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News Links, April 19-21, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Oh Canada! Housing Bubble Larger Than USA, Spain or UK
Federal government could cut nearly 9,000 more public service jobs (Canada)
Cut, baby, cut! -- RF
12 Reasons Why New Zealand's Economic Bubble Will End In Disaster
It's Time to Retire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a Measure of Prosperity
About that fantastic US productivity: Americans are working more, getting paid less than other countries
Krugman: Worried About Oligarchy? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
'Even those of you who talk about the 1%, you don't really get what's going on. You're living in the past.'
"Inherited wealth" is, in other words, the New Aristocracy. As I've pointed out again and again, we are moving into the age of neofeudalism. Keep watching as the super-rich continue expanding their domains. -- RF
Even The US Government Will Abandon The Dollar
Mercedes, BMW chase ultra rich clients with new high end cars
Peak Smuggling: Indian Has 12 Gold Bars Removed From His Stomach

## Airline Death Spiral ##
22 million bags missing in '13, and that's an improvement
Travel Notes: Airlines offer bigger seats at a bigger cost

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Japan sends troops to remote island, risks angering China
Ukraine crisis: 'The last time someone wrote a text like that was under the Nazis'
Chief Rabbi of Donetsk denounces leaflet handed to Jewish citizens ordering them to register with Donetsk authorities, as separatists deny involvement
Deadly gun attack in eastern Ukraine shakes fragile Geneva accord
About Those "Color" Revolutions: NED's Chickens Come Home To Roost
"Insatiable" Idiocy from the Economist on What to Do About Russia; Warmongers Can't Think
US plans military drills in Eastern Europe
Energy Needs Curb Eastern EU Hunger for Russian Sanctions
US financial showdown with Russia is more dangerous than it looks, for both sides
The US Treasury faces a more formidable prey with Russia, the world's biggest producer of energy with a $2 trillion economy, superb scientists and a first-strike nuclear arsenal
US Drone Obliterates Civilians in Yemen
U.S. special forces struggle with record suicides: admiral
Suicides among U.S. special operations forces, including elite Navy SEALs and Army Rangers, are at record levels, a U.S. military official said on Thursday, citing the effects of more than a decade of "hard combat."

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Venezuelan protesters hold Easter rally, plan to burn Maduro effigies
Families of Iran prisoners stage protest outside parliament
Protesters in Brazil torch buses after Good Friday killing
Anti-Drone Protesters Arrested Outside US Air Force Base

## Energy/resources ##
The Age of Diminishing Returns
Searching for hidden Easter eggs: A lesson in resource extraction
The robot is ready - so when will deep sea mining start?
High-tech advances, depleted easy-to-reach minerals onshore and historically high prices have boosted the idea of mining offshore, where metals can be fifteen times the quality of land deposits.
Oil & Gas Industry and Locals Battle Over Fracking in Colorado
Kashagan: The World's Most Toxic Money Pit
Energy-Water Nexus Around the World and the Missing Link
The energy-water nexus is gaining traction with diverse stakeholders around the world and it is becoming increasingly clear that we cannot plan for our planet's future if we do not consider energy and water together.
Shell committed to Russia expansion despite sanctions
Russia 'to support Shell's activities'
Russia ships first oil from Arctic platform
Canadians facing near-record gasoline prices
Iran oil exports rise to 1.2 m barrels per day
Russia writes off 90 percent of North Korea debt, eyes gas pipeline
EU official against cutting Russia gas ties
World Bank wants water privatized, despite risks
It's Final -- Corn Ethanol Is Of No Use
US Gas Will Never Replace Russian Gas For Europe
Chinese eye methane hydrate reserves in South China Sea
Perverse outcomes: Lifting U.S. oil export ban would mean greater dependence on foreign oil
The United States today is a large net importer of crude oil and refined products. And, yet the story that the country can somehow export crude oil as a foreign policy measure to help reduce Ukraine's dependence on Russia won't die. Oil executives and their surrogates keep bringing it up, and unsuspecting reporters amplify a message that has absolutely no basis.
Turkey permits oil exploration in forests and national parks
Mexico clears way for foreign investors in shale oil drilling

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Armed Robbers Storm Scrap Metal Yard, Tie Up Hostages, Shoot at Cops While Fleeing: Police

## Got food? ##
Are You Ready For The Price Of Food To More Than Double By The End Of This Decade?
US orange production hit by disease, juice prices soar
Seed Wars: Latin America Strikes Back Against Monsanto
Vermont Senate passes mandatory GMO food-labeling law
USDA tries to contain virus killing millions of pigs
Your food, your wallet and the California drought
Behind the cornucopia of higher food prices

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
A hotel hooks up to the tiny houses trend, campfire included

