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News Links, March 27, 2015

Due to moving, I'll be offline for a few days. Look for the next update about the middle of next week. -- RF

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
US Economy Heads Toward Zero Growth in Q1: Wall Street's promise of Escape Velocity is a joke.
Low interest rates causing 'huge problems' in Germany: Schaeuble
South Korea intends to join China's AIIB
Global Industrial Deflation Alert——Here Comes The Flood Of 'Cheap' Imports
Russia unveils plans for Europe-U.S. superhighway
Even if started, the project would never come anywhere near completion. Like Japan's maglev project, it would just be an environmentally destructive waste of money and resources. -- RF
Things that will happen if Venezuela implodes
Another Oligarch Preaches to the Peasants – Charlie Munger Says "Prepare for Harder World"
Bear markets happen more than people think: Since 1940 we have encountered 12 bear markets.

## Airline Death Spiral ##
El Al swings to loss in 2014
Survey shows fliers are willing to pay more for better air travel — but not much
Air travel in the U.S. is, if you haven't noticed, kind of miserable. Lines are long, airlines are reducing the size of seats, flights are fuller than ever, many airports are rundown and "ancillary fees" are becoming the norm.
Airline fees take off
Sky's the limit as carriers pile on charges for early boarding, seating choices and more
Recycled Cooking Oil Could Be The Key To Flying Friendlier Chinese Skies
If recycled cooking oil is the key, then the airlines are in even more trouble than I thought. People never consider factors such as the sheer scale of industrial society, and where cooking oil comes from. -- RF
Airlines to require 2 crew members in cockpit at all times
Commercial Airline Pilots May Face Stricter Psych Evaluations In Wake of Germanwings Flight 9525
Airlines Keep Fuel Savings For Themselves

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Can't Make This Up – U.S. Providing Aid in Fight Against ISIS in Iraq Alongside Iranian Troops
Russia Military Update: Russian Armed Forces Will Draft Thousands Of Crimea Residents This Year
Indonesia's Widodo Backtracks On South China Sea Comments, Expresses Interest In Chinese Economic Partnerships
Israel's Seizure of Palestinian Taxes Sparks Economic Devastation, Mounting Resistance
'War on Terror' Body Count (Physicians for Social Responsibility; PDF)
AP Exclusive: Iran may run centrifuges at fortified site
Saudi Arabia threatens ground invasion of Yemen
Saudi Arabia Yemen Military Intervention Update: Airstrikes Continue Against Houthi Rebels, Global Leaders React
How Mercenaries Are Changing Warfare
The Military's Robotic Ghost Ship Passes Critical Test
US To Retain Afghan Troop Levels Through 2015

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Montreal midday austerity protest leads to more than 30 arrests
South Africa's Eskom halts work at strike-hit power station
China Strike Update: Company Making Nike, Timberland, Kenneth Cole Agrees To Pay Workers Their Housing Fund Money

## Energy/resources ##
Weak Chinese Demand Could Undermine Entire Coal Market
South Africa's Eskom chairman under fire as power crisis deepens
Wood Mac: High costs of drilling not abnormal
A report published Thursday by the energy consultant group finds the oil and gas industry as a whole is on pace to cut budgets for exploration by an average 30 percent.
The Most Challenging Oil And Gas Projects In The World
The fifth anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster is approaching, but in the intervening years since the well blowout deep offshore, oil and gas drillers have pushed even deeper and even farther afield.

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Fort Worth church hit again and again by metal thieves
Metal Thieves Target Railroad Spikes

## Got food? ##
Kraft-Heinz merger to create mammoth food company
Trials of GM 'super spud' scheduled after election due to public sensitivity
The Price Of Ground Beef Has DOUBLED Since The Last Financial Crisis
Climate Change And Food Security: Global Banana Market Is Feeling The Strain Of Hotter Weather, Longer Droughts

## Environment/health ##
Earth has just two giant forests left
Termite species mix in Florida, reproducing at breakneck rate
Two of the most destructive termites species in the world are mating in South Florida, producing hybrid colonies that are growing at twice the normal rate of other termites, scientists reported on Wednesday.
A mile deep, ocean fish facing health impacts from human pollution
Deep-water marine fish living on the continental slopes at depths from 2,000 feet to one mile have liver pathologies, tumors and other health problems that may be linked to human-caused  pollution, one of the first studies of its type has found.

