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News Links, February 11, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Youth Unemployment, Income Inequality Keep Rising
Chart Of The Day: Global Central Banks Now Monetizing More Than 100% Of Sovereign Debt Issuance
The World Is $199 Trillion in Debt, and Growing
The Shipping News: Brutal. As per usual
Why China poses the next great risk for a deflationary world
Greek Investors Buying More Gold Coins From U.K. Royal Mint
Tomorrow Greece Decides: Europe... Or Russia
A Day Of Reckoning For The Euro Has Arrived – $26 TRILLION In Currency Derivatives At Risk
Sony to cut 1,100 jobs, largely in China
Let's just admit it: Governments never really pay off their debts
The Top 1/10th of 1% Loves a Guaranteed Minimum Income: With One Caveat
The Canadian housing market will implode in dramatic  fashion
5 charts highlighting the inevitable pop to Canada's real estate boom.
Robot revolution gathers pace – but at what cost to jobs?
Robots replacing human factory workers at faster pace
Germany rejects Greece's demands for $11 billion of Second World War reparations
The global financial system stands on the brink of second credit crisis
Japan's current account surplus slumps to record low in 2014
Russia refuses to restructure Ukraine's $3bn debt

## Airline Death Spiral ##
January Traffic Stalls at Two Airlines
Narrower seats possibly becoming airplane trend
South African Airways is 'technically insolvent'
South African Airways (SAA) has confirmed it is "technically insolvent" and reliant on government guarantees, which stand at R14.3 billion ($1.2 billion).
Air France May Be Running Out Of Chances
It seems Air France, a once-proud flag carrier with an impressive history, may never see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the next few days it is expected to unveil another severe cost-cutting plan, the third in a row, and more job cuts. Ground staff and flight attendants will be involved but not cockpit crews.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Obama and Merkel discuss Ukraine peace plans, U.S. considers supplying weapons
Kiev's Bloody War Is Backfiring—-Citizens Resisting Kiev Conscription
War in Ukraine - Latest Maps - Cauldron Closed
U.S. delivers artillery to Lebanon
Ex-Rebels Form Pro-Assad Militia, Battle Islamists Around Damascus
No Russian bases in Cyprus, Foreign Minister says
North Korea test-fires five short-range missiles into the sea
Iran's Khamenei Throws Support To A Practical Nuclear Deal With West
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's clerical leader, gave a speech on Sunday in which he said he supports an agreement with the West on Iran's nuclear enrichment program that is practical and can be achieved, but added, "I will not accept a bad deal."
Invasion Imminent: Jordan Stations "Thousands" Of Troops On Iraq Border
Gen Allen: Iraq's Anti-ISIS Ground Offensive to Begin Within Weeks
U.S. Navy Considers Setting Up Ship Base in Australia
The U.S. is in talks with Australia about "basing" Navy vessels in its main South Pacific ally, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert said, a move that would risk inflaming tensions with China.
Why China wants to make Japan 'tremble'

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
'Peasants With Pitchforks' Seen If Profits Get Any Fatter

## Energy/resources ##
SandRidge cutting rig count by 75 percent -document
SandRidge Energy Inc (SD.N), a U.S. oil and gas producer, plans to slash its rig count in Oklahoma and Kansas by about 75 percent to eight rigs, according to a document obtained by Reuters. The cuts, to be implemented through early April, may amount to what is arguably the most significant pullback in well drilling by a publicly traded shale oil company since crude prices started a 50 percent slide in June.
Another 5,000 Victims Of The Plunge In Oil Prices
Yet another energy company is struggling to save money in the face of unexpectedly low oil prices. Weatherford International, one of the world's largest oilfield services company, will cut 9 percent of its global workforce in the next two months to save more than $350 million a year.
Halliburton to cut thousands of jobs as oil slumps
U.S. oil services company Halliburton (HAL.N) said on Tuesday it expects to cut potentially more than 6,000 jobs across the globe because of a "challenging market environment" resulting from low oil prices.
Oil could plunge to $20 and this might be 'the end of OPEC': Citigroup
From bad to worse for US coal companies
OPEC Says Oil's Drop Hitting Other Producers Faster Than Thought
Oil Price War Inflicts Collateral Damage in Latin America
The number of onshore rigs drilling for oil and gas in the region fell to just 272 in January, from 339 in July 2014, according to data published on Friday by oilfield services company Baker Hughes. In both absolute and percentage terms the slowdown in onshore drilling is worse than in any other area outside the United States.
Nuclear renaissance: Why nuclear industry needs to be paid $500/MWh
EU energy consumption level falls to 20-year low
Norwegian-German power cable project delayed until 2019
The first power cable interconnection between Norway and Germany will be in place by the end of 2019, a year later than originally planned, due to insufficient cable production capacities, Norway's grid operator, Statnett, said on Tuesday.
US shale oil boom could become next 'dotcom bubble', says Russian oil boss

## Got food? ##
US farmers expected to see 32 percent drop in income in 2015
Net income for U.S. farmers is expected to fall by nearly 32 percent this year because of low crop prices and increasing expenses, placing many farmers in an unprofitable situation.

