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News Links, August 12-13, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Dubai's Hotels Have the Most Vacant Rooms in 18 Years
The Credit Bubble's "Final Frontier" – Meet Goldman's Fixed Income Global Structured Covered Obligation
Washington's Sanctions And Economic Warfare Are Taking Dead Aim—-At The U.S. Dollar
Alarming Failure of French Economy; Expect Serious Tremors in September
German Economy Backbone Bending From Lost Russia Sales
Russia food ban hurts Moldova, bad omen for others
800 Finnish Dairy Workers Furloughed Due to Russia Sanctions, Others Fired; Brussels to Buy Fruit with Public Money
China Begins Direct Sales Of Fruit & Vegetables To Russia
"World Insecurity" May Have "Positive Impact On Gold" - Ex BOE Mervyn King
Panama Canal chief: drought could limit shipping
Burger-flipping robot could 'completely obviate' the need for human employees
Are our jobs doomed? Report shows the potentially devastating effects of robots on the job market
28 jobs endangered by technology
Machines were going to usher in an age of wealth and enable humans to live in leisure. -- RF
African Bank Charging 60% Interest Rescued to Help Poor
Ebola taking economic toll in African nations

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Virgin keeps better US company than Qantas
Frequent flyer schemes revamped to drive profits in tough times for airlines
Airlines Are Tossing Seat-Back Screens.
Airline Ticket Prices Shown to Vary Wildly Among Seats on the Same Flight
Plane Tickets Are Too Cheap for Airlines to do Much About Pollution

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Tanks on Baghdad's streets, but Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki finally ousted
Fearing Iraq's downfall, power brokers chose safe bet Abadi
Obama Is Fourth Straight President To Bomb Iraq: Is It Working Yet?
US sending arms to Kurds in Iraq
UK to deploy Tornado jets in Iraq for surveillance after Sinjar aid drop fails
US to Supply Kurds with Russian Arms via CIA
U.S. Sending 100 Air Missions Daily Over Iraq
Officials: US to Send 130 More Advisers to Iraq
Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists
Ukraine Will Admit Russian Aid Convoy, Despite 'Trojan Horse' Fears
Ukraine closer to passing law for sanctions against Russia
Canada Has Sold Millions in Military-Grade Hardware to Israel
Russia says begins military exercises in Pacific islands also claimed by Japan
Barren rocks fuel South Korean passions in islet spat with Japan
Japan to test first stealth fighter jet
Australia to sign 25-year US Marine agreement

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Riot erupts following shooting death of unarmed black teen in Missouri
Second night of rioting in Ferguson
Ferguson Is A Perfect Example Of How Quickly The Streets Of America Can Descend Into Chaos
Picture of the Day – Iraq or the United States? A Photo from Ferguson, Mo
FAA Lifts Ferguson Flight Ban: Airspace Was Restricted Following Michael Brown Riots
#DamLine9: Arrests and Solidarity Blockades Aim to Halt Tar Sands Pipeline

## Energy/resources ##
Must read: Oil and gas company debt soars to danger levels to cover shortfall in cash
The world's leading oil and gas companies are taking on debt and selling assets on an unprecedented scale to cover a shortfall in cash, calling into question the long-term viability of large parts of the industry.
Kyrgyzstan Faces Catastrophic Energy Crisis
Musings: Era of Austerity - The EIA Recognizes Importance of Profits
More on the oil and gas industry's cash flow problem. -- RF
India faces daily power outage of 30,000 MW
Hess suspends Iraqi Kurdistan operations, evacuates staff
It's Blackout Season Again in Honduras
Why Biodiesel May Not Be The Miracle Fuel You Think
Shell To Cut 250 Onshore Jobs At Its Scotland North Sea Operations
With world's cheapest gas, Venezuela eyes price hike
South Stream to Be Constructed Despite Russia-West Stand-Off – Austrian Energy Group
Mexico opens gas, oil to foreign, private firms
Gold Output Is Still Falling In This Critical Center
After offshore oil failure, Cuba shifts energy focus
No, oil isn't behind the US strike against ISIL
I beg to differ. The long-term view is control of oil, and of course any other resources. To claim otherwise is foolish, naive, and unrealistic. OK, so what is the strike against ISIL about, if not oil? Tellingly, this article has little to say about that. Get real, people. The long-term strategy of any global chessboard player is control of resources. Everything else is just pawns on the chessboard. -- RF
Brazil readies big push on solar energy but companies are wary
Grappling with its worst energy crisis in more than a decade, Brazil is making its first big move to develop a local solar power industry that could help reduce its dependence on a battered hydro power system.
Thailand rules out Nuclear power, says will look at coal to meet energy needs

## Got food? ##
Edible insects fly into spotlight: International conference to promote bugs as a sustainable, healthy [sic] delicacy
Wheat Bears Retreat as Black Sea Supply Risks Mount: Commodities
New Wave of GMO Crops Poised for Approval Despite Public Outcry
California Drought Transforms Global Food Market
Growing Beans: Sustainable Protein
Future appears bright for indoor veggie farms (Japan)
Big surprise in the offing. -- RF

