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News Links, October 12-13, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
US and UK to play financial 'war game'
Britain and the US will stage the first transatlantic simulation of a crisis in a large bank on Monday, in a sign of growing confidence that the authorities can now deal with the failure of large institutions.
A "sign of growing confidence"? -- RF
China's Gold-Backed, Reserve Currency
China's Zhou Says Some Countries Using Yuan in Reserves
Some countries are already using the Chinese yuan in their foreign-currency reserves without announcing it publicly, central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said.
S&P lowers France credit outlook to 'negative'
The stock market is finally recognizing severe global volatility: Stock market has worst performance in two years.
World's Richest People Lose $70 Billion as Musk Falters
The world's 400 richest people lost $70.2 billion from their collective net worth this week amid a global selloff that sent the Standard & Poor's 500 Index to its biggest weekly drop in two years.
Law graduates struggle to find work, even volunteer work (Australia)
Malaysia, neighbors scrambling to beef up finances
Ripple Effects Begin: Dubai Crashes Over 6.5%, Most In 14 Months
Banks accept derivatives rule change to end 'too big to fail' scenario
The $700 trillion financial derivatives industry has agreed to a fundamental rule change from January to help regulators to wind down failed banks without destabilising markets.
Tanzania: Slum Populations Seen Increasing Nationwide
Ebola claims another victim: struggling African economies
WTO at a crossroads amid blocked trade deal

## Airline Death Spiral ##
1 Bizarre Way This Airport Balances Its Budget
As the U.S. airline industry has consolidated and shrunk itself to profitability over the last 15 years, airports in mid-sized cities  were some of the biggest losers. Nearly a dozen U.S. airports have lost major airline hubs, while once-busy reliever airports are now virtually empty.
Well now, this is what I call a winner! Because the shale drilling industry is losing money, we have a situation in which one loss-making industry is subsidizing another money-loser. Truly, it's a sign of impending collapse. -- RF
Air Berlin dealt blow as Germany rejects some Etihad codeshare flights
Air France-KLM to press ahead with low cost brand in France: paper
Greece's privatization project for regional airports gets under way
New York's JFK Airport Begins Ebola Screening Program
Expect a Fare War Now That Southwest Can Spread the LUV

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
ISIS Battle For Baghdad: Triple Car Bombs In Baghdad Could Mean ISIS Battle For Iraqi Capital Is Near
Bombings kill 45 in Shi'ite areas of Baghdad and outskirts: police
214 Killed, 182 Wounded; Bombers Take Toll on Baghdad, Again
ISIS Uses New Strategy In Iraq, Targets Security Forces With Suicide Attacks And Car Bombs
Iraqi province leaders request U.S. ground forces
Gulf states 'could expand anti-IS role to ground troops'
Turkey Agrees To Train Syrian Opposition Fighters As FSA Rebels Join The Fight In Kobani [VIDEO]
In one of its first active decisions to participate the U.S.-led coalition to combat Islamic State militants, Turkey has agreed to train about 2,000 Syrian opposition forces within its borders. U.S. and Turkish Special Forces, who are part of the two biggest armies in NATO, will conduct the training, a Turkish official said Saturday. Turkey has still not intervened in fighting between militants and Kurdish forces on its border with Syria.
US says Turkey OKs use of bases against militants
World War III: It's here and energy is largely behind it
Putin orders Russian troops withdrawal from Ukrainian border: reports
Europe sends in drones to save Ukraine truce
Ukraine Crisis Could Force France To Cancel Multibillion Dollar Ship Contract; Russia Prepares For Court Action
USS America, an amphibious assault ship, set for commissioning
US Joins Southeast Asia's War on Piracy
In a little-noticed move, the United States joined the Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia (ReCAAP) in late September.
Unshackling US-Iran Policy from Distrust
The neocons still hope that by torpedoing a deal restricting Iran's nuclear program that they can open a route to "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" – one of Israel's longstanding priorities. But such a course could make a bad situation in the Middle East worse.
European Space Food Falls Victim to Russian Food Import Ban
Missing Vietnamese oil tanker found raided by pirates
Piracy is on the rise in the world's most crucial shipping lane
Infographic: Piracy attacks could rise in South East Asia

