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News Links, February 20-21, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Peter Schiff: US 'Careens' Toward Twin Crises
Spotlight on Ukraine: Riots in Kiev, EU Weighs Sanctions, Emergency Meetings; Fear of Default Contagion Spreads
Singapore's Soaring Land Prices 'Suicidal' for Developers
Emerging Markets at Risk From Carry Trade Unwinding, BofA Says
The Vultures are Circling: Puerto Rico May Wave Its Sovereign Immunity
It is only a matter of time before Puerto Rico defaults on its debt. Banksters are enticing PR with a little more money on the condition that PR waive its sovereign immunity and agree to a New York venue in the case of default.
China Manufacturing Deteriorates at "Moderate Pace"
China Is a Growing Worry Among Fund Managers
Global investors are increasingly worried about a sharp slowdown in China, which has eclipsed the U.S. Federal Reserve's cutbacks in its bond-buying as the biggest perceived threat to the global economy, according to a survey of fund managers by Bank of America-Merrill Lynch.
Panama Canal expansion in doubt yet again as saga grinds on
A deal to resume work on the multibillion-dollar Panama Canal appeared in doubt on Thursday, just hours after an apparent breakthrough, in the latest twist in a protracted dispute over massive cost overruns.
Italian banks' bad debt cleanup to expose bigger capital gap
Kiev Chaos Jumps Borders as Markets Teeter: East Europe Credit
Ukraine's assets hit, Russia's rouble sets all-time euro low
IMF urges European Central Bank to mull cutting interest rates below zero
Caterpillar Global Retail Sales Decline For 14th Consecutive Month
China crisis shock waves could hit Mongolia hardest: UBS
Crash of 2014: Like 1929, you'll never hear it coming
Hong Kong gold exchange eyes 1,500-t warehouse in mainland China
Asia Imports Huge 80% Of Swiss Gold And Silver Exports In January

## Airline Death Spiral ##
U.S. Said to Warn Airlines on Possible Shoe-Bomb Threat
SAA shows loss on all international routes

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Pacifism thawing, Germany looks for bigger role in regional security
Ukraine Moves Toward Martial Law as Western Region Splits
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych moved to quell a growing insurgency by granting sweeping powers to the army and police after a region declared independence from his government, risking wider conflict.
EU imposes sanctions as Kiev returns to flames
Ukraine crisis: Deadly snipers extinguish lives of Kiev's protesters
Weapons stolen, buildings burnt in Ukraine
Violence and anger protests have gripped Ukraine. The country which is going through worst civil disorder is facing the heat of angry mobs. Violent protesters have now stolen and seized deadly weapons, which can be used against the state.
China Training For "Short, Sharp War" With Japan, US Navy Warns
Japan pushes for formal bilateral ties with Taiwan to counter China
China tells North Korea it will never allow peninsular war
Suicide bombers target Iranian center in Beirut
'Iron Man' Helmet Set to Revolutionize Battlefield
Turkey's embattled Erdogan seeks wider powers for spy agency

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Brazil land disputes spread as Indians take on wildcat miners
Venezuela unrest kills fifth person, Lopez faces court
Venezuela protests escalate as students, security forces clash
Thai protesters target businesses linked to PM; farmers rally
Pussy Riot Beaten With Horsewhips In Sochi
Photos From the Anti-Government Protests in Ukraine

## Energy/resources ##
Oil Train Derailments Reaching Crisis Point
Will the U.S. Follow the U.K. Into Power Shortages?
South Africa's Eskom declares power emergency
South African power utility Eskom declared a second emergency in three months on Thursday, saying the national system was severely constrained after outages at some of its generating units.
The Problem With Condensates
While accidents involving traditional crude resulted in environmentally damaging oil spills and fire, this ultra-light crude can detonate like a bomb.
Is demand destruction in energy at hand?
Offshore Wind Industry Slowed by Birds, Bombs, Sharks
Birds, sharks and unexploded bombs from World War II are being blamed for holding up offshore wind farms, raising doubts about the costs of the technology.
Ancient Technique Lets Forests Produce Timber Without Killing Trees
Why an Accidental Leak Should Send Shivers Up Big Oil's Spine
One of the largest accidental releases of oil in Alberta's history isn't a burst pipeline and it doesn't involve a train of tanker cars derailing into a river. It's also not a thing of the past. It's been going on for about a year and it's still happening. An estimated 12,000 barrels of bitumen and water has now risen from giant cracks in the forest floor at an underground oil sands project run by Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
Pole fires cripple Melbourne power grid (Australia)
Tens of thousands of Victorians were left without power on Sunday after pole fires wreaked havoc across the state's electricity grid.
Coal imports by Indian power companies surge - minister
Cold weather and price of propane fuel firewood shortage (US)
Big retailers can't meet demand for wood fuel pellets (US)

