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News Links, September 2-3, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Central European PMIs point to slowdown as sanctions hit sentiment
Eurozone Manufacturing PMI at 13-Month Low, with Germany Worse than Expected, Italy and France in Contraction
Financialism Run Amok: Now Comes The Twisted Finance And Economics Of Brazil
Weak investment, trade drive second quarter contraction in German economy
China manufacturing slowdown ripples through region
Why Singapore's Economy Is Heading For An Iceland-Style Meltdown
Lights off on Singapore's billionaire row as luxury house prices plunge
I've long held that Singapore will crash and become a no-man's land. These are ominous signs. -- RF
Dirty politics and deep corruption in New Zealand
Israel announces major West Bank land appropriation for settlement
Europe Fantastic Bond Bubble: How The Central Banks Have Unleashed Monumental Speculation
Factory activity in Europe, Asia cools; demand lull a concern
Russia and economic warfare: RIP the free market new world order
Russia Said to Prepare Transfer of $10 Billion Fund Out of Sanctions' Reach
Indonesia's Widodo to target fuel subsidies in kicking off reform drive
Ebola Outbreak 2014: Experts Fear Outbreak's Economic Impact on Guinea, Liberia And Sierra Leone
Nigeria launches new biometric ID card - brought to you by Mastercard
Ukraine to Need Another $19 Billion from the IMF

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Jet Airways: Etihad lends a helping hand
Germanwings suffers 'significant financial loss' due to pilots' strike
Travel Tip: The Truth About Airline Ticket Prices
Only with a new hub airport will Britain truly take off
It's no longer safe to recline your airplane seat
Cash-strapped airports hope fracking will save them
Pittsburgh Airport to Start Fracking with Hopes to Offset Financial Woes

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Australia To Ramp Up Sanctions Against Russia; Lavrov Says No Intention To Invade Ukraine
NATO Membership For Ukraine – Another Move On The Grand Chessboard
When the U.S. welched on Shevardnadze
The Ukraine crisis owes its roots to a deal America made and broke with the recently deceased Soviet foreign minister
US Troops Are Heading To Ukraine
Germany Sends 16,000 Rifles to Iraq to Stem Islamic State 
Chancellor Angela Merkel's government is sending 16,000 assault rifles, plus anti-tank weapons and armored vehicles, to Iraqi Kurds fighting Islamic State militants, lifting a German taboo on shipments into war zones.
Obama Informs Congress of Iraq Airstrikes Under War Powers Act
Iranians play role in breaking IS siege of Iraqi town
Israeli land grab provokes anger in West Bank and U.S.
Israel raises alarm over Islamist militants on its frontiers
Japan, India joining hands to counter China's 'String of Pearls'
U.S. forces carry out operation against al-Shabaab in Somalia
Pentagon set to open second drone base in Niger as it expands operations in Africa

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Hong Kong Protesters Agitating Against China's Volte-Face Arrested
Pakistani protesters clash with police, soldiers secure state TV
Fast-food workers to launch intensified protests across U.S.
Relatives of captured Iraqi soldiers storm parliament: witnesses

## Energy/resources ##
Nuclear Renaissance: Finland's Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor delayed until late 2018
Olkiluoto 3, which will be Finland's fifth nuclear reactor, was originally due to start operating as early as 2009, but it has been hit by repeated delays and soaring costs.
Under Putin's gaze, Gazprom starts mega-pipeline to China
Europe drafts emergency energy plan with eye on Russia gas shut-down
The European Union could ban gas exports and limit industrial use as part of emergency measures to protect household energy supplies this winter, a source told Reuters, as it braces for a possible halt in Russian gas as a result of the Ukraine crisis.
How Badly Is the Wave and Tidal Industry Struggling? Likely Worse Than You Thought
Crude crushed by demand woes, Brent slides to 15-month low
Build starts on Russia-China gas pipeline
India's financial hub Mumbai hit by big power cuts
Philippines eyes emergency powers to jolt electricity supply
The Philippines government may be forced to declare emergency powers to tackle a looming electricity shortage from 2015 as private firms struggle to build new capacity, but faces opposition from business groups worried about higher costs.
Why Peak Oil Refuses to Die

## Got food? ##
Mexican Judge Departs From Script, Turns Monsanto's Mexican Dream Into Legal Nightmare

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Labor Day 2014: In Praise of Messiness
Now We're Cooking…with Sunshine
The Radical Homemaker on the First Step to Becoming a Farmer