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Hong Kong Protests Also Fueled by Widening Wealth Gap
Hong Kong protesters set up camp in Admiralty
South Korean City Fights Against Nuclear Plant
St. Louis Ferguson October Protest: Black Youths' Resolve Remains Firm 2 Months After Mike Brown Shooting
Dozen Arrested In St. Louis Mike Brown Protest; Police Allegedly Pelted With Rocks
These Are The Countries That Have Destabilized The Most Over The Past 3 Months

## Energy/resources ##
US Shale And The Slippery Slopes Of The Law
The shale industry runs on debt, not on energy. And as long as these companies can issue junk bonds at low rates, they will. But that doesn't mean they will ever be profitable. For their owners, sure, they're raking in dough like it's Halloween candy, but for investors in those bonds things don't look so rosy. Shale is a Ponzi.
Letting Go of the Tar (Sands) Baby
Just as is the case in the American tight (shale) oil plays, things in the Canadian tar sands are breaking down fast, and for the same reason: wringing the last few barrels of oil out of the earth is proving to be far more expensive than hoped.
Although peak oil critics claim that the ability to get at unconventional oil shows that technology will solve our problems, the rush to exploit unconventional oil — at great expense and even financial loss — shows how wrong they are. It's in fact a sign of desperation that such low-grade energy sources must be tapped. -- RF
Cold Fusion: A Better Study On The Infamous E-Cat
Here's a rather skeptical take on the E-Cat test results. The author's doubts aside, one thing that caught my eye was the claim that the energy output was 3.5 times the energy input. Even if this is true, it's pitiful. An energy gain of 3.5 x is far too low to sustain industrial civilization. That would have to be at least tripled to make the device anything but yet another fossil fuel extender. Does this mean that "low-energy" nuclear reactions are just that? -- RF
Solar firms, power companies battle over 'net metering' (US)
As nuclear waste piles up, South Korea faces storage crisis
Germany says can't exit coal-fired energy at same time as nuclear
Saudi Arabia's "Oil-Weapon" Hits Europe
Pakistan invites Chinese companies to invest in oil, gas sector

## Got food? ##
Family Farmers, Not Green-Washed 'Climate Smart' Agriculture Is the Solution to Climate and Hunger

## Environment/health ##
Texas health care worker tests positive for Ebola

The Ghost in the GMO Machine
UAE's $18 Billion Sustainable City Is A Ghost Town
The latest weapon in the battle against bedbugs—luggage
Michigan Child Dies From Enterovirus D68, Hospital Says
Not Just California: Droughts Extend Across Americas
Say "drought" and Americans are likely to think California, but the Golden State is hardly alone when looking across the Western Hemisphere: A dry spell has killed cattle and wiped out crops in Central America, parts of Colombia have seen rioting over scarce water, and southern Brazil is facing its worst dry spell in 50 years.
Trees remove enough air pollution to save 850 people a year
Previous studies have shown the ability of trees and forests to moderate temperatures, control erosion, filter water, and even promote more peaceful neighborhoods in inner cities.

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Hackers aim to pull off cyber-heist worth $1 billion: Report
Europe's top investigative body is warning that criminal hackers are targeting global financial firms, The London Evening Standard reported on Saturday, aiming to steal as much as $1 billion.
Snowden Film "Citizen Four" Reveals How He Did It; Second Leaker Involved; Files on 1.2 Million People; Snowden Vindicated
Core Secrets: NSA Saboteurs in China and Germany
The National Security Agency has had agents in China, Germany, and South Korea working on programs that use "physical subversion" to infiltrate and compromise networks and devices, according to documents obtained by The Intercept.
Kmart registers hacked, credit and debit card data stolen
Can MSM Handle the Contra-Cocaine Truth?
Facebook Ads Invade Apps, User Locations
Twitter CEO says IS has threatened his employees for taking down accounts
Google rejects 58% of 'right to be forgotten' requests

