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News Links, August 28-29, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Russia Sanctions Hit German Consumers, "Economic Expectations Completely Collapse"
Ebola Devastates West Africa: Revenues Down; Markets Not Functioning; Projects Canceled; GDP Plunges 4%
Russia to take rubles, yuan for oil
Russian Central Bank prepares bill to create SWIFT analog in Russia
Russian economy nears recession
Argentina Set for National Strike as Economic Woes Deepen
The clock is ticking for an aging Asia
Pump! The Committee to Blow Up the World!
France's 35-hour working week under threat
Venezuelan Bolivar Plunges to Record Low on Black Market; Bond Default Coming Up in October?
Economic growth slowing in Southeast Asia
IMF Chief Under Investigation in French Fraud Case; Meet David Lipton (an Obama Clone), Lagarde's Possible Replacement

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Qantas declares $2.8 billion loss
Passengers left waiting at local airports (Vietnam)
Airlines Mull First-Class Future as Business Beds Succeed
Airport Authority of India incurring losses on 93 of its airports
Bangalore International Airport Ltd plummets to loss
After disasters, stricken Malaysia Airlines staff brace for job cuts
New counterterrorism units in place at Australian airports
Ebola zone countries isolated as airlines stop flights
Airport Outlet Drought Means Fliers Must Grab for Power
3 top airports work on ways to cut delays (China)
Fighter Jets Escort Plane Back To Toronto After Drunken Passengers' Threat
Swiss put the block on Russian sanction-busting
Switzerland has declined to join the EU's sanctions against Russia, and not being in the EU means it is under no obligation, even if it is linked by a host of trade and other agreements.
Qantas Defers 787 Order, Hurts Airbus

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
U.S. Top Guns in Darwin Dog-Fight Drills as China Tensions Rise
More military exercises to kick off amid fears about Russia
Eastward NATO Marches as Ukraine Accuses Russia of 'Invasion'
The West's Ukrainian Narrative Is Wholly Duplicitous: Now Comes The Cold Truth Of European Winter
Jane's Defense Caught With Pants Down: Ukraine Admits Rebel Counteroffensive, Including March to the Sea
Ukraine Accuses Russia Of Launching Invasion, Then Promptly Retracts
NATO Releases Satellite Imagery "Proof" That Russia Has Invaded Ukraine
The Fun of Empire: Fighting on All Sides of a War in Syria
Iraq and Syria pose Saudi dilemma - failed states or Iran proxies
Iran speeds weapons deliveries to US ally in Iraq
Obama: We Don't Have a Strategy for Iraq-Syria War Yet
Taiwan Chases Away Chinese Fighter Planes From Its Airspace
Libya warns United Nations of possible slide into civil war
How Hillary Clinton's 'smart power' Turned Libya Into A Dumpster Fire
McDonald's says three more restaurants temporarily closed in Russia
Russia sees chance to lift Iran sanctions through international talks
U.N. says 43 Golan peacekeepers seized by militants, 81 trapped
Killer robots a small step away and must be outlawed, says top UN official
China Seeks to Better Protect South China Sea Submarine Gateway

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Rebellion in Ferguson: A Rising Heat in the Suburbs
Falling Housing Prices Are Causing Violent Protests In China
Malaysia police arrest 42 foreigners after riot at export factory
LDP eyes rules for demonstrations around parliament (Japan)

## Energy/resources ##
Russia will remain reliable energy supplier to Europe -Kremlin spokesman
Shell To Divest Assets Worth $5 Billion From Nigeria
Shell is selling one of the most pilfered oil pipelines in the world
Nigeria Loses U.S.$243 Million to Oil Theft, Pipeline Sabotage
Belgium Nuclear Halts Boost Power Premium on Supply Risk
Belgian power prices are soaring on concern that two nuclear reactors will remain shut into next year, potentially threatening supplies to factories.
Kazakhstan offers to build Russia-China gas pipeline through its territory
Iraq's southern oil exports fall by 140,000 bpd so far in August
Germany's Energy Transition Dream at Risk of Becoming Nightmare
Mideast Water Wars: In Iraq, a Battle for Control of Water
India may face blackouts as coal shortage cuts power output
This Critical Uranium Shutdown is Going Ahead
Iran vetting oil customers
Easier said than done: Stem the spread of export curbs on natural resources
Japan, India to sign rare earths deal
Explosion Shakes BP's Largest Oil Refinery In The U.S.
Global Biofuels Status Update

