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News Links, June 19-20, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
It's Official: Despite Media Hype, Eurozone STILL in Recession
Argentines want debt deal as economic woes pile up
Don't Cry For Argentina: 100 Years Of Statism And Monetary Inflation Have Ruined It
TISA: WikiLeaked Doc Reveals Wall Street Plan for Global Financial Deregulation
WikiLeaks published a previously tightly-held and secretive draft of a trade document on Thursday that, if enacted, would give the world's financial powers an even more dominant position to control the global economy by avoiding regulations and public accountability.
Piketty's New American Dream is only for the Super Rich: Economist's book just tells billionaires what they already know
Is all hope lost for container shipping?
"The status quo in the container shipping industry is not working. We're in year six of a ten-year downturn for container shipping. The P3 alliance was an attempt to change the industry dynamic and longer-term investors will now look at this and say the industry has lost hope for any change."
World stock index at record
Study: Millionaires grow in number and wealth
Luxury Goes Vertical in Frankfurt as High-Rises Spread
Super-rich pets that live better than you
Go Inside the Jets of the Super-Rich
Putin Advisor Proposes "Anti-Dollar Alliance" To Halt US Aggression Abroad
Poverty in the UK Doubles Over the Past 30 Years, Despite Robust "Economic Growth"
Coach closing 70 stores as sales suffer
Caterpillar Asia Sales Drop Accelerates Amid Mining Cutbacks
The Coming Crash Of The Financial And Monetary System
Gold Hits $1300, Silver Surges To 3-Month Highs As China Rehypothecation Ponzi Unwinds
China's "zombie" industries menace global markets

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Europe beckons air travelers, but may leave your bag behind
Cramming clothes into carry-on bags may not appeal to travelers in Europe this summer, but the alternative could be worse; checked luggage is nearly three times more likely to arrive late in Europe than in the U.S. due to complex airport transfers and strikes.
Airfares up nationwide (US)
Consumers, airlines oppose TSA fee hike (US)
Americans hate airline fees and feel they are being "Nickel-and-Dimed"
Why some bags are not going to fly this summer
SAS Plans to Intensify Cost Cuts as Pricing Pressure Grows
Finnair pilots agree to wage cuts
Transport: Cyprus Airways will close without new partner
Tiger Airways shuts loss-making Indonesian airline

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Why ISIS Won't Stop With Iraq
Blockbuster Report from WND – Jordanian Official Claims Americans Trained ISIS
Gunmen Attack North of Baghdad as Obama Weighs Options for Iraq
Obama: U.S. to send 300 military advisers to Iraq
Iraqi forces say they're in control of oil refinery, but facility's fate uncertain
Iraq calls publicly for America to bomb Isis 'terrorists'
ISIS Iraq Offensive: Can the Empire Reassert Control of the Jihadists?
Taliban attack NATO supplies in Afghan east, destroy dozens of trucks
Russia-China Gas Deal: The End of the US-EU Energy Power Play?
Australia, Economically Dependent on China, in a Bind With U.S.
Highly dependent on China's appetite for its exports, Australia gets anxious when Washington and Beijing are at odds, and some even argue for breaking the country's defense alliance with the U.S.
China backs Argentina's position on Falkland Islands
Britain a 'petty' and 'declining' empire, argues Chinese paper
Chinese, Vietnam oil thaw in the works
Violence And Chaos Continue In Kenya And Nigeria
RAF Typhoons intercept Russian bomber and fighters
Report: U.S. fired depleted uranium ammunition at live Iraqi targets in 2003
S. Korea plans live-fire exercise off Takeshima
China says moving 2nd oil rig closer to Vietnam

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Coming to a Protest Near You…A Drone That Blasts Pepper Spray
As Political Tempers Rise, Hong Kong Headed For a 'Long Hot Summer'
World's First Fleet of Riot Control Drones Ordered by Secret South African Company
Video of the Day – "End the Fed" Rallies are Exploding Throughout Germany
The cost of global violence and unrest: US $1,350 per person

