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News Links, December 9, 2014

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Canada's Unemployment Rate Rises To 6.6% As Economy Loses 10,700 Jobs
Mining's 'Cash Machine' Promise Fades as Prices Crater
Ukraine Needs Second Bailout, Currency Reserves Drop to Critical Level; Another IMF Visit; Where's the Love?
No carpetbagging mission is ever complete without at least one visit from the IMF.
'Level playing field': Why a Chinese currency hub will help boost Canada's oil sector
The hub would also allow Canadian energy companies to number among the very few producers in the world to sell oil in a currency other than the U.S. dollar. In August, Russia's Gazprom Neft began accepting Rubles or Chinese currency for oil sales off its eastern coast. Russian president Vladmir Putin has recently described the international oil trade as the "dollar dictatorship."
New Law Would Make Taxpayers Potentially Liable For TRILLIONS In Derivatives Losses
Venezuela needs cash, but there's no easy way to get it
Public pensions at risk worldwide: Report
The world's retirement bill is coming due—and many countries aren't ready to pay it. That's the conclusion of a report Monday from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a Paris-based group representing the world's developed countries.
I've said again and again that pensions are melting away. Do you believe me now? -- RF
Oil and the banks: As prices fall, risks may rise
A Market-Shaking Showdown Straight Ahead: Draghi's Monumental Bluff Is Being Called
Why a Moscow meltdown could spread around the globe
The two main threats that are shaking global firms
Don't Count on Oil Drop Greasing Global Growth
Here are 5 global problems cheaper oil may fuel
McDonald's Sales Tanking Everywhere
Canada back to being 'one of the global punching bags' as TSX suffers biggest one-day loss in 18 months

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Suspected Israeli war jets strike near Damascus airport
UN Details Israeli Military Ties With Syrian Rebels
Top Putin aide: Mossad training ISIS terrorists in Iraq, Syria
U.S. allies to send about 1,500 troops to Iraq: commander
4,600 International Troops Pledged to Train Iraqi Forces
Afghan war rages as foreign forces go out the door
NATO And US Close Afghanistan Combat Headquarters After 13 Years Of War
Saudi Arabia Arrests 135 Terrorism Suspects in Nationwide Sweep
Russian envoy helps advance Iranian nuclear deal
"Riddles" Surround 36th Dead Banker Of The Year
UNICEF: 2014 'Devastating' for Millions of Children Across the Globe
Military radar market continues growing
The global military radar market will reach a value of $18.5 billion due to increased growth, according to new analysis.
Risks of nuclear war rising because of global tensions and insecure stockpiles, warn experts
Revealed: the full scale of Mexico's 'disappearances'
Siphoning confidence: Piracy and fuel theft
A statistical increase in the number of attacks on shipping has fed concerns that piracy is on the rise in and around South-east Asia.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
'Just Keep Fighting for What's Right': Nationwide Protests Continue
Berkeley, Calif., protest gets violent for second night
Eric Garner case protesters block traffic in Staten Island near Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
Protesters rally in Lexington after deaths in N.Y., Ferguson
Italian cuts trigger protests at La Scala opening night
Germans take to the streets to protest against 'Islamisation'
German union launches new strike at Amazon warehouses

## Energy/resources ##
Fossil fuels: are we on the edge of the Seneca cliff?
The ongoing collapse of oil prices may be a symptom that we are running out of the capital resources necessary to keep developing new fields.
Ten Reasons Why a Severe Drop in Oil Prices is a Problem
Oil Crash Comes Home To Roost: ConocoPhillips To Slash 2015 CapEx By 20%
Norway's Oil Decline Accelerating
New oil projects are being scrapped in Norway amid falling production and low oil prices.
Statoil shuts LNG plant due to a leak, duration unknown
Signs Of Peak Oil Starting To Emerge
Russia's Gazprom to set up new company for gas pipeline to Turkey
South Stream Pipeline May Not Be Dead Yet
The European Commission's new energy chief says that Russia could revive the South Stream natural-gas pipeline project if it follows EU rules.
New Study Claims US Shale Gas Quantities Grossly Exaggerated
Ukraine Allows Russian Electricity Imports as Coal Supply Falters
BP still cutting jobs years after divestitures tied to Gulf spill, now faces oil-price slump

## Got food? ##
Hunger crisis 'stalking Britain' is more shocking than in Africa, says Archbishop of Canterbury
Mexican 'Tuna Ranchers' Cash in on Global Tuna Addiction

