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News Links, November 12, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Former Goldman Banker Reveals The Path To The Next Depression And Stock Market Collapse
China Gathers Support For Asia-Pacific Trade Pact Seen As Rival To US-Backed TPP
A "Dangerous Spiral" Has Taken Hold In Emerging Markets
Ebola Outbreak 2014: With Workers Sent Home, Local Businesses Continue To Struggle
Further economic sanctions on Russia not planned, Merkel says
You bet! -- RF
Fears of German recession as moment of truth looms
More Blowbacks: Russia to Build 8 New Nuclear Reactors in Iran; Putin Signs Another Gas Deal with China
Europe braced for some dismal figures
Mercedes-Benz to revive Maybach brand for top end S-Class
Gold Rigging Settlement With UBS - Other Banks To Follow
Suspicions that the price of precious metals are frequently manipulated by a few international banks were further confirmed over the weekend. UBS agreed to settle with various international regulatory bodies investigating rigging in foreign exchange and precious metals markets.
Massive Quantitative Easing Likely In The Eurozone
Chinese, Canadian central banks agree to 200 bln yuan currency swap
Tim Geithner: "It Was A F$&king Disaster In Europe"
Oil prices still sliding as global economy slows
Alibaba's 'Singles Day' sales top $9 billion, bigger than Black Friday

## Airline Death Spiral ##
PIA losses still in the billions
Air NZ announces regional network cuts
Airlines get heavy with baggage
Heathrow and Gatwick expansion plans more costly than airports claim
Airport commission says proposals will cost up to £3.4bn more than estimated, meaning higher fares for passengers are likely
Etihad Air's $20,000 Suite on A380 Is Sold Out. Including the Flying Butlers. Sorry

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Pentagon: 50 US Troops Arrive in Western Iraq
Suicide bomber kills eight in northern Iraqi city Baiji
Fears that US weapons will fall into al-Qaeda's hands as Syrian rebels defect
ISIS Leader Baghdadi's Fate Unknown, But How Much Does it Matter?
Report: Russian aircraft encounters at Cold War levels
US State Dept. Issues Language To Allow Defense Exports to Vietnam
Iran touts successful test of US drone replica
Tony Blair Gets Paid (Again) – Secret $61,000 per Month Contract with Saudis Revealed
George W. Bush: I Don't Regret Waging War Against Iraq
Russia, Iran sign nuclear construction deal
Massive Explosion Reported Off Ukraine Coast Near Contested Mariupol
The Neocon Plan for War and More War
A major test for President Obama is whether he will – in the face of the Republican midterm victories – submit to neocon demands for more wars in the Middle East and a costly Cold War with Russia or finally earn the Nobel Peace Prize that he got at the start of his presidency.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Romania rocked by protests ahead of presidential election runoff
Mexican police injured in Acapulco during protests over student massacre
Fury at the disappearance of 43 student teachers continues to spread as masked protesters clash with riot police
Phrase 'I am tired' goes viral in a Mexico angered by crime
Hungarian protests show growing opposition to Orbán
Protesters clash with police over killing of French activist
St. Louis County police spend $100K on riot gear for Ferguson ruling
St. Louis County police said they have spent about $100,000 stocking up on riot gear and other items they may need if protests turn violent after prosecutors announce whether a Ferguson officer will face criminal charges in the shooting death of Michael Brown.
Catalonia Overwhelmingly Voices Desire for Independence

## Energy/resources ##
Outlook uncertain for offshore Norway, a major energy supplier for Europe
The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, the industry's lobbying group in the country, said costs of working offshore have risen "substantially" since 2004. That, in turn, has led to a reduction in the number of developments on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.
The Major Threat to Some of the Largest Oil Producers
Early Signs Of A Pullback In Drilling Activity
Shell to maintain asset sales target despite oil price fall
Norway Oil Investment To Fall Next Year, Then Level Out
Rich countries subsidising oil, gas and coal companies by $88bn a year
Russia's Rosneft to supply 9 million tons of oil to China refinery in 2020
Pemex plan for a $6 billion LNG export terminal faces skepticism
George Baker, president of Houston-based consultancy Energia.com, said over the weekend that Pemex lacks a track record for a comparable operation. And independent, Mexico City-based analyst David Shields said: "There simply isn't enough gas in Mexico."

## Environment/health ##
Fukushima Radiation Found in Pacific Off California's Coast
'Kissing bug' disease: Should you be worried about chagas?
Fad diets do little to aid weight loss or boost heart health, scientists find
Sinking Jakarta Starts Building Giant Wall as Sea Rises: Cities

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Hackers Threaten to Shut Down Israeli Internet Friday
Extreme irony: US Refuses To 'Stand Idle' In Charging China Over Government-Backed Cyberattacks
Scientists recreate 'Luke Skywalker' thought control
Robot Brains Catch Humans in 25 Years, Then Speed Right On By
CMU Working To Decode Brains & Read Your Thoughts
Sharp develops night-vision camera that captures color video in total darkness

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
What Have We Learned From 24 Years of War?
Although beyond the scope of this piece, I would add that war is inevitable under a system which demands never-ending growth. More economic expansion, more people, more territory, more consumption, more trash, more construction, more demolition, more war... To see the leaders of the major players on the world chessboard meeting in an effort to cool tensions and avoid conflict is laughable because their policies and actions make clashes unavoidable. Peace and harmonious coexistence are simply not in the cards as long as everyone keeps seeking growth. To believe anything else is self-delusion. The peace movement should take special note of this. If we want to have a peaceful world, we need to substantially reduce the human population (gradually, of course!), teach people to live frugally, abandon growth ideology, and build more just economies. -- RF
Obama urges China to be partner in ensuring world order
That "world order" consists in domination by a few big players and their giant corporations, sharp division between the haves and have-nots, continued growth leading to inevitable wars, mass death and destruction, and contamination of the planet. Have a nice day! -- RF
Mercedes recalls 10,500 C-Class cars for steering defect

## Japan ##
Tokyo conducts ebola response drill
Tepco reportedly to seek ¥280 billion in new bank loans for next June
Soaring trade deficit gives Japan record low first-half current account surplus
Toymakers set their sights on winning over grown-ups

## China ##
Hong Kong protesters told to clear streets or risk arrest

## UK ##
Low-paid workers unable to escape poverty trap - report

## US ##
Quote of the Day – An Incredible Statement from the City Attorney of Las Cruces, New Mexico
Obamacare Architect Explains "Stupidity of American Voter" Needed to Pass ACA
Dow, S&P 500 set record highs in light volume
Princeton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy
The real Clinton story: 1992
The real Clinton story: 1993
How Many Muslim Countries Has the U.S. Bombed Or Occupied Since 1980?
Businesses cash in as women chase bigger butts

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