revolution
The biggest problem is the high cost of extracting oil from shale formations. This could turn the "glut" into a shortage overnight. -- RF
Exploiting Unconventional Oil Fields Requires Overcoming Tough Logistics Challenges
CNOOC Estimates Oil Output Growth Below Target For 3rd Year
Propane shortage adds to winter woes (US)
Germany Decides to Cut its Renewable Energy Subsidies
German power sector troubles trigger big and 'bad' ideas
Big problems are prompting big ideas about reforming Germany's utility sector ranging from a super-merger among players in the "big four" to creating a "bad" utility to take over loss-making plants.
New energy demand rising in Middle East
Power prices in Ukraine expected to double to pay for nuclear safety
Last year crushes record for oil-by-rail spills
Brazil to Invest $150B over the Next 4 Years on E&P Activities

## Got food? ##
Opportunity in China's food crunch
Whether or not you are interested in making money feeding China, this article has some sobering news for people who live in China and want to eat. -- RF

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Can You Live Without Credit Cards?

## Environment/health ##
Now Deemed 'Safe,' Water Supply Sickens Over a Hundred W. Virginia Residents
Migratory Birds Behind South Korea Bird Flu Outbreak
Floods force thousands to evacuate in Indonesian capital
Gut bacteria health may be the key to living longer, disease-free lives, U.S. fruit fly study reveals
U.S. Exports Its Factories, and Pollution, to China And...
What Else Is China Exporting to US? Huge Amounts of Air Pollution
NOAA: World in 2013 was 4th hottest on record
Pesticides 'making bees smaller'

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Zombie botnets: Why some crime networks refuse to die
Credit card details on 20 million South Koreans stolen
Chicago City Council Resolution Could Support A Theft-Deterring 'Kill Switch' For Smartphones
2 nabbed at Texas border in credit card fraud case
This is what the Internet will be like without net neutrality
Seven warning signs your identity may have been stolen
Microsoft in more hacking misery
A Microsoft blog has been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army shortly after two of its Twitter accounts and another blog were attacked by the same group.
'123456' tops 'password' on list of worst, weakest Internet passwords

## Japan ##
In Japan, Mayor's Re-Election Adds Fuel to Resistance to US Militarism
Japanese government to push for taking control of inactive bank accounts
As the government's financial situation grows more desperate by the day, this idea, originally floated a few years ago, has recently gained new urgency. Watch for more ideas from governments around the world on how to skim and seize their citizens' wealth. -- RF
Renesas to cut 5,400 employees by March 2016
Toyota may rethink Thai investment plans if crisis lingers
Large amount of cesium flowed into ocean after 2011 typhoon

## China ##
Risk of Major Default in China Shadow Banking (Bloomberg video)
Mega Default In China Scheduled For January 31
China central bank offers emergency funds to banks amid latest cash squeeze
The Sum Of All Risks: Why China Is Heading For A Greek Style Crisis On A Grand Scale
Food security, rural environment top China's policy agenda in 2014
China's Working Population Fell Again in 2013
"China Expected To Announce It Has More Than Doubled Its Gold Reserves", Shanghai Daily

## UK ##
London Job Vacancies Fell 42% in December, Recruiter Says
Shale gas is not the silver bullet to all our energy problems
West Midlands vigilante claims are denied by police chief
How the BBC Over-Egged UK Retail Sales ... And The World Soaked Up Every Word
Poorest people cannot afford costs of dying, report claims
Public space - we must defend our freedoms!
More than 25% of young people share parents' homes
The nuclear family model continues to erode, as I predicted. -- RF

## US ##
Highland Park Michigan Skids Towards Bankruptcy
Looming Pension Payment Could Drive City Taxes To Highest In U.S.
The Retail Death Rattle
Many Baby Boomers Reluctant to Retire–Gallup
America's Feel-Good Oil Bonanza
Residents claim fracking injection wells cause earthquakes
Propane shortage takes toll on rural America (video)
A shortage of propane gas in the Midwest and Northeast is impacting millions of homes and businesses in rural areas beyond the reach of utilities.
Federal Offices Close, Energy Prices Surge Amid U.S. Snow
Vegas casinos now accepting cybercurrency Bitcoin
Sears to close flagship Loop location in April

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