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News Links, June 7-9, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Gazprom signs agreements to switch from dollars to euros
The coming bond market meltdown
The slow process of turning the US into a low-wage McJobs nation: US breaks even with jobs lost since 2007, those not in the labor force jumps nearly 13 million, and 1 out of 4 is working for $10 an hour or less.
The US is slowly becoming a McJob nation. While the press jumps up and down that the US is now finally at a breakeven point from the jobs lost since the recession started in 2007, they fail to mention that those not in the labor force are up by nearly 13 million.
Selling Your European Stocks Before Everyone Sees This Chart?
Flogging savers until morale improves, that's how ECB President Mario Draghi is going to fire up the economy in his bailiwick. Among other things, he announced that the ECB would lower key interest rates from nearly nothing to next to nothing and impose negative deposit rates on the reserves that banks stash at the ECB.
About Those Forecasts of Eternally Rising Corporate Profits...
Even The Record Stock-Market Bullishness Is Fake
Mexican Central Bank Unexpectedly Cuts Rate Due To "Worse Than Expected Economy"
Dubai's Jumeirah launches ultra-luxury floor at China hotel
Overcapacity: 'If it rolls, floats or flies, don't invest in it'
Rich-poor divide: Bill Gates could afford to buy every home in Boston. Here are some other cities billionaires could purchase.
If Bill Gates took every dollar of his net worth... he could afford to buy every home in Boston — and still be worth more than a billion dollars.
Homo consumer: Here's How Many Weeks Of Work It Takes To Pay For Everything In Your Life
Cashless Society Ushering in Global Government on Steroids, Says Head of World's Largest Private Mint

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Skymark Airlines will need significant strategic changes to avoid heavy A380 operating losses
Qantas to clip wings of 223 pilots
Qantas has informed its Boeing 767 and 747 pilots that 223 of them will be surplus to requirements by the end of June as part of its 5000-person, company-wide staff-cutting exercise.
More strikes for Aer Lingus as talks collapse
Fuel to comprise 30% of airline operating cost in 2014: IATA
High Taxes Ruin African Airlines, Says IATA
Air Travel: Not Very Profitable For Airlines, But Great For Oil Companies
Air cargo demand stagnates
Legroom wars: the device that stops plane seats reclining
Alitalia CEO says job cuts from Etihad tie-up 2,200: report
Spring Airlines Japan postpones start of flights to August

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russian, NATO Arms Race Takes Shape
U.S. sending advisers, gear to Ukraine
Obama's Kiev Allies Brag About Exterminating Hundreds Of Civilians
Vietnam Says China Still Ramming Boats, Airs Sinking Video
Vietnam, Philippines Navies in First Spratlys Games
Barrel bombs risk becoming answer to insurgency
Egypt court sentences 10 Brotherhood supporters to death: sources
Carnage Across Iraq Leaves 184 Killed, 183 Wounded
Obama advisor Susan Rice hints at 'lethal' aid to Syrian rebels
India to step up defence procurement
SS songs and antisemitism: the week Golden Dawn turned openly Nazi (Greece)
National military service for Emirati youth becomes law
Iran plans to hold direct nuclear talks with US, Russia
Iran president to visit Turkey with trade, Syria war on agenda
US Analyst Warns Israel: Unilateral Attack on Iran 'Better Damn Well Be Successful'
Otherwise, the veteran scholar told an Israeli audience at the annual Herzliya Conference here, "We'll have to ask you, 'What part of the word NO do you not understand."
South Korea to donate warship to Philippines as tensions increase with China
Spain's Musical Thrones: Desperate Move by a Desperate Regime
Boko Haram intensifies attacks: Will it soon occupy parts of Nigeria?
Militant attack on Karachi airport leaves five dead
US Air Force Sends 2 B-2 Stealth Bombers To The UK
Former UN envoy warns Syria becoming 'another Somalia'

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
5,000 anti-government protesters block streets in Haitian capital to demand president's resignation
Border Patrol checkpoints stir public backlash (US)
São Paulo unions threaten general strike for World Cup amid subway protests
Thousands riot in India as heat wave prompts power cuts
Out of patience: Highway blocked to protest load shedding (Pakistan)
Thai junta amasses security force to smother Bangkok protests
Kurdish Protesters Clash With Riot Cops in Istanbul
Gunmen Shoot Up NATO Oil Tanker in Pakistan

