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News Links, March 10-11, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
'What bailout exit?' Portuguese ask, braced for more hardship
Global debt markets hit $100 trillion-mark
EU aims for deal on tackling failing banks next week
Spain Modifies Bankruptcy Laws to Prevent Corporate Liquidations; 65,000 Companies, 1.3 Trillion Euro Delinquencies in Play
Gold Hedges Against Surge In Cost Of Bread, Eggs, Beer and Fuel
Culture of Greed and Arrogance: Minutes Show Bank of England was Aware of Currency Rigging Eight Years Ago
Iron Ore Prices Collapse Into Bear Market On China Credit Concerns
China's credit reckoning draws closer
Financial sector changes pose risk of collapse, warns superannuation body
The government's looming changes to the financial services sector could spark a wave of financial collapses similar to those that occured in 2006-10, which wiped $6 billion in savings from more than 120,000 investors, Industry Super Australia (ISA) claims.
How Canada's weak economy is 'struggling to create many new jobs'
Asian and European industrial health under scrutiny this week
Mt. Gox files for bankruptcy in U.S., CEO's accounts hacked

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Will Merpati Airline be Just a Memory? (Indonesia)
After 52 years of service, the state-owned PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines (MNA) is now on the brink of bankruptcy.
Air Canada weighs fare increases and new fees as loonie weakens
Bombardier Inc to freeze salaries of 38,000 staff as CSeries delays hit profits
Watch Out, Travelers: New Airline Policies Spread Easily

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Mexican authorities kill Knights Templar drug cartel leader Nazario Moreno (for sure this time?)
Massive Bombing near Baghdad; 97 Killed 237 Wounded Across Iraq
Japan, U.S. differ on China in talks on 'grey zone' military threats
From Now On, No Compromises Are Possible For Russia
Washington has defaulted on all of its key agreements made with USSR/Russia during the last 30 years.
Warning shots fired to turn monitors back from Crimea
Pro-Russia Troops Install Minefields, Border Markers in Crimea; Gazprom Ups Price of Natural Gas 37%, Calls in $2 Billion Gas Debt
Nato jets to monitor Ukraine border
US: Russia Will Pay If Crimeans Vote to Join Them
Ukraine may have to go nuclear, says Kiev lawmaker
David Cameron: Russia may face EU sanctions within days
EU's foreign policy chief visits Iran
Chinese group claims responsibility for flight MH370
A group that calls itself the Chinese Martyrs' Brigade has claimed responsibility for crashing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which has remained missing after losing contact with ground control at 1:20am on Saturday.
Saudi threatens to block Qatar's land, sea borders
Arab League, Abbas reject recognizing Israel as 'Jewish state'
North Korea-flagged ship finishes loading oil at Libya rebel port
A North Korean-flagged tanker has finished loading crude at the Libyan rebel-held port of Es Sider but has not left the terminal, oil officials said on March 10, after the government threatened to bomb the ship.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protesters in Brazil: 'There Will Not Be a World Cup!'
Hundreds Refuse Food in Growing Call Against Deportations (US)
Israeli Youth: 'We Refuse to Serve in the Occupation Army'
Thousands protest in Japan ahead of Fukushima anniversary

## Energy/resources ##
Geopolitical Turmoil Takes its Toll on ExxonMobil
NRC Finds Several Reactors with "Degraded Level of Performance"
South Africa's Blackouts Follow Alstom, Hitachi 'Let-Down'
South Africa: Premier Must Act Urgently to Keep Lights On At Clinics, Hospitals
Natural gas industry struggles to keep promises
America's plan to use more natural gas to run power plants, make chemicals, drive vehicles and heat homes may not go as smoothly as expected.
Ukraine, Russia and the nonexistent U.S. oil and natural gas "weapon"
Expert Mining Panel Discusses Possibility Of Reaching 'Peak Discovery'
VW says power loss cut plant output more than expected
Mystery British car breakdowns may lead to diesel price rise
New Bionic Leaf Could Solve Solar Energy Storage Problem
Richard Heinberg: The Oil 'Revolution' Story Is Dead Wrong
Blackout Risk Increases With Surging Populism: Corporate India
Situation to worsen in summer if supplies not improved (Pakistan)
Shortage of oil and gas at power plants and increasing temperature has widened the gap between demand and supply of electricity, forcing the power distribution companies to conduct 10 to 12 hours loadshedding.

