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News Links, January 28-29, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Euro Jobless Record Not Whole Story as Italians Give Up
French unemployment at record high of 3.3 million
Start of a Global Currency Crisis?
Struggling Peugeot Extends Stake For Cash To Chinese Partner
Bundesbank calls for capital levy to avert government bankruptcies
Germany's Bundesbank said on Monday that countries about to go bankrupt should draw on the private wealth of their citizens through a one-off capital levy before asking other states for help.
Here it comes. Governments now see that their infinite-growth Ponzi schemes are falling apart, but of course their remedy is not to change the economic system and redistribute wealth, it's to rip off private citizens. -- RF
Australian law provides for gold confiscation -- and it's not unique
Germany to feel brunt of 5,291 Airbus job cuts: source
Ukraine borrows $2 billion from Moscow, signals bailout on track
Deflation Will Return: Europe First, Then US; Global Supply Arbitrage
Argentine Prices Soar Following Peso Devaluation Which Only Benefits 20% Of Population
Scrambling Gold Mints Around The World Plead: "We Can't Meet The Demand, Even If We Work Overtime"
Overheard In A Gold Vault In Singapore: "We Need Additional Capacity", China's Appetite Is "Insatiable"
JPM Sees 28% Withdrawal From Gold Vault In One Day As Another 10 Tons Depart
Turkey More Than Doubles Main Interest Rate to Halt Lira Slump

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Airlines likely to post record losses in 2013-14 (India)
Tiger Airways Swings to 3Q Net Loss on One-Off Charges, Lower Revenue
Malaysia Airlines to cut last American route
Great Lake Airlines Suspends Service
Thousands of flights canceled by new winter blast

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Why China and the Philippines are Battling Over Rocks, Reefs
Central African Republic crisis getting even worse - UN
Central African Republic: UN 'may need 10,000 troops'
France to deploy an additional 3 000 French troops permanently in West Africa
France says it plans to expand its military presence in Africa with the deployment of at least 3 000 troops to military bases in Niger, Mali and Chad as well as a logistics and supply base in Ivory Coast.
Cuba to host Latin American summit; U.S. notably absent
U.S. seeks to rescue Iraq's Maliki with $6.2 billion Apache deal
Mexico Legalizes Vigilantes, Nabs Cartel Leader
Mexico essentially legalized the country's growing "self-defense" groups Monday, while also announcing that security forces had captured one of the four top leaders of the Knights Templar drug cartel, which the vigilante groups have been fighting for the last year.
India close to buying Japan-made military aircraft in $1.65 billion deal

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Ukraine 'to scrap' anti-protest law
GMO Protesters Arrested Outside Monsanto Meeting
San Francisco's Income Gap Captures Wall Street Spotlight: Tech

## Energy/resources ##
Harper Collides With Native Canadians' Natural Resources Claims
More Trouble in the Arctic for Shell
Thousands shiver in Manitoba as pipeline blast cuts gas supply
Chinese-led international mission to explore South China Sea for oil
New Frontiers: The Cline shale might not be the next big thing
Russia can't lose in oil deal with Iran
Iraq Says Syria War Spillover Hinders Oilfields, Pipelines
Spillover attacks from the civil war in Syria have hindered development of Iraq's gas and oil reserves and a major pipeline to the Mediterranean has been blown up dozens of times, Iraq's top energy official said on Tuesday.

## Got food? ##
Genetic Engineering Actually INCREASES Pesticide Use, DECREASES Crop Yield, And May Be Dangerous to Your Health
Let them eat cake: Farm bill deal reached; cuts SNAP by $800m per year
FDA Concealed the 'High Risk' Livestock Antibiotics Pose to People
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration allowed at least 30 antibiotics used in animal feed to remain on the market despite its own internal analysis finding a majority of them contribute to the dangerous problem of antibiotic- resistant bacteria in people.