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
They Are Slowly Making Cash Illegal
This is serious, but as I've observed previously, a cashless system requires reliable power and internet. As the reliability of power grids and the internet decline, efforts to enforce cashless transactions will falter. -- RF
Android security breach leaves users vulnerable
Mexico Press Freedom: Attacks On Journalists Surged 80% Under Peña Nieto, Report Finds
Clinton hit with racketeering lawsuit over emails

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Ford recalls over 220,000 vehicles in North America for three issues

## Japan ##
How Japan Rigs Its Stock Market: BOJ Plus State Pension Fund Now Owns 37 Trillion Yen Of Equities
The Hunt For Fukushima's Missing Reactor Fuel
Abe invited to address U.S. Congress April 29
Record 28,923 children suspected of being abused in 2014
More maintenance flaws found at Monju reactor
Japan receives biggest warship since Second World War

## China ##
Chinese demand for Russian oil holds steady
China Colossus Going The Way Of Japan——Getting Old, Fast
China's coal use falling faster than expected
Specter of deflation hits Chinese luxury

## UK ##
Young adults are the 'indoor generation' who walk half as much as pensioners

## US ##
Meet the "Surveillance State Repeal Act" – A Bipartisan Bill to Fully Repeal the Patriot Act
Don't hold your breath. -- RF
33 Strange Facts About America That Most Americans Would Be Shocked To Learn
Number 2 takes the cake. -- RF
Wells Fargo to cut 1,000 jobs, shut Milwaukee home-lending office
Pew Report Presses Regulators On 'Unaffordable' Car Title Loans And Payday Lending Problems
Federal Employees Collectively Owe Over $3.5 Billion in Taxes
Government Report Finds DEA Agents Had "Sex Parties" With Prostitutes Hired By Drug Cartels
Chart of The Day – Real Durable Goods Orders Still Down 11% From Pre-Crisis Average
Bank Of America Breakup: Leading Analyst Endorses Proposal To Have Bank Consider Split
Police Implement New Policy to Treat Everyone as Criminals: When a Cop Stops You, Hands Must Go Up

And finally...
Australian woman accused of squirting breast milk on police officer

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News Links, March 25, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Global Cooling Alert: January World Trade Volume Goes Negative—–Biggest Drop in 4 years
ADB, IMF, World Bank To Cooperate With China-Led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Leaders Say
Washington Blinks: Will Seek Partnership With China-Led Development Bank
The U.S. Is Lagging Behind Other Countries When It Comes To Embracing China's Currency
Rich Man's Bank Hit by Bank Run, Collapse, "Bail-In"
Greece fights German bailout demands with Nazi-era claims
Screws Tighten: ECB Forbids Greek Banks From Buying More Debt; ECB Exposure to Greece Tops €100 Billion; Greece Out of Cash by April 20
George Soros Warns Greece "Is Going Down The Drain"
Asia Tankers-Ample tonnage, few cargoes weigh on VLCC rates
Iron ore, an ugly market about to turn uglier still
The Biggest Threat To The Low And Middle Skilled Worker: Robots
Germany's Export-Led Growth Is In Harms' Way—-Shipments To China And Russia Slumping Badly
Wall Street Losing Millions From Bad Energy Loans
Volkswagen to cut working hours, jobs at Russian plant
Greece and EU Running Out of Time – Bank Runs Intensify, Bail-Ins Likely
This Is What The Global Economy Got For $11,000,000,000,000 In QE
"All the Eurozone Is Capable of Is 'Stealing' Growth from Others"
Zimbabwe seeks Berlin talks to resolve $739 mln debt it owes Germany
The Global Pension Fund Race To Risk Assets—–A Long-Term Disaster In The Making

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Why Are Asia's Planes Crashing All Over the Place?
Everyone who has died flying commercial in the past year was flying aboard airlines from the East. Safety may not be able to keep up with demand.
The fate of America's sky police
American aviation's last line of defense is quickly evaporating. Disgruntled federal air marshals, according to National Review, are leaving the service at an alarming clip--in 2014, an average of 10 agents were reported to have left the service's Washington D.C. office every month.
Airports in the rural West are getting squeezed
Airlines face skills shortage as capacity doubles

