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News Links, December 17, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Crashing crude may blow a $1.6 trillion hole in the global oil sector, annually
Major Oil Countries See Currencies, Stocks Decline As Investors Flee From Falling Crude Oil Prices
Spanish Judge Exposes Too-Big-to-Fail Bank Robbery
China, Russia Dump US Treasurys In October As Foreigners Sell Most US Stocks Since 2007
Bankia's saga of lies, deception, and fraud should (but probably won't) culminate in the imprisonment of a former IMF president, crippling fines for the auditors (Deloitte), and fireworks at financial regulators.
We Just Witnessed The Worst Week For Global Financial Markets In 3 Years
India's Rapidly Cooling Inflation Supports Case For Rate Cut
India's industrial output unexpectedly shrinks
France Cut by Fitch, Kicked by Bundesbank, Jilted by Logic, Has Newfangled Solution: Sunday Shopping. And Blows it
Dubai Crashed, Qatar Crashed, And The Rest Of The Gulf States Got Smoked
Mind The Global Dollar Short——Its A $9 Trillion Time Bomb
Russian Ruble, Turkish Lira, Ukrainian Hryvnia Hit Record Lows; Global Currency Crisis on Deck
Russia Defends Ruble With Biggest Rate Rise Since 1998
Moscow: Russia's Ruble Decline 'Critical,' Central Bank To Act Further
A Full-Blown Economic Crisis Has Erupted In Russia
Russia Contagion Spreads To European Banks : French SocGen, Austrian Raiffeisen Plummet
China's Factory Gauge Declines as Stimulus Case Builds
Household debt hits record as 'biggest risk' to Canada's economy tops 162% of disposable income
Yes, it's possible for a gold-backed renminbi to dethrone the dollar
Gold Imports 'Phenomenal' In India - 571 Percent Surge To 150 Tonnes in November
The Hidden Costs Of Cheap Oil
Low Oil Prices Could Point To A More Serious Problem
Junk Bond Yields going up 1,000% again? Up 70% so far!
Indonesia steps in to defend financial market

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Vince Cable: air traffic firm skimped on investment
Sen. Schumer Calls For Federal Investigation Of Rising Airfares Despite Industry's 'Record Profits'
China Promises to Punish Passengers in Mid-Air Meltdown Incident
SpiceJet is beyond the point of return: Is Maran's airline in a death spiral?
Airlines get $1 billion from baggage fees
More cuts: Is Memphis now just another city for Delta?
Delta continues to pull back in Memphis. The airline announced in 2013 that it would drop Memphis as a hub and has whittled away at its presence there ever since. Now, after yet another round of cuts revealed on Friday, it appears Delta's retrenchment in Memphis is nearly complete.
Korean Air to be sanctioned for nut rage cover-up
Eight bizarre types of air rage
A survey by the International Air Transport Association suggested that 43 per cent of airlines experienced more than 100 cases of unruly passengers in a year. We round up the more bizarre cases of air rage that have come to light in recent years.
Egypt's unprofitable national airline hires U.S. firm for restructuring

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Anything But Progress: US Data Shows Little Results in ISIS War
60-plus nations nominally in the coalition and over 1,000 airstrikes between Iraq and Syria, the US has thrown myriad data at  Congress to try to prove "progress" in the war on ISIS. Yet a closer inspection reveals anything but.
Baltics Up Defense Spending As Russia Buzzes Borders
GCC establishes joint military command -- Arab NATO

Denmark Claims North Pole Via Greenland Ridge Link
Scientific data shows Greenland's continental shelf is connected to a ridge beneath the Arctic Ocean, giving Danes a claim to the North Pole and any potential energy resources beneath it, Denmark's foreign minister said.
Watch as more countries come up with their own versions of the nine-dash line. -- RF
US, Europe Arms Sales Decline For Third Year In A Row, Russia Sees Spike In Sales
Global arms sales by top 100 defense companies in the world fell for the third year in a row, while Russian arms sales went up by 20 percent, according to new data compiled by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), a Sweden-based independent think tank.
Netanyahu years continue surge in settlements
The population of Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank has continued to surge during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's years in office, growing at more than twice the pace of Israel's overall population, according to newly obtained official figures.In revenge, Pakistani Taliban strike school, killing at least 141
Low Oil Prices Bad For Stability In Nigeria Amid Boko Haram Violence, Upcoming Elections
Russia Says U.S., NATO Increased Spy Flights Seven-Fold
As hard as it is to believe - given the strength of the "Russia-is-doomed" meme - Crude oil prices for Russia (in Rubles) are unchanged since February... This is important as all costs are Ruble denominated while revenues are USD denominated, leaving Russian oil companies' margins insulated despite the dollar decline in price.
Desalination out of Desperation
Severe droughts are forcing researchers to rethink how technology can increase the supply of fresh water.
Chevron Pulls Out Of $10 Billion Gas Deal With Ukraine
Ukraine's bid to rid itself of its dependence on Russian energy just took a huge hit.

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
The unforgeable passport? It may have arrived
Researchers in the Netherlands have found what they say is a way to make it impossible for criminals to forge passports, ID cards or credit cards.
This of course assumes that we'll have the power to run the necessary electronics and the internet. Even temporary power outages would wreak havoc on such a system. -- RF
Sony hackers reference 9/11 in new threats against theaters

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Richard Branson shelves submarine plan to take tourists to bottom of oceans
It's the kind of defiant hubris one expects from a dying empire. -- RF
Electrics, hybrids, fuel-cell cars... Futile attempts to save a dying system. -- RF
About 300 Chinese said fighting alongside Islamic State in Mideast
About 300 Chinese people are fighting alongside the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, a Chinese state-run newspaper said on Monday, a rare tally that is likely to fuel worry in China that militants pose a threat to security.
Hospitals and fire services to be run 'outside the public sector'
Hospitals and fire services will be run "outside the public sector" as the Conservatives dramatically shrink the state and cut costs, a senior minister has disclosed.
Dalai Lama: British government needs Chinese money
The Dalai Lama says Britain kowtowed to China over the protests in Hong Kong because its "pocket is more or less empty"

## US ##
Insolvent Scranton PA Pensions Rise 80%, Fire Fund to Run Out of Money in 2.5 Years; Bankruptcy Looms
What Choice Do We Have?
The bottom line for the vast majority of us is that there is an extremely high price to be paid for independence from fealty to the State or Corporate America.
How NYC's Biggest Real Estate Project in a Generation is Being Financed by Selling Green Cards to the Chinese
The Empire is falling on hard times. -- RF
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson came to this South Texas outpost on Monday to inaugurate a 50-acre detention center that will hold up to 2,400 migrants caught crossing the Mexican border illegally, becoming the largest immigration detention facility in the country.
Housing starts collapsed in November. They weren't good, they weren't even so-so as media reports intimated. The seasonally adjusted annualized number which the paid flacks report is absolute nonsense. It's fiction.

And finally...
Top 10 modern Christmas cracker jokes
Mom calls into C-SPAN to tell her pundit sons to stop arguing

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