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News Links, March 6-7, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Total assets of the world's wealthiest are greater than the entire U.S. economy
Aid for the Ukraine "Will Be Stolen" – Former Ukrainian Minister of Economy
Statistics Canada failing to tell whole story about Canada's job market, CLC says
Barclays, Deutsche Bank Accused of Gold Fix Manipulation
India Imported 6125 Tonnes Of Silver In 2013
US factory orders drop adds to slowdown concern

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Prestwick Airport reveals loss before sale
Air France-KLM Seeks Makeover After Brush With Bankruptcy
England fans warned as Brazil fails to add 2,000 more flights needed for World Cup
How Is Air Travel Getting More Awful Today?
Lufthansa unveils new premium economy class
The Airport Lounge Arms Race
Airbus orders more A380 inspections after wing fatigue test
Budget airline proposes upright seating
Gives new meaning to the term "cattle class." -- RF

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
N.Korea poses 'growing' threat to US: Pentagon
Russia allowed to have 25,000 troops in Crimea since 1999... and other facts you may not know
Ukraine's statement at the UN that 16,000 Russian soldiers have been deployed to Crimea has caused a frenzy among Western media which chooses to ignore that those troops have been there since the late 1990s in accordance with a Kiev-Moscow agreement.
Russia Has Upper Hand in Ukraine, No Meaningful Sanctions Coming
Hillary Clinton likens Russia, Putin in Ukraine to Hitler, Germany in 1930s
Hillary backs off Putin 'Hitler' comments
Hillary and Other Assorted Barbarians at Russia's Gate
What Country Should Crimea Be Part Of? Reflections on Nation Building and US Hypocrisy
Crimea Parliament Votes Unanimously to Join Russia
Ukraine Protest Leaders Hired Kiev Snipers
U.S. mulling ways to use natural gas resources in Ukraine crisis -top official
Gazprom Threatens to Disrupt Gas Supplies to Europe
The Washington Post Uses Biased Experts to Promote Propaganda on Venezuela
Lebanon seeks financial, military aid at global meeting
Israel says it seized Gaza-bound rocket shipment from Iran
Hedge funds buy war insurance on Russia-Ukraine conflict
Iran to get second tranche of payment under nuclear deal: IRNA
Russia wants IMF to move ahead on reforms without U.S. - sources
Pentagon to send more warplanes to Baltics over Ukraine crisis

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Ukraine: Pro-Russian protesters take government building in Donetsk
McDonald's Admits Worker Strikes Pose Risks to Its Corporate Model

## Energy/resources ##
S.Africa's Eskom imposes first blackouts in six years
Mindanao 3-hour brownouts to continue
Save 15% electricity or face power cuts
THE Swaziland Electricity Company (SEC) has warned the country's electricity users to reduce consumption or face being placed on rotational load shedding schedule.
Exxon Expects Flat Output In 2014, Spending To Drop 6%
Evan Calio, an analyst with Morgan Stanley, noted at the meeting that oil and gas production growth has been "elusive" for Exxon.
EU to help Ukraine pay Russian gas bill
This means, of course, that Europeans will be paying even more for their Russian gas. -- RF
Rivers run dry as claims of illegality surround Romania's hydropower boom
Reasons for our Energy Predicament – An Overview
Europe's Nuclear Plants Threaten Millions with 'New Era of Risk': Report
Many nuclear power plants in Europe have passed their expiration date and pose a threat to millions of people, yet they continue to be heavily integrated into energy programs across the continent, a new study commissioned by Greenpeace warns.
This "Silent Killer" Is Spreading in Oil
More evidence is emerging that the petroleum industry is staring down a big issue: Rising costs.
Shale, the Last Oil and Gas Train: Interview with Arthur Berman
How much faith can we put in our ability to decipher all the numbers out there telling us the US is closing in on its cornering of the global oil market? There's another side to the story of the relentless US shale boom, one that says that some of the numbers are misunderstood, while others are simply preposterous. The truth of the matter is that the industry has to make such a big deal out of shale because it's all that's left.
Japan to help Southeast Asia set up oil reserves
The Japanese government will assist Southeast Asian countries in establishing strategic petroleum reserves, an initiative aimed at reducing the risks of supply disruptions and stabilizing prices.
Egypt Tries Harder To Stop Energy Firm Exodus
Egypt is enhancing exploration terms and striving to repay nearly $5 billion it owes to foreign oil and gas producers as it struggles to prevent them fleeing to more promising prospects elsewhere in Africa.
Fewer December Bakken Wells Point Out Shale Challenge

## Got food? ##
Brazil Drought Jolts Commodities' Prices
China Seeks Its Own GMO-Food Path

## Environment/health ##
Dump Closure Leaves Nuclear Waste Stranded... In Parking Lot
First Ever Fatwa Issued Against Wildlife Trafficking (Indonesia)
Protein-rich diet 'just as bad as smoking', scientists claim
US hospitals can expose you to 'superbugs': CDC
The overuse of antibiotics for patients in U.S. hospitals is contributing to the rise of so-called superbugs, according to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Ice coverage on Great Lakes reaches 91 percent
Nine-month-old baby may have been cured of HIV, U.S. scientists say
Korea's Premier Poultry Research Center Decimated
A new, deadly H5N8 strain of avian influenza penetrated the biosecurity defenses of a National Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) campus, prompting authorities to cull all of the facility's 11,000 hens and 5000 ducks.