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Crimeans Keep Saying No to Ukraine
In a rare moment of honesty, a Western news outlet, Forbes, admits that the people of Crimea expressed their legitimate will in last year's referendum when they voted to abandon Ukraine and rejoin Russia, an inconvenient truth for the U.S. State Department and press corps.
U.S. pulls out of Yemen as country sinks into anarchy
Britain withdraws special forces from Yemen as civil war rages on
Houthis seize strategic Yemeni city, escalating power struggle
Saudi Arabia Moving Military Equipment To Near Yemen Border: US Officials
Russia threatens to aim nuclear missiles at Denmark ships if it joins NATO shield
Washington's Disastrous 'War On Drugs' Turns Mexico Into A Killing Field
Indian-built submarine in advanced construction phase
Indonesian president says China's main claim in South China Sea has no legal basis
How Obama outmaneuvered hardliners and cut a Cuba deal
Ukraine Crisis: US House Urges Obama To Send Weapons
Oligarchs and their "Pocket Armies" Take Over Oil Company in Kiev; Ukraine Begs for More Money; Three-Way Civil War?
Ukraine's Oligarchs Turn on Each Other
Ukraine's post-coup regime is facing what looks like a falling-out among thieves as oligarch-warlord Igor Kolomoisky, who was given his own province to rule, brought his armed men to Kiev to fight for control of the state-owned energy company, further complicating the State Department's propaganda efforts.
Japan, Indonesia to tighten defense ties
Top Obama Aide: Israel Must End Occupation
Obama Says U.S. Won't Rule Out Withholding UN Support for Israel
Tunisian Terror Attack Suspects Trained in U.S. "Liberated" Libya
What Netanyahu Has Wrought
After Prime Minister Netanyahu's scorched-earth political victory which featured anti-Arab race-baiting – and with his free-market economics driving more Israelis into poverty – Israel faces a difficult path into the future.
U.S. to keep 9,800 troops in Afghanistan through end 2015: White House
Ron Paul Is Right: Ukraine Is None Of Washington's Business—-A Complete Review Of The Facts

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Spain austerity protest: 'Things got worse than last year'
Student protest against austerity ends with arrests

## Energy/resources ##
What now for junk-rated "dinosaur" Eskom? South Africa asks
Oil majors pile on record debt to plug cash shortfalls
OPEC won't bear burden of propping up oil price: Saudi minister
US drillers scrambling to thwart OPEC threat
Fracking bust: Wall Street Banks Hit by Oil & Gas Defaults, Bankruptcies
Fracking bust: Global Shale Fail: Oil Majors Leaving Fracking Fields Across Europe, Asia
Fracking bust: Natural Gas Prices To Crash Unless Rig Count Falls Fast
Turkey's first nuclear plant delayed, 'not ready before 2022'
Germany outlines plans for reserve power capacity-government paper
Oilsands producers face harsh reality of rout: There's no one to save them this time
Here's How $20 Oil Could Become a Reality If Storage Runs Out
Driller That Skipped First Bond Coupon Said to Start Debt Talks
Tight spending new normal for U.S. shale
Australia's Woodside cuts jobs
A Look At The Future Of Nuclear Power

## Got food? ##
Amy's Kitchen Recalls More Than 70,000 Cases Of Food Due To Fear Of Listeria Contamination
AP investigation: Are slaves catching the fish you buy?

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Wood is Good For Your Body and Brain

## Environment/health ##
Study: Gulf Stream slower than ever before
The Gulf Stream is the weakest it's been in the last 1,000 years. And as glacier melt in the Arctic continues to accelerate, the foot of the Atlantic's most powerful ocean current keeps pressing harder and harder on the brake pedal.
Many in U.S. Face Another Dry Year as World Water Day Arrives
Train in Texas carrying methanol derails, hazmat team called
Here's How Much Sugar Consumption Is Hurting the Global Economy
World Water Shortage Is the Worst in 15 Years
Chile says drought here to stay, lays out plan to ensure water
With no end in sight to a drought that has blighted Chile for the last several years, the government will invest in desalinization plants and reservoirs to ensure access to potable water, President Michelle Bachelet said on Tuesday.
UN cancer agency issues warning about five pesticides

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Fighting the "War on Terror " by Banning Cash
Mystery Man Behind Clinton Email Server Uncovered?
Amtrak/DHS is spying on passengers and letting police access records without warrants

## Propaganda ##
The Tried-and-True Blueprint for Raising Taxes

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
L.A.'s aging water pipes; a $1-billion dilemma
Construction workforce expected to plummet by 1.28 million by 2025

## China ##
Subi Reef is now twice the size of Taiping Island
Well now, this is serious. "Frugal Olympics" seems like a contradiction in terms. Hosting the Olympics is supposed to be a colossal blowout, with vast rivers of money flowing in all directions. Truly, it is the Age of Austerity. -- RF

Once a minority, six-year or longer auto loans now make up one third of all new loans.
Freddie Mac offering a 3 percent down loan called Home Possible Advantage targeted to cash strapped buyers. FHA loans and interest only loans also permeate market.
Bracing for a big power grid attack: 'One is too many'
About once every four days, part of the nation's power grid — a system whose failure could leave millions in the dark — is struck by a cyber or physical attack, a USA TODAY analysis of federal energy records finds.