## Environment/health ##
Saudi Arabia Stops Issuing Visas To Workers From Ebola-Stricken Nations
CDC director calls for worldwide effort to stop Ebola
"World Is Losing Battle To Contain Ebola Epidemic," MSF Warns Response "Lethally Inadequate"
As California Warms, Greener Mountains Will Mean Less Water for People
Blue light from electronics disturbs sleep, especially for teenagers
Australia to scrap plan for dumping near Great Barrier Reef: AFR
Chernobyl Disaster Leaves Radioactive Wild Boars Roaming Germany
Cli-fi: ten assorted doomsday scenarios
'No Escape': Alarming Cancer Rates at Prison Built Next to Toxic Coal Dump

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
War Party Working Overtime On Labor Day Weekend: More Hoaxes, Hype, and Hysteria
Hackers Steal Security Check Data from 25,000+ DHS Employees
The Cyber-Terror Bank Bailout: They're Already Talking About It, and You May Be on the Hook
Top South America hackers rattle Peru's Cabinet
Hackers may have stolen credit data from Home Depot
James Foley Worked Under USAID, a Known U.S. Intelligence Front. Was He More Than Just a Journalist?
Nude celebrity photos leaked: Russian analyst says it took less than two hours to identify security flaw
Cities scramble to upgrade "stingray" tracking as end of 2G network looms

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Underbelly of Corporate America: Insider Selling, Stock Buy-Backs, Dodgy Profits
The hollowing out of corporate strengths to enable short-term profiteering by the handful at the top leads to systemic fragility.

## Japan ##
Japan Car Sales Fall to Lowest Since 2011 on Tax Increase
"No ball games" & "No practicing comedy routines": City Parks in Japan let you do less and less
Dengue fever cases rise to 36 in Japan

## China ##
China's Property Slump Leads to Record Loans to Builders
Cash-strapped Chinese developers are borrowing a record amount in the offshore loan market this year, adding to the highest debt loads since 2005.
China real-estate: A bubble bursting
Chinese companies swim in red ink amid oversupply woes
A record number of listed Chinese companies bled red ink over the six months ended June 30 as oversupply issues persisted in the manufacturing sector and the government's frugality order hurt sales of luxury goods.
China banks seek new lending horizons as bad debts rise
The Sky Is Falling on Chinese Corporations
China has more shale gas than any other country. But getting it out of the ground could be disastrous
Chinese Weekly Gold Demand Highest Since February
China Will Revise Its GDP Definition Until Its Hits Government "Growth Targets", Goldman Explains
Hong Kong's foreign money bonanza may soon go bust

## UK ##
Threats and assaults becoming a 'daily reality' for teachers
Teachers are facing a rising tide of insults, threats and physical violence amid warnings of a breakdown in respect towards adult authority.
Britain Gives Police Power to Strip Suspected Terrorists of Passports

## US ##
Guantanamo Defense Lawyer Resigns, Says U.S. Case Is 'Stacked'
Revel starts shutdown Monday after just 2 years
The most spectacular and costly failure in Atlantic City's 36-year history of casino gambling begins to play out Monday when the $2.4 billion Revel Casino Hotel empties its hotel.
More workers are claiming 'wage theft'
The 40-Hour Work Week Is Almost A Full Work Day Longer In The US
How Poor Are America's Poorest? U.S. $2 A Day Poverty In A Global Context
Fed: US consumers have decided to 'hoard money'
Best democracy money can buy: Wealthy political donors seize on new latitude to give to unlimited candidates
Student debt becoming a larger albatross for economic growth
$1.2 trillion in student debt is outstanding and many college graduates working in jobs that don't require their degree.
Texas school district arms teachers for upcoming year
Even the Council on Foreign Relations Is Saying It: Time to Rain Money on Main Street
Bedbugs spotted 21 times on NYC subways in August: Report
Hawaii Labeled "Sinkhole" State by Watchdog Group
A few names consistently pop up in any discussion of states with the most pension debt—Illinois, New Jersey and a handful of other states are frequently cited as shouldering the heaviest pension burdens. Hawaii isn't always on that list. But according to one watchdog group, Truth in Accounting, the state's pension burden is among the worst in the country.
Illinois Prisons Dealing With Backup Power Issues
Bank of America Still in Big Trouble
Aging population faces housing shortage

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