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News Links, July 12-14, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
China's yuan 'a growing force in global finance'
The Number Of US Firms Willing To Trade in Chinese Yuan Has Tripled This Year
U.S. Plays With Fire By Using Bank Sanctions as Political Tools
German Municipals In Trouble
Portugal banking crisis sends tremors through Europe
As some high-risk assets take a hit, investors fear worse is to come
'Politics and Mafia Are Same Thing' – Jailed Spanish Politician
Bulgaria to allow Corporate Commercial Bank to collapse
The Wall Street "Escape Velocity" Scam: GDP Forecasts Fizzling For Fourth Straight Year
Why Are the Biggest Banks so Happy with the EU Banking Union? What Are We Being Kept in the Dark About?
Brazil's new stadiums seek post-World Cup events
You have to wonder how much longer countries will find the money to build more of these break-the-bank sports facilities that become white elephants after the events are over. -- RF
After Sochi, Russia's Putin to Spend Billions on 2018 World Cup
Forget Debt As A Percent Of GDP, It's Really Much Worse
South Korea's Youth Population Slips Under 10 Million
CME, Thomson Reuters win battle to replace century-old silver benchmark
Germany Instructs Its Companies To Limit Cooperation, Procurement Orders With The US
Russia, China Hold Military Drills to Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation
'The easy gains are way behind us': Canada's surprise jobs drop highlights economy's struggle ahead

## Airline Death Spiral ##
China Southern Air Sees First-Half Loss as Yuan Weakens
Caribbean Airlines projecting TT$100 million loss
Congress Wants to Keep Norwegian Airlines' Cheap Flights Out of America
Airline chiefs urge cuts in airport fees
Surprise! Delta may carry off your carry-on bag
Would you stand on a plane to pay a lower fare?

## Iraq ##
How Putin outmaneuvered the US in resupplying the Iraqi military
Iraqi Kurds take over 2 northern oil fields
Kurdish security forces took over two major oil fields outside the disputed northern city of Kirkuk before dawn Friday and said they would use some of the production for domestic purposes, further widening a split with the central government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.
Witnesses describe how Islamists leveled Sunni village as a warning
Iraq oil bonanza reaps $1 million a day for Islamic State
ISIS Fights Its Way Into Army Base NE of Baghdad
Expansion of 'secret' facility in Iraq suggests closer U.S.-Kurd ties
Iraqi factions hit new delay in forming government

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Hillary's Honduras Coup: Why The Children Flee North
Blackwater Founder Erik Prince To Advise Chinese Firms In Africa
Southeast Asia piracy threat increases
The South China Sea's oil tanker hijackers have rewritten the piracy playbook
In the past few months, sophisticated pirates have hijacked eight tankers in the South China Sea and Malacca Strait, mostly for their marine gas oil (MGO)—a fuel similar to diesel—and other refined petroleum. These attacks aren't smash-and-grab robberies, where pirates snatch cash, laptops and cellphones and then make a quick getaway. These pirates follow a different and more lucrative business model: They commandeer the whole tanker, take it to a secret location, and expertly drain it of its oil.
Russia Writes Off 90% of Cuba Debt as Putin Meets Castros
The Deplorable Warmongering Of The Cheneys: More Bombs And Drones Will Breed Terrorism, Not Stop It
BRICS nations rally around Russia
Leaders of the BRICS nations will meet July 15-16 in Fortaleza in northeastern Brazil, in a gathering that sends a strong message about their refusal to isolate Russia.
Croatia could become regional energy hub - senior U.S. official
Croatia can play a vital role in ensuring regional energy security by diversifying supply options for European countries and allowing them to reduce their dependence on Russian gas, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said.
Putin signs nuclear energy deal with Argentina
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a nuclear energy cooperation deal with Argentina on Saturday on a trip to bolster trade ties and strengthen Russia's influence in Latin America.
Al Qaida affiliate declares 'emirate'
Japan moves to enact preemptive "collective self defense policy"
Iranian Foreign Minister Calls for 'Immediate End' to Israel's Strikes on Gaza
Thousands of Palestinians flee northern Gaza
Israeli commandos in dawn raid after Gaza suffers deadliest night

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
World of Resistance Report: Financial Institutions Fear Global Revolution
Two killed in Egypt at Morsi protest
Brazil protests fizzled, but roots of anger remain
South African metalworkers' union rejects pay offer, threatens wider strike
Clashes in Paris as thousands march against Israel offensive
'End the siege!' Thousands in Oslo & London protest Israeli offensive in Gaza (PHOTOS)
Illegal Immigration Protesters to Challenge Feds: 'If They Want to Send in SWAT Teams... Let Them Do It'
Britain Buys Water Cannons; Fears Civil Unrest From Government Workers

## Energy/resources ##
Orwellian Newspeak and the oil industry's fake abundance story
The Global Prospects For Enhanced Oil Recovery
The bottom line is that this oil is more expensive. How much more are you willing to pay? -- RF
Oil demand growth to rise in 2015, IEA highlights Mideast and N. Africa supply risks
The World Still Needs Saudi Arabia's Oil
Energy Super Power Australia's East Coast running low on affordable domestic gas
Why China's mood is souring on Canada's oil patch
Barely two years since the national outcry over China's aggressive push into Canada's oil patch, some of the major acquisitions are looking messy to hopeless.
This Top Oil Producer Hits a 6-Year Export Low (Russia)
North Sea oil 'worth billions less than expected'
Unfriendly ties: US turns down Pakistan's demand for LNG supply
China, US To Cooperate On Strategic Oil Reserves
China and the United States have signed a preliminary agreement to cooperate on strategic petroleum reserves (SPR), China's National Energy Administration (NEA) said, marking the first such effort between the world's top two oil consumers.
Libyan protesters shut down Brega oil port: state firm NOC
Parts of Luzon suffer rotating power outages
Prolonged loadshedding leads to water shortage in Lahore
Cold War Relic's Closure Shunts Helium Focus to Qatar

