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News Links, May 29-30, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Why the days of booming world trade may be over
Junk Borrowers Are Increasingly "Adjusting Earnings" to More Easily Sell Debt (US)
Scramble for yields getting desperate: Art Cashin
German jobless rise biggest in five years, mild winter blamed
South Europe pensioners supporting their children and grandchildren
Putin Says Russia, China Need To Ensure Security Of Their Gold Reserves
Chart Of The Day: Global Youth Unemployment
BlackRock CEO says leveraged ETFs could 'blow up' whole industry
Argentina reaches deal with Paris Club to clear $9.7 billion in debt
Math-Challenged French Socialists Face Plunging Vote; €14 Billion Budget Black Hole
America's Potemkin Economy—-Stuffed With Happy Meals, Ho-Hos And Lies
Try to Contain Your Laughter: Prince Charles and Lady de Rothschild Team Up to Talk About 'Inclusive Capitalism'
Financial Times – Kenneth Rogoff (Harvard): "Time to Phase Out Paper Money"
Russian Gold Reserves Increase By A Massive Amount In April
Britain, Italy include drugs and sex in GDP

## Airline Death Spiral ##
India's Jet Airways to restructure after record loss
The end of national airlines?
Why Airlines Don't Want You to Know How Much Your Bag Costs
Malaysia Airlines union calls for CEO to resign

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
U.S. dispatches 1,000 Marines to Libya's coast as fighting escalates
Ukraine military chopper shot down near Slovyansk by rebels
Ukraine says hundreds of armed militants have crossed border from Russia
AP sources: US may decide to train Syrian rebels
Syrian rebels say they are already being trained by the CIA
Americans advised to leave Libya amid turmoil
China's Advance Spurs Indonesian Military Shift: Southeast Asia
Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan set up new alliance
Leaders of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on Thursday signed an agreement to create the Eurasian Economic Union, an alliance intended to further boost economic and trade ties between the ex-Soviet neighbors.
From Puppet Soldiers to Puppet Journalists: AFRICOM Grows Its War Machine
AFRICOM's primary project is to transform the militaries of the continent into dependencies and pawns of U.S. foreign policy. It's second most import objective is the hide Washington's actual intentions behind a "humanitarian" mask – such as participating in the search for Nigerian schoolgirls from Boko Haram. Some African journalists are eager to be part of the ruse.
Japan aid widens Myanmar factories vs farms divide
Abe to push bigger global security role for Japan at Asian forum
Tensions Rise in South China Sea as China Seeks Oil, Gas in Disputed Waters

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
20,000 mourners chant 'Not One More' at memorial service for California shooting victims
China holds mass sentencing of 55 people at football stadium
In a spectacle designed to show their resolve against terrorism, Chinese authorities held a public sentencing in a football stadium in the northwestern Xinjiang region of 55 people convicted of violent crimes.
Mass Hospitalizations As Hunger Strike Spreads in Israeli Prisons
Indigenous Protesters Take Aim at World Cup 'Injustice' with Bows and Arrows
Spanish Police Clash With Protesters Over Barcelona Evictions
'Permanent Protest Vigil' Launched to Confront First Tar Sands Mine in US

