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News Links, April 26-28, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Meltdown America: Chinese-Russian Attack on the Dollar
PBOC Pressures USD Hegemony; Starts Yuan-Denominated Gold & Oil Trading
EIA: Oil declines hurting Mexico
Mexico's fiscal health is in jeopardy because of a declining rate of oil production, an analysis from the U.S. Energy Information Administration said.
Banks return to risky business: lax standards and subprime loans
Liars, Damned Liars, and Spanish Banks
Number of New Mortgage Loans in Spain Down 33% From Year Ago
The Sound Of BRICs Breaking: Brazil CapEx To Contract 10% This Year
The Canadian Housing Bubble Puts Even The US To Shame
Puerto Rico poised as 'Singapore of the Caribbean'
U.S. Exports A Record Amount Of Gold To Hong Kong In January
China Takes Steps To Further Conceal Gold Holdings
Is There a Massive High Yield Credit Bubble?
Peter Schiff: Reckless Fed may push gold to $5,000

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Airline Fees gone wild
The Transparent Airfares Act, hiding the true cost of your flight
Jet, SpiceJet to post record losses; AI may see improved result
United Continental Posts Wider Loss As Revenue Weakens
JetBlue May Begin Charging for the First Checked Bag Next Year
Delayed flights may cost airlines billions after test case rulings
Air cargo: Not pulling its weight
Air Berlin asks shareholders for cash after 2013 loss
Peach Aviation cancels some flights for summer due to shortage of flight crew
Malaysian Air Breakup Case Grows After Lost Jet: Real M&A

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
"Manufactured Crisis" By Gareth Porter: Must Read Refutation Of The War Party's Lies About Iran's Nukes
Behind The Gong Show In Kiev: Washington's Delusions Of Global Hegemony
US confronts consequences of underestimating North Korean leader
Why World War III Could Start In Space
Militia Captures Ukraine Troops, OSCE Monitors in East Ukraine
Ukraine: pro-Russian forces seize TV station in Donetsk and parade captives
G-7 Nations Agree To More Sanctions On Russia
Some Western firms could face Russian retaliation
Ecuador expelling US military group at embassy
Ukraine: Russia's Gazprom issues May 7 ultimatum over gas supplies
Satellite Images Reveal Massing Of 15,000 Ukraine Troops, Hundreds Of Tanks Around Slavyansk
Bombers kill 33 at Iraq campaign rally for Shiite
The Prelude to the End of the American Era
The creation of a real non dollar bloc which can make almost anything people want, and which has access to essentially all key resources from oil to rare minerals, metals and food is an existential threat to the hegemony of the West and its allies like Japan and Korea.
US, Philippines reach deal on troops
The United States and the Philippines have reached a 10-year pact that would allow a larger U.S. military presence in this Southeast Asian nation as it grapples with increasingly tense territorial disputes with China.
Rio chaos in countdown to kick-off
Gunfights and killings in shanty towns have escalated just weeks before the World Cup begins in Brazil
U.S. troops arrive in Lithuania amid Ukraine tensions
Baltics To Hike Budgets, Pursue Permanent NATO Troop Presence
Can military's satellite links be hacked? Cyber-security firm cites concerns.
Focused effort to fight Gulf of Guinea piracy, oil theft
The Global Land Grab
Neocon Madness: "Regime Change" Again—This Time In Russia
Slovenia's government faces collapse

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Jordanians Riot After Police Kill Resident
Dozens of protesters torched three banks and a government building in the southern Jordanian city of Maan, after police killed a resident during clashes, officials and witnesses said yesterday. Some 200 anti-government protesters were involved in the riots late Wednesday, the Public Security Department said.
Indigenous protesters occupy Peru's biggest Amazon oil field
Protests in Philippines, Malaysia Ahead of Obama's Visit