## Energy/resources ##
Brent oil tops $115 a barrel on Iraq worries
$120 Oil Flagged as Danger Point for Global Economy on Iraq Crisis
Iraq: Why It's Worse Than You Think
$215 per barrel is the IEA's scenario if everything goes swimmingly well in Iraq over the next 20 years. Given the long history of instability here, the IEA's vision seems like a very optimistic one. [Given] last week's violence in Iraq, the IEA scenario seems almost absurd. If oil is expected to be $215 per barrel in 2035 if Iraq thrives, what will the oil price be if Iraq falls apart or just keeps production steady?
Dwindling oil reserves in Baghdad lead to soaring prices worldwide
Canada approves Enbridge pipeline to West Coast
Myanmar gas exports seen rising on ramping up of new China pipeline
Key Iraqi oil refinery shuts down as Islamists press to seize it
Iraq crisis: Isis launch overnight attack on Iraq's biggest oil refinery - live
Blast at Ukraine gas pipeline said due to bomb, security increased
Italy to help businesses with electricity costs, allow insurers to lend
Influx of Iraqi Refugees Sparks Gas Shortage in Oil-Rich Kurdistan
Russian grid needs attention, IEA says
Global coal consumption reaches 44 year high - Report
Iraq's crude oil storage plan in South Korea suspended indefinitely, says source
The Bursting of the Bakken Bubble?
Urgent Need To Slash Costs In UK North Sea Oil Industry
Britain's North Sea oil and gas industry faces a bleak future where more fields are likely to become uneconomic and shut in as platforms close - unless costs can be controlled, operators say.
Barclays Says Energy E&P Spending To Rise 6% This Year
Egypt's blackouts are here to stay
Luzon power grid stabilizes after red-alert level (Philippines)
Oil companies warn of imminent fuel shortage in Ghana
The Chamber of Bulk Oil distribution Companies (BDC), has warned of a looming shortage of petroleum products in Ghana as a result of their inability to raise letters of credit to honour supplies.
Thorium: Energy Savior or Red Herring?
25 Shocking Facts About The Earth's Dwindling Water Resources
Soccer-Turn off lights to keep TVs on, Congo's World Cup viewers told

## Got food? ##
Crickets: Food of the Future?
Egypt's breadbasket Nile Delta under threat from illegal building
Explaining the rise in pork prices (video)
US confident new vaccine will help fight pig virus
Fleeing Migrant Workers in Thailand Delaying Rice Shipments

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
How to build a pop can solar heater
The Best Guard Dog for Your Homestead

## Environment/health ##
Fake Antibiotics Feed Growing Worldwide Superbugs Threat
British university makes antibiotic resistance breakthrough
Study says Earth on brink of mass extinction event (video)
A landmark study by an international group of scientists has concluded that planet Earth is on the brink of a mass extinction event comparable in scale to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The researchers found that extinction rates are currently 1000 times higher than normal due to deforestation, global climate change, and the depletion of ocean fisheries.
5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Fracking
US says 75 government scientists possibly exposed to live anthrax
Mosquito-borne virus spreads to Cuba
Parents shocked to learn 'BPA-free' baby bottles are loaded with other estrogen mimickers

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
'Politically Explosive' Docs Show How NSA Wiretaps Earth
NSA Turned Germany Into Its Largest Listening Post in Europe
US professors urge Western universities to end ties to China's Confucius Institutes
In a serious blow to China's soft-power outreach, a leading association of American professors warns that Confucius Institutes break basic standards on academic freedom
Facebook's Extreme Online Tracking Tactics
Vodafone, Optus outages frustrate users (Australia)
Vodafone and Optus customers across the country are unable to make or take phone calls or send text messages and use data due to widespread outages at both networks.
Copenhagen Airport trials Google Glass
Cyber Attacks Hit Pro-Democracy Websites in Hong Kong
CIA crafted prototypes of bin Laden 'demon' doll
Facebook website returns to service after crash
Chinese seller of signal 'jammers' faces $35 million US fine
NY Attorney Gen.: Android and Windows phones to come with kill switch

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Death Of The Rust Belt
Groups Appeal to UN for 'Humanity' as Detroit Shuts Off Water to Thousands
Heading Into Midterm Elections, Confidence in Congress Hits Record Low 7%

