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News Links, April 4-5, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Baltic Dry Drops 9th Day In A Row; Worst Q1 In Over 10 Years
America's Credit Supercycle: The End is Near
No credit-based system in the modern world has survived an entire credit cycle. Daily Reckoning co-founder Bill Bonner explains why he believes the United States' credit-based monetary system is nearing collapse. 
Christine Lagarde Is Clueless: 70 Words Of Keynesian Claptrap
US Threatens Russia Over Petrodollar-Busting Deal
China Sees Sharpest Contraction of Output Since November 2011; Japan Returns to Growth but Business Sentiment Collapses
12 Largest Banks Sued By Public Retirement Funds For "Conspiring To Rig Global FX Markets"
"Champion in value destruction": Russian Businesses Suffocating Under Putin's Political Agendas
In Kiev, Crushing IMF Austerity Defended as 'Price of Independence'

## Airline Death Spiral ##
China is trying to scoop up the world's airline pilots to cope with its own shortfall
Gulf carriers like Emirates and Etihad Airways dangle fat pay packets to bring Indian pilots on board
China Southern's net profit drops 28% in 2013
Southwest Airlines Hits Labor Turbulence
Why the National Carrier Project Failed (Nigeria)
The Simple Reason Flying Is Going to Become Even More of a Nightmare (US)
Lufthansa says pilots' strike to cost up to $103 million
Mexico ends bid to revive Mexicana airline

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Asia's Week: It Transpires That an Arms Race Is Under Way
Russia says wants answers on NATO troops in eastern Europe
Russia to U.S. on Crimea annexation: Accept it and move on
US 'Democracy Promotion' Destroys Democracy Overseas (Ron Paul)
Finns May Turn to Russia for Tactical Missile System
U.S. to skip China fleet review after Japan shunned
U.S. warns China not to attempt Crimea-style action in Asia
Policy Chief Nominee Backs Global Spec Ops Network
The Pentagon is moving aggressively to establish a "network" of elite American commandos across the globe as part of its changing strategy to combat al-Qaida cells in places like North Africa.
Boeing says gets U.S. license to sell spare parts to Iran
Hagel: US May Add Brigade in Europe to 'Counter Russia'

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Tear gas and rubber bullets end first protest of the spring
Between five and fifteen thousand protesters took to the streets on the afternoon of April 3 to call for the end of economic austerity policies in Quebec. Demonstrators gathered at Place Émilie-Gamelin and marched for over three hours throughout downtown Montreal.
China city acknowledges protesters hurt in rally against chemical plant
Maoming students and workers plan strike over PX plant

## Energy/resources ##
Cost could inhibit Norway's oil production
Norway Warns Oil Companies Against 'Unacceptable' Project Delays
Russia raises gas prices for Ukraine by 80 percent
Financial questions seen for US shale gas, tight-oil plays
How Increased Labour Efficiency Drives Resource Consumption
European Union Gets 23.4% of Electricity From Renewables
Brazil electric grid operator cuts reservoir view
Brazil's electric grid operator ONS cut its forecast on Friday for water levels in the country's major southeastern and mid-west reservoir system, a setback in Brazil's struggle to avoid crippling power blackouts and electricity rationing.
Oil well firm launches 'colleges' to train workers
FERC reveals extent of U.S. winter power crisis: Kemp
The electricity grid came perilously close to an emergency that would have cut energy to homes and businesses across large sections of the country during some of the coldest weather on record.
Limited potential for large EU gas flows to Ukraine before 2015
Maersk Drilling sees need for new rig fleets
Maersk Drilling Managing Director in Singapore Jan Holm said Thursday his company has set a goal of having 30 rigs in its fleet. "When the time is right," he told energy news website Rigzone, Maersk will reach deeper into the ultra-deep water and ultra-harsh drilling environments with new rig technologies.
Coal plants face 'stranded capacity' scenario warns report
UAE forays into nuclear research as energy demand soars
Petrobras Setbacks Threaten 2014 Oil Production Targets

## Got food? ##
Bananageddon: Millions face hunger as deadly fungus decimates global banana crop
Scientists have warned that the world's banana crop, worth £26 billion and a crucial part of the diet of more than 400 million people, is facing "disaster" from virulent diseases immune to pesticides or other forms of control. Alarm at the most potent threat – a fungus known as Panama disease tropical race 4 (TR4) – has risen dramatically after it was announced in recent weeks that it has jumped from South-east Asia, where it has already devastated export crops, to Mozambique and Jordan.
Finance and Food Insecurity
Engineered salmon may be a tough sell
Walmart donates billions to anti-hunger initiatives. Some of those efforts benefit its own employees.
Wild bees improve farm revenues by boosting crop yields
Big Chinese soy project in Brazil: so far, just an empty field

