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News Links, July 31-August 1, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Why The Global Bubble Is Fracturing: After Monetizing Debt At $3 Trillion Annual Rates, Central Banks Have Sharply Slowed Their Printing Presses
Substituting Debt for Income Is Not Success--It's Failure on an Epic Scale
Russia And India Begin Negotations To Use National Currencies In Settlements, Bypassing Dollar
French Housing "In Total Meltdown", "Current Figures Are Disastrous"
Gold Is Now Officially Money
Australia bans reporting of multi-nation corruption case involving Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam
Russia-Ukraine tensions pose credit default risks: IMF
M.A.D. Sanctions; Two Games at Once
Portuguese Regulator Bans Short-Selling After Banco Espirito Santo Unveils Massive $5 Billion Loss
"Reverse Bailout": Private Banks to Argentina's Rescue?
IMF Warns China: Reform or See Your Growth Rate Plummet
Dow Dives 317 Points, Erasing A Month Of Gains
Sanctions Starting to Bite the Hands That Promoted Them
Espirito Santo Plunges After Posting 3.6 Billion-Euro Loss
Hold some gold. Better safe than sorry
Asia Acquires 600 Tonnes Of Gold From Switzerland In First Half Of Year
214 Years Of Sovereign Defaults In One Chart
11 Countries Near Bankruptcy

## Cut, baby, cut! ##
Amgen to cut 2,900 workers and close four facilities
Osram to cut almost 8,000 jobs in switch to LED
JPMorgan Said to Cut Support Jobs Amid Trading Slump 
Why Microsoft's Layoff Is Much More Sweeping Than The 18,000 Cuts

## Airline Death Spiral ##
SpiceJet Plunges 12% on Financial Concerns
Flights, soccer games cut as Ebola spreads
No profit: Royal Dutch Airlines also cuts flights to Zambia
U.S. citations against airlines soar
Tigerair sinks deeper
Aviation insurers suffer biggest losses since 9/11
Aer Lingus losses narrow
U.N. aviation agency acknowledges complexity of ensuring flight safety over conflict zones
The Airline Threat No One's Talking About
As I noted on July 23, "As the world becomes increasingly unstable, the skies will become increasingly unfriendly to commercial aircraft." -- RF
Do caged pigs get more space than airline passengers?
Singapore Airlines Q1 net profit plunges 71.4 percent
China to Launch New Incentive Plan for Regional Airports
Most of the 184 domestic airports operate at a loss every year. The China Airport Development Fund, 6 percent of whose revenues Chinese carriers contribute, subsidizes the losses. Last year 144 airports, including a few classified as regional, posted a combined loss of $1.97 billion.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Bolivia declares Israel a terrorist state
Gaza conflict: Israel calls up 16,000 more reservists as US supplies army with ammunition
Israel Allowed To Tap U.S. Munitions Cache For Gaza Offensive
Israel and Hamas agree to 72-hour cease-fire
Land for gas: secret German deal could end Ukraine crisis 
West Faces Jeopardy From New Sanctions Targeting Russian Oil Industry
New Russia Sanctions: Washington, Delusional About US Energy Capacity, Lashes Out
State Department OKs Largest-Ever Sale of Hellfire Missiles to Iraq
France Presses On With Deal To Sell Two Warships To Russia
Dynamic Economies Face Off in the South China Sea
India Warships Off Japan Show Rising Lure as China Counterweight
Libya Islamic militias declare control of Benghazi
Heavy shelling, clashes spread in Libya's Tripoli
Japan to supply six ships to Vietnam, intended for patrolling: sources

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
China's latest terror attack took place in one of its poorest areas
Greek court acquits farmers who shot 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers
A Greek court's decision to acquit local farmers who admitted shooting 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers when they dared to ask for months of back pay has sparked outrage in the country.

## Energy/resources ##
Train wreck: How Fracking Is Blowing Up Balance Sheets of Oil and Gas Companies
Wolfcamp CAPEX Spending to Exceed $12B in 2014
European Oil in 'Doldrums' Needs Discovery, Tullow CEO Says
Venezuelan, Russian oil firms ink new deals
Russia's Rosneft, North Atlantic Drilling In $4.25B Drilling Deal
Demand Destruction: Beyond Energy Efficiency
The Ukraine conflict, peak cheap gas and the MH17 tragedy
Major Power Failure Across New Providence
Italy approves sale of energy grid stake to China
What The Oil Headlines Miss: Interview with Michael Levi
Sao Paulo Told to Cut Water or Risk Running Out in 100 Days
German Water Supply Threatened as Climate Change Boosts Droughts
Kurdish oil cargo unloaded at sea, destination a mystery
Rosneft Moves to Thwart EU Sanctions With Norwegian Rigs

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Ohio tops metal theft report (US)
Thieves plunge Centurion into darkness (South Africa)
Residents see red over rampant cable theft (Malaysia)
Thieves 'loot' ZRL infrastructure (Zambia)
ZAMBIA Railways Limited is losing millions of Kwacha through theft of the company's installations.

## Got food? ##
Food prices skyrocket (India)
Drought May Cause Food Prices To Increase (US)
Should We Return The Nutrients In Our Pee Back To The Farm?