## Energy/resources ##
World Needs Record Saudi Oil Supply as OPEC Convenes
OPEC ministers say they will almost certainly leave their oil-production ceiling unchanged when the group meets this week. What really matters for global markets is whether Saudi Arabia will respond to global supply shortfalls by pumping a record amount of crude.
Here Are The World's Five Most Important Oil Fields
Europe Faces Green Power Curbs After Fivefold Expansion: Energy
Europe's drive toward a power system based on renewable energy has gone so far that output will probably need to be cut within months because of oversupply.
NYC Wants Food Scraps to Help Heat 5,200 Homes: Cities
This has the same fatal flaw as waste-to-energy power plants: It feeds off the detritus of fossil fuel-powered industrial society. Take away fossil fuels, and food production collapses. "Food scraps" will disappear. -- RF
EU Gets Ready To Open Canadian Tar Sands Floodgate
Canadian Oil sands Are Filthy, But Canada Doesn't Care
Downturn in Europe's energy markets sharpest since 2008 crisis
Libya 'suffers $30bn oil sales slump'
North faces heat as power generation trips (India)
Soaring temperatures and a shortage of coal have led to a severe electricity crisis in the northern states, threatening industries, particularly micro and small units
No power to malls after 10 pm as Delhi sweats it out
Snapping power supply to shopping malls after 10 pm and switching off street lights during peak hours were some of the urgent measures ordered today by the Delhi government as the city continued to suffer long outages with the mercury crossing the 45 degrees Celsius mark.
Exhaustion of cheap mineral resources is terraforming Earth – scientific report
Soaring costs of resource extraction require transition to post-industrial 'circular economy' to avoid collapse
Statoil 'signals deeper cost cuts'
Statoil is reported to be preparing to make further swingeing cuts in capital investment, operating expenses and manpower to generate an additional $5 billion in annual cash flow to 2020.
Bulgaria halts work on South Stream gas pipeline
Kazakhstan plans to start nuclear power plant construction in 2018
Let's see how well it goes. -- RF
Talkin' trash: Are we literally throwing away energy?
Well, yes. Considering how much fossil-fuel energy is used to generate municipal solid waste in the first place, it makes sense to recover as much as possible. But at the same time, the waste stream exists precisely because we had cheap, plentiful oil for so many decades, which should lead us to question the wisdom of counting on waste-to-energy plants to power out future. -- RF

## Got food? ##
Kraft raises coffee prices by 10% as bean cost soars
Mitsui Fudosan builds factory farm for fresh vegetables all year round (Japan)
Operated by Tokyo-based agricultural startup Mirai Co., the facility has a total floor space of 1,300 square meters. It uses fluorescent lighting and an automated system that controls air conditioning.
Food prices rising and it is getting worse for working class (Oman)
What's Really in Hot Dogs? Watch This Video to Find Out
Milk prices do still not cover production costs made by the EU farmers
Deadly pig virus puts producers in a quandary
Could this powder replace food forever?
A Weekend On The Farm

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Inside 'Modern Farmer,' The One-Year-Old Agricultural Lifestyle Publication That's Turning Heads Like Crazy

## Environment/health ##
Dirty Baby, Healthy Baby? Early Filth May Reduce Allergies
'Conclusive Link' Between Fracking, Aquifer Contamination Found in Texas
Scientists say water samples from Texas man's well show identical chemical signatures from nearby gas drilling operations
World War II Skeletons Washed From Graves by Rising Seas
U.S. Southeast: Leads in stroke, obesity, hypertension, diabetes; now kidney disease
Confirmed case of mad-cow disease in Texas involved person who traveled extensively
Doughnut Day Downer: Palm Oil In Pastries Drives Deforestation
Ash dieback is now 'unstoppable', ecologists warn (UK)
Plastic is the new rock, say Geologists
As forests are cleared and species vanish, there's one other loss: a world of languages
A new report shows a direct link between disappearing habitats and the loss of languages. One in four of the world's 7,000 spoken tongues is now at risk of falling silent for ever as the threat to cultural biodiversity grows
In Norfolk, evidence of climate change is in the streets at high tide
At high tide on the small inlet next to Norfolk's most prestigious art museum, the water lapped at the very top of the concrete sea wall that has held it back for 100 years. It seeped up through storm drains, puddled on the promenade and spread, half a foot deep, across the street, where a sign read, "Road Closed."
Growing Ebola Outbreak Threatens to Overwhelm Volunteers

