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News Links, November 20, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
3 Of The 10 Largest Economies In The World Have Already Fallen Into Recession – Is The U.S. Next?
What do we do when the bubble economy cannot be reflated?
Half Of Liberian Workforce Not Working Due To Ebola Virus: World Bank
Peugeot plans to cut 3,450 French jobs in 2015: sources
Cut, baby, cut! -- RF
EU to Japan: Drink more beer
Such demands show what is wrong with the consumer system. People can only consume so much, for various reasons, and there is already appalling waste. No new ideas? -- RF
Fed focused on sunny side, downplayed global woes in October
The U.S. Federal Reserve wrestled with whether to nod to financial market volatility and a weakening global economy in its policy statement last month, but opted not to out of worry it could send an unwarranted signal of pessimism.
God's regift? Pope Francis raffling off gifts to him to benefit the poor
As The "Sanctions War" Heats Up, Will Putin Play His 'Gold Card'?
Global Cooling Alert: Iron Ore Tumbles 47% In 2014, At 5-Year Low
Rich hoard cash as their wealth reaches record high

## Airline Death Spiral ##
9 airports where flying is about to get a lot worse
Security lines that snake along endlessly, significant flight delays, lost luggage, sullen and overworked gate agents. These are just some of the nightmares that flyers experience at airports when they travel on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the busiest day of the year for airports, thanks to passenger volumes that are between 108-259% higher than the average day. And soon, that may be an everyday occurrence at airports.
Airplane Ticket Prices On Rise Despite Lower Jet Fuel Costs
JetBlue reduces legroom, adds bag fees
Indonesia's flag carrier expects full-year loss
Here's why airline insurance rates are going up next year
Malaysia's AirAsia X to brake capacity expansion, cut flights after third-quarter loss

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Rare car bomb in Irbil, Kurdish Iraq's capital, targets governor's compound
Baghdad Sends $500 Million To Kurdish Officials To Ease Oil Tensions
Islamic State 'outbidding' al-Qaida in South Asia
Isis has enough weapons to carry on fighting for two years, UN warns
Terror financiers are living freely in Qatar, US discloses
After 13 years, 2 wars and trillions in military spending, terrorist attacks are rising sharply
Iran seeking Saudi help in nuclear talks with West
Russia Wants Guarantees Ukraine Won't Join NATO
Russia's relations with Hungary warm as ties with West chill
While the Ukraine crisis is straining ties between many EU capitals and Moscow, Hungary - which relies heavily on Russia for natural gas supplies - is enjoying a rapprochement with the Kremlin.
Hungary says South Stream pipeline only way to ensure gas supply
Russia And China To Conduct Joint Naval Exercises In The Mediterranean And Pacific In 2015
Russia shifting foreign policy focus to Asia-Pacific
France 'blocks' Russian sailors from boarding warship
Amid a growing diplomatic crisis between Vladimir Putin and the rest of Europe, hundreds of Russian sailors have reportedly  been prevented from boarding a warship built for them in western France.
This Is What Is Really Taking Place Behind The Scenes Of The Second US-Russian Cold War
Report Finds Gulf States Unstable Despite Resource Wealth
Russia loosens gun laws to allow people to carry rifles
Whispers about Russia's so-called 'satellite killer' grow louder

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
St. Louis Police Forum Urges Civilians To Get Guns
As America nervously awaits potentially violent demonstrations following a grand jury's expected decision about whether to indict Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson, a St. Louis police forum saw calls for civilians to arm themselves against protesters.
Very clever. Calling for the public to arm themselves against protesters (who are also the public) makes the protesters look like criminals and also divides the public into two groups and drives a wedge between them. -- RF
Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Sparks Rush To Hire Security Guards
A Fifth Person Dies After Attack At Jerusalem Synagogue
Tens of Thousands in Athens Commemorate Revolt Against US-Backed Military Dictatorship
Hungary Public Outrage Day: 10,000 Hungarians Protest Against Corruption, Orban Government
Students clash with police in central London, in pictures
Ireland cuts planned water charges in bid to quell protest
Taxi drivers stage park-in protest at SFO airport
District Thai: 'Hunger Games' Comes to Life in Defiant Salute to Coup Leader

