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News Links, November 24, 2014

I'll be operating on a reduced schedule for the next two weeks.

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Money Lacking for Facade of Berlin's New Palace
The Wrath of Draghi: Biggest German Banks Impose "Negative Interest Rates"
Dow, S&P 500 push further into record territory
Pump, baby, pump! -- RF
The Astonishing Rise of Central Bank Fear
Disinflation A Worry Not Only For Europe But Also For The World
Europe's Season Of Discontent: The Anti-Brussels Revolt Flourishes From North To South
Some 16,867 voters in southeast England ushered in a season of European political tumult that in an extreme scenario could lead to Britain exiting the European Union, Greece quitting the euro or Catalonia seceding from Spain.
Beijing Looks Into The Abyss……And Threatens To Keep Digging
Islamic State reportedly buying silver, gold as it prepares to issue currency
Wrong Three Ways: Europe Not at Risk of Full-Blown Deflation Says ECB Vice President
How Canada's auto loan bubble has become a ticking time bomb

## Airline Death Spiral ##
American Airlines unit to transfer 50 regional aircraft, cut jobs
Estonian Air reports $8 million 9M net loss; expects new shareholder in 2015
Give us bigger seats! Fatter profits might follow
One of the most troubling travel stories of 2014 was a report that airlines are considering a new class of service — and I use the term "class" loosely — called economy "minus."

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
As nuclear pact hangs in the balance, Israel weighs action against Iran: Jerusalem Post
Iran says nuclear deal 'impossible' by Nov. 24 deadline
US tells Iran to consider nuclear talks extension
U.S. plans to arm Iraq's Sunni tribesmen with AK-47s, RPGs, mortars
Iraqi forces say retake two towns from Islamic State
ISIS threatens government center in Iraq's Anbar province
China making overtures to island nations in strategic backyard
China is offering generous financial support to countries in the South Pacific in hopes of strengthening its economic and military influence and eclipsing the Taiwanese and American presence in the region.
Lockheed, Pentagon ink $4.7 billion deal for eighth batch of F-35 fighters
Kenya Military Kills 100 Al-Shabaab Terrorists In Wake Of Deadly Bus Attack
Report says pictures show China building reef island
Obama Order Expands Afghan War Powers in 2015

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Mexican president burned in effigy as tens of thousands mark day of protest
The Plebs Are Revolting – Utah Bill to Shut Off Water to the NSA Moves Forward
Israel promises tough measures to stop wave of attacks in Jerusalem
Demonstrators clash with French police over protester death
FBI Sends 100 Agents to Ferguson Ahead of Grand Jury Decision

## Energy/resources ##
South Africa's Eskom declares "power emergency"
Iran leases oil storage in China; ships crude to India from there: Sources
Israel pitches 'massive' natural gas pipeline plan to Europe
Energy minister proposes multi-million euro idea to fellow energy ministers in Rome; project would reduce EU dependence on Russia
S.Korea announces four more nuclear reactors to be built
They won't be built. -- RF
China Needs 1,000 Nuclear Reactors to Fulfill Its Climate Pledge
More techno-pie in the sky. Some of the renewable capacity will no doubt be built, but the nukes are totally unrealistic and out of the question. -- RF
Russia to seek new partners if Western oil majors leave - minister
OPEC's Easy Days Setting Oil Production Are Over, Veteran Says; You Need Russia, Norway, Mexico
The Changing Face of World Oil Markets
China and India to account for 35% of global oil trade

## Got food? ##
New Research Says Plant-based Diet Best for Planet and People

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Education vs. School – Why We Are Homeschooling Our Children

## Environment/health ##
Cuban doctor sick with Ebola to be flown to Geneva for treatment
Backyard pesticides show up increasingly in California watersheds: report
Evacuation plans readied as Buffalo flooding looms
Scientists Confirm: 2014 Set to Be Hottest Year in Recorded Human History

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
European Parliament may propose Google break-up in draft resolution
'Resist Surveillance': Human Rights Groups Launch Tool to Detect Spyware
Amnesty International released a free program on Wednesday that scans computers for surveillance software that is often used by governments to spy on journalists, human rights lawyers, political organizers, and other activists—technology that has been discovered to be in use in countries around the world.
New Malware Used for Surveillance in 10 Countries, Symantec Says

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Mass Abduction Reveals a Decaying Mexican State
10 Examples Of The Social Decay That Is Eating Away At America Like Cancer
The Falcon Can No Longer Hear the Falconer
Mexico on the Brink – But of What?
The Mexican government blames the nationwide protests on groups seeking to "destabilize the country" and undermine the "reform agenda." But in this militarized, corrupt society, the risk of escalation of violence is immense.
Nuclear commander lost job after being caught playing fake poker chips
Toyota recalls nearly 423K Lexuses for fuel leaks
Malled: The Hollowing Out of an American Institution. 'We Surrender'

## Japan ##
Gov't to reduce sales tax on food, other items in April 2017
Damage worse than thought in Nagano earthquake
As debt piles up, Japan tries to lock in low borrowing costs
Increase in forward exchange contracts to combat weak yen
Medical facilities in Japan training staff to handle Ebola cases

## China ##
Chinese Corruption Goes "Tebie Juda" (Extremely Huge): General Scalps One Ton Of Cash Selling Promotions
China ready to cut rates again on fears of deflation: Sources
On The Looming Wall Of Chinese Defaults, Restructuring Firm Warns "You Know It's Coming"
Property, manufacturing woes help trim China's shadow banking

## UK ##
In Great Britain, Protecting Pedophile Politicians is a Matter of "National Security"
UK police: up to 5 terror plots foiled this year

## US ##
"Serfdom is the New Normal" – Talkin' Oligarch Blues with Perpetual Assets
Demise of the nuclear family: Multi-generational living is here to stay in a low wage economy
Over 57 million Americans live in multi-generational households.
Hillary The Hawk: Meet Her War Party Team In Waiting
Go Figure—– 86 Million Full-Time Workers, 148 Million Govt. Beneficiaries
Five Ugly Decades of Middle-Class Wages in America
Disconnected: Millennials talk big, do little about money
West Coast port strife: The retail worry
Cleveland boy with pellet gun dies after police shoot him
Bank of America hires U.S. officials for financial crime team
Bank of America has hired two U.S. government officials to join its financial crimes team, according to three people familiar with the matter, as banks are under increasing pressure to police their transactions for suspicious activity.
American Ranking Plummets in Global Index of 'Personal Freedoms'
State Budgets Reeling from Low Oil Prices
How Police Use Military Tactics to Quash Dissent
Illinois Law to Fix $111 Billion Pension Deficit, Worst in U.S., Is Struck Down

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