## Got food? ##
Midwestern Wheat Left Rotting as Oil Trains Roll By
U.S. grain shipments are being held up as trains carrying huge quantities of Bakken oil chug through the region, the New York Times reported Tuesday, illustrating how the booming business of moving oil by rail has negative consequences beyond safety risks.
Roads expanding fast worldwide, better planning needed to aid food output: study
As anyone in a developed (over-developed) country knows, road-building quickly gets out of hand, becoming a means of porkbarrel spending for politicians and of fat profits for construction companies, not to mention the environmental damage. A few years ago a new "agricultural road" was built here in my village to "help" agriculture. This entailed paving over precious farmland (big "help" there!) and building a massive wall that one of my neighbors called the "Great Wall of China." The previously existing road was more than sufficient for the five or 10 vehicles a day which use it. In the final analysis, this was nothing but a gift to a construction company, which I might add ruined one of my rice paddies. -- RF
Ebola outbreak could lead to food crisis, U.N. says
Record-High Meat Prices for U.S. Consumers

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Young Agrarians

## Environment/health ##
Ebola has 'upper hand' says US health official
West Africa Ebola outbreak could infect 20,000 people, WHO says
Unburied Bodies Show Ebola-Hit Areas' Transportation Woes
Federal Protection Sought for Iconic Pollinators 'In Deadly Free Fall'
Deadly Brain Amoeba Found in Louisiana Parish Water
Scientists find secret of reversing bad memories
Corporate blowback builds from Minamata treaty

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Facebook users self-censor on controversial topics
"Zombie" Servers and Inefficiency Drive Energy Waste at Data Centers
Time Warner Offline: Customer Service Blames Internet Downtime On 'Internet Backbone'
Russian Hackers Said to Loot Gigabytes of Big Bank Data
Just to put this in perspective, it's mere crumbs compared to the vast hauls of data hoovered up by the US from around the world. -- RF
The Surveillance Engine: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google
Video of the Day – Chris Hedges on Overthrowing the Corporate Fascist State
Canada's NATO Delegation Just Epically Trolled Russia With This Map Of Ukraine
Of course the proper rejoinder to this is a world map with the US labeled "USA" and all other countries on the planet labeled "Not USA." But that's a map Canada won't be tweeting. Yes, indeed. Geography can be tough. -- RF
DOT Proposes Mandating Cars Broadcast Location, Direction and Speed

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Why Artifice Rules the World: We Have No Choice
The Massive Trucker Shortage Could Hit Your Wallet Soon
Trucks deliver nearly everything. Therefore, if trucks don't run, things don't get delivered. Get it? -- RF
North Dakota Universities Crumble as Oil Cash Pours In
North Dakota is struggling to finance deteriorating public universities even as it experiences the biggest energy boom in its history, raising concern that less prosperous states will face more serious funding challenges.
Dark Age America: The Population Implosion

## Japan ##
Coast guard requests budget be doubled for disputed islands patrol
The decline of luxury goods in Japan, as seen through Tiffany's latest earnings report
Japan rethinks retirement
Japan's medical spending hits new high for 11th straight year
Factors behind the continuous growth through fiscal 2013 include the aging of the population and costly advanced medical services, a ministry official said.
JR Tokai applies for ¥9 trillion maglev train line approval
Fukushima nuclear crisis estimated to cost ¥11 trillion: study
The Fukushima nuclear accident will cost an estimated ¥11.08 trillion, almost double the government projection made at the end of 2011, according to a recent study by Japanese college professors.
New research suggests even low-level radiation in Fukushima negatively impacting wildlife
McDonald's Japan on the brink
Japan's growth outlook dims further, BOJ policy prospects unclear - Reuters Poll
Indian PM Modi eyes breakthrough nuclear pact on Japan trip
3 dengue fever infections blamed on mosquitoes in Yoyogi Park
Corporate Japan issuing bonds at record-low rates

## China ##
Inside The Receding Global Bubble: China's Iron & Steel Prices Plunging
Jammed Beijing Clamping Down Fails to Stem Migration
PBOC Resolve Tested as Shadow Banking Industry Sours
China tells U.S. to reduce or halt 'close surveillance' patrols

## UK ##
Britain would be poorer than any US state except Mississippi if it joined America

## US ##
Student Debt Threatens the Safety Net for Elderly Americans
Justice Dept Refuses For 20 Years To Comply With Federal Law Requiring It To Gather National Police Brutality Stats
Activists Sound Alarm as More Police Departments Consider Using Drones
Putting Ferguson in Context – New Jersey Man Faced 5 Years in Jail Before Dashcam Video Proved Police Abuse
There's A Big Leak In America's Water Tower
The Housing Echo-Bubble Is Popping
The Bull Market Will End When The Fed and Friends Decide, Then We Get To Pay For Their Madness
As rail jam persists, U.S. power plants rush to roads and rivers
Automaker Recalls Have Dented The Rental Car Industry's Bottom Line
US Military Campaign Against ISIS May Cost $15 Billion a Year
U.S. may use secrets act to stop suit against Iran sanctions group
Decade of Court Cases Quietly Wiped from Online Database
CBO forecasts $506 billion budget deficit for 2014
"The Buyback Party Is Over" - Albert Edwards Warns The "Market Is Now Running On Fumes"

And finally...
Shocker: Hello Kitty: not a cat?
She's not a cat, she loves apple pie and she lives near London. Who knew?

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