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News Links, July 3-4, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
The Inevitable Stock Market Reversal: The New Normal Is Just Another Bubble Awaiting a Pop
Stocks Are Officially More Overvalued Than During The Last Bubble Peak
Corporate Bonds Are The IEDs Of Monetary Central Planning: They Will Be Exploding Along Wall Street Soon
The Approaching Inevitable Market Reversal
Dubai construction firm on shaky ground
South Sudan To Borrow About $1B From Oil Firms In 2014/15
South Sudan plans to borrow 3 billion South Sudanese pounds, about $1 billion at the official rate, from oil companies during the coming financial year to help cover repayments on domestic loans and previous oil advances, the government said in a budget document.
The BRICs Are Morphing Into An Anti-Dollar Alliance
Daimler labor representative: Trucks cost cut plans put 2,000 jobs at risk
Gold bullion imports in India hit 13-month high
India's Central Bank Will Sell Gold on the Market in Exchange for Gold at the Bank of England
Puerto Rico Drops to Level Unprecedented for Bonds: Muni Credit
No state or city with a credit rating as low as Puerto Rico's has been able to access bond markets since at least 1990, a situation that may cut off the lifeblood of the commonwealth's finances.
We must end this addiction to debt as the engine of growth
OECD Projects Slowing Global Growth, Rising Income Inequality to 2060
Moody's issues warning about Ontario's growing deficit

## Airline Death Spiral ##
State fund plans to take Malaysia Airlines private for restructuring: sources
Homeland Security ramps up security at some overseas airports
The United States will increase security measures at overseas airports that have direct flights to the United States, the Department of Homeland Security said on Wednesday.

## Iraq ##
Maliki urges Iraq's neighbors to join fight against Islamists
Iranian fighter planes are in Iraq
Idea of splitting Iraq into 3 autonomous enclaves gains traction
Russia Delivers 2nd Batch of Jets To Iraq As USA Unloads 4000 Hellfire Missiles
He's baaaaaack! The Return of Ahmad Chalabi
US Troops Will Fly Attack Helicopters in Iraq
ISIS Is Taking Over Iraq Using Captured American Weapons
Iraq chases Baghdad sleeper cells as 'Zero Hour' looms over capital
Iraqi insurgents are preparing for an assault on Baghdad, with sleeper cells planted inside the capital to rise up at "Zero Hour" and aid fighters pushing in from the outskirts, according to senior Iraqi and U.S. security officials.
Saudi Arabia sends 30,000 troops to border, Iraqi government denies withdrawal
Islamic State seizes key areas in Syria as al Qaida's Nusra Front withdraws
Fighters from the Islamic State stormed into eastern Syria from their Iraq strongholds Thursday, overrunning or co-opting Syrian tribes and rebel groups holding the strategic towns along the border that control both the main highways and the bulk of Syria's oil production.
Maliki Cracks Down on Shi'ite Rival: 45 Killed In Karbala Clash

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Islamic State demands oath of allegiance from rival Sunni militias
22 drug cartel members killed in shoot-out with Mexican forces
Russia closes three border crossings into eastern Ukraine
Military chiefs of Japan, S. Korea, U.S., hold first trilateral meeting
US Confirms Years-Long "Secret" Military Presence in Somalia
U.S. "unnamed officials" confirmed to Reuters on Thursday that over a hundred military troops have been operating covertly in Somalia since 2007.
U.S. concerned self-defense green light could entangle it in Japan-China war
Japanese officer to take command of international anti-piracy mission off Somalia

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
HK police arrest 511 after big democracy rally
China bans Ramadan: Fasting and 'taking part in religious activities' forbidden in controversial crackdown on minority Uighur Muslims
Strike by PPC staff to cause power cuts (Greece)
South African police fire rubber bullets to disperse striking workers

