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News Links, March 3, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
World's Largest Container-Shipper Warns Global Trade Is Slowing Down
Austria "Bad Bank" Goes Bad, $8.5 Billion "Bail-In" Underway
Greece will not seek another bailout, prime minister says
As Greek Default Fears Return, Government Considers "Borrowing" Pensions To Repay IMF
Greece Accuses Spain and Portugal of Conspiracy; 3rd Greece Bailout Discussion Under Way for €30-50 Billion
Theater Of The Absurd: Spain To Provide 14% Of Funds For Third Greek Bailout
Australian coal industry takes another step closer to the abyss
The downturn in the Australian coal industry has deepened, with three major mining companies warning on Friday that more jobs will be cut, mines will close and assets will be written down to a shadow of their former value.
Australia's Mining Bust Turns Towns Into Ghost Towns; Expect Interest Rate "Shock and Awe"
The boom is about to go bust (Australia)
Asset bubbles in shares and property could burst in the next six to 18 months, according to one of the country's more bearish investment experts, who is warning baby boomers that their retirement savings are at risk.
PDAC 2015: Optimism clashes with reality on day one of conference
The annual Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) conference kicked off in Toronto on Sunday. Not surprisingly, the mood on the conference floor was a little subdued as metal prices continue to slump, financing dollars remain scarce, and the S&P/TSX Venture Composite Index trades near an all-time low.
Chinese Factory Gauge Shows Weakness That Spurred Rate Cut
More Flash Crashes To Come As Shadow Banking Liquidity Collapses
The Draghi Derangement: $1.9 Trillion Euro Government Bonds Trading At Negative Yield
Crunch Time for the Global Corporatocracy
Southeast Asia's impending pain: 'State-financed' consumer spending hits government bottom lines
Governments in some major Southeast Asian nations are struggling with hefty bills run up by spending to encourage consumption.

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Passengers fly into a rage over airlines' antics (KSA)
Budget 2015: No major relief for struggling aviation sector, say experts (India)
Delayed American Airlines flight at Dallas/Fort Worth left passengers stuck on plane for nine hours
Passengers trapped aboard an American Airlines flight at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Friday cursed, kicked seats and raided the liquor cabinet in protest of their grueling delay.
Iran's airline passengers are mad and aren't taking it anymore
Businesses are feeling sting of airport cutbacks
Fewer direct flights and smaller planes mean less room for cargo, more headaches
Airplane meal industry hasn't recovered from Sept. 11
A Recent History of Airline Fleet Groundings
Southwest maintenance glitch shows complexity of inspections
The episode illustrated the difficulties tracking inspections and conducting maintenance on complex modern aircraft.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Asia piracy cases rise 22% on year to hit 10-year high in 2014: ReCAAP
The number of piracy and armed robbery cases against ships in Asia increased 22% year on year to hit a 10-year of 183 last year, anti-piracy watchdog ReCAAP said in its annual report released earlier this week.
Dismantle NATO Now—-It's A Relic That's A Hotbed For Warmongers
Gaza Rebuild Effort Could Take 100 Years: Oxfam
Obama, Netanyahu on collision course 6 years in the making
U.S.-Israel ties fraying over Netanyahu speech, Iran talks
Iran Nuclear Deal: Feinstein Calls Netanyahu's Position On Iran Talks 'Arrogant'
Obama Ready To Veto Bill Giving Congress Say On Iranian Nuclear Negotiations
German Police Detain Several, Arrest 1 In Bremen, Following Islamist Terror Threat
DARPA Offers $4 Million For An Unmanned Surveillance System To Monitor The Arctic
Gorbachev: Killing Could Have Been A Provocation, Aimed At "Destabilizing The Situation In The Country, At Heightening Confrontation" With The West
Who killed Boris Nemtsov - and why?
UAE is a Backdoor for US-NATO Weaponry Supplies to Kiev - Experts
Pentagon Scraps Spring Attack on Mosul; Iraqi Troops Not Ready
US-Backed Syrian Rebel Group Dissolves After Losing Hundreds Of Men In Battle
Russian Navy Will Get 50 New Ships This Year, Including Nuclear Submarines, Surface Warships, Says Admiral
Massive Iraqi assault begins to retake Tikrit from Islamic State
Catalonia prepares to set up own foreign missions, tax system amid independence drive
Saudi Eastern Fleet Request Advances
A second letter of request (LoR) from the Saudi government detailing requirements for the Eastern Fleet replacement program was delivered to the US Navy in February, barely a month after an initial request was sent, according to sources here at the International Defence Exposition show.
Playing Chicken with Nuclear War
U.S.-Russian tensions keep escalating – now surrounding the murder of Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov – yet almost no one on the American side seems to worry about the possibility that the tough-guy rhetoric and proxy war in Ukraine might risk a nuclear conflagration.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Boko Haram Protest in Cameroon Draws Thousands As Fighting Intensifies And Nigerian Elections Approach
Riot police called in as anti-Muslim rally in England boils over
Hong Kong Police Use Pepper Spray As Protests Against Chinese Shoppers Turns Ugly
Boris Nemtsov Murder: Tens Of Thousands Gather To Mourn And March In Moscow
Wisconsinites Rally to Stop 'Right-to-Work' Bill
As Netanyahu Heads to DC, CodePink Tries to Shut Down AIPAC