## Energy/resources ##
Shale gas bust: New York state shale gas: Not so much
The stunning conclusion of the report is that at current prices--in the mid-$4 range per thousand cubic feet (mcf)--NONE of the natural gas trapped in the New York portion of the Marcellus can be profitably extracted.
Abu Dhabi edges closer to power shortage
Without the addition of generation capacity, the emirate will struggle to address growing power demand
World Cup Power Cut Fears Spur Record Brazil LNG Buying: Energy
World Cup Poses Blackout Risk to Rio de Janeiro's Galeao Airport
Power Blackout Imminent as NLC Vows to Shut Down 8 DISCOs (Nigeria)
Newfoundland faces 'unacceptably high risk' of future blackouts
Lack of generation capacity, equipment upkeep and training were factors as lights went out across Newfoundland last winter, says a new report flagging an "unacceptably high risk" of future blackouts.
U.S. electricity prices may be going up for good
Experts warn of a growing fragility as coal-fired plants are shut down, nuclear power is reduced and consumers switch to renewable energy.
Energy trash talk! We're bigger than solar: CEO
I would like to remind everyone that landfill gas and waste-to-energy schemes depend on the mountains of waste generated by the industrial/consumer economy. -- RF
Energy Future to file U.S. bankruptcy as soon as Monday-sources
Russia's Lukoil eyes new oil in Iraq
China Is Quietly Profiting From the Russia-Ukraine Standoff: Here's How
Much to the chagrin of the United States, China has the innate ability to negotiate major energy deals in the midst of conflict. PetroChina's  state-run parent company, China National Petroleum, or CNPC, was the first oil company to secure a contract in the Iraqi oil fields following the fall of Saddam Hussein, and today both it and CNOOC  are two of the most active oil companies there. With Russia and the West at a standstill over the recent events in Ukraine, it appears that CNPC is about to seal another energy coup.
Company Hopes To Strike It Rich By Mining Pacific Seafloor
Oil firms sweat ageing North Sea assets to stave off shutdowns
Smaller oil producers are teaming up with engineering and oil services companies in Britain's North Sea to squeeze extra drops from ageing facilities before rising costs force them to close.
Oil firms' answer to global calamity: Insurance
The crisis in Ukraine has provided a reminder of an an old story: The world is a dangerous and unstable place—and some of the most volatile places on earth are oil-producing areas where oil companies are compelled to drill.
China wants more Latin American oil, president to visit in July
China might be slowing economically but it still wants to buy more oil from Latin America and invest in infrastructure in the region, with a presidential visit planned for July, Chinese and Brazilians officials said on Friday.
NGCP prepares for blackout scenarios; sets simulation drills in April, May (Philippines)
Power shortage to be overcome in next three years, vows Nawaz (Pakistan)
Propane shortage, increased exports impacting prices: Marketers worry new spike could happen again (US)
Russia, consumer states discuss gas supply via Ukraine -report
Taiwan to halt construction of fourth nuclear power plant
Crude world prepares for Iran's new oil flow
Solar Power Is Booming, But Will Never Replace Coal. Here's Why.

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Thieves target industrial AC units

## Got food? ##
Measured by Gold and the Dow, Wheat Is Cheap (But Maybe Not For Long)
We may be tasting the first minimal increases in food prices that could soar to unimagined heights in the years ahead.
Looking At Third Year Of Water Shortage, Rice Farmers Look To Expensive Alternatives (Texas)
Killer virus spreads unchecked as pork hits record
The killer stalking U.S. hog farms is known as PEDv, a malady that in less than a year has wiped out more than 10 percent of the nation's pig population and helped send retail pork prices to record highs.
Asian Disease Forces Jumbo Price Hike for Shrimp in USA

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
European volunteers help Greek 'bailout gardens'
Volunteer gardeners from countries around Europe visited Greece's second largest city, Thessaloniki, on Sunday to help local urban planting initiatives set up help residents hit by the country's financial crisis.
Of course, this is not merely a "lifestyle solution," but a major component of our efforts to survive — and thrive — as societies transition to much lower energy levels. Don't think for a minute that this is something temporary until Greece "gets back on its feet." Greece is a bellwether we should all be watching closely.  -- RF

## Environment/health ##
North Dakota finds more radioactive oil waste
North Dakota confirmed Thursday the discovery of a new radioactive dump of waste from oil drilling, and separately a company hired to clean up waste found in February at another location said it removed double the amount of radioactive material originally estimated to be there.
Some generic drugs have had eye-popping price spikes (US)
Safety Failures Pervasive at Site of Mysterious Nuclear Leak
Haiti prepares for another cholera attack
MERS claims 94th victim; 3 specialist centers set up (KSA)
Deadly MERS virus detected in Egypt
Powerful X1.3 Solar Flare Causes Radio Blackout
Report: US Unprepared for Arctic Oil Spill
Oman's population passes 4 million mark
We're Constantly Bathed in Artificial Light -- Is it Wreaking Havoc on Our Health?
Radon: The silent killer in your home

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Why Is Blackwater Helping to Train Brazil's World Cup Security?
Suspect in USS Cole bombing was tortured, expert says
The Saudi prisoner awaiting a death-penalty trial for the USS Cole bombing was tortured physically, mentally and sexually, an expert in treating torture victims testified Thursday at the war court.
FBI "Terrorism Facilitators" At Work: Snitches, Stings And False Flags
Louisiana Creates Database of Citizens Who Represent "A Risk to the State"
Costa Rica demands answers from U.S. about 'Cuban Twitter'
Right Scrambles over Red-Hot Indictment of Inequality and Capitalism
Statists Declare War on Free Speech – College Students Banned from Handing Out Constitutions in Hawaii
Say Goodbye to "Net Neutrality" – New FCC Proposal Will Permit Discrimination of Web Content
You Love The Cloud, But It May Not Be As Secure As You Think
People are storing more and more stuff online: photos, music, personal documents — even books. The business of cloud storage is growing 30 percent a year, Forrester Research says. But if you're storing your digital belongings in the cloud, you should know you're giving up some rights.
How Pat Tillman Was Used to Promote the War that Killed Him | Brainwash Update (video)
For a detailed treatment of the Tillman saga, start reading here. -- RF
U.S. Judge Rules Search Warrants Extend to Email Stored Overseas
Homeland Security struggles to tempt, retain cyber talent
Discrimination potential seen in `big data' use
New police surveillance techniques raise privacy concerns
Des Lynam 'killed by a giant snowball' and other embarrassing Wikipedia edits from Whitehall computers
Why You Should Do More to Secure Your Smartphone