## Energy/resources ##
Blackout hits northern Chile, unclear if copper mines affected
Platts: Kurds have oil obstacles to face
A lack of infrastructure in the Kurdish north of Iraq could be an inhibiting factor in the region's oil development, analysis from Platts finds.
Mexico's Pemex to Spend $6B to Maintain Output at Cantarell
Mexico's state-run oil company Pemex will launch a $6 billion investment in 2017 aimed at maintaining current levels of production at its once-supergiant Cantarell field over the next decade, a Pemex official said on Tuesday.
Shale bust: Ailing Shale Gas Returns Force a 'Drilling Treadmill'
The 3 Biggest Downsides to the U.S. Oil Boom
New major oil outage would strain supply
The world's unused spare oil production capacity would struggle to cover another big outage, industry officials and analysts say, increasing the chance governments may tap strategic reserves should Iraq's southern exports be disrupted.
Iran's oil exports drop in June, stay above Western limits
The Peak Oil Crisis: Iraq on the Precipice
Iraq conflict has oil companies on 'knife's edge'
Power Cuts Without Warning in Greece
Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A. (HEDNO) repeated warnings that a strike by Public Power Corporation (PPC) workers on Thursday may necessitate rolling blackouts, if the power system is threatened with collapse.
Numsa threatens SA with power blackout
South Africa could face a complete blackout, the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa warned on Wednesday in response to a court interdict against a strike at Eskom.
Britain agrees deal to take control of German, Swedish plutonium
Kurdish oil operations 'safe and secure'
Libyan oil crisis over, government says
Islamic State seizes key oil fields after defections from al-Qaeda ally
Syria's largest oilfield has fallen under control of Islamic State as the Jihadist group attracts support from al-Qaeda backed rivals
Singapore emerges as hub in international water business
Alaska Governor Says Design Work To Start On New LNG Project

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Cable theft behind mass blackouts (South Africa)

## Got food? ##
Yes, There's Wood Pulp in Burgers…Here's Why I Think it Matters
BBQ sticker shock: Beef prices climb 44%
South St. Paul meat plant temporarily shuts down for lack of cattle; 300 jobs affected
South St. Paul's last remaining beef-packing plant, Dakota Premium Foods, is temporarily shutting down due to the "extremely short supply of cattle," it announced Wednesday.
Insect farms: Investors see big profits in thinking small
Largest LED veggie factory built in quake-hit city (Japan)
The world's largest vegetable factory to make use of light-emitting diodes has been built in one of the cities damaged by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, the factory's operator said.

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
If We Insulate Our Houses, Why Not Our Cooking Pots?

## Environment/health ##
A scary science mystery: What happened to the ocean's plastic trash?
Scientist creates deadly new flu strain for pandemic research
Harmful Flame Retardants Still Everywhere
Crisis talks held as Ebola outbreak continues to spread in Africa
Virus strikes hard in Haiti's crowded shantytowns
Intersex fish found in 3 Pennsylvania river basins
Study links Oklahoma earthquakes to fracking wastewater

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Doctor's Perspective: Facebook's Own "Monster Study"
SolarWorld seeks probe into claims of Chinese cyber-spying
U.S. govt asks firms to check networks after 'Energetic Bear' attacks
The U.S. government has asked critical infrastructure operators to review computer networks to see if they are infected with malicious software from the "Energetic Bear" hacking group, which private researchers say is tied to the Russian government.
UK "Porn Filter" Triggers Widespread Internet Censorship
Hackers Find Open Back Door to Power Grid With Renewables
Adding wind farms, solar panels and smart meters to the power distribution system opens additional portals through which hackers can attack the grid, according to computer security experts advising governments and utilities. Where traditionally the grid took power from a few sources, it's now absorbing it from thousands.
64 Million Attacks in One Year, and Other Troubles With the Cloud
Sneaky malware lurks on your computer until you log into your bank
Banks worldwide have seen about 400 cases of a new malware that silently lurks on browsers until it sees that users are visiting banking websites, and then kicks into high gear to steal information, according to a Tokyo-based antivirus company.
ID Thieves Swiped 163,000 People's Info from Butler University
Revealed: 'Collect It All' NSA Targets Those Seeking Web Privacy
Internet users who use online privacy tools or read certain websites may themselves become targets of NSA surveillance, according to a new investigation by public broadcasting outlets in Germany published on Thursday.
Google Has Received 250,000 Article Removal Requests as Internet Censorship Takes Off in Europe
In A Battle For Web Traffic, Bad Bots Are Going After Grandma
It began as a tool for human communication, but now, over 61.5 percent of the traffic on the Web is automated applications called bots talking to other bots, according to one study. And experts say about half of those bots are bad.
Four biggest threats to the Internet: Pew study looks ahead to 2025