## Got food? ##
Chemicals leaching into food from packaging raise safety concerns
The New Aristocracy: Private Equity Predators and the Great American Farm Grab
Half of US farmland being eyed by private equity interests
In the not-too-distant future, many of us will perhaps be working as serfs in those fields. I have repeatedly said that the people who work the land should own it. -- RF
Troubles for Tea
The eat of battle – how the world's armies get fed
Choose the Best Garden Fence to Keep Critters Out
Hot Pockets Recalls 8 Million Pounds of Meat Due to "Diseased and Unsound Animals"

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Make time for something other than money

## Environment/health ##
China confirms H5N1, goat plague cases
The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) today confirmed outbreaks of H5N1 bird flu in poultry in southwest China's Guizhou Province and goat plague in northwestern Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.
Some New York City streets closed due to falling ice, snow
New Yorkers got a reprieve from the relentless winter weather on Wednesday only to find that the season's wrath created a fresh menace of large chunks of snow and ice falling from skyscrapers to the sidewalks below.
Health experts warn of water contamination from California drought
Whistleblower Fired After Voicing Safety Concerns at Nuclear Site
Bumblebees infected with honeybee diseases
Scientists Fear Ecological Disaster In Nicaragua's Planned Canal
Google offers bird's-eye view of global deforestation
Drought Damages Vines as California Wineries Go Thirsty

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Edward Snowden Wins Role at U.K. University
Can Twitter Predict Major Events? A New Study Says Yes
License-Plate Tracking Technology Sought by U.S. Customs
Stores can see where you go by tracking your phone
Your phone apps know more about you than you think
U. of Maryland data breach affects 300,000
Homeland Security shelves license-plate tracking plan
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security shelved a plan to have a vendor build a national license-plate tracking system after criticism from privacy advocates.
Malware makers 'tailor' Android threats geographically
Israel Electric Opens Cyber-War Room to Defend Against Power-Grid Hacks

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Zombieland: A View Of Amerika From I-35 North
Pakistan's energy crisis threatens tree canopy
In an alarming trend, the people turn to firewood as shortage of natural gas and electricity hits them hard
As energy regimes around the world fail, people will chop down whatever trees they can find. Yes, the Picasso paintings will eventually be consigned to the flames by desperate people. -- RF

## Japan ##
Japan's January trade deficit hits record $27.3 billion
New highly radioactive leak at Japan's Fukushima plant
TEPCO says 100 tons of tainted water leaked at Fukushima
Japan to fast-track some nuclear reactor restarts
Crops and vineyards in eastern Japan ruined by heavy snow
Empty shelves: Snow hinders food distribution
Meanwhile, our village, still cut off from the outside world (except for a few vehicles allowed through a back road at certain times), got emergency food supplies yesterday, which we distributed to all households. -- RF

## China ##
Fears over a 'tail risk' hard landing in China are growing
Japan secretly developing nuclear weapons: Yazhou Zhoukan
China removes $8bn from money markets to control lending
China's manufacturing slows to seven-month low
PLA to build wharves in Hong Kong's Central District
Economists React: Another Bad Sign for China's Economy
Chinese economy's fragility under renewed focus

## UK ##
'Public health emergency' declared as one in six GPs was asked to refer a patient to food banks in the last year
British Gas reports dip in profits as energy costs rise
British Gas chairman in blackout warning
Rick Haythornthwaite, Centrica's newly appointed chairman, says the threat of power blackouts in the UK is no longer the "figment of a scaremonger's imagination".
UK suffers wettest winter on record
Attention on Retention as Engineering Skills Shortage Continues

## US ##
The Young Subprime Debt-Slave Generation
Neofeudalism: The United States of Poverty and Inequality
New report shows that no matter which state you live in, the 1% are making even more gains as the rest fall back
Wealth gap is widest in some affluent US cities
Housing Bubble II: What's Ruining Home Sales? Not The Weather!
The Retail Real Estate Implosion
The Rental Bubble Is Also Bursting
The Chart That No "US Manufacturing Renaissance" Believer Wants To See
The US witnesses an unexpected drop in capacity utilization
Philly Fed Unexpectedly Back in Contraction; Weather Blamed Again
Tough winter creates menace: Ice from high-rises
U.S. Government Will Back Loans For Nuclear Power
Natural gas soars on threat of another polar vortex in March
Propane shortage strikes Mid-Missouri
Staying warm became pricier in January
Retailers report tomorrow, but it won't be pretty
Companies not parting with cash as economy wilts
Crude oil tops $103
Electricity Rates Triple For Some Area Customers
Sbarro closing 155 stores
Usurious Returns on Phantom Money: The Credit Card Gravy Train
Attorney: Teen was shot for having Wii controller in hand
Correction, says Wal-Mart, We Definitely Do Not Support Higher Wages
Pothole pain: The cost of this winter's pitted roadways
In 2013 The Fed Bought 150% More Treasurys Than All Foreigners Combined
Why Cheap Just Isn't Enough Anymore for Walmart
After Market: Stocks Rally, S&P 500 Closes In on Record High
Coloradans fuming over secret deal to privatize highway toll lanes

And finally...
Italian cleaner accidentally throws modern art in the bin
The strange subculture of rubber duck racing

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