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News Links, September 27, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Fearing political crisis, Greece plots escape from bailout
Peak Debt—-Why The Keynesian Money Printers Are Done
The Status Quo Playbook Beyond 2014: Corporate Regulations, Professional Politicians and the Strip Mining of Sovereign Assets
BofA Merrill Lynch: the Four "Canaries in the Coalmine" Died
What the Global Status Quo Optimizes: Protecting Elites and the Clerisy Class That Serves Them
"Slimlandia," The Land of Mexican Oligarchs
Standard & Poor's Warns on Germany as Anti-Euro Political Party Soars in Popularity
US, China, Europe nearing 'Minsky moment': Economist
The world's three economic superpowers - the U.S., China and Europe - are heading for a major collapse in asset values because their economic models favor consumption instead of productivity, one economist has warned.
Speculation Heats Up for Sears Canada Bankruptcy

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Monarch airline: from prince to pauper
Flights Grounded After Fire at Chicago FAA Facility
Hundreds of flights into and out of Chicago were canceled Friday, and airports across the country braced for gridlock after a fire authorities believe was intentionally set blazed through the basement of a Federal Aviation Administration control center outside the city.
Constant phone calls allowed on European flights
PEOPLExpress Airlines grounded after just 3 months in business
Boeing Loses $5 Billion in Orders
Boeing 787 in trouble again after emergency Polish Airlines diversion

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
CIA-vetted Syrian rebels battling Islamic State say airstrikes haven't helped
U.S.-led strikes pressure al Qaeda's Syria group to join with Islamic State
Shells land in Turkey as Islamic State advances on Syrian border town
Obama's Coalition At Work In Syria—-Like A Circular Firing Squad
First U.S. Stealth Jet Attack on Syria Cost More Than Indian Mission to Mars
Taliban Seizes Key District South of Kabul, 100 Killed
Japans SDF holds joint drill with NATO forces

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Explosions, Clashes In China's Xinjiang Region Kill At Least 50 People, State Media Says
At least 50 people, including 40 "rioters", were killed in explosions in China's northwestern region of Xinjiang Sunday. China's state media initially reported that only two people were killed, until revised casualty figures were issued Thursday by Xinhua, a state-run news agency, Thursday. 
Hong Kong school children join student protest demanding democracy
Police, protesters clash at rally in Ferguson, Missouri: CNN, KMOV

## Energy/resources ##
EU, Russia positive on chance of winter gas deal with Ukraine
Hungary to import more gas from Gazprom, says PM Orban
Cost the great unknown in South Africa's nuclear drive
Russia Moves To Take Control Of Oil Firm From Billionaire
Filipino-UK Firm To Drill For Gas In Disputed Sea

## Got food? ##
Aid, rain save South Sudan from famine, 2015 outlook grim: WFP
USDA: Genetically modified wheat found in Montana
Nearly 40,000 Pounds Of Foster Farms Chicken Recalled Due To Listeria Contamination

## Environment/health ##
Ebola: Sierra Leone Puts A Million People Under Quarantine As Situation Deteriorates
Ebola Outbreak: Death Toll Surpasses 3,000
Three 9/11 firefighters die of cancer in one day
More than 2,500 New York police, firefighters, ambulance and sanitation workers now have the disease
Up to half of antibiotics 'fail due to superbugs' study finds
Vast majority of oncologists admit to burnout

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Hackers exploit 'Shellshock' bug with worms in early attacks
FBI Director Equates Protecting Personal Privacy with Lawlessness
FBI Director James Comey has responded to recent moves by tech giants Apple and Google to offer better encryption services on their handheld devices by suggesting that giving people the ability to protect their private communications from state law enforcement agencies is akin to lawlessness.
How Former Treasury Officials and the UAE Are Manipulating American Journalists
Obama's Propagandistic UN Address
Home Depot Hack Is Letting Criminals Drain Money From People's Bank Accounts
75 Million Records Breached to Date in 2014

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Ford to Recall About 850K Cars for Airbag Glitch

## Japan ##
Fukushima, Japan Rocked By Two Earthquakes in One Hour; Epicenter Near Nuclear Plants
Survey shows regular employees face long hours, non-regular workers get low wages
Japanese consumer prices lose steam, widening gap with target

## China ##
China state media say 50 killed in far west attack

## UK ##
Scots lost out in UK oil and gas endgame
Shrinking UK Military Gets Approval To Hit ISIS In Iraq, But Its Contribution May Be Limited
Vauxhall issues warning over steering problems for around 3,000 models

## US ##
Managing a Nightmare: How the CIA Watched Over the Destruction of Gary Webb
The CIA/MSM Contra-Cocaine Cover-up
Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes Reveal Culture Of Corruption At Federal Reserve
Deceleration in the Money Supply Increasing the Risk of an Economic Bust
Public Pensions in a $2 Trillion Hole, Moody's Says
The U.S. public pension gap has tripled to at least $2 trillion in less than a decade, Moody's Investors Service said. In a report released Thursday, Moody's measured the unfunded liabilities for the 25 biggest public retirement systems between 2004 and 2012. The total future shortfall is more than half the size of the $3.7 trillion municipal bond market, which comprises all the outstanding debt issued by U.S. states and cities.
Repo man can now stop you from starting your car
University of Chicago pulls out of Confucius Institute
Broken Dreams: Amidst Economic Insecurity, Americans Can't Get Ahead
US Military Program To Allow Some Young Undocumented Immigrants To Serve
Chase Bank 'De-Risks' a Porn Star's Bank Account and What It Means for Your Account
The Escape Velocity Delusion: Running Out Of "Next Year"
Miracle of the Loaves, Fishes and New Home Sales
Larry Summers says tax system can't last
Facing tough budget picture, West Virginia to let companies frack under Ohio River for cash

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