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Vodafone reveals existence of secret wires that allow state surveillance
Wires allow agencies to listen to or record live conversations, in what privacy campaigners are calling a 'nightmare scenario'
Saving Sgt. Bergdahl: What's known and what's not
'Astroturf' Groups Leading Drive to Kill Open Internet
Argentina appoints new secretary of 'national thought'
Internet giants erect barriers to thwart spy agencies
How an FBI informant orchestrated the Stratfor hack
Young people give up privacy on Google and Facebook 'because they haven't read 1984'
How the NSA can 'turn on' your phone remotely
Google search results may indicate 'right to be forgotten' censorship
Search engine considering alert at bottom of results pages to show links have been removed after landmark EU privacy ruling
Computer becomes first to pass Turing Test in artificial intelligence milestone, but academics warn of dangerous future

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Death And Decay Of Detroit, As Seen From The Streets (gallery)
Detroit's eyesores (gallery)
GM sets four more recalls, covering over 105,000 vehicles
The Results Are In: America Is Dumb and on the Road to Getting Dumber
The tragedy of Tampico, Mexico: a city of violence, abandoned to the trees
Multiple retirements leave Air Force facing a shortage of researchers (US)
Sudden shortage of cancer medication means some hospitals pay up to 100 times more for the drug (Canada)

## Japan ##
Japan's Population Problem in Five Charts
Population decline is not a "problem," but a welcome change in preparation for a world with more expensive food and energy. It's unfortunate for us that world leaders can't see this. -- RF
Australian defense minister to tour Japan stealth submarine
Japanese police trace 90% of hacking to China
Japan's average gasoline price rises for 6th consecutive week
Global warming could triple hot days in Japan
Japan failed to report 640 kg of nuclear fuel to IAEA
'Bad inflation' shadows Japan
Two months after Japan's first consumption tax hike in 17 years, some data indicate the economy is stalling as prices climb and a weaker yen makes imports more expensive.

## China ##
China's Property Developers Face Record Wave of Maturing Debt
Chinese Military Shows New Capabilities, Pentagon Says
One Ton Gold Shipment Into Hong Kong Revealed To Contain Just Worthless Metal
China May Build 'Artificial Island' in South China Sea

## UK ##
War on the poor: 'Homeless spikes' installed outside London flats
Metal spikes have been installed outside a block of luxury flats in London to deter homeless people from sleeping there.
UK sees a fortnight's worth of rain in one hour
Villa firm collapse leaves thousands in lurch
Travel company goes bust owing holidaymakers more than £3m in biggest collapse since 2008
Eric Pickles' ruling kills off large-scale solar farms
The solar industry is already reeling from major changes to the generous subsidy system due to start next April. The industry currently receives about £600 million a year in consumer subsidies added to household electricity bills.

## US ##
Stay-At-Home Dads On The Rise, And Many Of Them Are Poor
U.S. consumer credit surges on increased credit card use
Cops In Texas Seize Millions By 'Policing for Profit'
Texas law enforcement are continuing to enrich themselves using a little-known legal doctrine known as civil forfeiture.
LAPD Moves Closer To Testing Aerial Drones For 'Tactical Events'
Inside Lackland AFB, A Massive Shelter For Border Children
Hundreds of migrant kids shipped to Arizona
US Workers In The Prime 25-54 Age Group Are Still 2.6 Million Short Of Recovering Post-Crisis Job Losses
About that jobs recovery... -- RF
Outsourcing the War On Whistleblowers
The federal government is not alone in waging a war on whistleblowers. In recent months, we learned that two of the government's largest vendors make employees sign away their rights to report fraud, waste, and abuse on federal contracts and grants.
Growing number of American houses have more toilets than people
Euthanizing pets increasing as vet costs rise
Police enforce mandatory dress code along New Jersey boardwalk
Uncertainty dominates new hemp market
Detroit rolls dice by relying on casino cash
Playland Park Where 'Big' Was Filmed Is in Trouble
U.S. pensions 'cash negative' by 2016: Analyst
Suspects in Vegas Walmart shooting wanted 'revolution', commit suicide after killing police
Gas Prices Above $4 in California

And finally...
CIA blows up Twitter with first tweet
Kim Kardashian lookalike with pink AK-47 accused of being head of Mexico drug gang
BBC to broadcast 'zombie apocalypse' reality show
Who'll Succeed Paul the Octopus as World Cup Oracle? It's Anyone's Bet
Aussie store manager assaulted with sex toys in brazen stickup
A shop manager was pelted with sex toys by an intruder wearing a wig and crotchless pants in an Australian erotica store stickup, local police reported Sunday.
Put out the flames with a Hello Kitty fire extinguisher!

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