## Environment/health ##
Highly contagious strain of bird flu kills up to 140,000 chickens and turkeys at five B.C. farms
US suspends some poultry imports from Canada due to bird flu
Two more doctors die from Ebola in Sierra Leone
With nine of its doctors now dead from the disease, the country's ability to fight the outbreak is undercut.
As US cleans up, it's exporting more pollution
Animal Feedlots And Oil Operations Leave An Impact You Can See From Space

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Caught On Tape - State Department Spokesperson Admits Her Own Propaganda Is "Ridiculous"
You don't have to wait for the end. Her evasive answers are laughably absurd. -- RF
Propaganda's Triumph over Journalism
As the world hurtles toward a new Cold War and possibly a nuclear confrontation over Ukraine, the West's "free press" is again serving the role of an obedient propaganda service — demonizing Russia, presenting a one-sided narrative and feeding a dangerous belligerence.
Isn't it important to realise who our enemies really are?
But why do we care what the great leaders of the West (or the East for that matter) actually say, when we all know it's the kind of material that comes out of the rear end of a bull?
Obama Extends NSA Spying Powers Yet Again

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
How Doctors Prescribing Meds Based on Drug Company Payoffs is Further Evidence of Systemic Failure
Nanny-State Gone Nuts: Brussels To Ban Energy-Wasting Two-Slice Toasters

## Japan ##
Abenomics Revised Down Again
Japan economy shrinks more than expected, backs Abe's tax decision
Japan's Latest GDP Drop: Proves, Again, Keynesians Don't Know Difference Between Healthy Growth And Destructive Redistribution
Bubble on the brain? Japan pension fund's stock market assumptions questioned
BOJ increasingly likely to cut price forecasts
Poverty takes on a new look in today's Japan
Utilities not coping with renewable energy plans
Heavy snowfall kills 8, causes severe damage

## China ##
China may be exporting its toxic debt problems too
As China's economy has slowed and property markets dropped, there has been plenty of concern about the massive debts incurred by state-run and private companies. Now there are signs that companies large and small are looking abroad to borrow enough money to stay afloat.
Chinese tests find quarter of drinking water 'substandard': Shanghai Daily
Retired PLA general urges soldiers to study international law for disputed island takeover
Zhou Yongkang Trial And Sentencing: Harsh Consequences Expected Under 'Rule Of Law'
China faces more pressure as Nov imports shrink unexpectedly, exports slow
Beijing adopts selective lending to force shipyard consolidation
About half of the mainland's shipyards have gone out of business in the past two years, and only 10 per cent of the bigger ones remaining have received new orders as overcapacity is shaken out of the market, thanks to selective, state-backed financing.
Chinese farmers washed away as Beijing pursues its latest water megaproject
New Documentary Explores the Less Ghostly Side of China's Ordos

## UK ##
How people have come to depend on food banks to survive
UK banking system may double in size by 2050, says Bank of England
Bank of England: half a million housebuyers face mortgage arrears
What the UK has wasted in four years of "guarding" Assange

## US ##
The Incredible Shrinking Incomes of Young Americans
How the U.S. could fight OPEC and win (and why it won't)
Social Security helps keep half of elderly Americans from poverty
Social Security has become the de facto retirement plan for millions of Americans.
Oil and Gas Bloodbath Spreads to Junk Bonds, Leveraged Loans. Defaults Next
The price of oil has plunged nearly 40% since June to $65.63, and junk bonds in the US energy sector are getting hammered, after a phenomenal boom that peaked this year. Energy companies sold $50 billion in junk bonds through October, 14% of all junk bonds issued! But junk-rated energy companies trying to raise new money to service old debt or to fund costly fracking or off-shore drilling operations are suddenly hitting resistance.
Treasury Warns Congress (and Investors): Leveraged Loans Could Sink the System
We've Habituated to a Rigged, Fraudulent Market
More Americans to buy homes with 3 percent down
Government Shutdown 2014: What Will Happen If The Federal Government Doesn't Pass A Budget
Holiday season brings eggnog, mistletoe and shoplifting
While shoplifting is standard at businesses of all sizes, data finds that a surprising number of these crimes are committed by employees.
Off the Menu: McDonald's US Sales Unexpectedly Decline 4.6%
NIRP Arrives In The US: TBTF Banks Tell Customers To Move Their Cash Or Be Charged Fees
Cheap oil's economic benefits may be a big myth
Release of Six Detainees After Twelve Years Highlights the Historic Evil of Guantánamo

And finally...
Study proves high heels do have power over men

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