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Costly copper: Dangerous scrap metal thefts on the rise

## Got food? ##
Landmark Study Underscores Wide-Ranging Benefits of Pesticide-Free Farming
Why Beef Prices Will Rise Again, Despite Recent Slide
Not even China can drink enough milk to prevent the coming global glut

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
A Reader Asks: How to Find Shelter from the Coming Storms?
A good set of suggestions on how to alter your lifestyle to prepare for when TSHTF. -- RF

## Environment/health ##
800 Degree Heat From Solar Mirrors Frying Birds Mid Air
Cleanup area extends nearly 2 miles after ND spill
The path of brine spilled from an underground North Dakota pipeline extends nearly 2 miles down a steep ravine, but dead vegetation is limited to about 200 yards from the source of the spill, a company official said Thursday.
World cities, home to most people, to add 2.5 billion more by 2050: U.N.
No, they won't. -- RF
Cyborgs Among Us: Human 'Biohackers' Embed Chips In Their Bodies
Spread Of Palm Oil Production Into Africa Threatens Great Apes
CDC closes 2 labs following safety breaches
US anthrax probe reveals new bird flu sample mishandling
Deadliest, Rarest Form of Plague Contracted Near Denver
A Colorado man is infected with the rarest and most fatal form of plague, an airborne version that can be spread through coughing and sneezing.
As Honeybees Die Off, First Inventory of Wild Bees Is Under Way
Anybody home? Pacific island of Niue hit by exodus
The Army's Bioprinted Skin Is Almost Ready to Be Used on Soldiers
Rich Vietnamese snorting rhino horns are causing a poaching explosion in South Africa

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Digital Rights Groups Warn TPP Will Force 'Policing' of Internet Users
Over 65 tech companies, open Internet advocates and other organizations released two open letters to negotiators of the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on Wednesday, expressing their concern that the trade deal's approval will force websites to censor content and block Internet users.
Russia likely to prolong asylum for fugitive Snowden: Interfax
NSA Whistleblower Speaks: "The Ultimate Goal is Total Population Control"
U.S. Had Heads-Up Over Destruction Of 'Guardian' Hard Drives
Chinese Man Charged in Plot to Steal U.S. Military Data

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Crumbling Roads in Oil Fields Slowing U.S. Energy Boom
Chrysler to recall 900,000 SUVs to fix mirror wiring
170,000 Honda hybrids recalled over engine flaw
NHTSA investigating steering problems in 500K Ford cars
A lot of cars on American roads have been recalled—but they didn't get returned
You Want a Solution? Try Not to Get Hurt When It Collapses, Then Start Over

## Japan ##
Japan economics minister says premature for BOJ to consider QE exit
6.8 Earthquake Hits Japan, Triggers Tsunami Near Fukushima
Tax-free stock investing program working poorly
Commuters used as guinea pigs
Precision equipment maker Omron Corp. used images of passengers surreptitiously taken at train stations run by East Japan Railway Co. for a government-linked research project without JR East's consent, the companies admitted Saturday.
Gov't moves to allow preemptive strikes if Japan in 'imminent' threat of attack
The Self-Defense Forces (SDF) would be allowed to carry out preemptive strikes against enemy nations if an attack on Japan was "clear and imminent," under legal changes proposed by the government on July 11.
Stigmatized nuclear workers quit TEPCO
Japan able to aid U.S. ships under attack, says defense minister

## China ##
29 of 31 provincial regions in China have relaxed one-child policy
Instagram becomes latest victim of Chinese censorship
Popular CCTV Reporter Detained

## UK ##
Britain 'faces blackouts' unless green balance improves, leading engineer warns
Britain risks widespread electricity blackouts unless it improves the network's ability to balance intermittent supply from renewable energy sources, a leading engineer has warned.
UK house price inflation to outstrip pay rises 'for years to come'
Most children 'play outside for less than an hour a day'
Remote Indian Ocean island holds key to understanding UK role in rendition

## US ##
Silicon Valley's slum
Gallup Slams Lid On Hopes For US Economy
Parched California proposes steep fines for over-watering lawns
Price tag for the American dream: $130K a year
One percent's rental nightmare: How Wall Street scheme blew up in its face
Here's why nobody is watching Al Jazeera America
Cities with the Most Abandoned Homes
SWAT teams train in abandoned homes
Miami, the great world city, is drowning while the powers that be look away
Rideshare Companies Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar Are Not What You Think They Are, and I'll Tell You Why
Workers struggle in Hamptons, playground for rich
Durham police officers accused of faking 911 calls to enter homes
Atlantic City on The Brink: Trump Plaza to Close
Eyes in the Sky: Are Pricey Border Patrol Drones Worth the Money?
How collaborative consumption is helping small businesses grow
What is power consumption telling us about the US economy?
The Red Queen's Race in pay raises: Record number of employed US workers report no change in wages or salary. Stagnant wages and inflation eating away at purchasing power.

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