And finally...
A Scientific Model Of What A Zombie Apocalypse Would Look Like (And Where Not To Hide)

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News Links, March 22, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
The Latest Flashing Red Light: Global Earnings Plunge Most Since Lehman
Vladimir Putin Proposes "Eurasian" Currency Union
UnionPay makes mark in Turkey
Southeast Asia makes vital push in banking integration
Evolution of Taxes: Italy Taxes "Shadows", Tax on Breathing Next?
New World Order - Is Asia's New Bank a Threat to Western Power and the U.S. Dollar?
This is much more important than political commentators generally realize. We must appreciate that anything China does is planned well in advance.
Cash Dinosaur: France Limits Cash Transactions to €1,000, Puts Restrictions on Gold; Bitcoin End Coming?
This is what a tech bubble looks like
More than 500,000 labourers working in Dubai, says official
Ireland sells debt at negative yields for the first time
Ghana seeks bridge financing of up to $1 bln in H1 2015

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Airbus raises A380 seat count to 544 passengers
The increase from the previous layout of 525 seats relies on a denser cabin configuration using 11 seats in each Economy row instead of the current 10.
Termination letters for 6,000 Malaysia Airlines staff on June 1
Ryanair rethink transatlantic flight plan
Top economist Tony Mackay calling for Dundee Airport's closure
Frontier Airlines raising baggage fees
Now airports want to hike fees
Lufthansa pilot strike grounds most long-haul flights
Runway Inflation: Airport Expansion Takes Heat in Hong Kong
Boeing and others tout China's first biofuel passenger flight
It'll never be anything more than a tiny niche, and it certainly won't save the airlines. -- RF
New Orleans Airport Machete Attack Update: Richard White Had Six Molotov Cocktails, Smoke Bombs On His Person
U.K. regulator takes consumer action against Aer Lingus, Wizz Air, Jet2

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Clinton Foundation's Deep Financial Ties to Ukrainian Oligarch Who Pushed for Closer Ties to EU Revealed
This Is Outrageous—–Washington To Guarantee More Ukrainian Debt So Kiev Can Fund Its Bloody Civil War
Israel's shield no more?
In the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decisive reelection, the Obama administration is revisiting longtime assumptions about America's role as a shield for Israel against international pressure.
US removes Iran and Hezbollah from list of terror threats
Lithuania brings back military conscription
Danish Warships Could Be Targeted By Russian Nuclear Missiles If Denmark Joins NATO Shield, Diplomat Says
NATO Launches "Wide-Scale" War Games Near Russian Border, Creates "Line Of Troops"
Islamic State claims responsibility for Tunisia attack
Iran wants limits on nuclear work eased before any deal expires - officials
MH17 Was Shot Down By A Russian Missile, Conclude Experts For Dutch Investigation
Sweden To Boost Submarine Fleet
E. Europe Eyes Conscription Amid Russia Threat
Italy Beefs Up Air, Naval Presence in Med
Shiite rebels call for Yemen offensive; US troops evacuate
France Displaces Britain as Key US Military Ally
Russia holds military exercise on disputed isles off Hokkaido: Interfax
Libya's recognised government launches air strike on camp in Tripoli
Vladimir Putin Not Responsible for Ukrainian Civil War, Expert Says
Moar War! Big Bank's Analyst Worries That Iran Deal Could Depress Weapons Sales

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Caught on Hot Mic – Janet Napolitano Says "We Don't Have to Listen to This Crap" Referring to Student Protest
Bloody arrest of black UVA student sparks protests, prompts investigation
New ECB Tower Party Besieged by Protesters: In Pictures (gallery)
Fed Up With Austerity Policies, #Blockupy Storms Streets of Frankfurt
Protest all you want, but austerity is the wave of the future. -- RF
Irish anti-water charge protesters keep pressure on government
Georgia Protests: Thousands Turn out In Tbilisi Demanding Government Step Down
Taiwan Tourist Town Threatens to Block Roads to Keep Mainlanders Out

## Energy/resources ##
A "Wave of Bankruptcies" About To Hit Coal Industry
British Gov. Puts North Sea Oil On Life Support
Global Shale Revolution On Hold
The Oil Big Five: Slowdowns from capex cuts and strikes
Transocean to scrap four drilling rigs
Statoil 'highly impacted' by low oil prices
Germany sees new power lines as vital in teeth of Bavarian protests
After $31 Billion Fee Bonanza——Wall Street Gets Indigestion On Busted Energy Loans
Citigroup Inc.,Goldman Sachs Group Inc.,UBS AG and other large banks face tens of millions of dollars in losses on loans they made to energy companies last year, a sign of investor jitters in a sector battered by the oil slump.
Banks stockpile fuel to weather power outages
BANKS in South Africa are stockpiling fuel to run generators so that they can keep operating should power cuts worsen.
Energy crisis: Long power outages to continue this summer (Pakistan)
Oilsands pain spreads all the way to Canada's far-flung eastern shores
Just as Global Oil Glut Deepens, China Cuts Oil Imports
Oil rot spreads as loan default claim puts Connacher Oil and Gas on brink
Solar eclipse nearly devastating on power grids, but Europeans kept the light on
A major US energy company has filed for bankruptcy
European Coal Falls to Lowest Since 2007 as Demand Outlook Dims
The Perfect Storm For Oil Hits In Two Months: US Crude Production To Soar Just As Storage Runs Out
Value of MidEast oil exports expected to slump $300bn in 2015
Oil rig count continues slide as debate grows on uncompleted well backlog
Saudi Looking Beyond Oil Price Slump As Rig Count Spikes

