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News Links, August 2-4, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Falling Wages in Southern EU Vex Draghi as Youth Punished
Europe's 'sick man' France dealt another blow as manufacturing contracts
Russian Oligarchs Wave Goodbye To Visa, Switch To Chinese Credit Card
The Soft Underbelly Of The American Imperium: Fading Dollar Hegemony
Europe's Russian Connections
Alarm Bells Ringing: Behind The Smoke And Mirrors Of The European Banking System
A Toxic Mix Hits Auto Sales in America
In a mad scramble, dealers are stuffing people with bad credit into cars they can't afford, and finance companies are eager to lend to them. Loan-to-value ratios now average over 100% across the industry.
How Canada's Big Five banks have become the Big Three
Afghanistan has cost more to rebuild than Europe after Second World War
In pictures: Megaprojects coming to the UAE
P&G to sell up to 100 brands to revive sales, cut costs
Germany U-Turns, Torpedoes Corporate Sovereignty Charter in Trade Agreements, Joins Growing Resistance
India Slams US Global Hegemony By Scuttling Global Trade Deal, Puts Future Of WTO In Doubt
G-20 Revolt? France Gets "Positive Reception" To Challenge US Bank Fines
Acquisition accounting: What The Heck Is Wrong with Big Tech?
All these acquisitions share one thing in common: the promise of "efficiencies and synergies." Hence, layoffs. With each announcement of axing thousands of people – thousands are definitely better than hundreds – the stock price goes up.
When Skyscrapers Reach Record Highs, Buy Gold

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Lufthansa profit falls due to strikes, excess capacity
Little to cheer as Singapore Airlines gets year off to poor start
'Satyam model' to rescue airlines losses
Skymark shares sink deeper on quarterly loss
Garuda Indonesia cancels int'l expansion plans amid loss
Boeing says 55,000 new pilots needed in Middle East
New flight restrictions over Iraq following MH17 tragedy
Washington bans American carriers from flying less than 30,000 feet above Iraq, while European Aviation Safety Agency urges European airlines to follow suit

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
The West's Reckless Rush Towards War with Russia
Wrong Time, Altered Videos, More Lies From Kiev
Ukraine's army on outskirts of rebel stronghold
Iraqi Kurds, battling Islamist threat, press Washington for arms
Isis Winning Its War on Two Fronts
Islamic State captures Iraqi town, oil field: witnesses
Islamic State Sunni insurgents have captured the northern Iraqi town of Zumar and a nearby oil field after a battle with Kurdish forces who had control of the area, witnesses said on Sunday.
Islamic State fighters seize Iraq's biggest dam
Lebanese army battles gunmen at Syria border, 16 killed
Philippines to propose checks on China at Asean forum
The Philippines plans to put its territorial conflict with China on the agenda at an upcoming meeting of Southeast Asian nations, aiming to gain international support for measures to put the brakes on Beijing's ambitions.
Indian Navy Wants To Fast-Track Purchase of Russian Subs
France evacuates diplomatic staff, expats from Libya
Collateral damage: How Iran sanctions fears hurt humanitarian trade
The Emerging Iranian-Turkish Energy Partnership: Strategic Implications
Turkey Shuns US (Again); Loads 5th Tanker Of $100 Million Iraqi-Kurdish Oil
Japan gives naval patrol boats to Vietnam
Eritrean migrants risk detentions and beatings in Libya for a life in Europe
On The 100th Anniversary Of WWI: Its Senseless Origins And Lessons For Today
Afghanistan a How-To Lesson in Perfect Stupidity: 54,000 Paid Ghosts, Vanishing Firearms, Warlord Protection Rackets
Race for resources: Abe, Xi crisscross globe in race for emerging-market deals
Race for resources: Billions of dollars in deals and funding to be announced at Africa summit
US spy plane in 'Top Gun' game of chicken over Russian air space day after MH17 shot down
US-Russia nuclear deal stalls as tensions rise

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
In Xinjiang, Veils Become a Symbol of Resistance to Chinese Rule
Nine more terror suspects killed, 1 captured in Xinjiang
Hong Kong Students Keep Up Pro-Democracy Fight in Wake of Protests
Protesters in Libya's Benghazi march against militias
Arab Riot Forces Israeli Police to Abandon Temple Mount Station, Weapons, Computers Looted
Protesters Block Tech Shuttle Buses On First Day Of Muni's Pilot Program
McDonald's protesters call for higher wages, right to unionize

