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News Links, August 7-8, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
The 1% May Be Richer Than You Think, Research Shows
UltraLong Bond Madness – Issuance of Debt with 30 Year+ Maturity Soars 22% in 2014
Italy falls back into recession
Italy's Economic 'Recovery' from Hell in One Chart
Global economy one shock away from another crisis
High oil prices squeezing Asian businesses
Finland warns Russia sanctions could spell 'economic crisis'
Finland could face an economic crisis because of European Union sanctions against Russia and Helsinki will seek financial compensation from the EU if it is disproportionately hit by the measures, its prime minister said on Wednesday (6 August).
Canary In The Luxury Emporiums: Prada Sales Growth Comes To Abrupt Halt
Slow infrastructure development impeding Indian economy
Three Signs That The Euro Economy Is Faltering
India central bank chief warns of another market crash
Checkers Vs Chess: The Reason Europe Is Imploding On "Russian" Sanctions
Russia Sanctions Accelerate Risk to Dollar Dominance
The greenback's share of global reserves has already shrunk to under 61 percent from more than 72 percent in 2001.
Ten Years Later: The Greek Olympic Wasteland In Photos
Congestion at Manila port has businesses sweating

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Ebola Crisis Spurs Passenger Checks as Airlines Still Fly
Researcher Says Airplanes Can Be Hacked via In-Flight Wi-Fi Systems
Struggling Skymark Air reportedly to withdraw from Narita airport
US airlines running behind schedule so far in 2014
China Military Trump Vacationers as Drills Ground Flights
Siberia Flight-Ban Threat Forces Airlines to Mull Options

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Iran's elite Guards fighting in Iraq to push back Islamic State
50 killed in clashes between Iraqi forces and Islamic State militants
Kurds, Islamic State clash near Kurdish regional capital
Islamic State 'now controls resources and territory unmatched in history of extremist organizations'
Kurds from Turkey, Syria enter Iraq to battle Islamic State
US weighs airstrikes and humanitarian aid in Iraq
Kurdish Officials: US Bombing ISIS in Iraq; Pentagon Denies
Iraqi militants seize country's largest dam
With Islamic State advancing, Kurds prepare for last stand outside their capital
US Announces $550 Million African 'Rapid Response Force' Plans
At one point the US had designs on dramatically growing their own military presence in Africa, by way of AFRICOM, though they appear to have scrapped that idea in favor of propping up proxies in the region.
Lebanon ceasefire falters; Saudi offers $1 billion to army
Hamas rejects disarmament proposal
NATO pledges support to conflict-wracked Ukraine
It Begins: Canada To Send Military Equipment To Ukraine
Russia bans all U.S. food, EU fruit and veg in sanctions response; NATO fears invasion
Obama "Sanctions" At Work: US Exports To Russia Plunge; Russian Stock Market Still Up 9%
US Dependent on Russia for NASA Launches; Well, Guess What? Russia Fires Back With More Sanctions: NASA, Pepsi, McDonald's, Autos in Spotlight
US Military Presence In Africa In One Chart
Chinese ships sail in disputed waters after Japan warning
China to build lighthouses on five isles in defiance of U.S. call
Pakistan denies plans to deploy troops to Saudi Arabia
Did the Creator of the Experimental Ebola Drug Joke About Culling 25% of the World's Population?

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Does UAE Conscription Law Signal the End of the Dream?
The United Arab Emirates announced in June that it is introducing compulsory military service for all male citizens aged between 18 and 30 and setting up a new national defense and reserve force. The surprising development in the stable country can only be seen as a reaction to the growing unrest in the surrounding region – Iraq, Syria, Israel and the Palestinian territories.
Supermarket Workers, Customers Join in 'Unprecedented' Uprising Against Corporate Greed
Bangladesh Police Unleash Rubber Bullets, Teargas on Hunger Striking Workers
Protesters' Blockade Halts Work on Enbridge Pipeline
Today, a billionaire paid $100 million for a Get Out of Jail Free card
Hey, too bad you're not rich, ha ha ha. -- RF
Maidan Unrest Back to Life as Activists Clash With Police on Central Kiev Square

## Energy/resources ##
Is This Big Story in Energy Already Fading?
Renewed Violence In Iraq and Libya Could Send Oil Prices Up
Making Sense of the US Oil Story
Oil-by-Rail Shipments Cutting Into Coal Deliveries (US)
The rapid growth in U.S. shipments of crude oil by rail is leading to an unexpected shortage of coal at many power plants across the country.
Solar And Wind Power More Expensive Than Thought
As I've said, the era of cheap energy is over. -- RF
Deep Water Fracking Next Frontier for Offshore Drilling
Although touted as the Next Big Thing, this actually shows that the situation is getting desperate. -- RF
China Finds Shale Gas Challenging, Halves 2020 Output Target
China has halved the quantum of shale gas it expects to produce by 2020 after early exploration efforts to unlock the unconventional fuel proved challenging, according to an industry website and a government source.
Power outages affect nearly 200,000 Quebec customers
Japan Bets on Hydrogen's Potential to Diversify Energy Sources
We have a really big problem here: Too many people think that hydrogen is an "energy source." So let's get this straight. Unless you are able to go out into deep space and harvest some of those immense hydrogen clouds that are many light years across, and use less energy than is contained in the hydrogen you harvested, hydrogen is not an energy source. Here on Earth, you have to expend energy to liberate hydrogen from chemical compounds (such as water), and when you use the hydrogen, you get less energy back than you expended to make it. That is what we call an energy sink. But let's focus on what's going on here. Some other form of energy is used to make hydrogen, which is then stored until its use. So hydrogen is a means of energy storage. In other words, hydrogen is essentially the same as a battery. It's a means of storing energy for later use, with an inevitable energy loss. I am not saying we shouldn't use hydrogen. I'm saying that to properly see hydrogen's possible place in any energy system, we have to understand that it's just a kind of battery, not an energy source. Do not be taken in by people who are trying to sell hydrogen by telling us it's an energy source. There is never going to be a "hydrogen civilization" as there is a "petroleum civilization." -- RF
The Differences In Fracking Tight Sand And Shales
Obama Pushes Africa Investment as US Corporations 'Drool' over Resources
Shakeout May Be Ahead for LNG Plants, Say Japan Experts
Russia-Iran oil deal confirmed