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
More farms fall victim to solar panel thieves

## Got food? ##
China fishing plan in Antarctica alarms scientists
Gene Giants Kick Organic Consumers Association off SXSW Food Panel
Canadian Grocer Loblaw to Sell 'Ugly Fruit'
In Japan as well, visiting producer sites reveals huge piles of fruit and vegetables which have been discarded because they fail to meet certain arbitrary standards. Products made in factories must all be flawless and identical. In an absurd and ludicrous twist of thinking, this industrial mindset was applied to agricultural produce, resulting in shocking waste. -- RF
'Dangerous arsenic levels' found in California wine
China urges more action to raise grain output-Xinhua
To Solve California's Water Crisis, We Must Change the Nation's Food System
Food fans are told to prepare for a flood of dangerous counterfeit olive oil

## Environment/health ##
Monsanto Weedkiller Is  ' Probably Carcinogenic,' WHO Says
Sao Paulo Could Run Out of Water by June
Catastrophic Global Water Crisis Looming Large, UN Warns
Genetically engineering mosquitoes to end malaria could have unintended consequences
Record ice low could quicken Arctic thaw
Wild Bee Decline A Sign of Europe's 'Ecological Disaster': Study
Australia unveils 35-year plan to save Great Barrier Reef
Paris bans half of city's traffic to reduce pollution
Varennes Chemical Leak: Residents Urged To Stay Indoors To Avoid Potentially Toxic Gas From Kronos Factory Spill
How Violence in Ukraine Could Lead to Nuclear Disaster

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité – French Government Begins Blocking Websites it Doesn't Like
Cisco is Shipping Equipment to Fake Addresses to Protect Customers; Meanwhile Amazon Refuses to Provide Any Transparency
The Web: Destroyer or Savior of Culture, Pay and Employment?
Next frontier for 'Internet of Things': Babies
Hacking BIOS Chips Isn't Just the NSA's Domain Anymore

## Propaganda ##
A Family Business of Perpetual War
Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan have a great mom-and-pop business going. From the State Department, she generates wars and – from op-ed pages – he demands Congress buy more weapons. There's a pay-off, too, as grateful military contractors kick in money to think tanks where other Kagans work.
16 Articles That Expose How They Lied Us Into War in Iraq

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Doing God's Work – San Francisco Church Sprays Homeless People with Water to Keep Them Away
Honda adds 105,000 vehicles to driver's air bag recall
The View From Outside (The Archdruid Report)
Only Less Will Do
Population Overshoot
Why the American Dream is unraveling, in 4 charts

## Japan ##
Japanese Pension Funds Dive Into Stocks To "Increase Risk-Taking"
Fukushima Watch: Images Confirm Meltdown
Some govt. officials pushing Japan to join AIIB
Feed-in tariff surcharges to be doubled for FY15
Two years on, BOJ chief says war on deflation 'very challenging'
Civilian R&D agency to get military role to spur arms innovation
Japan plans to get its biggest state-funded research and development agency involved in military research for the first time in a bid to lure more Japanese companies into the development of cutting-edge weapons technology, two sources said.
Why Japan's factories, jobs aren't coming back despite the weak yen
Food list for cesium tests to be shortened: ministry
Wealthy foreigners making hefty property investments in Tokyo area
Power sales down for 10 months in row
Electricity sales by 10 major power suppliers in February dropped 3 percent from a year earlier to 74.19 billion kilowatt-hours, down for the 10th consecutive month, an industry group said Friday.
Kyushu Electric to restart Sendai N-reactor by July
Japan may be set for world's biggest IPO

## China ##
China Wants Peak Coal, Peak Steel and… Peak Fertilizer
China state council likely to give nod for nuclear merger soon
Chinese Feb coal output down by 7.7 pct on supply clampdown
China's Teetering Property Market and the Failed "Beijing Consensus"

## UK ##
Advice encouraging landlords to 'stalk' potential tenants withdrawn

## US ##
A Swamp Of Waste Called The Pentagon: $8.5 Trillion Unaudited And Growing
Obama Administration Sets New Record for Censoring and Denying Access to Government Documents
Obama tightens his control over White House computers
President Obama signed a directive Thursday in an effort to "maintain the president's exclusive control of the information resources" provided to the White House.
Police departments hiring immigrants as officers
Law enforcement agencies struggling to fill their ranks or connect with their increasingly diverse populations are turning to immigrants to fill the gap.