## Energy/resources ##
Power Shortages Challenge Eskom, Force Load Shedding in South Africa
In a media presentation, CEO Tshediso Matona explained that Eskom's reserve margin is very low and that the company does not currently have enough capacity to meet demand. The situation has necessitated planned, controlled, and rotational load shedding to protect the power system from a total countrywide blackout.
Apple buying a third of world's gold to meet demand for iWatch
Most French Nuclear Plants 'Should Be Shut Down' Over Drone Threat
"You don't need massive amounts of force to allow a nuclear plant to go into instability. The plant has enough energy to destroy itself. Drones can be used to tickle the plant into instability."
Exelon-backed bill seeks $2 more a month for nuclear plants
Cheap Oil Threatens Debt Squeeze for Smaller UK North Sea Producers
Small and mid-sized independent oil producers in the British North Sea could face a financing squeeze this year as banks cut lending linked to the value of oil reserves, following last year's oil price sell off.
Bulgaria scraps incentives for new renewable energy installations
Bulgaria's parliament scrapped preferential prices for new renewable energy installations on Thursday as the country is struggling to cut deficits in the energy sector and keep a lid on consumers' utility bills.
Eclipse of the Sun has European solar power producers worried
Hundreds of millions of Europeans will experience a solar eclipse ranging from 40% to 97% obscuration on March 20th. Iceland will have a total blackout. The solar power industry is very concerned about how it will manage when an estimated 35,000 MW of electricity vanishes from the system, then comes surging back two hours later.
US Will Never Gain Oil Market Crown Says IEA Head
No matter how much oil the United States produces over the next few years, it will never become the next Saudi Arabia in the global oil market, according to Fatih Birol, the new executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA). What's especially interesting about this forecast is that it directly contradicts what Birol said only three months ago, and he gave no explanation for his change of mind.
This Is Why The EU Energy Union Will Fail
Petrobras Doubles Planned Asset Sales to $14 Billion to Cut Debt
Massive power blackout hits Nagano Prefecture; hospitals, trains, homes affected (Japan)
Senate OKs Noy powers to address blackouts (Philippines)
Oil Prices Don't Change Because of Rig Count
People hit hard by shortage of power and water (India)

## Got food? ##
Panic in Ukraine Over Food, Empty Stores and Protests; Strategic Food Reserve Empty
Kew quest to prevent coffee dying out
Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew have begun a desperate bid to find a new bean of coffee which can thrive as the climate warms, before the world's supplies run out.
Top Russian grocery stores 'freeze' food prices
Still Doubting that Organics are the Future?

## Environment/health ##
Deadly bacterium 'released from US high-security lab'
Officials in Louisiana investigating how a potential bioterror agent escaped but insist there is no threat to public
Crop herbicides play a role in shrinking monarch population
A butterfly being considered for federal protection is emblematic of the plight that pollinating insects face in part because farmers, enticed by ethanol mandates, are growing more herbicide-resistant crops, which has stripped millions of acres of crucial plant habitat.
AP PHOTOS: Antarctica's spectacular glaciers melting faster
The Life of a Plastic Water Bottle
Vice president of Sierra Leone quarantines himself after bodyguard dies of Ebola
WHO Warns Of Pandemics Worse Than 2009 Swine Flu Outbreak
Scientists hope an AIDS vaccine lies in llamas
The cute Andean animal's antibodies are nearly 100 percent effective in stopping the deadly virus from spreading, researchers say.
Vitamin and mineral supplements are big business, but their health benefits remain uncertain
Syria's civil war linked partly to drought, global warming

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Facebook employees can access your FB account without password
NSA's bulk collection of American data gets approved again
Cybergeddon: Why the Internet could be the next "failed state"
If you think the Internet can go on being just like it is, here's some bad news.
Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links
The Internet Of Things: A Dystopian Nightmare Where Everyone And Everything Will Be Monitored On The Internet
Are Banks In Store For An 'Armageddon' Cyber Attack?