## Environment/health ##
Bee colonies collapse 'as stressed young workers grow up too fast'
E-cigarette explodes in man's face
Man-made air pollution reduces Central America rainfall: study
Air pollution tied to industrialization in the northern hemisphere almost certainly reduced rainfall over Central America in new evidence that human activity can disrupt the climate, a study suggested on Monday.

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
French Website Shutdown Law Decried as Attack on Free Speech
A new law enacted Monday in France will allow the government to shut down websites without a court order, in a move that officials say will help combat terrorism and child pornography but which civil liberties advocates warn threatens free speech rights.
Brian Williams Isn't Alone: These Public Figures Made It Up, Too
Report: Automakers fail to fully protect against hacking
Is your doctor's office the most dangerous place for data?
Witnesses question Brian Williams' claims that 'armed gangs' terrorized hotel during Hurricane Katrina
Brian Williams' account of '70s N.J. robbery questioned
NBC's Brian Williams told varying versions of rocket fire in Israel-Hezbollah war
Wretched US Journalism on Ukraine
The U.S. news media has failed the American people often in recent years by not challenging U.S. government falsehoods, as with Iraq's WMD. But the most dangerous violation of journalistic principles has occurred in the Ukraine crisis, which has the potential of a nuclear war.
The Dubious Science Behind Putin's Asperger's Diagnosis
It was immediately obvious that this was part of the demonization campaign against Putin and Russia. What cockamamie claim will they come up with next? -- RF
Hackers Calling Themselves 'CyberCaliphate' Break Into International Business Times, Newsweek
Government Requests for Twitter User Data Up 40 Percent
Hackers spied on Forbes readers in November attack
The Forbes financial news site was infected by Chinese hackers with spying software that targeted specific visitors, including those at U.S. financial services and defense firms, according to two cybersecurity firms.
U.S. creates new agency to lead cyberthreat tracking
Yet another agency that must be funded and staffed. This will end up accelerating collapse. -- RF
America's Colleges Have Become Political Correctness Indoctrination Centers
Cyberwar: Anonymous takes down Islamic State websites, social media accounts
NSA Claims Iran Learned from Western Cyberattacks
The U.S. Government often warns of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks from adversaries, but it may have actually contributed to those capabilities in the case of Iran, according to a top secret NSA document.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The last astronaut: the cycle of human spaceflight is coming to an end
Some readers will recall that I have long predicted the decline of space programs. -- RF
The World's Most Sustainable Country: What? Cuba?
Hitachi invents "happiness meter" which monitors your every move (and then tells your boss)

## Japan ##
Japan logs record-low current account surplus in 2014
Photographer may seek return of passport confiscated by gov't over Syria plans
Japan ISIS Hostage Crisis: Free Speech, Patriotism Debated After Japanese Government's Handling Of Militant Group's Threats
Cheaper robots predicted to replace more factory workers over coming decade
Robots and foreigners are the answer as Japan's population ages, says investor Sawakami
A decade from now, many of the jobs to be given to robots and foreigners simply won't exist, and there will be little energy to run robots, anyway. Long-term predictions of this nature are based on unrealistic assumptions. -- RF
Thousands sign petition for free speech amid climate of self-censorship
Survey: High school girls use mobile phones 7 hours daily

## China ##
Trade Data show China's Credit Bubble is Bursting, Investors Pull Cash out of China – Global Depression Ahead?
36% of Swiss gold exports to China went direct to mainland
Oil And Gas -- China Takes A Shortcut through Myanmar
China inflation at five-year low, deflation worry appears
China's cooling economy: No signs of spring yet

## UK ##
British PM chairs meeting on possible Greek exit from euro: spokesman
Britain not ruling out providing 'lethal force' in Ukraine
North Sea oil bankruptcy risk surges amid calls for tax cuts

## US ##
Consumer Protection Agency Seeks Limits on Payday Lenders
Is Your Child a Terrorist? U.S. Government Questionnaire Rates Families at Risk for Extremism
Oil Jobs Start Drying Up
Strike At US Refineries Expands To 2 More Sites
Another JPMorgan Banker Dies After Murder-Suicide: Chokes Wife, Stabs Himself To Death
Truck driving may be America's most popular job
Homeland Security Chief Says 30,000 Will Be Furloughed If Department Shuts Down
Crony States of America – Wall Street Firms are Trying to Hide Payoffs Made to Employees Entering Government
A New Red Flag for Our Rosy Economic Scenario: Wholesale inventories balloon to Lehman-Moment levels
About That $18 Trillion National Debt—–It's Really $91 Trillion!
Something's Fishy: BLS Reports A Pantload Of "Openings"——But Hires-To-Openings Ratio At Historic Low
U.S. Coal Producers Facing Unprecedented Times
Another failed Revel sale typifies Atlantic City's woes
Nothing screams "failure" louder than a $2.4 billion casino that nobody wants, even at a 96 percent discount.

And finally...
South Korean woman freed by firefighters after robot vacuum cleaner 'eats' her hair as she sleeps

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