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Sprint Accused of Overcharging Feds Millions for Wiretapping
Florida Cops' Secret Weapon: Warrantless Cellphone Tracking
What The Russian (And Chinese) Papers Are Saying About Ukraine
Russia, Ukraine and 'US Prestige'
A look at US media propaganda. -- RF
Russia Today news anchor Liz Wahl resigns live on air over Ukraine crisis
RT reacts to Liz Wahl's resignation
"Journalists" Follow Obama on Ukraine
Cryptocat Wins Apple Approval
Post Snowden, secure smartphones on the rise

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Humans don't have to disappear from the Earth for much of this to happen. And we're on track already. Of special interest is what happens to nuclear power facilities and chemical factories when the power goes off. -- RF
Burning Picassos: Smog blog: The economic crisis is choking Greece
Greece used to be the country of sun and sirtaki, the place-to-be for fun from morning till night. 2009 signaled the end — happy days for the Greek people were over. Five years full of misery, austerity and poverty have turned a once-proud nation into a sidewalk beggar. Unemployment is the worst enemy of the Greek people, as many struggle to earn a living. More than 2 million people in Greece are now living below the poverty line … Additionally, lack of money leads householders to burn lower quality wood. Wardrobes, coffee tables full of carcinogenic chemicals or even plastic polymers are being used for heating.
Why Is Our Government (and Deep State) So Incompetent?
Why is our government so incompetent? Short answer: because incompetence has been fully institutionalized in every branch, every agency and every nook and cranny of the state.

## Japan ##
Hopes of Upward Japan GDP Revision Likely to be Dashed
Police report over 20,000 abused children, 20-fold jump in decade
Group calls for halt to video tracking of passersby at Osaka station
'Drive-by' download cyberattacks increasing in Japan
Radioactive waste piles up in Tokyo area with no place to go

## China ##
China withholds full domestic-security spending figure
China Expands Defense Budget to $132 Billion
Inside China's Military Spending
China Composite Output and New Orders Both Fall for First Time in Seven Months
China Shares in Hong Kong Decline Amid Default Concern
China Banks Show Too-Connected-to-Fail Link to Loans
China's Ag Minister Says He Eats Genetically Modified Food
Seeking Solutions to China's Mountain of Debt
China Credit Markets Tumble Most In 3 Months As Default Spooks Lenders, Deals Pulled
Renminbi Depreciation Poses Risk to Chinese Economy

## UK ##
Britain Far from Primed for Shale Gas Exploration, Experts Say
Britain may be a prime location for shale gas exploration in Europe, but a lack of onshore drilling infrastructure and local opposition will impede development, experts and geologists said at a shale conference in London.
Catastrophe looms as cuts force elderly to fend for themselves
Poor 'live like animals' says Boris's privately educated sister after going on 'poverty safari'
MPs say army budget cuts will leave Britain seriously undermanned
Taser use against children by the Metropolitan Police rose six-fold over four years
Plans for £300m biomass power plant in Northumberland go up in smoke

## US ##
2 Charts Explain Slowest Economy In History
National Electric Grid Remains at Significant Risk for Cyber-attack
Evidence collected by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) suggests that cyber-attacks on key energy infrastructure – and on the electricity system in particular – are increasing, both in frequency and sophistication. And worryingly, new research shows that the risk of a successful large-scale cyber-attack, or combined cyber and physical attack, on the electric power sector is "significant."
Infrastructure Threatened by Climate Change Poses a National Crisis
The nation's aging infrastructure makes up an interconnected web of systems that are alarmingly vulnerable to the shocks of climate change, according to a report released today that will inform the National Climate Assessment, to be made public next month.
Arctic cold sets records in eastern United States
Slackening Services Raise Concern of U.S. Job Slump: Economy
Americans borrowing record amount to buy cars
10 cities where ordinary people can no longer afford homes
Staples closing up to 225 stores
U.S. Unemployment Down to 6.6 Percent, Labor Participation at 35-Year Low
Moody's Downgrades Chicago's Credit Rating, Lowest Of Any Major City Except Detroit
U.S. fourth-quarter productivity slashed
California housing leaving the middle class behind in the dust: Prime real estate markets close to previous peaks while areas inhabited by working class families fall further behind.
Record 71% Of Household Net Worth Is In Financial Assets
15 Vermont Towns Say Yes To Creating A Public State Bank

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