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News Links, January 18, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Tanking oil prices make deflation a real threat
Schlumberger Limited (SLB) Q4 Profit Plunges 82%, Company To Slash 9K Jobs Due To Tumbling Oil Prices
FXCM gets $300 million bailout from Leucadia after Swiss franc shocker
Swiss franc shock shuts some FX brokers; regulators move in
Swiss Sovereign Yields Go NEGATIVE Up To 12 Years In Maturity!
Sony to close all 14 Canadian stores within 2 months
Run on Greek Banks Spreads; Four Banks Request Emergency Liquidity; €77 billion in Nonperforming Loans Another Reason to Get Out
BP job losses: Oil giant to brief 15,000 UK employees on staff cuts and 'restructuring' plans
Big Oil Companies Get Serious With Cost Cuts on Worst Slump Since 1986
Iran to set budget on $40/barrel price
Russia Abandons PetroDollar By Opening Reserve Fund
Russia's GDP Estimated To Contract By 5.5% In 2015, Impacting Armenia's Economy: Moody's
US-Built Police Buildings In Afghanistan Are 'Melting'
Rio Olympics Won't Help Brazil's Economy if the World Cup Is Any Guide
Euro zone ponders yet another Greek bailout
Greek central bank asks ECB to allow emergency bank lending line if needed
Calm Before The Storm: A Review Of Governments In Dire Straits
Russia Cut to Baa3 by Moody's on Oil as Junk Rating Looms
Intern Controversies Highlight South Korea's Youth Unemployment Woes

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Haneda Airport strengthens security in response to France terror attack
Frontier Airlines outsourcing more than 1,000 jobs at its Denver headquarters
US Steps Up Airport Security After Al Qaeda's 'Hidden Bomb' Recipe

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Suspected terrorist cells raided as Europe moves against threat
Chad to deploy troops to Cameroon to fight Boko Haram militants
Pentagon to deploy 400 troops to train Syrian rebels
Turkish military says MIT shipped weapons to al-Qaeda
Russia could soon run multiple Ukraine-sized operations: U.S. general
Fighting rages anew at Ukraine airport, three soldiers killed
The New Ukraine Is Run by Rogues, Sexpots, Warlords, Lunatics and Oligarchs
The Military-Industrial Complex in Iraq
UAE Offers Mirage Fighters to Iraq
Netanyahu blasts international court over preliminary probe of war crimes claims
Belgium Deploys 300 Troops After Islamist Terror Threats
Europe's 'Minority Report' Raids on Future Terrorists
Paul Craig Roberts – This New Crisis Is Worse Than Russia Unleashing Black Swans Against The West
Russia's Modest Proposal To Greece: "Exit Europe And We Will Lift The Food Import Ban"
Saudis said to review blogger's flogging case in Supreme Court

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protests against police violence shut down S.F. BART stations (US)
Chained protesters block Oakland federal building (US)
Anti-base protests flare at Futenma relocation site as survey work gets under way (Japan)
Protesters, police clash at Sao Paulo bus fare demo
Sao Paulo protesters clashed with police Friday who used tear gas and sound bombs to disperse crowds, as thousands rallied against Brazil's latest round of bus fare hikes.
Bahrain Shiites March, Clash With Police Over Jailed Leader
Acute fuel shortage fires up masses' fury
Massive protests were held as various parts of the country including Azad Kashmir experienced acute scarcity of petrol, diesel and CNG for the third consecutive day on Friday following the failure of the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) in maintaining the supply of the commodity.
Venezuela's 'protest city' on edge as economic crisis worsens
Charlie Hebdo protests: Five dead as churches and French flags burn in Niger riots over cover

## Energy/resources ##
Kenya hit by widespread power blackout
South Africa braces for more power woes
U.S. Faces Wave of Premature Nuclear Retirements
The nuclear renaissance has turned into a nuclear retirement party.
Low Oil Prices Compounding Problems At Petrobras
Money Dries Up for Oil and Gas, Layoffs Spread, Write-Offs Start
Schlumberger latest casualty of oil price decline
Arabian Gulf headed for future of gas imports as consumption surges
A near doubling of gas demand in the Middle East and North Africa by 2035 could eat into exports and turn some countries in the region into net importers, the secretary general of the Doha-based Gas Exporting Countries Forum said yesterday.

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Sercomtel sees cable theft more than double in 2014
Brazilian regional operator Sercomtel recorded 149 instances of telephone cable theft in 2014, which is an increase of 122 percent compared to 2013, when the company suffered 67 thefts.
Yes, you ARE paying more for food (US)

## Environment/health ##
France's Wavy Line on 'Free Speech'
Though called a "satirical" magazine, Charlie Hebdo was really more "scatological," obsessed with depicting the naked derrieres of political and religious figures often bent over in humiliating postures, especially Prophet Mohammed, a willful provocation that reflected more bigotry than free speech.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Where have our dreams gone? The death of Western literature
March of the Squirrels (The Archdruid Report)
The fact remains that in the absence of subsidies from fossil fuels, renewables won't support the absurdly extravagant energy consumption that props up what passes for an ordinary middle class lifestyle in the industrial world these days.
One example of how healthcare systems around the world are collapsing. -- RF
Experts: Japan Budget Boost Still Won't Meet Goals
While Japan's newly unveiled defense budget represents the third small hike in a row after decades of low spending, experts say such spending remains insufficient to fund Tokyo's plans for "dynamic defense forces."

## China ##
Macau Sex Ring Bust Shows China Expanding Crackdown on Graft
44 percent of jobs added since recession ended come from low-wage industries paying $10 an hour or less.

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