## Got food? ##
Iron Giants Graze Cows at Australia Ranches to Feed China
Zimbabwe braces for major wheat shortage

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Make do and mend? Tips from the first world war

## Environment/health ##
Nigeria rushes to get isolation tents for Ebola
Nigerian Nurse Dies of Ebola as 5 Other Cases Confirmed
Malaria Cases Mix With Ebola Amid 'Slow Motion Disaster'
CDC issues emergency 'all-hands' call for Ebola response
It Is Becoming Clear – We Are NOT Prepared For An Ebola Pandemic (US)
Liberia health system collapsing as Ebola spreads
Priest Miguel Pajares Is Flown to Spain for Ebola Treatment
Setting rivers free: As dams are torn down, nature is quickly recovering
'Massive Environmental Disaster' in Canada as Toxic Tailing Pond Floods Waterways
Bubbles in the Sea, Craters in Earth Spark New Methane Worries
Bees in trouble: Ontario industry is wavering as bee colonies collapse

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Singapore's Precarious Surveillance State The Envy Of US Intelligence Agencies
Goal of Booming 'Internet of Things': Monitoring, Sensing, Remote Control – Factory Workers First, You Next
I can't believe anyone would want to live like this, but it takes all kinds. -- RF
Video of the Day – Godfrey Reggio's Haunting and Incredibly Accurate Prediction of Our Orwellian Future…from the 1970s
Analysts debate proper role of US democracy programs in Cuba
Would it be all right for Cuba to run socialism programs in the US? -- RF
Meet the Bots That Knew Ebola Was Coming
Is Your Watch Or Thermostat A Spy? Cybersecurity Firms Are On It
Big Pharma Given Control Of New .pharmacy Domain; Only Available To 'Legitimate' Online Pharmacies
Russian Hackers Have Reportedly Stolen More Than a Billion Usernames and Passwords
The Russian 'hack of the century' doesn't add up
Stretching During a Jog Is "Suspicious Activity"? America's "Counterrorism" Efforts Out of Control
Israel Flagged as Top Spy Threat to U.S. in New Snowden/NSA Document
Australia's Prime Minster Admits Metadata Collection is for "General Crime" Not Terrorism
Spying revelations lead to German encryption boom
Snowden receives three-year Russian residence permit - lawyer

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Power grid: One of America's Most Stable Industries Is Slowly Dying
Empty shelves: These 5 Photos Identify Target's Real Problems
Empty shelves have been identified as a problem at other major retailers as well. Large-scale, complex distribution systems are starting to break down. -- RF
Bodies dumped in streets as West Africa struggles to curb Ebola
A tale of a powerful empire and of a riotous kingdom

## Japan ##
Fukushima No. 3 reactor meltdown worse than previously believed: TEPCO
TEPCO to pump up, release groundwater around Fukushima No. 1 plant into sea
Japan's nuclear restart may be delayed until 2015
Japan's Keynesian Dystopia: Bridges to Nowhere, Houses With No One Home
Housing Insanity Japanese Style: Record Number of Vacant Homes in Japan, Abe Wants to Stimulate Home Building
Japan Just Proved That Central Bankers Are Out of Ideas...
Number of households on welfare hits record high in May
Tepco to collect toxic groundwater at Fukushima, dump in ocean after treatment
Govt to pay fuel-cell car subsidies

## China ##
China Developing Capability To Kill Satellites, Experts Say
China cracks down on messaging apps

## UK ##
UK Protesters Arrested After Occupying Factory Supplying IDF Drone Engines
Government computers used to alter Wikipedia entries on high profile killings

## US ##
Underwater homeowners are turning into landlords
Corporate America's 'ABC' policy - Anything But Capex
Delays Persist for US High-Speed Rail
On a 30-mile stretch of railroad between Westerly and Cranston, R.I., Amtrak's 150-mile-per-hour Acela hits its top speed — for five or 10 minutes. On the crowded New York to Washington corridor, the Acela averages only 80 m.p.h., and plans to bring it up to Japanese bullet-train speeds will take $150 billion and 26 years, if it ever happens.
NYC Pension Costs Skyrocket: 'They're Never Going to Catch Up'
Americans Got $2 Trillion In Benefits From Federal Government In 2013
Wells Fargo loosens standards for jumbo mortgages
Wells Fargo & Co has relaxed its standards for loans for some high-priced homes as the largest U.S. mortgage lender tries to combat an industry-wide drop in mortgage volumes.
US cities' crackdown on homeless people is 'close to ethnic cleansing'
California Experiencing Most Severe Drought Ever Recorded
RadioShack Credit Default Swap Market Shows Even Worse Problems
Americans Keep Skimping Like the Recession Never Ended
It's not a recession and it's not over. -- RF
How Many Miles Can You Drive On An Hour's Wages? 100 Years In One Chart
Fed survey: 25 pct of households 'just getting by'
The Financialization Of American Business: How Cheap Debt Fuels The Bubble, Not Growth
Meet "McCashier" Your $15.00 Per Hour McDonald's Worker Replacement
Dozens of suburban police and fire pension funds drying up

And finally...
Man set house on fire trying to kill a spider

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