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News Links, February 27, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Their Big, Fat Greek Bank Run: Bank Deposits Plunge To 2005 Levels
Greece Warns It May Default On IMF Loan Next Week
Ex-Plunge Protection Team Whistleblower: "Governments Control Markets; There Is No Price Discovery Anymore"
Oil Price Crash: Top 5 At-Risk Countries
Canada's oil sands cash flows to decline by $23-billion over two years
Petrobras hires JPMorgan for $3 billion in asset sales - sources
Hyper-Luxury Cars Are Now Selling Faster Than Normal Ones
Welcome to a new gilded age of driving in which sales of Ferraris grow faster than Fords
Israel Seen Preparing More Shocks for Shekel After Surprise Cut
Young Spaniards moving to Germany get trapped in dismal jobs
Samsung Electronics to freeze salaries in Korea for first time since 2009
ECB's Nowotny opposes ejecting Russia from SWIFT system: report
GM's Indonesia closure highlights automakers' emerging markets woes
General Motors Co's (GM.N) decision to shutter a car factory in Indonesia comes as global automakers rethink the timing and scope of investments in emerging markets once touted as engines of growth.
Major Firms Are Saying the Stage Is Set for Another Crisis in the Bond Market

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Southwest Grounds 128 Jets Over Missed Inspections
Southwest Airlines on Tuesday announced it grounded 128 jets after it failed to inspect hydraulic systems designed to serve as a back-up in case of trouble with the aircraft's rudder system.
Southwest Airlines Maintenance Snafu Raises Safety Concerns
SAA mulls ways to cut extra kilogrammes on flights
USED blankets, magazines and left-over food are some of the items South African Airways (SAA) is considering leaving behind in return long-distance flights to make an aircraft lighter and save on fuel costs.
Malaysia's AirAsia X to cut costs, may defer plane deliveries: Acting CEO
Malaysia's AirAsia X Bhd (AIRX.KL) will cut flights on unprofitable routes, reorganize staff and defer some aircraft deliveries to turn around the loss-making long-haul budget carrier, the airline's acting chief executive said on Wednesday.
Aer Lingus blames earnings dive on pension row

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
US-Israel quarrel intensifies over Netanyahu speech
Saudis Said to Aid Israeli Plan to Bomb Iran
As the Obama administration is rushing to complete a nuclear agreement with Iran and reduce regional tensions, the Israeli media is reporting on a deal with Saudi Arabia to let Israeli warplanes transit Saudi airspace en route to bombing Iran.
U.S. casts doubt on secret Iran nuke facility
The State Department on Thursday cast doubt on claims by an Iranian dissident group that it has discovered a secret underground Iranian nuclear facility.
Middle East Countries Wary Of Iran Sanctions Easing, Not Possible Nuclear Weapons
While the U.S. and Israel focus on the implications of Iran developing its nuclear program, some of Iran's regional adversaries are concerned about something else: the power that Iran's economy, unshackled from sanctions by a nuclear deal with the international community, would exert in the Middle East.
Central American Migrant Crisis: US Could See Another Border Surge This Year
Wary of Russia, Lithuania brings back conscription
Poland to Send Troops to Help Train Ukrainian Army
Emails From Kiev: Free Speech Vanishes, Total Media Thought Control; US Radar System Falls Into Rebel Hands?
Ukraine Enters The Endgame
Ukraine Rations Food; Interbank Rate New Record Low; Monetization of Bonds; "Devaluation Kerosene"; Electronics a Store of Value
The Real Ukraine Aggressor: IMF Burying Bankrupt Country In Debt To Fight Civil War
U.S. military vehicles paraded 300 yards from the Russian border (Estonia)
Houthi militiamen storm two military bases in Yemen
Breedlove: No substitute for permanent US military presence in Europe
China submarines outnumber U.S. fleet: U.S. admiral
China is building some "fairly amazing submarines" and now has more diesel- and nuclear-powered vessels than the United States, a top U.S. Navy admiral told U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday, although he said their quality was inferior.
Cyprus Signs Military Deal to Let Russian Navy Ships Dock
India to purchase Japanese military aircraft
Myanmar conflict: Chinese mercenaries said to be fighting with rebels