## Environment/health ##
BP Says Gulf Cleanup Over. Not by a Long Shot, say Others
Four Years Later, BP Oil Spill Still Taking A Toll On Gulf Fisherman: 'We Haven't Started To Recover'
Experts Warn: US 'on Course to Repeat' BP Gulf Disaster
Telltale Rainbow Sheens Show Thousands Of Spills Across The Gulf
BP Manager In Charge of Cleaning Up the Gulf Oil Spill – Instead of Actually Cleaning Up – Committed Insider Trading and Sold $1 Million of BP Stock Before the Extent of the Spill Became Public Knowledge
Children lose seven minutes of sleep for every hour of TV
A study by Harvard University and Project Viva suggests that children lose seven minutes of sleep for every hour of television that they watch
Monster El Nino May Be Brewing, Experts Say
Giant lasers could control the weather
Extra Vaccination Push Underway In Ohio As Mumps Outbreak Spreads
Healthcare costs in U.S. far exceed costs in other countries, report says
Study: Fuels from corn waste not better than gas
Composing Only 5% of the World Population, Americans Take 50% of All Pharmaceutical Drugs

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Snowden to Putin: Are You Guilty of Mass Surveillance?
Phone thefts soar as kill-switch debate heats up
All the news that's fit to print: NYT Slammed for Honoring Israeli Govt Gag Orders
The New York Times made a rare admission that it submits to Israeli state gag orders, fueling charges from critics that the globally-influential publication plays fast-and-loose with journalistic ethics to give favorable coverage to Israel.
Hackers Use Heartbleed Bug to Attack 'Major Corporation'
Biometric identification that goes beyond fingerprints
Utah plane lands in Iran mysteriously
Greenwald: To Be Vilified by Powerful is 'Enormous Badge of Honor'

## Japan ##
Consumer Confidence Implodes in Japan
Japan Eyes Demolishing Unmanageable Infrastructure
If you can't maintain it, demolish it! -- RF
Japan steps up surveillance capabilities on Okinawa
New AWACS unit launched in Naha
A new E-2C early warning patrol plane unit was launched Sunday at an Air Self-Defense Force base in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, to bolster surveillance amid repeated intrusions by Chinese vessels into Japanese territorial waters.
Japan to face tight power supply in summer; blackouts not expected
Defense minister puzzled by abnormal number of flights by Russian military aircraft
Japan scrambles fighters against Russian bombers for 6 days in row
Fukushima No. 1 boss admits water woes out of control
Abe to ask Obama to boost shale gas exports to Japan
Facial ID tests to resume at airports

## China ##
"China's Warren Buffett" Has Just Sold Off His China Assets
China's Bloated Financial System: A Quick Guide
Yuan Depreciation Is Deeper Than You Think
The One Thing Most Desired By Chinese Consumers Is... (Hint: GOLD)
China's Li says more major energy projects to start
In the driving seat: China's yuppies are new market force for global automakers
Is This The End Of China's Coal Boom?

## UK ##
Britons Struggle to Save for Home Down Payments as Prices Surge
Vast network of roadside cameras puts privacy in peril
Classrooms put under 'permanent surveillance' by CCTV
HMRC to sell taxpayers' financial data

## US ##
IPO Craze Peaks, Investors Scurry Out of the Way, VCs Fret
Wealth Effect Failing to Move Wealthy to Spend
18 Stats That Prove That Government Dependence Has Reached Epidemic Levels
Did you know that the number of Americans getting benefits from the federal government each month exceeds the number of full-time workers in the private sector by more than 60 million?  In other words, the number of people that are taking money out of the system is far greater than the number of people that are putting money into the system.
Hyper-Sensitive Illinois Mayor Orders Police Raid Over Parody Twitter Account
IRS Among Agencies Using License Plate-Tracking Vendor
What Lies Beneath The Snow And Debt: Non-Energy Production/Capita Still 7% Below 2007 Peak
The SuperRich in America Have Become 'Untouchables' Who Don't Go to Prison
Well, of course they don't. That's why they're called the New Aristocracy. -- RF
Bush versus Clinton 2016: would a battle of the dynasties really be un-American?
May God/Allah have mercy on us all. -- RF
Scalia To Student: If Taxes Go Too High 'Perhaps You Should Revolt'
Speaking at the University of Tennessee College of Law on Tuesday, the longest-serving justice currently on the bench was asked by a student about the constitutionality of the income tax… Scalia responded that the government has the right to implement the tax, "but if it reaches a certain point, perhaps you should revolt."
Illinois Madness Never Stops; House Committee Wants Taxpayers to Spend $100 Million on Barack Obama Library
Student debt drags down home sales
America's Wal-Mart Economy: Checks Clear At Midnight; Savings Wiped-Out By One Emergency
For Many Americans, 'Temp' Work Becomes Permanent Way of Life
8 Dead, 27 Wounded in Weekend Chicago Violence
California's Drought Ripples Through Businesses, Then To Schools
Gas Prices Continue To Surge, Reach $4 In Some Cities
Wearables, Drones Scare Americans

And finally...
Busted! 81 percent of parents steal Easter candy from their kids

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