## Energy/resources ##
Its Electricity Dwindling, Cambodia is Getting Very Dark and Very, Very Hot
Argentina promises no gas shortage this winter, but industry has already suffered the first cuts
Baghdad's Hold On Kurdistan Slips Further As Oil Exports Begin
In what could prove to be an historic turning point for Iraq, the government of Kurdistan – the semi-autonomous region in the country's north – has delivered its first shipment of oil to the international market, in defiance of the central government in Baghdad.
China CNPC sees to invest at least $2 bln in Peru after Petrobras deal
Better late than never, Germany joins new scramble for Africa
Ukraine's gas stockpiling builds winter buffer against supply cut
Gas talks set for Friday as Ukraine cut-off deadline looms
EU backs deal to limit use of food-based biofuels
Shale Boom Goes Bust As Costs Soar
Is The Shale Industry About To Experience A Shakeout?
Diesel runs short in Perth
Fracking Sucks Money From Wind While China Eclipses U.S.
Meter Inspector Beaten as Power Retailers Bleed: Corporate India
Not Enough Wind To Fill U.S. Renewable Energy Sails
Summer Coal Demand Straining U.S. Railways
In its reports Can railroads meet summer US coal demand? the firm says on top of the issue of having stockpiles almost depleted during the past harsh winter in North America, coal companies are now dealing with a rail network unable to increase the rate of deliveries much beyond 2013 levels. This, add the experts, means there is a high probability coal-producing units relying on western coal will not be able to ramp up output despite higher demand.
Fracking spurs next industrial revolution
Read in combination with the following item. -- RF
Why The Promise Of American LNG Exports Is Gassy Hype
Questions are percolating if the US is going to have enough natural gas in storage by end of October to last through the winter. People are crunching all sorts of numbers to get a handle on it. But the Energy Department's EIA remains sanguine. Its predictions concerning natural gas are almost always far off target, and its predictions of a super-low price over the last two years have become – with hindsight – a silly joke.
Record Exports For A Forgotten Petroleum Power (Iran)
This is happening because even the US realizes that the world needs Iran's oil and gas, as I have observed. -- RF
U.S. plants prepare long-term nuclear waste storage

## Got food? ##
Why Are Food Prices so High? Because We're Eating Oil
On this subject, read this classic FTW article from 2004. -- RF
U.S. Food Inflation Running at 22%
As Oklahoma Drought Continues, Farmers Prepare For Losses
As Oklahoma enters its fourth year of sustained drought, some farmers expect the harvest to be so bad they'll end up calling their insurance agents and declaring this year a total loss.
Deadly pig virus re-infects U.S. farm, fuels supply fears
Chlorine in your chicken: Why poultry is more dangerous than ever
5 things to know about salmonella in chicken
Chicken Brooder Basics (Video)
Kenya to suffer food shortage starting July, warns Koskei
Got Milk? With Chinese Demand, Market Competition Heats Up

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Video of the Day – The Religion of Consumerism
Anti-consumerism is not enough

## Environment/health ##
Study: Species disappearing far faster than before
Species of plants and animals are becoming extinct at least 1,000 times faster than they did before humans arrived on the scene, and the world is on the brink of a sixth great extinction, a new study says.
Dust In The Wind: Dust Bowl Conditions Have Returned To Kansas, Oklahoma And North Texas
Angry mothers meet U.S. EPA over concerns with Roundup herbicide
Salmonella Surprise: 574 Sick In Foster Farms Outbreak, CDC Says
American Teens Are Becoming Even Wimpier Than Before
Insurers scrutinize drug costs after $84,000 Sovaldi surprise
Shocked by the rapid adoption of a new $84,000 hepatitis C treatment, U.S. health insurers are trying to make sure they aren't blindsided by other drugs being developed and are looking for ways to limit their use from the day they are launched.
Two sisters in Iran test positive for MERS
Obese or Overweight People Top 2.1 Billion Worldwide
About 2.1 billion people, or almost one-third of the world's population, were obese or overweight last year, researchers estimated after examining data from 183 countries.
Let the exploitation begin: Ecuador issues drilling permits for untouched corner of the Amazon
CDC: Measles cases in USA hit 20-year high
Ready, Set, Spray! Brazil Battles Dengue Ahead Of The World Cup

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Harvard and MIT students create NSA-proof e-mail service
No Place To Hide—-Endless Spies And Colossal Lies
Bush's Anti-Terror Chief: Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld Can Be Tried at the Hague for War Crimes They Committed In Iraq
NSA Releases Single Snowden Email to General Counsel

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
UK power outages double, says report
The number of power outages in the UK has more than doubled in the past year, potentially costing UK businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds, according to Eaton's latest Blackout Tracker report.
US, UK manufacturers face digital skills shortage
Shortage of agricultural scientists is a real problem
It's simple. If we can't change our economic system, our number's up
Bidders for 2022 Winter Games are melting away
As we can also see from the World Cup, mega sporting events are costing too much. When energy gets too expensive, the costs of all other things skyrocket, especially large-scale projects. -- RF
Mexico claims it's beaten Michoacan gang, but new ones are forming
Ford Recalls 1.4 Million Vehicles For Various Defects