## Energy/resources ##
BRICS Bank Will Not Solve Members' Energy Issues
Humanity May Face Choice By 2040: Conventional Energy or Drinking Water
Conventional electricity generation is the largest source of water use in most countries. Water is used to cool power plants to keep them functional. Most power utilities don't even record the amount of water they use.
Oil Majors Pivoting Away from Risky Countries
Re Yellen's "Noisy" Inflation: Electricity Prices Hit All-Time High
For the first time ever, the average price for a kilowatthour (KWH) of electricity in the United States has broken through the 14-cent mark, climbing to a record 14.3 cents in June, according to data released last week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Asia's Iran Oil Imports Increase 25%
Blackout: Prolonged power outages continue (Pakistan)
The real cost of ethanol
Coal delivery issues are causing fuel shortage at Minnesota electricity generator
Iran to Launch 10 Crude Oil Storage Facilities in 2015

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Thieves steal 1,000 feet of live wire from utility
Copper wire stolen from traffic signal, street lights in Oklahoma City

## Got food? ##
It Doesn't Take Much Land to Grow A Lot of Food
Arab countries in land-grab strategy to secure food supplies
When China Spurns GMO Corn Imports, American Farmers Lose Billions
20 Urban Food Forests from Around the World
Latin America News: Presidents of Venezuela, Colombia Meet to Disscuss Food Smuggling and Shortages

## Environment/health ##
As Ebola Surges, CDC Sends Aid And Warns Against Travel
Ebola outbreak: We're heading towards a catastrophe, warns top medic
More Than 100 Health Workers Fighting Ebola Have Contracted It Themselves
'Nightmare bacteria' spread in Southeast
Superbugs known as CRE — called "nightmare bacteria" by federal health officials because they are deadly and virtually untreatable — are skyrocketing in the Southeastern USA, new research shows. Experts fear a growing national problem, and some say the spread of such superbugs may portend a "post-antibiotic era."
Tiny plastic microbeads pile up into problems for the Great Lakes
Once-frozen Arctic sea now gets 16-foot waves

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Israel's Military Censors Demand 'Prior Review' of NYT's Gaza Reporting
Why the Security of USB Is Fundamentally Broken
U.S. Judge: Microsoft has to hand over emails stored abroad
Google says 'forgetting' isn't easy, as requests mount
Facebook goes down for many users
Hackers Can Control Your Phone Using a Tool That's Already Built Into It
Crimea just switched over to the Russian internet
Chinese cable television channel hacked
Hundreds of thousands of viewers in the eastern Chinese city of Wenzhou have their Friday night viewing disrupted with images of tortured prisoners after hackers take over cable television channel
What Is Perfect Human Health? Google Wants to Map It
New cyber-attack sends data through home routers (Japan)
American media's new pro-Israel bias: the same party line at the wrong time
Israel Eavesdropped on John Kerry in Mideast Talks

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Patients being harmed by drug shortages, doctors warn (UK)
Addis Ababa Doubling in Size Gives Africa Another Hub
The Frightening Growth of Suburban Slums (US)
Harley Recalls Bikes for Ignition Switch Problem
Ignition switch problems that have plagued General Motors and Chrysler have now turned up in the motorcycle business. Harley-Davidson is recalling more than 4,500 FXDL Dyna Low Rider bikes worldwide because engine vibration can turn the switches from "on" to "accessory."