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Ebola and the Five Stages of Collapse

## Japan ##
Japan court orders Google to delete data
A Japanese court has ordered Google to delete search results linking the claimant to a crime he did not commit, the latest in a series of rulings around the world on what search engines should tell users.
Slow domestic demand slams brakes on Suzuki's profit growth
Overseas business also proved lackluster. In India, where Suzuki leads the market, sales volume was up on the year but low-priced vehicles made up much of the total. Indonesian sales plunged.
One-third of monitoring cameras at Monju reactor found to be broken
Approximately one-third of 180 monitoring cameras at the Monju prototype fast-breeder reactor were found to be broken during a safety inspection last month, a source familiar with the matter said Saturday, fueling concern about the reactor operator's safety management system.
Japan drafts anti-money laundering bills under pressure from global watchdog
Gov't mulls freezing certification of solar power projects
The government is considering freezing certification of new large solar power projects planned under the so-called feed-in tariff system, people familiar with the matter said Saturday.
Govt plans to promote geothermal power
Tritium up tenfold in Fukushima groundwater after Typhoon Phanfone
The radioactive water woes at the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant got worse over the weekend after the tritium concentration in a groundwater sample surged more than tenfold this month.
Japan rises to challenge of becoming 'hydrogen society'
Here again we see that hydrogen is incorrectly seen as an "energy source." Although hydrogen can be useful in certain applications, it's not an energy source and never will be. This misunderstanding will just lead to disappointment. -- RF

## China ##
China Central Bank Crushes Hopes For A "Large-Scale Fiscal Or Monetary Stimulus"
Pollution in north hits 20 times safe levels
$547,000 for a parking space in Hong Kong
"We'll give you the best price!" for a townhouse in a Chinese ghost villa (Photos)
Hong Kong Protests: Chief Executive CY Leung Says "Zero Chance" Protesters Demands Will Be Granted
Beijing to tap water from thousands of kilometres away
Hong Kong's real estate market could be heading for a reckoning
The Shanghai Free Trade Zone is a dud

## UK ##
UK Authorities Watching 'Thousands' Of Suspected Terrorists In London Closely
UK to start screening Eurostar passengers for Ebola
UK Wind Power in The Doldrums
The lack of wind in the UK this year has already been in the news resulting in poor performance of UK wind farms. UK wind now has 11.2 GW [1] of installed capacity amounting to 13.5% of total generating capacity in the UK. In September the wind park generated 739 GWh amounting to 3.3% of UK demand [2]. The load factor was only 9%.
University students in England encouraged to pee in shower to save water
Edward Snowden says British surveillance is out of control, at Observer Ideas festival

## US ##
Pentagon Says Islamic State Fight Costs $7.6 Million/Day
Here They Go Again: Pentagon's Slush Fund For "War Contingency" Heading Toward $40 Billion Rise
Why Are Police Using Military-Grade Weapons in High Schools?
Asset seizures fuel police spending
Police agencies have used hundreds of millions of dollars taken from Americans under federal civil forfeiture law in recent years to buy guns, armored cars and electronic surveillance gear. They have also spent money on luxury vehicles, travel and a clown named Sparkles.
California: Desperation Rising as Water Runs Out
Voters Kept out of Loop by Design
By handing the responsibility of bailouts to the Fed and other central banks, lawmakers can pretend they're not involved.
Documents Show NYPD Has Paid $428 Million in Settlements Since 2009

And finally...
Spiders force family from upscale Missouri home
A family was driven from their suburban St. Louis home by thousands of venomous spiders that fell from the ceiling and oozed from the walls.
Watch: Hawk attacks drone to defend its territory

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