## Japan ##
Japanese Retail Sales Collapse By Most On Record
At Fukushima, ice is just another brick in the wall of denial
The Essence Of Abenomics: Swapping Japan's Historical Trade Mercantilism For Keynesian Financialization
Japan's Great Keynesian Rebuke: Abenomics Has Wiped Out ItsTrade Accounts—-Exactly Opposite The Theory
Oil Tanker Ship Explodes Off Western Japan Coast, One Missing
Women Courted With Cakes as Japan Seeks Stock Buyers
Shell signs 20-year LNG deal with Japan
Tolls to fund repairs as expressways age
Most urgently needed are renovations to Tokyo's metropolitan expressways, which were built in a rush ahead of the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. Certain sections were built more than 50 years ago, and some roads have subsided and cracked.
Tritium levels at Fukushima No. 1 top Pacific Ocean dumping limit, Tepco admits
Water sampled from a well at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant has been found to contain levels of radioactive tritium that exceeds [sic] the limit for dumping it into the Pacific, operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.
Japan plans to sell submarine technology to Australia in move experts say could rattle China
Cockpit conversation from Peach jet that descended too soon erased
BOJ's Shirai says stimulus support will continue beyond 2015

## China ##
China Isn't Just Slowing Down — It's Contracting
Commuters Herded Like Cattle as China Escalates its Own "War on Terror"
China planning for an extra 2 million babies per year as it allows more couples to have 2 kids

## UK ##
Middle classes will disappear in next 30 years warns Government adviser
Property price rises will cause the middle classes to disappear within 30 years leaving only a "wealthy elite and sprawling proletariat", government adviser says
Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were a 'failure' costing £29bn
Britain's wars in Iraq and southern Afghanistan were both strategic failures which between them have cost the UK taxpayer more than £29 billion, a respected think tank has found.
Alex Salmond forced to downgrade North Sea oil claims
SNP ministers have insisted North Sea oil will generate more than twice the tax revenue impartial economists predict despite admitting their previous forecasts were billions of pounds too high.
Oil, gas and coal production woes hit British energy sector
Figures show surge in 'overcrowded' homes

## US ##
Housing Bubble 2 Already Collapsing for the 99%
The growing wealth divide in the U.S. housing market
Has The Next Recession Already Begun For America's Middle Class?
Texas VA Run Like a "Crime Syndicate" Claims Whistleblower
Today's Heroin Addict Is Young, White And Suburban
Medication costs fuel painful medical debt, bankruptcies
War Machine Investments For The New World Order
Hillary Clinton by the numbers
Expect a Tsunami of Municipal Bankruptcies
Costco results miss estimates as costs rise
New Orleans Nearly Finished Killing Off Its Public Schools
Couple Fined $746 for the Crime of Feeding Homeless People in Florida Park
Can't arrest a single banker, but police sure are good at stopping citizens from feeding the hungry. Sick.
Silicon Valley Billionaire Who Blocked Public Access to Popular Beach Claims: "He Owns the Road, the Beach and the Tides"
This is part of a greater destructive trend occurring within U.S. society. As the 0.01% get more rich and more powerful, more aspects of public life will be shut down to everyone else, especially the exponentially growing modern American serf class.
Staggering toll: Car crashes cost $871 billion a year
Last Year's QE Boost To Housing Is Already Over And Done
Illinois Has Worst Pension Crisis, Needs Boldest Reforms, Not More Tax Hikes
Meet Directive 3025.18 Granting Obama Authority To Use Military Force Against Civilians

And finally...
89-year-old woman beats off sword-wielding robber with golf club
Indian court asked to rule on whether Hindu guru dead or meditating
Man Dressed As A Pig Arrested For Impersonating An Officer
Jenga cat is better at game than most humans [VIDEO]
Britain has 'subculture' of 15,000 vampires, says university lecturer
Dr Emyr Williams, a psychology lecturer at Glyndwr University in Wrexham, said real vampires are a "global phenomenon"
Cynics three times more likely to suffer from dementia
Ancient Curse on Utah Park Is Real, Say Visitors

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