## Japan ##
Is the next stop 'brokesville' for the maglev?
I told you so I told you so I told you so. Already cracks are appearing in the facade, and work hasn't even started yet. Of course there will never be enough money. What's more, the government won't be co-financing this boondoggle because it's flat broke and its fiscal situation will only continue to worsen with time. Long-time readers know I have stated repeatedly and unequivocally that although construction might start, the project will be abandoned due to the inevitable ballooning costs and deteriorating economy. -- RF
Trillions needed in 2020-25 to keep water systems afloat
The Yomiuri ShimbunThe cost of maintaining or replacing aging water supply equipment will reach about ¥1 trillion annually by the 2020-2025 period, resulting in hikes in water charges, according to a government white paper.
Goldman Warns Of 6.5% Japanese GDP Collapse, Worst Since Lehman
Futenma Relocation Crisis Not Over For Abe Government
Plan to complete radioactive water purification at Fukushima plant hits snag
Japan's Unhappy, Overworked Young People in 3 Charts
Japan to reduce unsafe abandoned houses by cutting tax breaks
The government will review fixed property tax breaks for housing land to reduce abandoned houses that are rapidly increasing in number across the country due to the shrinking population, informed sources said.
BOJ Beat: Hollowing-Out of Car Manufacturing Weighs on Exports
Japan names 5 isles near Senkaku Islands; China protests
Japan to create SDF space monitoring division by 2019
Osaka police admit hiding 81,000 crimes to clean up image
Osaka police have admitted they did not report more than 81,000 offenses over a period of several years in a desperate bid to clean up the region's woeful reputation for street crime.
Ex-Prime Minister Fukuda meets secretly with Chinese President Xi

## China ##
'Glitch' Halts All ATM & Online Operations For World's 2nd Largest Bank
China Construction Bank, China's (and the world's) 2nd largest of the Big Four, and intimately connected to the CCFD ponzis, has suspended all ATM, online, and mobile banking operations - without warning - due to a "system issue."
China's property minnows take big hit as downturn bites
A number of small developers - the kind that by sheer weight of numbers dominate China's vast property sector - are set to report big drops in earnings or even losses as the industry grapples with tight credit, sluggish sales and excess supply.
Steelmakers grow, overcapacity worsens in China
Property Perturbed: Chinese Housing Prices Keep on Falling
History Suggests China Is on Verge of Banking Crisis
No More Easy Exporting for China's Troubeld Steelmakers
Why China's Second-Baby Boom Might Not Happen
Land tax probe may collapse property market in coastal cities
China: 37 Civilians, 59 Attackers Killed In Xinjiang Violence
China July official services PMI dips to six-month low

## UK ##
Public service whistleblowers 'treated shockingly', report finds
Whistleblowers who risk their careers to uncover wrongdoing within public services are being victimised by managers who nearly always escape sanction, a public accounts committee report will say on Friday.
Rising property prices are condemning nearly two million young adults to live with their parents
Mass immigration could see water shortages, failing hospitals - and we won't feel richer, says Civitas
The report from Civitas found that large-scale immigration will have a negative effect on standards of living as any economic benefits will be outweighed by pressures
Revealed: Britain's 'role' in arming Israel
Nato must deploy weapons in eastern Europe to combat Russian threat, says David Cameron
Nuclear bomb convoys travelling across the UK suffer 70 safety lapses
Convoys carrying nuclear bombs and hazardous radioactive materials by road through Scotland and across the UK have suffered 70 safety lapses in five-and-half-years, according to the Ministry of Defence.

## US ##
Watch the U.S. prison population explode
Most Of California Reported To Be In 'Extreme Drought'
California governor declares emergency amid fires
California Farms Sink Wells as Record Drought Escalates
California's Historic Drought May Run Breweries Dry
Another mosquito pool in Boston tests positive for West Nile
America's Built-In Greek Fiscal Future
U.S. auto sales fall short of expectations in July
S&P 500 has its worst week in 2 years
How Washington Has "Occupied" America's Borderlands: 200 Million Citizens Now Live In A Constitution-Free Zone
Inside The Jobs Report: Still No Sign Of ZIRP/QE Impact—Even Tho The Fed Is Close To Done
Employment Perspective in Pictures: Only 25% of Decline in Fulltime Employment Attributable to Aging Workforce
Plans to lay off 1,100 West Virginia coal mine workers continue industry's downward spiral
Billionaires are secretly running the government: Vogel
It's the best democracy money can buy! -- RF
Something Fishy About "Jobs Friday": Since Oct. 2012—-Adult Population Up 4 Million, Labor Force Growth Only 500k
Don't drink the water, says 4th-largest Ohio city
More military armored surplus going to police departments
Not so golden: Wealth gap lasting into retirement
Bankrupt San Bernardino looks at marijuana sales to raise funds

And finally...
Pittsburgh woman attempts to steal unmarked police car with two police officers still in it

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