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News Links, March 19, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Global Cooling Alert: Iron Ore Keeps Plunging To $57/Ton—–While Supply Surges & Demand Withers
Japan's Sharp to cut 6,000 jobs in global restructuring: source
Cut, baby, cut! -- RF
Moscow Launches Ruble-Renminbi Futures To "Facilitate Trade Between China And Russia"
Italy, Spain to follow if Greece exits eurozone, says Greek defense minister
European Car Sales Are Rising, But Relying On Discounts And Sales To Car Rental Agencies
Eh is not OK: Canada's Jobs Begin to Unravel
Externalities galore! What's The True Cost of Gasoline?
Container Shipping Today: Mega-Ships and Mega-Problems
If we're to believe the big container lines, ever-larger ships are the remedy for their financial woes. Why, then, are so many of them still losing money?
Business welcomes Australian shift on Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
U.S. urges allies to think twice before joining China-led bank
The United States urged countries on Tuesday to think twice about signing up to a new China-led Asian development bank that Washington sees as a rival to the World Bank after Germany, France and Italy followed Britain in saying they would join.
Beijing 'would welcome' U.S. joining China-led bank - report
Will the US come in under the Big Tent? -- RF
IMF Fears "Taper Tantrum"; Rear View Mirror Discovery
Molycorp Inc at risk of financial collapse, signalling fall of rare earth industry
Greek PM To Meet With Putin Amid Cash Crunch
Greece Scrambles to Find Cash Ahead of $2 Billion Payment Deadline
EU's Schulz warns before summit Greek finances are 'dangerous'
Greece pushes utilities to lend government cash -Kathimerini
Greece's cash-strapped leftist government is pushing major state utility firms to lend the government cash through short-term repo transactions as it scrambles to avoid running out of cash, the Kathimerini newspaper reported on Thursday.
GM to shut Russian plant as sales slide
Record Fall In Property Prices Brings More Bad News For China's Slumping Real Estate Market
Brazil On The Brink: Currency At 12-Year Low, Cost Of CDS Soaring
Dollar Demand = Global Economy Has Skidded Over the Cliff

## Airline Death Spiral ##
U.S. and Gulf airlines clash at aviation summit
Qatar Airways boss accuses Delta of flying 'crap' planes
United Airlines Cuts 69 Jobs at Bradley Airport
Jordan airline posts deeper loss due to regional unrest
LATAM Airlines posts full-year 2014 net loss of $109.8 million
Domestic Carriers' Financial Health a Concern: Government (India)
Air Zimbabwe insolvent, needs $260m capital  injection
The Sneaky New Way Airlines Are Raising Fares
Construction to cost $18.2 billion: Hong Kong to increase airport charges to fund runway
Lufthansa Pilots Strike Over Proposed Benefit Cuts: Flights Canceled Across Europe

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russian Submarine Spotted Near Latvia; Baltic State To Increase Border Security
Russian Military Jets Intercepted By NATO Near Latvia Over Baltic Sea
Russia rules out handing back Crimea, expands war games
EU, US Officials, Including John Boehner, May Be Added To Russia's Blacklist Of Over 200 Names
Putin signs treaty integrating South Ossetia into Russia
Iran, U.S. line up technical options as push for deal intensifies
Netanyahu wins Israel election after sharp shift to the right
Netanyahu: No Palestinian State If I'm Reelected
U.S. rebukes Israel's victorious Netanyahu on Mideast policy
Fears of Violence Against Western Oil Workers In Saudi Arabia
Middle East Oil Addiction Could Spell Disaster
U.S. influence challenged in global financial institutions -Lew
Obama Goes After UK, Australia, the World for "Constant China Accommodation"; US Influence Clearly Waning
Already 45 Beheadings in 2015 – Saudi Arabia on Pace to Easily Beat 2014's Decapitation Level
A Classic Kerry U-Turn: Assad Must Go—–Until We Need Him To Stay
Syria says it shot down US Predator drone lost in northwest province
The United States leads upward trend in arms exports, Asian and Gulf states arms imports up, says SIPRI
The United States has taken a firm lead as the major arms exporter globally, according to new data on international arms transfers published today by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Overall, the volume of international transfers of major conventional weapons grew by 16 per cent between 2005–2009 and 2010–14.
Step aside, Germany—China is now the world's third-largest arms exporter
China, Japan Begin High-Level Security Talks After 4-Year Break
U.S. Navy urges joint Southeast Asia patrols of South China Sea
The commander of the U.S. Navy Seventh Fleet called on Southeast Asian nations to form a combined maritime force to patrol areas of the South China Sea where territorial tensions flare with China.
Amid Increasing Conflict, Pentagon 'Lost Track' of Weapons Trove Sent to Yemen
US Likely To Delay Planned Closure Of 2 Afghanistan Bases