## Environment/health ##
'Houses are bouncing;' quakes trigger controls on Oklahoma oil industry
Giant Waves Pose New Risk for Ships in Ice-Diminished Arctic
Should we open the door to genetically modified babies?
Calls for experimental Ebola drug use grow as virus spreads
Ebola Drug Supply Is Exhausted After Doses Sent to Africa
WHO Warns "No End In Sight" As 170 Ebola Healthcare Workers Now Infected
Spanish priest with Ebola dies in Madrid hospital
Eight Chinese quarantined as panic grips Ebola-hit west Africa
Japan aid agency pulls staff from Ebola-hit nations
French Government Denies Report Of "Several Ebola Cases"; Outbreak Accelerates At Fastest Pace Yet
S.Korea to return 20 kg Japanese steel scrap due to radiation contamination
Radioactive cars from Japan keep turning up in Central Asia
Australia warns of poor outlook for Great Barrier Reef
Asbestos pushed in Asia as product for the poor
Torrential Rains Swamp Detroit
Massive 'Red Tide' Threatens Florida Beaches
Using plants to clean contaminated soil

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
The New NSA-Funded Code Rolls All Programming Languages Into One
Twitter admits that as many as 23 million of its active users are actually bots
The One Email System the NSA Can't Access
Biotech's Assault On Balanced Journalism
GMO proponents pressuring Reuters to remove journalist who presents both sides of GMO debate
Video of the Day – Man Easily Crosses U.S.-Mexico Border Dressed as Osama bin Laden

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
L.A. Faces $15 Billion Bill as Pipes Spring Leaks: Cities
Los Angeles is showing its age, and city officials don't have plans for financing the facelift. From buckling sidewalks to potholed thoroughfares to storm drains that can't handle a little rain, the infrastructure that holds the second-largest U.S. city together is suffering from years of deferred maintenance.
And it's not only Los Angeles. Cities around the world are falling apart. This should be a wake-up call to those who predict the further expansion of cities and their engorgement with amplified human inflows. Existing urban infrastructure is already unsustainable, so how realistic are the dreams about megalopolises covering vast expanses of the planet with humans and concrete? -- RF
Here's Why Wages Might Rise Despite Millions of Unemployed Being Available for Work
The decline of science: why we are publishing too many papers

## Japan ##
Japan shows sharp contraction in second quarter
Japan Tallies Weak Yen as Prices Rise Without Export Gain
Japan's Tepco may hive off hydro, renewable energy operations-sources
TEPCO seeks to dump radioactive water into sea
'Inflation without Compensation' to Whack Japanese Consumers
Over 30,000 suffer heatstroke across Japan
Heat Stroke Death Toll Reaches 33 in Tokyo
Tokyo Summer Heat Could Fry 2020 Olympics
It's a fair question to ask if the 2020 games will even be held. -- RF
Energy, food costs pushed Japan's wholesale prices higher in July
Power output in Japan fell for fourth straight month in July
Japan's June industrial output downgraded to 3.4% drop
Local banks feeling crunch of rural population decline
Fears reverberate about possible draft despite Abe's dismissal as 'unconstitutional'
Although Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has repeatedly ruled out conscription, fears remain strong among the public about the possibility as Japan heads toward a more expansive defense role in the world.

## China ##
Property Defaults Seen as Financing Stresses Mount: China Credit
China Loosens Monetary Conditions in Test of Credit Power
ISIS plans to take holy war to Xinjiang
Over 150 Chinese 'economic fugitives' at large in US
More than 150 economic fugitives, many of whom are corrupt officials or suspected of graft in China, are at large in the United States, Chinese state media said on Monday, citing a senior official from the public security ministry.
Chinese Gold Demand 1094 MT YTD, Silver Premium At Record High
China flounders in response to violence in Xinjiang
Hong Kong blocks Senkakus-bound boat carrying isle sovereignty advocates

## UK ##
Police want right to see medical records without consent
Inheritance tax: 'Pay up before you die' planned to combat avoidance
Self-harming among children surges to 'unprecedented' levels
Prison inmates held without electricity or running water for over two days

## US ##
US Postal Service loses $2B this spring
Puerto Rico Sees Historic Population Drop as More Come to U.S.
Abandoned America: Everything Left Behind (gallery)
Why Are Men Leaving The American Workforce?
The De-industrialization of America: "True U.S. Unemployment Rate is 23.2%"
It's Not Just Healthcare That's Bankrupt--It's Our Legal System, Too
Teens get hands-on training at FBI "summer camp"
Average Salary in US: What does the average salary in the USA have to do with economic issues for a consumption based economy?
Atlantic City's struggling Revel Casino to close by next month
Why is Obama Still Hiding the 28-Page Report on Saudi Royal Family Involvement in the 9/11 Attacks?
First-Time Home Buyer Dilemma: Overpay or Be Shut Out; Home "Ownership" Slavery
Las Vegas Will Go Dry If Water Levels Drop 7% Further - Lake Mead Hits Record Lows
Student debt threatens the safety net for elderly Americans

And finally...
FL pot thieves arrested while driving away with marijuana plants sticking out car window

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