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thai bill to restrict protests sails through first reading
Greek protesters clash with police in first backlash against Syriza

## Energy/resources ##
Top Oil Drillers Face Years Of Pain, Get A Grip On Cost
The world's biggest offshore drillers reported plunging earnings and orders on Thursday but managed to get a grip on costs to improve their chances of riding out a sectoral crisis that could last several more years.
EU chiefs launch biggest energy shake-up in half century
Maersk Positions Self for 'New Oil Reality' as Profit Fall
Denmark-based Maersk Drilling is positioning itself for a "new oil reality" of reduced tendering activity for offshore rigs and lower dayrates across all rig market segments by introducing cost-cutting and efficiency enhancement programs to boost its competitiveness in the current market.
Could Iranian Gas Be The Solution For Europe?
Junk: With Downgrade, No One Excited About Petrobras' Oil Finds Anymore
Nigeria's Future Depends On Electricity
OPEC Considers Emergency Meeting On Oil Prices
Russia Is Not Bluffing With Turkish Stream Project
European oil majors cut capex, eye output growth
Repsol cuts exploration Capex despite profit boost
Exxon Says Spending To Fall 11% This Year To $34B
Exxon Mobil Corp said spending will decline about 11 percent this year to around $34 billion due to plunging oil prices, according to a regulatory filing this week.
Whiting to cut Bakken rig deployments
S.Korea's nuclear watchdog approves restart of second-oldest reactor
Is the US Overplaying Its Energy Hand?

## Got food? ##
US Addiction to Corn and Cars Is Fueling Global Hunger and Displacement
Study links common food additives to Crohn's disease, colitis
Common additives in ice cream, margarine, packaged bread and many processed foods may promote the inflammatory bowel diseases ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease as well as a group of obesity-related conditions, scientists said on Wednesday.
Three-quarters of supermarket chickens carry food poisoning bug (UK)

## Environment/health ##
Smoking 'worse than previously thought': two thirds expected to die early (Australia)
Global warming: Australian deserts to expand as tropical circulation changes
Resistance: The Movie That Will Make You Care About Antibiotic Misuse
Dangerous infections now spreading outside hospitals
Resistant strain of swine flu feared; virus killing thousands
Overfishing driving slavery on Thailand's seafood boats
A report released Wednesday by the British nonprofit Environmental Justice Foundation says Thai fishing boats are now catching about 85 percent less than what they brought in 50 years ago, making it one of the most overfished regions on the planet.
Great Barrier Reef corals eat plastic
"If microplastic pollution increases on the Great Barrier Reef, corals could be negatively affected as their tiny stomach-cavities become full of indigestible plastic."
Want muscles? Rice is the new meat
Alberta tar sands pollution suspected in rare cancer cases
Medical tourism: Asia leads industry worth billions
Climate Change And Economy: Food Waste Costs Global Consumers $400B A Year While Boosting CO2 Emissions, Study Finds
Agricultural insecticides pose a global risk to surface water bodies

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Anthem Hack: Millions of Non-Anthem Customers Could Be Victims
Health insurer Anthem said Tuesday that the recent major cyberattack on its systems may have affected 8.8 million to 18.8 million non-Anthem customers -- people who are or were insured by other Blue Cross Blue Shield providers.
Spy Cables: Greenpeace among intelligence targets
Numerous politicised spy requests sent to Pretoria, seeking information on 'rogue NGOs', politicians and exile groups.
Al Jazeera Journalists Arrested in Connection With Drones Over Paris
Google network learns to play Space Invaders in breakthrough for artificial intelligence
Canadian Spies Collect Domestic Emails in Secret Security Sweep
Chinese spies responsible for break-ins at African nuclear site: leaked documents
Secret Service Is Testing Fleet Of Drones To Protect The White House
Official Reports on the Damage Caused by Edward Snowden's Leaks Are Totally Redacted