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
#StopC51: Protests Grow Against Expansive Canadian Surveillance Bill
Students pelt colonialist Cecil Rhodes' statue with excrement

## Energy/resources ##
Junk-Rated Oil & Gas Companies in a "Liquidity Death Spiral"
Investors Crushed as US Natural Gas Drillers Blow Up
US oil production growth is going to zero: Analyst
Energy Credit Risk Soars Most In 2015 As Bankruptcies, Liquidations Loom
Talisman Energy Inc, Nexen Energy ULC fire hundreds of employees in 'bloody Tuesday'
100,000 Layoffs And Counting: Is This The New Normal?
This time a year ago, the oil industry's biggest problem was finding a way to deal with the "retirement tsunami" about to crash down on it as older oilfield workers hung up their cork boots to enjoy freedom-55. Now, with oil prices still in the doldrums, many of those same workers are lucky to be hanging onto their jobs, while others have been booted from the payroll as an ugly wave of layoffs takes hold.
Rig Trends: Floating Rig Market Facing High 2015 Contract Rollovers
After oil, a glut of natural gas may be next to flood energy markets
Are The Good Times Over For Growth In US Shale Gas?
U.S. shale oil firms brace for more pain as crude resumes slide
The Latest Threats To Global Energy Security
Oil Investors, Beware The "Fracklog"
Germany's EnBW to slash more costs; sees risk to energy supply security
Talisman Energy Inc, Nexen Energy ULC fire hundreds of employees in 'Bloody Tuesday'
Amid oil slide, ConocoPhillips plans spending cuts
North Sea oil and gas industry to benefit from tax cuts, UK Budget reveals
Oil Prices Down As China, Asian Refineries Slow Crude Purchases; Key Data Shows US Inventory Increased For 10th Week In A Row
WTI Slumps As Cushing Inventory & Production Hit New Record High
US enters undulating crude oil production plateau in 2015
King Coal: The Global Coal Boom Is Going Bust: Report
Based on data CoalSwarm compiled of every coal plant proposed worldwide for the past five years as part of its Global Coal Plant Tracker initiative, the report finds that for every coal plant that came online, plans for two other plants were put on hold or scrapped altogether.
King Coal: Nearly 17% of US coal production uneconomic
Close to 17% of forecast 2015 US coal production is at risk of idling or closure, totalling 162 million short tons (Mst), as these mine's total cash costs plus sustaining capital expenditures exceed current market pricing, according to Wood Mackenzie's latest coal market outlook.
Norway's Statoil Plans Four Oil Wells in Russia Amid Sanctions
Wind May Win The Renewable Race – But At What Price?

## Got food? ##
Cropping Africa's wet savannas would bring high environmental costs
Trader Joe's Salmonella Recall: Walnut Scare Prompts Market To Pull Five Products
Kraft Issues Huge Macaroni & Cheese Recall Over Concerns Of Metal Fragments

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
The Undebtors: Sworn Enemies of the Vampires of Debt
People talk about starving the machine. You want to truly starve the machine? Get out of debt and stay out of debt, regardless of the sacrifices needed to do so.
How to Keep Warm in a Cool House
Radiant & Conductive Heating Systems

## Environment/health ##
Winter Sets Global Heat Record Despite US East's Big Chill
California Is Turning Back Into A Desert And There Are No Contingency Plans
US Kids' Diets Put Them on Road to Heart Disease
Americans should sharply limit sugar intake
'Put some mustard on it': the burned-at-McDonald's' video
'Biodegrabale' plastics not so biodegradable
Amazon rainforest soaking up less carbon as trees die young: study

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
New .sucks web domain offers new space, mischief
Government Agencies to Monitor Offshore Marine, Energy Sector Cyber Threats
Don't want NSA to spy on your email? 5 things you can do
Mall of America Security Catfished Black Lives Matter Activists, Documents Show
A mall "intelligence analyst" used a fake Facebook account to monitor local Black Lives Matter organizers, befriend them, and obtain their personal information and photographs without their knowledge, according to documents obtained by The Intercept.
US turns to rewards in hunt for overseas cyber criminals

