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News Links, January 20, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Credit Suisse to charge large companies for franc deposits
"De-Dollarization" Deepens: Russia Buys Most Gold In Six Months, Continues Selling US Treasuries
Half global wealth held by the 1%
Death Of Free Markets As Deflation Engulfs The World
Fears of Capital Controls, Savings Confiscation Trigger Bank Runs in Greece
China seen posting weakest annual growth in 24 years, will spur more stimulus
Bundesbank Announces Repatriation of 120 Tonnes of Gold from Paris and New York Federal Reserve
Denmark Announces Currency Peg is "Secure"; 12 Denials in 1 Day; Deposit Rate Cut to -0.20%; More Rate Cuts Coming?
ECB May Deliver $635 Billion to Steer Euro Away From Deflation
Futulity of Draghi's Upcoming QE
Quote Of The Day: "Venezuela Must Deepen Socialism To Improve Economy" - Maduro
And we must deepen Keynesian Kapitalism to save the world! -- RF
Egyptian cotton hangs by thread after state subsidy axed
Oil slump slashes Saudi Basic Industries
Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC), one of the world's largest petrochemicals groups, reported a 29 per cent plunge in fourth-quarter net income on Sunday, widely missing analysts' forecasts because of the tumble of global oil prices.
Europe Gets Cold Feet on "TTIP," Americans Should Too, But Obama Needs it for his Legacy
Who Benefits When Bubbles Burst?
Argentine Prosecutor Found Dead Hours Before Testimony Against President Fernandez
Euro-zone inflation -0.2% in December; Portugal's among most negative

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Air India flight delayed after cockpit punch-up
AirAsia crash highlights perils of region's crowded skies
Exclusive low-cost carrier terminal to open at Narita in April

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Suicide car bombing at Nigeria bus station kills four, wounds 35
Boko Haram kidnaps at least 60 people in Cameroon
African armies cannot defeat Boko Haram terror, experts warn
Israel lobbies foreign powers to cut ICC funding
Ukraine claims it has cleared pro-Russian rebels from most of Donetsk airport
Pro-Russians Renew Attack on Airport as Ukraine Fight Intensifies
Graves Waiting For Bodies: Major War Escalation in Ukraine; In 5 Weeks Ukraine Out of Money
U.S., South Korea forming combined army division
Upheaval in Yemen Continues as Deadly Clashes Break Out in Capital
Canadian Special Forces Confront ISIS In First Ground Battle Between Western Troops And Militant Group
New defense information exchange to operate via Washington
Japan is expected to more effectively address North Korean military threats via a new information sharing framework with South Korea and the U.S. established at the end of 2014.
Japan to reinforce SDF anti-piracy base in Djibouti for broader Middle East responses
Islamic State Has Tripled Its Territory In Syria Since U.S. Started Airstrikes
Israel Kills Iranian General in Syria Attack

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Volatility of Charlie Hebdo Cover on Display as Protests Erupt in Numerous Countries
Palestinian Protesters Hurl Eggs at Canada's John Baird in Ramallah
Palestinian protesters heckled and threw eggs at Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird during a visit to the West Bank on Sunday, denouncing Ottawa's diplomatic support for Israel.
The Return of the Protest Song
No respite in Bangladesh violence over polls as death toll rises to 27
Kenyan Police Tear-Gas School Kids In Protest Over Playground, Activists Say
Hundreds Of Thousands Protest In Chechnya Against Muhammad Cartoons
Oakland-area protests disrupt Sunday shoppers

## Energy/resources ##
This Week In Energy: Oil Majors Taking Ruthless Measures To Survive
These Two Charts Show the True Fiasco of US Oil & Gas
Malaysia Is Asia's 'Undisputed Loser' From Oil and Fiscal Cuts Are Looming
Jim Chanos: Days of drilling for cheap oil over
Jim Chanos, head of the world's largest short-selling hedge fund, told CNBC on Friday he's been short major oil companies for a couple years because the North American shale explosion has been "uneconomic for drillers."
U.S. Department of Energy: Our forecasts aren't really forecasts (or are they?)
Bakken Data Continues To Confound
One thing for sure is production growth has dramatically slowed in the last couple of months. I expect that slowdown to continue to get even slower.
Oil Industry Withdraws From High Cost Areas
The oil industry is pulling back from some marginal areas of operation, slashing jobs and spending, and retrenching in the face of the ongoing slump in oil markets. Signs of a shrinking footprint are beginning to pop up across the globe.
Global nuclear decommissioning cost seen underestimated, may spiral
Public may share costs of Germany's nuclear afterlife
It's just as I have said repeatedly: There will never be enough money for nuclear decommissioning. Get ready for a planetary-scale disaster. -- RF
Dumb and Dumber: U.S. Crude Oil Export
Exporting crude oil and natural gas from the United States are among the dumbest energy ideas of all time.
Hundreds of thousands left in the dark for hours in Brazil
Large-scale load shedding set to begin this week in South Africa
2,000MW cut increases shortfall to 7,000MW: Oil shortage may force closure of power plants (Pakistan)
Fury in Pakistan as petrol crisis brings roads to a halt

## Got food? ##
Warmer world threatens wheat shortages
Just one degree of global warming could cut wheat yields by 42 million tonnes worldwide, around 6% of the crop.
University Researchers Ask: Did the Waiter Spit in Your Soup?
Word of advice: Stop reading this if you are eating. Especially in a restaurant.