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
How to get more out of your life by doing less
This couple built their own tiny home for $10,000

## Environment/health ##
Tropical Pacific Ocean Acidification Occuring Much Faster Than Expected, NOAA Finds
Giant rat found in Dublin home
Mali reports 3 suspected cases of Ebola fever

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Conspiracy Fact – How the U.S. Government Covertly Invented a "Cuban Twitter" to Create Revolution
Banking watchdog warns about possible hacking of ATMs
Turkey Lifts Block on Twitter After Top Court's Ruling
Internet companies' growing ambitions spook 51 percent of Americans: Reuters/Ipsos poll

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Why the elites are so ruthless that they destroy themselves
Shocking Facts About The Deindustrialization Of America That Everyone Should Know

## Japan ##
Abe Loan Push Impeded by Companies Hoarding Cash: Japan Credit
The Economic Catastrophe That Is Abenomics Sends Japanese Gas Prices To Five Year Highs
Japanese gov't orders strict measures against deadly pig virus
U.N. panel report says radiation data from TEPCO may be erroneous
A New Japan First: Negative Rates
The Bank of Japan's massive bond-buying binge is creating all sorts of market distortions. The latest: the rate in one funding market fell briefly below zero. In other words, debt has gotten so scarce for non-BOJ buyers that some investors are willing to pay for the privilege of holding government bonds.
Tokyo police launch antiterror unit at Haneda Airport
Japan to help struggling families pay school lunch fees
The Japanese government plans to provide financial assistance to help households on welfare pay lunch fees, bus fares and costs of educational materials for their children who go to nursery school, kindergarten, or other types of authorized preschools, officials said Thursday.
Gas cylinder full of nails explodes in police dorm in Sapporo
Japan's average gasoline price tops 164 yen for 1st time since 2008

## China ##
Madness: China's Big Ambitions for the Jing-Jin-Ji
If China's state planners have their way, Northeast China will soon be home to a massive regional hub with a population five times that of the New York metropolitan area. Officials hope the Jing-Jin-Ji region — shorthand for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the three areas that they plan to grow increasingly integrated — will become an immense megalopolis to rival any in the world.

## UK ##
U.K. Coal may close two deep mines
Housing bubble brewing – prices are now unaffordable for middle earners, says Business Secretary Vince Cable
Six in 10 Brits now sleep deprived because of smartphones and computers
Overworked doctors pose threat to patient safety

## US ##
$6 billion missing from State Department
North Las Vegas, Nevada, facing insolvency -Fitch
The city of North Las Vegas is nearing insolvency and could default on some of its $436 million of outstanding debt, Fitch Ratings warned on Thursday. The recession-ravaged city of 223,500 people has until April 15 to cobble together a balanced budget under state law.
Camden Schools To Lay Off Hundreds in Cost-Saving Effort
Growing demand for US apartments pushing up rents
Wider U.S. trade deficit to weigh on first-quarter GDP
Milwaukee Sinks as Ebbing Groundwater Undermines Its Foundations
Classified Nuclear Weapon Drawings Missing at Labs
The death of a great American city: why does anyone still live in Detroit?
American employees are taking only half of their paid leave
These surveys are proof that Americans are workaholics even when they are entitled to paid leave, leading to burnout among employees.
Puerto Rico and Beyond: An Analysis Of The Municipal Debt Of U.S. Territories
Millennials Mired in "Wealth Gap" as Older Americans Gain; Housing Crash Continues to Overshadow Young Families' Balance Sheets
Deportation Prisons: Where the Price for 'Blowing the Whistle' is 'Torture'
Life Without Jobless Benefits: Watching, Searching, And Praying
March Payrolls Miss 192K, Below 200K Expected, Unemployment Rate 6.7% Above 6.6% Expected
The dirty little secret behind today's employment report
Oil imports from top three suppliers up for U.S.
EIA said Friday crude oil imports from Canada, Mexico and Saudi Arabia -- the three top foreign oil suppliers to the U.S. market -- were at their highest in since at least 1973.
Visualizing The Collapse Of Chicago's Middle Class
Shoppers skip the cereal, soda and detergent
Makers of consumer staples are resorting to aggressive discounts as Americans struggle to open their wallets.

And finally...
Ciudad Real woman left by lover after falling down a well during sex
19 incredibly embarrassing fails in advertising
Dispute over man leads to Philadelphia woman dumping white rats into rival's home

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