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Hyundai Motor recalls 58,000 Elantra Touring cars in North America
Truck Driver Shortage Could Mean Higher Prices In Store Aisles
Shocking study: People would rather jolt themselves than be alone with their thoughts
A study out Thursday from the University of Virginia found that many people are so uncomfortable with quiet contemplation that many of them – and especially men – would rather experience minor electrical shocks than spend time alone with their thoughts.

## Japan ##
Japan's materials industry facilities literally falling apart
Japan's materials industries have been plagued by an increasing number of accidents and glitches in recent years as they age.
Japan Moves to Curb Overfishing
Japan's monetary base at record high in June: BOJ
Japan's monetary base increased to a record 233.25 trillion yen in June, up 42.6 percent from a year earlier, the Bank of Japan said Wednesday, as the central bank attempts to boost the economy by providing huge amounts of money.
Japan opens bidding for Sendai Airport rights in privatization drive
Rights to run the airport for 65 years!? The facility will be weed-overgrown rubble long before that. -- RF
Sanrio's Puroland theme park still bleeding red ink
Even Hello Kitty is losing money! That's how serious the situation is. -- RF
U.S. Welcomes Japan Military Changes
Japan gasoline prices up for 10th week
9 more crimes to be subject to wiretapping
Orix Considering 2 Coal and Biomass Power Plants in Japan
Japanese Real Wages Tumble Most Since Lehman
Hakodate sues to halt reactor project in Aomori
Study shows muddy seabed off Fukushima coast has higher levels of contamination

## China ##
Chinese Developers Offer Home-Buyback Guarantees As Komatsu Warns Construction Is Slumping
You know it's bad when... Property developers in two of China's weakest housing markets are offering to buy back homes in the future above the purchase price in a desperate effort to boost sales as demand slumps.
China's infamous swag markets lose their shine
China's Commodity Financing Ponzi And Tremors In The Gold Market
China Rivers on Brink of Collapse (PDF)
How China Becomes A Cyber Power
Xi tightens grip over military, wresting power from former leadership

## UK ##
Council-run care 'unsustainable', survey finds
The council-run care system for the elderly and adults with disabilities is becoming "unsustainable", social services chiefs are warning.
Four fifths of Britain's school buildings should no longer be in use, RIBA says
Ministers consider emergency measures as number of new homes set to fall
Despite a concerted efforts by minister leaked documents show an expected drop in the number of houses being built
London House Prices Surge the Most Since 1987

## US ##
How Wall Street Manipulates The Buy-to-Rent Housing Racket
Protesters in California Block Buses Carrying Immigrants
Americans are choosing snacks over meals
New Orders for Manufactured Goods Down More than Expected, Inventories Up 18 of 19 Months, Highest Since 1992
The stage is set for one heck of a slowdown when customer demand sinks.
Where Disposable Income Goes To Die: Since 1990 Real Rents Are Up 15% While Median Incomes Are Unchanged
Brooklyn Bridge Underpass Facade Collapses
Is This a Self-Sustaining Recovery or As Good As It Gets?
The reality is that nothing has been done to address the structural rot at the heart of the U.S. economy.
Schools pay Hillary $200K to speak as costs rise
Hillary Clinton continues to rake in big payouts from speaking engagements, and now universities are coming under fire for paying her asking price while hitting students with even more costs.
The Yellen "Resilience" Doctrine Is Dangerous Keynesian Blather
About that jobs report: Trends in Full-Time Employment vs. Civilian Non-Institutional Population
This month's job report showed a seasonally-adjusted decline in full-time employment of 523,000.
People Not In Labor Force Rise To New Record, Participation Rate Remains At 35 Year Lows
Gas Prices Rise Above $4 in Several States

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