## Environment/health ##
How To Avert An Antibiotic Apocalypse
It looks as if the apocalypse is already here. -- RF
The silent epidemic known as valley fever
Bayer Pharmaceutical CEO: Cancer drug only 'for western patients who can afford it'
One of the benefits of being a member of the New Aristocracy. -- RF
Pesticide Exposure Linked to Alzheimer's Disease
Is Monsanto's Gene-Silencing Weapon Next?

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
NSA, GCHQ Using Data From 'Leaky' Smartphone Apps to Spy
US looks at ways to prevent spying on its spying
The U.S. government is looking into encryption techniques that could prevent eavesdroppers from spying on its own surveillance of Americans' phone records.
Israel defence computers hit by hack attack
Pentagon, scientists closing in on rapid DNA technology
Here comes the databasing of all citizens' DNA. Get ready for your cheek swab. -- RF
Snowden Says 'No Doubt' NSA Engages in Industrial Spying
FBI Appears To Have Collected Tormail's Entire Email Database... And It's Using It

## Japan ##
Sony Cut to Junk by Moody's as Mobile Devices Lure Buyers
Sony Shares Hit Hard After Moody's Cut
Japan Has Record Trade Deficit as Rising Fuel Bill Hurts Growth
Why Japan's Trade Fiasco Worries Me So Much
Japan revises teaching manuals, says islands its territory
U.S. pressures Japan to return 300 kg of plutonium
Power, gas firms to raise rates in March
Worker numbers seen falling by 8.21 million in 2030

## China ##
China's Fake Export Numbers Under Close Scrutiny
China's gold hunger — and what that means for Beijing's global financial power
Two news flashes that should remove any doubt about China's intentions regarding gold — and how it will help Beijing's plan to dominate world finance. One, Chinese consumers in 2013 bought gold equivalent to about 45% of global mine output. Two, a new gold futures contract has been launched through the Shanghai Gold Exchange — but there's a catch: you can pay for the contract only in yuan. You have sell dollars to buy the yuan, in other words, before dealing into the contracts.
China Trust "Bailout" To "Unidentified Buyer" Distorts Market As "Risks Are Snowballing"
China's Households "Massively" Exposed To Housing Bubble "That Has To Burst"
China halts poultry trading after new H7N9 cases

## UK ##
UK to Shred Over 80,000 Pages of Environmental Protections
In a sweeping overhaul of environmental regulations in the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday announced plans to slash over 80,000 pages of laws that protect the environment against business practices.
Mental Health Act detentions up 12%
Barclays to cut hundreds more investment bank jobs: source

## US ##
Working Age Americans are the Majority of People on Food Stamps for the First Time
THE Lines to Watch For a Collapse
Good News For Employed Americans: You Are Now Working Longer Than Ever
Welcome to our new low-paying, highly-subsidized economic reality
"We need to get real about the so-called renaissance, which has in reality been a trickle of jobs, often dependent on huge public subsidies. Most important, in order to compete with China and other low-wage countries, these new jobs offer less in health care, pension and benefits than industrial workers historically received."
Whose job will robots take next?
Just one thing: Using robots assumes we have the energy to make and power them. -- RF
Iowa calls for action on propane shortage
Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad called Monday for President Obama to address the  propane shortage plaguing the Midwest amid freezing winter temperatures.
Families struggle to pay medical bills, survey finds
NBC News poll: Pessimism defines the state of the union
Improving Leak Detection Systems is Vital as Pipelines Get Older
Who Are The Long-Term Unemployed? (In Three Graphs)
Report indicates textbook costs on rise
An education group said more than half of U.S. college students have skipped buying textbooks due to the cost and said the decision hurt academically.
Living at home generation: a modern day feudalism awaits young Americans as the prospect of homeownership falls out of grasp.
Hedge Funds See Cheap Homes With Soured Loans: Mortgages
Orders for durable goods fizzle in December
Obama To Unveil Treasury IRAs, Or Planning For A Post-Monetization World
America's disappearing middle class
Is McDonald's doomed?

And finally...
Angry birds: Peace doves attacked after release at Vatican
Now there's a bad omen if I ever saw one. -- RF
Women Say They're Most Attracted To Guys Driving Pickups
And to further increase their chances of getting a date, men should carry guitars. -- RF

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