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Local officials convert paved roads to gravel as lawmakers debate funding repairs (US)
County road commissions have increasingly taken up the practice of permanently or temporarily turning paved roads into gravel in recent years to deal with issues of low funding and poor road conditions… Last year, about half of Michigan counties were forced to convert paved roads to gravel.
Nearly 2,000 leaks reported by Atlanta Gas Light, South Carolina Electric and Gas in 2012
Defence of 'blood for oil' distracts us from the deeper, systemic causes of the Crisis of Civilisation

## Japan ##
Japanese Doomsday Machine Socks It To The Middle Class (But Shorting JGBs Remains A Terrible Idea)
Diet targets dormant bank accounts
Dormant accounts are those that have seen no deposits or withdrawals for at least 10 years.
"You haven't used this account in 10 years. Therefore the money is no longer yours!" This is just plain thievery. Many people put money in an account and leave it there with plans to use it upon retiring. Expect still more Japanese to keep their savings out of the banks and stuff their mattresses instead (or as it is known in Japan, "bureau-drawer deposits"). -- RF
Why Willem Buiter believes Japan's economy is unsustainable
LDP vice president argues for allowing ship searches to help U.S.
Industrial museum offers interactive lunar mining experience

## China ##
Sweeping new Chinese laws hope to tackle mounting pollution problems
China Tightens Law on Eating Rare Animals
Top Tier Chinese Cities Discounting Property; Beijing Prices and Volume Down 11 Straight weeks
China aims to build over 7 million public homes this year
Is Someone Betting Furiously That The Chinese Currency Collapses By The End Of 2014?

## UK ##
Asda: 95% of our fresh produce is already at risk from climate change
Children as young as ten taught how to spot radicalisation
Schoolchildren as young as ten are being taught how to spot radicalisation in their friends through a police scheme using a Facebook-style website.
Ratzilla: Over 60 rats caught in Crossgar home over four years
Wikipedia edits performed on government computers extends beyond Hillsborough disaster
'Savings crisis' wrecks pensions of the under-50s
The food poverty scandal that shames Britain: Nearly 1m people rely on handouts to eat
EU exit could wreck UK financial capital, says City lobby group
17 arrest warrants a day on EU orders
New figures show the extent of the use of controversial European Arrest Warrants on Britain's streets
Britain STILL depends on coal for 40% of its electricity - but now it is making a Russian mine owner hugely rich, not us

## US ##
About your retirement: Social Security Is Going Broke Faster Than You Think: 12-Year Cash Deficit Is Nearly $2 Trillion
This Chart Is A True Picture of The Bank Credit Bubble In America, Now Bigger Than The Last One (Which Blew Up)
Firearms applications surge, swamp registration system
A record surge in recent firearms production and transactions have swamped the federal government's automated registration system for select weapons, including machine guns.
12 Numbers Which Prove That Americans Are Sick And Tired Of Politics As Usual
40 Veterans die of waiting, VA official responsible for secret list linked to seperate scandal
Reserve, Guard Soldiers Committing Suicide at Higher Rates
Wall Street's "Escape Velocity" Hoax
Here Comes The Chinese Flight Capital: Replace Russians As Top NYC Foreign Buyers
Some Bundy supporters back away after rant about blacks
Gasoline Prices Rise As U.S. Refineries Send More Fuel Overseas
What Lumber's Impending Trend Test Means For Housing
In One City, Columbus Day Now 'Indigenous Peoples Day'
Are You an Elitist? Class Warfare and the New Nobility
I'm not the only one who perceives the development of neofeudalism and the new aristocracy. -- RF
4 Dead, 27 Wounded in Overnight Chicago Shootings
JPMorgan Chase Bank Closes Accounts of Porn Actors
IRS Employees Gone Wild? Bonus Outrage Continues
Lyndon Baines Kerry: Another American Idealist Gone To The Warfare State's Dark Side
So Long to America's Middle Class
Homeless in the Magic Kingdom: Desperate families living in the shadow of Disney's booming service economy
America's Consumers Are Dropping, Not Shopping

And finally...
E.T.'s Home Is Found: Trove Of Atari Games Unearthed At Landfill

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