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News Links, January 28, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Eurozone : Greece must repay loans
Central banks welcome 2015 with series of easing moves
IBM To Cut 'Several Thousand' Jobs, Denies Mass Layoff Of More Than 100K Workers
Gold spike in major currencies a remarkable start to 2015
Currency Wars – Russia Buys 20.7 Tonnes Of Gold In December; Netherlands Refutes IMF Gold Data
Winter Storm Juno: Northeast Blizzard Is Latest In Rising Number Of Extreme Weather Events Taking Economic Toll
Radical Leftists Win Election In Greece – Future Of Eurozone In Serious Jeopardy
S&P downgrades Russia's sovereign credit rating to below investment grade
Junk-Bond Bubble Implodes Beyond Energy, Deals Scuttled, Yields Soar, Suddenly "Insufficient Demand"
Greece at the Crossroads: the Oligarchs Blew It
Greece debt repayment in full is 'unrealistic', says Syriza
Ebola Crisis: Oxfam Calls For International 'Marshall Plan' To Help Affected Nations Recover
After Ebola, World Bank Chief Proposes Global Insurance Program For Future Outbreaks
Weak Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) Earnings Bode Ill For The World Economy
Meet the Extreme Super Rich – A List of the 80 People Who Own Half the World
Apple supplier Foxconn to shrink workforce as sales growth stalls
Sony to cut 1,000 jobs in smartphone business: Nikkei
American Express plans to start operations in Cuba
Get those Cubans using credit cards! Because we need a continuous stream of new people to feed the Ponzi economy, one of the first things to do when "opening" a country (er, market) is to start getting people into debt. Remember, the economy grows by expanding debt, so this is absolutely essential to prop up the system. -- RF
The Central Banks' Cheap Money Deflation Cycle: Iron Ore Supply Soaring, China Demand Faltering, Prices and Profits Collapsing
Ticking CHF Mortgage Bomb In Eastern Europe—-8% of Poland's GDP
Swiss Franc Yield Curve Negative for 12 Years; Bond Crash - Austrian Bank Raiffeisen; Another One Bites the Dust
Iran ditches US dollar in foreign trade for Turkish lira, yuan, kwon

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Passengers find complaints to airlines can go nowhere fast
Airline complaints to the US Department of Transportation rose 30 percent over the past five years, according to an analysis by a consumer advocacy group.
Not all airline economy seats are created equally
Potential hackers announce threats to airline flights
Aer Lingus backs takeover, needs Irish government support

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russian Sanctions Might Be Obama's Greatest Blunder
Greece objects to EU call for more Russia sanctions
Ukraine Parliament Votes To Call Donetsk And Luhansk People's Republics Terrorist Groups
The Ukrainian parliament passed a vote on Tuesday officially declaring Russia as an aggressor state and naming the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics as terrorist organizations.
Email From US Special Forces Veteran; 500 US Blackwater Mercenaries in Ukraine? US Backs Ukrainian Neo-Nazis
Kurds Claim Victory Over ISIS in Four Month Kobani Fight
Secrets of modern mercenaries: Inside the rise of private armies
7 shocking facts about Saudi Arabia under 'modernizing' reign of King Abdullah
Criticism of Netanyahu's planned U.S. speech mounts in Israel
Bibi's Bullhockey On Iran : The Persians Are Not Coming!
Israel Attacks Syrian Army Posts Along Golan Frontier
Mexican Missing Students Update: Attorney General's Investigation Shows All 43 Men Are Dead
Eight Dead, Including Five Foreigners, in Tripoli Hotel Attack: Official
Islamic State steps up pressure on Japan, Jordan

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Bill threatens 600,000 euro fines for protesting in Spain
Denver Police Trigger Protests After Fatally Shooting Teenage Girl In Stolen Car
Kosovo Protests: Dozens Injured In Second Day Of Anti-Government Demonstrations
Calling TPP a 'Death Pact,' Health Advocates Rally Outside Secretive Trade Talks

## Energy/resources ##
Junk Bonds and Fracking at Low Oil & Gas Prices: Wave of Defaults, "Outright Liquidations" Next
Ukraine to issue $2 billion in local bonds to support Naftogaz
Oil major BP freezes pay in 2015 to cut costs
Brace for capex cuts 'across the board' as oil companies kick off Q4 releases
Oil and gas investors are bracing themselves for more bad news as Canadian energy companies kick-off their fourth quarter earnings this week.
Traders Delaying Russian Gas Imports Tap Declining EU Stores
Wood Pellets: Green Energy or New Source of CO2 Emissions?
North Dakota Oil Rigs Drop Points To US Output Decline After May
US Oil Rig Numbers Plunge, Especially In Bakken
Hess trims 18 percent from Bakken spending
Spending in the Bakken play in North Dakota will drop by 18 percent in the weakened oil price market, U.S. energy company Hess Corp. announced.
U.S. oil well shut-ins start as crude rout batters small producers
U.S. Shale Boom May Come To Abrupt End
The Case for $200 Oil
Lies And Deception In Ukraine's Energy Sector
Petrobras may book $20 billion asset write-down: Veja magazine blog
Saipem frontrunner for Kashagan pipeline contract -sources
Goldman Sachs Busts Myth Of Impending Russian Oil Collapse
Russia needs oil at $70 to break even
Chinese coal industry freezes over

## Got food? ##
Costlier food hits low-income families harder (Singapore)
Insects in food top diner complaints in Japan
Don't read this before lunch. Diners are finding cockroaches, flies and human hair in their food, and complaints are piling up.

## Environment/health ##
Study Yields Surprising Insights into Global Effects of Wood Fuel Burning
The harvesting of wood to meet the heating and cooking demands for billions of people worldwide has less of an impact on global forest loss and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions than previously believed, according to a new Yale-led study.
Drought Reaches 5 of Brazil's 10 Largest Metropolitan Areas
Rationing, supply problems and reservoirs at high-alert levels are already a reality in five of Brazil's 10 major metropolitan areas: Belo Horizonte, Campinas, Recife, Rio and São Paulo.

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Facebook and Instagram suffer global outage
Social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram, suffered an outage on Tuesday morning around the world, with both desktop and mobile sites affected.
Secret 'BADASS' Intelligence Program Spied on Smartphones
200 million people moved to East Asia's cities over decade: World Bank
Almost 200 million people in East Asia moved to urban areas in the decade to 2010, the World Bank said Monday, creating a massive challenge to the region's planners.
Strange Visions of the Hyper-Congested Megacities of the Future
The Broken Template

## Japan ##
For decades government policy, which favors the urban industrial economy, has impoverished the countryside and kept it on life support with porkbarrel make-work construction projects. Now suddenly it's time for the countryside to shape up or die. Not that Japan had any real choice if it wanted to participate fully in the globalized economy. The countryside was sacrificed on the altar of global capitalism. -- RF
No. of complaints about objects found in food tops 16,000 in 6 years
The number of complaints about foreign substances found in food bought at stores or served at restaurants has mounted to 16,094 in nearly six years since fiscal 2009, the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan said Monday.

## China ##
Many people no doubt feel they can no longer afford to gamble, even with $2. Another reason might be disillusionment that it's a winner-take-all system, just like American politics. -- RF
Once running, the plant will be the largest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. It will lessen the local water authority's dependence on water imported from other regions — but at a starting price that is twice the rate the authority now pays for drinking water.
US Dollar losing an enormous amount of purchasing power since 1938.

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