## Energy/resources ##
Gulf Of Mexico Deepwater Reserves May Have Been Overestimated
The truth about fossil fuel subsidies
What Blows Up First—–Shale Oil Junk Bonds
The future of energy: You may be walking on it
Although presented as wondrous gadgets that will carry us forward into a Glorious Technological Future, efforts in this direction at this stage are actually a sign of desperation. Needless to say, there's nothing wrong with efficiency or recovering waste heat, but proponents are underestimating the scale of industrial civilization. -- RF
Solar farms will still need subsidies far beyond 2020, industry admits (UK)
Solar Trade Association says large solar farm will need subsidies until 2025-2028, despite claiming last month that all solar panel projects could be subsidy-free by 2020
South Africa's latest power struggle: unpaid bills
Biggest U.S. power grid PJM hits monthly record due to cold snap
Middle East violence pushes oil prices up
Cheap Electricity for Poor Squeezing Out Solar in India
Directorate: Oil Firms Demand Excessive Returns Offshore Norway
Oil companies in Norway are frequently demanding excessive returns on their investments, raising the risk that some oil will never be produced, Bente Nyland, the director of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate said.

## Got food? ##
Iraq: ISIS Stole 1 Million Tonnes of Grain From Captured Territory

## Environment/health ##
Don't rake your leaves, scientists say
Don't stop there. Let's also get rid of monoculture lawns. -- RF
Sicker seniors: US lags on elder health vs. other nations
UN Calls for 'Fast-Track' Approach to Combatting Worldwide AIDS Epidemic

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
NSA Surveillance To Continue: Senate Votes Against USA Freedom Act
WhatsApp encrypts messages from beginning to end
University of Rhode Island Removes Gruber Video After It Goes Viral
The University of Rhode Island (URI) removed a video of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber discussing how he exploited the American people.
Fusion Centers are spying on innocent Americans & have virtually no oversight
Push for cashless payments in developing nations
This is important because it will allow governments and corporations to track all purchases and eliminate privacy. Further, the increased use of credit cards is important because propping up the Ponzi economy requires finding more and more new people to take on debt. Ultimately the cashless economy will fail because the electric power supply and internet will become unreliable.  -- RF

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Growth: the destructive god that can never be appeased
The blind pursuit of economic exapansion stokes a cycle of financial crisis, and is wrecking our world. Time for an alternative.
Neo-Feudalism Has Officially Arrived – Congressman Suggests Building a Moat Around White House
Long-time readers know that I have been observing the transformation to neo-feudalism. Here again, I am not the only one. It's so obvious now that even the most casual observer can see what is happening. -- RF

## Japan ##
Why Japan's Money Printing Madness Matters
The Abenomics death spiral
Japanese Trade Deficit Streak Hits Record 44 Months, Yen & Stocks Decoupling

## China ##
China's Central Bank Makes Even the Heroic Fed Look Like a Bunch of Amateurs

## UK ##
British Wind Farms Generate More Electricity Than The Grid Can Handle
Campylobacter contamination found in over half of UK's fresh chicken
Controversial benefit sanctions driving more young people to homelessness, charity warns
Government dismisses study linking use of food banks to benefit cuts
Research calls for changes to Britain's increasingly threadbare social security system to stop people falling into poverty
Students' attempt to storm Tory party HQ thwarted by riot police

## US ##
Welcome to the Recovery Part 2 – Washington D.C.'s Homeless Population Expected to Rise 16% in 2014
Citi banker found dead in luxe apartment with throat cut
The growing danger on Main Street: Shadow banking
Dollar General, Family Dollar still in talks with FTC
The New York Post reported that Dollar General may have to divest more than 4,000 stores to win approval for a deal or be forced to raise its $80 per-share bid.
San Diego Approves $3.5B Recycled Water Project
Racial gap in U.S. arrest rates: 'Staggering disparity'
Salt shortage again? Here's your play
Forest Service OKs Fracking in Largest National Forest on East Coast
Financial Fraud 101: DOE's Phony "Profits" On Green Energy Loan Boondoggles
21 Facts That Prove That Dependence On The Government Is Out Of Control In America
Crime-Fighting Robots Go On Patrol In Silicon Valley

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