## Propaganda ##
Conservative Audience Laughs as Former NSA Chief Refers to Himself as an 'Unrelenting Libertarian'
Two Pieces of US Mass Media Propaganda (on Russia, Tamir Rice) Have Revealing Correlation
The Rise of a 'Democratic' Fascism
Traditional fascism is defined as a right-wing political system run by a dictator who prohibits dissent and relies on repression. But some analysts believe a new form of fascism has arisen that has a democratic façade and is based on relentless propaganda and endless war.
Neocons Want 'Regime Change' in Iran
A curious trait of America's neocons is that they never change course or learn from past mistakes. They simply press on for more and more "regime change," explaining their determination to sink the Iranian nuclear talks to reopen the pathway to more war.
Benjamin Netanyahu's Long History of Crying Wolf About Iran's Nuclear Weapons

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Few Will Survive "Sundown in America" (video)
Hyundai Motor America Recalls 204,768 Cars Due to Power Steering

## Japan ##
Japan's FSA explores opening market to Islamic finance
48 infrastructure entities to get cybersecurity cooperation requests
The government will ask 48 entities in charge of key pieces of infrastructure to help it take countermeasures against cyberthreats, an official said Sunday.
Japan's high child poverty rate driven by an increasing number of single-parent families
Japan is one of the world's richest countries but one in six Japanese children now live in poverty - one of the worst rates in the industrialised world.
Number of neglected graves increasing
An increasing number of graves have been abandoned across the nation as no one is taking care of them due to lower birthrates and depopulation.
Path to Restoration / ¥8.1 trillion still needed in disaster-hit areas
The aerial photograph shows that almost all the land in the photographed area is still vacant. From the very beginning I have maintained that what was destroyed will never be rebuilt. -- RF
Over 1,700 business failures linked to March 2011 disasters
Marubeni faces ship shortage, grid issues in offshore wind push
Soup kitchens for needy children open to help break increasing cycle of poverty

## China ##
China's central bank cuts rates again to boost economy
China's manufacturing measure shows contraction for February
Police Pepper Spray Protesters in Hong Kong
New oil pipeline highlights China's effort to strengthen energy security
Groundbreaking Smog Documentary Divides Chinese Audiences
China may further lower growth target for 2015

## UK ##
UK blocks Russian oligarchs' deal to buy North Sea fields
Britain has blocked a deal by Russian billionaires, Mikhail Fridman and German Khan, to buy 12 oil and gas fields in the North Sea as part of their acquisition of Germany's oil firm DEA from RWE, citing possible sanctions against Russia.
What the latest statistics tell us about housing – in six charts
Cybercrime could become more lucrative than drugs, police chief warns
NHS lets down patients with appalling standards at weekends, says top doctor
Patients are suffering shameful safety risks and higher death rates because the NHS is failing to provide proper care at weekends, a damning report will warn this week.
Cromer councillor says townsfolk will 'get used to' street lights switch-off
GP crisis looming as half of family doctors plan to leave profession before 60
Odierno Raises Alarm Over UK Spending Levels
US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno has added his voice to the chorus of senior politicians and military figures on both sides of the Atlantic voicing concerns over the potential impact of further defense cuts to Britain's armed forces.

## US ##
Illinois Pension Plans 39% Funded; Taxpayers On the Hook for $105 Billion in Liabilities; It Will Get Worse!
The long inflation con on the public
How the CPI severely underreports inflation and the slow erosion in the American standard of living.
Q4 Household Debt Report——What Deleveraging?
Teen Girl Fatally Shot By Denver Police Hit From Left: Autopsy
U.S. Air Force eyes 28 launches, shared investment for next rockets
North Carolina Lobbyists Can Officially Screw Politicians Legally
A clandestine sexual relationship between a lobbyist and a government official they lobby may sound unethical, but the North Carolina Ethics Commission says it's perfectly legal.
Justice in America: But for the video…
If a group of regular citizens had pulled this on someone, they'd all likely be facing criminal conspiracy charges on top of the perjury and other charges. So why aren't these cops and prosecutors?
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul wins straw poll in boost to 2016 presidential prospects
WSJ Praises "Waiter, Bartender Recovery" While 74% Of Americans Believe They Will Work Until They Die
Student groups pressure colleges over the insane cost of textbooks
The Real American Exceptionalism
From Torture to Drone Assassination, How Washington Gave Itself a Global Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card
Q4 Household Debt Report: Booming Subprime Auto Loans Signal Danger Ahead
Wells Fargo puts a ceiling on subprime auto loans
Wells Fargo, one of the largest subprime car lenders, is pulling back from that roaring market, a move that is being felt throughout the broader auto industry.
Struggle Over Officer's Gun Leads to Fatal Police Shooting: LAPD
NYC Residents Will Pay $2-3k a Month for "Micro-Apartments" as Luxury Car Sales Outpace Regular Car Sales
Dot-com deja vu: Nasdaq tops 5,000, approaching record high
$4 Million In Gold Bars Stolen In 11th Largest Heist In History

And finally...
Science finds the best place to hide from zombies

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