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News Links, July 24, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
IMF cuts U.S. 2014 growth forecast to 1.7 percent
China's Debt Ratios Set To Soar Past US Levels—-Up 100 Percentage Points In 5 Years
The dollar's 70-year dominance is coming to an end
Puerto Rico debt crisis headed for U.S.-style bankruptcy resolution
Half of Europe's Jobs Threatened by Machines in Echo of U.S. Risk
Fifty-four percent of jobs in the 28-member European Union are at risk of advances in computerization, according to a study by economist Jeremy Bowles published by Bruegel, a Brussels-based research organization.
Greek sovereign debt at 174.1 percent of GDP in first quarter
Global stock markets at risk from Black Swan spike in oil price
Chart Of The Day: For Caterpillar The "Great Recovery" Is Just As Bad As The Great Financial Crisis
5 cities that millionaires call home
The Boomerang Effect: Sanctions on Russia Hit German Economy Hard

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Boeing to pack fliers tight on high-density 737 model
Qantas can't just do a Virgin
Mounting losses fail to deter aviation entrepreneurs
FAA extends Tel Aviv flight ban another 24 hours
US airlines are still flying over these war zones
China's Horrible Flight Delays Are About to Get Worse

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Ukraine fighter jets shot down close to crash site
The Ruskies Did It, But Washington Confesses: "We Don't Know A Name…Rank….Nationality….No Perry Mason Moment"
Ukraine Caught in Third Major Lie? Magic Number 312
US Story on MH17 Unravels Over Lack of Real Evidence
Africa Transforms, But Confused US Policies Push it Toward China
Al Qaida-affiliated Syrian insurgents seize towns from U.S.-backed rebels
Fighters from the Nusra Front, al Qaida's official affiliate in Syria, on Tuesday seized three strategic towns on the border with Turkey in a major blow to U.S.-backed moderate rebels.
Murder on the Pipelines: Drug Cartels Turn Texas Oil Routes Into Killing Zones
Global terrorism deaths soar
Israel's Iron Dome Defense in Line for Tripled U.S. Aid
Israeli Attacks on Gaza Continue: 693 Palestinians, 34 Israelis Dead
Boeing SEC Filings Confirm Possible Iran Sales

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Mumbai Muslims Protest Gaza by Boycotting Pepsi, Nescafe
Rich-poor divide threatens Asia's political stability

## Energy/resources ##
Things Continue To Get Worse
The main surprise, at the moment, is how rapidly the situation is deteriorating in so many of the countries that supply oil and gas to the world. Sadly the headlines will only cover one or two of these at a time. As a result the overall trends are missed as headlines instead focus on the very small changes driven more by sentiment and political perspective than by the realities of the medium, and even short-term oil and gas supply situation.

Revealed: the dirty secret of the UK's poultry industry
Two-thirds of fresh retail chicken in UK contaminated with campylobacter

## Environment/health ##
Bats get 'the bends' from wind turbines
Conservationists once thought that bats flew into blades accidentally, but wildlife experts now believe they get 'the bends' from the pressure change

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Meet Theranos, Inc. – The Blood Testing Company with Henry Kissinger and a Cadre of Military and Political "Elite" on its Board

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Rot Within, Part II: Inflation Is Not "Growth"
Warning of 'dangerous' public backlash against solar in Japan
Rises in consumer electricity prices, caused in part by a backlog of unbuilt PV projects, could put Japan's solar industry in serious danger of losing support, a Tokyo-based analyst has warned.

Multi-story buildings will all become unusable without affordable electricity. -- RF
And finally...
Fugitive tries to make escape by running into police academy

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