## Propaganda ##
Why Does the FBI Have to Manufacture its Own Plots if Terrorism and ISIS Are Such Grave Threats?
Top 10 Bogus ISIS Stories
Americans Catching a New War Fever
The U.S. media/political elites are again riling up the American people about threats abroad, whether it's the hysterical reporting about Russia or the sensationalistic coverage of Islamic State atrocities. The results are showing with more Americans favoring more war.
Planting False Evidence on Iran
Prior to the U.S. intelligence community's 2007 assessment that Iran was not working on a nuclear weapons program, there was a scramble among U.S. and Israeli officials to show that it was. The CIA's Operation Merlin also revealed that U.S. officials were not above planting false evidence.
Long March of the Yellow Jackets: How a One-Time Terrorist Group Prevailed on Capitol Hill

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Must read: The Externality Trap, or, How Progress Commits Suicide
Buzz Aldrin Urges U.S. to Establish Colony on Mars
Aldrin is still living in the past, when energy was cheap. Ain't gonna be no Mars colony. -- RF
Why It's So Difficult to Repair Stuff: It's Made That Way
Overshoot: Population: Four Out of Five Scientists Agree...
Enlisted leaders tell Congress budget uncertainties hurt morale
Role of Wages of the Common Worker in Oil Prices, Collapse
U.S. Healthcare and the Tragedy of the Commons
When the system is set up to encourage maximizing self-interest, accountability for the whole is lost.

## Japan ##
Weak spending to show Japan consumers unconvinced by Bank of Japan's stimulus
Fisheries 'shocked' at silence over water leak at wrecked Fukushima No. 1 plant
Revamping security policy: Japan eyes support to foreign forces without Diet's OK
Shipments of PCs fall 51.3%
Trio of approvals in Fukushima seals deal for radioactive soil dump

## China ##
China's population tops 1.36 billion
According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 7.1 million people were added to the national population in the past year. The data takes into account the total number born, 16.87 million, and offsets it with the dead, 9.77 million.
China drops leading technology brands for state purchases
Housing Crash in China Steeper than in Pre-Lehman America
Microsoft to close 2 China factories, cutting 9,000 jobs

## UK ##
Almost 700,000 people in UK have zero-hours contract as main job
Japan's former Prime Minister will warn Wales to learn from Fukushima disaster and stay nuclear-free
UK oil production revenues fall by £24b in 2014
EU regulations on genetically modified crops prevent Britain's agricultural progress, say MPs
Scottish plans for central identity database spark privacy criticism
British lakes see huge rise in toxic algae linked to Alzheimer's
Britain's lakes have seen a huge increase in toxic algae which is linked to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, scientists have warned.

## US ##
Slap by Florida cop highlights need for homeless rights, say advocates
Depression taking a bigger economic toll on US
Only one-quarter of Americans plan to retire
FedEx And UPS Refuse to Ship a Digital Mill That Can Make Untraceable Guns
Wage Theft Runs Rampant In New York: Report
Forced Blood Draws, DNA Collection and Biometric Scans: What Country Is This?
This Is Why Hewlett-Packard Is Firing 58,000——To Fund Massive Share Buybacks
Oil Bust Empties Out Private-Jet Parking Lot in Texas
Citigroup unit probed by more authorities over money laundering
U.S. refinery strike continues with no steps toward settlement
Baddest Bug: C. Diff Hits Half a Million Americans
Obstruction of Justice – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Begins Purge of State Employee Emails
Hillary Clinton Exposed Part 2 – Clinton Foundation Took Millions From Countries That Also Fund ISIS
Capital Goods Shipments Tumble, 6th Miss In A Row
What Happens If The Department Of Homeland Security Shuts Down
Stock-market crash of 2016: The countdown begins

And finally...
Owner of revenge porn site asks Google to remove links to his own photos

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