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Debt-Free Living in Your Dream Home

## Environment/health ##
German Environment Agency calls for rules preventing fracking
Germany's Environment Agency said it wanted to make fracking practically impossible to head off the risk that the technique for extracting gas could contaminate groundwater with chemicals.
Florida health officials warn of flesh-eating bacteria
Another Mass Extinction Likely Underway: Scientists
Chikungunya Cases Rise in New York Area
Big plan needed to save US coastal cities: Report
Oklahoma shook by three earthquakes in less than 48 hours
Call for 'radical action' on drug-resistant malaria
Ebola: Liberia shuts schools to tackle outbreak
Ebola crisis: US peace corps pull out of West Africa
Ebola outbreak: hundreds of Western aid workers evacuated as death toll approaches 750
Ebola travel warning issued for 3 African countries

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
New York knows where your license plate goes
'Big Brother' airport installs world's first real-time passenger tracking system
Internet privacy service Tor warns users it was attacked
The posters that sold World War I
Jeremy Scahill: White House Censoring What US Public Can Know About Torture Program
'Internet of Things' Devices Vulnerable to Attack: Report
USB device viruses could evade all known security
USB devices such as keyboards, thumb-drives and mice can be used to hack into personal computers in a potential new class of attacks that evade all known security protections, a top computer researcher revealed on Thursday.
CIA admits spying on US Senate committee
Is This the Death of Passwords?
Private, disappearing chats aren't just for teens anymore

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
America 'Under the Dome': Who dies in food wars? Austerity, wars, population control in the coming age
I-35W bridge is aging, seven years after collapse
Cracks emerged in concrete girders. A drainage hole on the bridge deck plugged up. Rust showed above piers. Seven years after the collapse of its predecessor, the new Interstate 35W bridge has been showing its age.
This Is What Is Going To Happen If Ebola Comes To America
Our Totalitarian Future – Part One

## Japan ##
Yen-Dollar Trading in Tokyo Totally Collapses
Japan's Mad Money Printing Not Working: June Industrial Production Plunges, Shipments Down For 5th Straight Month
Japan's soldiers practice amphibious landing in Hawaii
Japan June Wages Rise Less Than Forecast in Risk to Spending
Japan's Output Drops Most Since 2011 as Consumers Spend Less
Japanese industrial output fell the most since the March 2011 earthquake, highlighting the widening impact to the economy of April's sales-tax increase.
8 tril. yen market eyed for hydrogen energy in 2050: report
Hokkaido Electric applies for additional 17% rate hike
Town picked as candidate for radiation-tainted waste dump, drawing protest
Japan's housing vacancy rate hits record high 13.5%
Japan must hike sales taxes again to conquer debt: IMF
Radioactive dust released during Fukushima cleanup reaches as far as Miyagi Prefecture

## China ##
Xinjiang: Tight security after deadly violence
Uighur academic in China charged with separatism
China vows zero tolerance and harsh punishment for rule-violating sales and growing of GM rice
Imam of China's largest mosque killed
Deadly Violence in Xinjiang Not a Terror Attack, Uighur Group Says
Uighur Scholar Faces Separatism Charge as Xinjiang Unrest Rages
China ghost cities and real estate correction: China's GDP and individual household wealth is heavily tied to real estate. What happens when a correction hits?
China creates war room to guard air defense zone: reports

## UK ##
HSBC closes bank accounts belonging to Muslim clients in the UK
UK police to start seizing drivers' mobile phones after all crashes
Police are to start seizing drivers' mobile phones after a crash in order to check whether they were texting or calling while at the wheel.
Middle aged priced out of housing ladder turn to lodger lifestyle
They are the age when those in their parents' generation would have hoped or even expected to have a family home of their own. But increasing numbers of people in their 40s are choosing to abandon the property market altogether to become lodgers because of soaring property prices and rents.
Londoners Cashing in Flee to Suburbs as Home Rally Wanes

## US ##
GDP Deja Vu Stunner: Over Half Of US Growth In The Past Year Is From Inventory Accumulation
Poverty Growing Fastest in the Suburbs Following Recession
The Fed's Failure Complicates Its Endgame
21 Ways To End The Phrase 'Americans Are So Broke…'
"Three Lost Decades" – How the American Middle Class is 20% Poorer Now vs. 1984
The "Nanny States of America" – Mother Arrested for Allowing 7-Year-Old Son Walk to Park Alone
If You Can't be Rich, Work for Them as a Butler, Banker or Lawyer
Many Americans can't afford Obamacare: Aetna CEO
$730 Million in Back Taxes Owed by U.S. Defense Workers with Security Clearances Viewed as Posing Risk
22M young adults live at home: New survey says parents don't mind
4 Reasons Social Security Is In Trouble - Will You Be, Too?
US stocks plunge, wiping out July's gains
Debit overdraft fees often exceed cost of purchase
Bank Fees: With "Protection" Like This, Who Needs Enemies?
In San Francisco real estate, $1M won't buy much
How much did subprime loans fuel the GDP boom?
It'd be tempting to think that the days of subprime loans fueling the economy were a product of the era of the aged or departed Ace Greenberg, Alan Greenspan and Angelo Mozilo. Except when you break down the growth in GDP, it's clear that car and light truck purchases played a major role. And subprime loans, in turn, are financing those transactions.
Chicago PMI Collapses To 13-Month Lows, Biggest Miss On Record
UCLA campus, Sunset Boulevard flooded by break in 93-year-old water main
Most Americans Now Avoid Drinking Soda Pop
10 Cities Running Out of Water
California drought: 'May have to migrate people'

And finally...
Drunk woman attacks plane crew with prosthetic leg
Woman rings police to complain about quality of crystal meth
Ohio woman allegedly poops in front of Walgreens after being accused of shoplifting

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