## Got food? ##
U.N. warns food security a risk to Asia-Pacific
The world must increase its food production by 60 percent by mid-century or risk serious food shortages that could bring social unrest and civil wars, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Monday.
Japan to slash N. Pacific tuna catch by 50% in hopes others follow suit
Agri-Commodity Prices: A New High!

## Environment/health ##
New ozone-depleting gases found by scientists: report
Hard to kill super lice are resistant to many chemicals (US)
Arctic at its warmest for 40,000 years
Heat from volcanoes helped ancient plants and animals survive past ice ages
U.S. Geological Survey Calls Oklahoma Quake the Largest "Human-Induced" Earthquake on Record
USGS Press Release
Venomous Asian hornets found for first time in Japan, on Tsushima

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
U.S. spy agencies adopt new IT approach
Edward Snowden speaks via Google+ at SXSW
Disney Bets $1 Billion on Technology to Track Theme-Park Visitors
Bitcoin exchange MtGox 'faced 150,000 hack attacks every second'

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
US Drug Shortages Persist, GAO Reports
Despite efforts by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to prevent them, critical drug shortages persist and continue to threaten the health of Americans, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

## Japan ##
The children of Japan's Fukushima battle an invisible enemy
Construction crunch slows Japan tsunami rebuilding
Tens of thousands of people on Japan's northeastern coast who were left homeless in the March 2011 tsunami are shivering their way through yet another winter in cramped temporary housing, with perhaps several more to go.
Japan's Economy Expands Less Than Initially Estimated
Fourth-quarter GDP cut to 0.7%
Japan Lurches Toward First Current Account Deficit Since 1980
Three years after Fukushima, Japan still struggles to cope
Patience running out among Japan's disaster refugees
267,000 remain evacuees as earthquake-tsunami disasters' 3rd anniversary approaches
Empty lots seen as owners shun disaster-hit districts
Japan sees higher chance of El Nino this summer
Japan to lower prices for solar power purchase
Tokyo anti-nuclear rally brings tens of thousands of protesters as disaster anniversary approaches
Survey says 80% of Japanese don't want nuclear plants anymore
Three years later, the lessons of Fukushima are uglier than ever

## China ##
Over 95 percent of Chinese cities failed to meet environmental standards: minister
Copper's 'fall out of bed' underscores China woes
Prem Watsa's 9 Observations Why There Is A "Monstrous Real Estate Bubble In China Which Could Burst Anytime"
China's Road To Secret Gold Accumulation
China's Demand to Buy Gold at Issue as Trade Deficit Shocks Analysts, Shanghai Trading Jumps
Let 'shadowy' investment products default: former top Chinese banker

## UK ##
Young mental health service in Wales in crisis, say experts
Resurgence of scarlet fever reaches 24-year high
How Brits Make The Rent - Sell A Kidney (On Facebook)

## US ##
Propane users are cold and broke after long, and expensive, winter
Americans riding public transit in record numbers
A housing graveyard made up of 7,000,000 foreclosures
New-home building is shifting to apartments
20 Facts About The Great U.S. Retail Apocalypse That Will Blow Your Mind
Corporate debt fever rises to new record in 2014
Sbarro files for second bankruptcy in three years
Evans says flatly: Fed will keep trimming bond purchases
McDonald's Sales Hurt by Fourth-Straight U.S. Drop
NTSB: Ruptured gas pipeline hadn't been inspected in 24 years

And finally...
New Zealand man given ridiculous 99-character name after losing poker bet
Man submits at NAGA Grappling Championship when opponent farts in his face

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