## Environment/health ##
Splinter Ebola Outbreaks Hinder Fight Against Virus: UN
West Africa's Ebola epidemic has morphed into several micro-outbreaks of varying intensity and with the potential to reignite more widespread contagion, a United Nations official said.
Disneyland measles outbreak continues to spread
Measles Outbreak Spreads in California, Other States
Farms can be held liable for pollution from manure: U.S. court
A U.S. federal court has ruled for the first time that manure from livestock facilities can be regulated as solid waste, a decision hailed by environmentalists as opening the door to potential legal challenges against facilities across the country.
A Seneca cliff in the making: African elephants on the brink of extinction
Mass Die-Offs of Birds and Fish Increasing In Frequency and Magnitude: Study
More rains, more deaths as floods across southern Africa set to worsen -TRFN
Pope Francis: Catholics don't have to breed 'like rabbits'

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
The FBI's Most Pathetic Sting Yet: Snares "Mommy's Boy" With Cat
The Digital Arms Race: NSA Preps America for Future Battle
New study has implications for criminal interrogation
Innocent adults can be manipulated to believe, over the course of a few hours, that they had committed heinous crimes in their teenage years, says a study.
All Verizon Customer Emails Were Opened Up To Hackers Thanks To Glaring Bug
Press Rebellion in the UK – British Media Launches Protest Against Spying, as GCHQ Places Investigative Journalism in Same Category as Terrorism
Microsoft Outlook Hacked in China After Gmail Blocked: Report
A Former FBI Special Agent Says The CIA Kept Him From Helping To Stop 9/11
Apple Is Considering Storing Your Fingerprints In iCloud

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Peak literature: the decline of the novel
Why the modern world is bad for your brain
In an era of email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter, we're all required to do several things at once. But this constant multitasking is taking its toll. Here neuroscientist Daniel J Levitin explains how our addiction to technology is making us less efficient.
Schools on Calif. military bases struggle with maintenance
"We need new stuff," sixth-grader Damian Rattler said recently while sitting in a chair held together with duct tape.

## Japan ##
Japan seeking early warning aicraft, UAS systems
BOJ faces crunch time as oil slump threatens inflation target
BOJ puts Japan bond yields on road to nowhere
Only 6% say 'Abenomics' policies have benefited rural regions: survey
OECD Calls for Japanese Labor 'Flexicurity'
U.S. nuclear cleanup specialist goes from Hanford to Fukushima
Japanese companies doing more firing than hiring: OECD report
Saga culls 73,000 chickens after bird flu found
TEPCO racing against time to process 280,000 tons of tainted water at Fukushima plant

## China ##
Two Uighurs reported killed in latest China border incident
Chinese police shot and killed two members of the Uighur minority group late Sunday as they attempted to cross the border illegally into Vietnam and assaulted Chinese border guards who tried to stop them, state media reported  Monday.
China Cities Signal Property Crash By Halting Apartment Sales
Without explanation, authorities in two Chinese cities have refused to issue approvals for transfers of apartments built by selected developers, including troubled Kaisa Group.
China's shipyards brace for leaner times as oil slump sours rig building spree
China Dream Ends for Handan as Steel Slump Spurs Property Losses
New HIV/AIDS Infections Surged 15% in China in 2014
China calls Snowden's stealth jet hack accusations 'groundless'
Will China be the next forex peg to break?

## UK ##
Incomes below the living wage for two out of five families
How fuel poverty is impacting low-income families
The study by Turn2us highlights the drastic measures families are taking to pay their energy bills, with 66% of people in the North East cutting back on food - and 88% of people saying that cutting back on energy has negatively affected the health of their children.
Tips for making sure elderly neighbours stay warm during the cold snap
There are an estimated 25,000 excess winter deaths each year.
Mortuaries overflowing as freezing weather causes rise in deaths
Earlier this month Age UK warned one older person could die every seven minutes from the cold this winter
Engineering Shortage a Threat to UK Military Aviation Safety
GCHQ captured emails of journalists from top international media
David Cameron admits nearly 500,000 foreigners have joined British workforce since 2010

## US ##
Shots Fired Near Vice President Joe Biden's Home In Delaware
Highlights of Obama plan to tax wealthy
Middle class decline looms over final years of Obama presidency
This was going to happen no matter who is president. -- RF
Alaska faces lean budget times as oil prices plunge
A College Degree Alone Won't Save You From Being Replaced by a Machine
No Inflation Unless You Eat Food, Use Water, Live In A House Or Apartment, Heat Your Home, Get Sick, Travel, Pay Car Insurance, Go To School, Mail Letters, Or Do Your Taxes
27 Facts That Show How The Middle Class Has Fared Under 6 Years Of Barack Obama
But to be fair, let's keep in mind that the middle class is doomed no matter who is president. -- RF
Bleak future for retirees as savings slashed
The Higher Education Bubble Is Suffused With Administrative Bloat
Rents and housing prices unaffordable to middle class in Los Angeles
The typical LA renter needs to earn $33 an hour just to afford a basic apartment.

And finally...
When robots break the law: bot buys ecstasy pills and fake Hungarian passport online

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