## Japan ##
Japan's Exports Decline in May on Weak U.S., Asian Demand
Abenomics Fails to Shake Japan Firms' Addiction to Cash: Economy
Squid avoid warmer waters off Japan; catches decline by 35%
Govt to OK use of anonymous personal data
The Yomiuri ShimbunThe government plans to allow companies to provide personal data they own to third parties without consent from the individuals the data pertains to if the data is scrubbed of identifying details, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned.
Olympic plans too optimistic
Japan to pay 110 bil. yen for rights to air 4 Olympics through 2024
White goods shipments fall 5.7%
BOJ top holder of government bonds with 201 trillion yen
Japan's JOGMEC Says Could Double Investment in Oil, Gas

## China ##
World Bank Economist: China May Face U.S.-Style Financial Crisis
Beijing to include disputed islands in new land registration scheme
Premier Li says China's economy won't suffer hard landing
China's Red Capitalism Desperately At Work: A Redundant $10 Billion High-Speed Rail Line Which Will Reduce Travel Time By 6 Seconds/Km
FUBAR II: China must import more water than the US imports oil
China's Largest Gold Company Seeks To Become Kingmaker In Gold Industry
China's Ponzi At Work: After "Credit Equals Gold" Now Comes "Eternal Trust Number 37″
China Property Collapse Seen as $33 Billion in Trusts Due
Chinese property trusts face record repayments next year as the real-estate market cools, fueling speculation among bond funds that more developers will collapse.
The Great Glut of China
For over a decade, China's steelmaking, shipbuilding and other major industries have been cranking out goods in excess of what the market needs. They have been spurred on by the country's breathtaking economic growth and local government officials whose promotions depend on more, more, more. The chronic overproduction has depressed international prices and sapped earnings at manufacturers across the globe.
China oil giants prepare Iraq evacuation plans: Report
Beijing Now Has Almost as Many People as Australia

## UK ##
Having a degree has 'little impact' on employment prospects
Poverty hits twice as many British households as 30 years ago
Rabbit-hutch Britain: Growing health concerns as UK sets record for smallest properties in Europe
Bank of England's gold vault is nearly 500 tonnes lighter than last year
U.K. set to begin direct currency trade with China
A package of measures announced on Wednesday by China's central bank handed the U.K. a boost in its bid to be a leading center for renminbi trading.
Teaching creationism as scientifically valid now banned in all UK public schools
Crohn's disease hospital admissions surge 300% 'because of junk food and antibiotics'

## US ##
Fed Issues Surreptitious Payments to Bank Welfare Queens At Taxpayer Expense
This is a direct giveaway to the banks at the expense of US taxpayers. The banks will shift as much of their excess cash as they can, subject to the $10 billion per bank limit, and which the Fed has given them for free in the first place, from their regular deposit accounts at the Fed (aka "reserves") to these higher interest paying term deposits.
After 6 Years of Unprecedented Central Planning, the Economy Is More Fragile Than Ever
The Most Destructive Presidencies in American History, Part 2: The Fatal Incoherence of the Bush/Obama Foreign Policy
Fed tapers another $10 billion
It Did Not Snow In May, But Housing Construction Continued To Taper Away
Proof that Google intends to take over the power grid
Americans are getting into debt — just to get by
Nowhere has the unequal nature of the post-banking-crisis recovery raised more concerns for the long-term sustainability of the U.S. economy than in the clear rise of non-discretionary consumer credit.
Texas gas town considers banning fracking
History: Interactive Time-Lapse Map Shows How the U.S. Took More Than 1.5 Billion Acres From Native Americans
Why Your Water Bill Will Likely Increase
U.S. water utilities face a critical economic squeeze, according to a new report. A survey by water-engineering firm Black & Veatch of 368 water utility companies across the country shows that 66 percent of them are not generating enough revenue to cover their costs.
Generation R – Millennials are largely living at home or opting to rent
Atlantic City's Revel Casino Files For Second Bankruptcy 16 Months After The First One
No kumbaya here: U.S. is now the 101st 'most peaceful' nation on earth

And finally...
WATCH: California mayor resigns over video of him throwing dog poop in neighbor's yard
It's science: a better way to cut cake
Patriarch blesses television station with sanctified paint roller

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