## Propaganda ##
The Sting: How the FBI Created a Terrorist
The FBI provided all of the weapons seen in Osmakac's martyrdom video. The bureau also gave Osmakac the car bomb he allegedly planned to detonate, and even money for a taxi so he could get to where the FBI needed him to go.
A Neocon Admits the Plan to Bomb Iran
The neocon Washington Post, which wants to kill the talks aimed at constraining Iran's nuclear program, allowed a contrary opinion of sorts onto its pages – a neocon who also wants to collapse the talks but is honest enough to say that the follow-up will be a U.S. war on Iran.
CNN Is Beating the Drums of War
Netanyahu Unmasks Israel
For years, U.S. politicians have rejected allegations of Israeli racism and excused mistreatment of the Palestinians as a temporary necessity that would be fixed by a two-state solution. But Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has destroyed those arguments in his panic to keep his job.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
It's Official: Americans R Stupid
People are doing more cocaine because they've lost the ability to talk to each other, claims dealer
Asked why he thinks the market is booming, an anonymous 29-year-old 'high end dealer' said that he believes people rely on coke because they've forgotten how to talk to each other without it. "I deal at parties, and I sit there and can't believe how dull people are," he said. "They're so wired into technology that they just sit looking at their phone all night."
Ex-Canadian astronaut Julie Payette says Mars One, the one-way mission to the red planet, is going nowhere
The Unraveling Is Gathering Speed

## Japan ##
Bank Of Japan Maintains Aggressive Stimulus, But Cuts Inflation Outlook
Shinkansen lines no panacea for struggling local economies
Two utilities set to scrap five aging nuclear reactors
Tepco to miss May deadline to treat 20,000 tons of Fukushima radioactive water
As Japan scraps reactors, it will need to store huge volumes of waste
Over 20,000 cubic meters of low-level radioactive waste would be generated by the demolition of five aging nuclear reactors now planned to be decommissioned. The waste that needs to be buried underground would fill more than 100,000 barrels, said officials at the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy. And there has been no decision on possible disposal sites.
Decommissioning of nuclear reactors poses threat to survival of host municipalities
Japan's Kyushu hopes to restart reactor in July -company official
Japanese golden eagles face extinction with only 500 left in wild
Ruling bloc agrees on new security legislation
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet last July adopted a resolution that would drop a self-imposed ban on exercising the right of collective self-defense, or militarily aiding a friendly country under attack.
Japan automobile demand seen down 5.4 percent in FY2015/16: auto lobby

## China ##
Could Steel Demand Buckle in China?
PLA Report Says Soldiers Wasting Time Sweeping the Floor with No Wars to Fight
China came THIS close to another massive property developer default
China home prices decline in February at the fastest pace on record
Datang Power posts largest net profit fall in six years
Datang International Power Generation Co Ltd , the listed arm of one of China's main power generators, posted its biggest net profit fall in six years in 2014 as a slowing economy reduced power consumption.
China's Deflationary Bust and Beyond: Anne Stevenson-Yang Presentation
Slower China growth forcing tough choices at foreign companies
Yahoo closing last China operation in Beijing

## UK ##
Bitcoin: Government to regulate cryptocurrency to avoid money laundering, says Treasury
UK To Raise Minimum Wage By 3%, Biggest Rise Since 2008
Britain continues funding for design of new submarines
How will future governments fund retired workers?
Closure of small pharmacies threatens to overload GPs and A&E
UK Seeks To Update Falklands Air Defense
Street lights could be switched off to save money
Britain hands lifeline to North Sea oil industry with tax cuts
Property for rent in London where you can shower under the bed

## US ##
Economy Finally Reaches "Escape Velocity," Heads South
10 Charts Which Show We Are Much Worse Off Than Just Before The Last Economic Crisis
US Budget Cuts Lead New Foundation To Seek Private Donors For Basic Science Funding
Meet Jason Villalba – The Texas State Representative Who Introduced a Bill that Criminalizes Citizens Filming Police
Baby Oligarch Gets a Wrist Slap – Conrad Hilton Cops Plea Deal for Smoking Pot in Plane Restroom and Threatening to Kill Flight Attendants
Millions of 'underwater' homeowners are trapped
Intensifying Calif. drought sets off alarms
California Stiffens Water Regulations Amid Devastating Drought
The U.S. Economy Just Keeps Disappointing
The Not So Land of the Free
The United States may be the least self-aware nation on earth, condemning other countries for repressive policies and calling itself the "land of the free" while locking up citizens in staggering numbers often for minor, non-violent offenses.
FreightWatch 2014 cargo theft report says thieves make 'targeting' loads a priority
Cargo thieves appear to be moving toward a more sophisticated means of targeting shipments according to a new report analyzing 2014 cargo theft trends nationwide. The report, published by FreightWatch, also suggests that while the number of verified and reported instances of cargo theft in the U.S. declined in 2014, the average loss value per incident increased markedly, a trend that has been ongoing since 2012.
Why Your Electricity Bill Keeps Going Up
Fannie, Freddie could need another bailout as risks rise: watchdog
San Bernardino has defaulted on $10 million in bond payments
Chinese account for over 80 percent of U.S. investment visa applications
Should the U.S. Remove Ethanol from the Gasoline Supply?
Fed doublespeak and the dismantling of the middle class
Fed states dropping "patient" word doesn't mean it is impatient on rates. In 1970 roughly 7 percent of all income was earned by the top 1 percent. Today it is closer to 20 percent.

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