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News Links, April 10, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
The Coming $10 Trillion Loss in Paper Wealth
Swiss Government Becomes First Ever To Issue 10Y Debt At A Negative Yield
Once Over $12 Trillion, the World's Currency Reserves Are Now Shrinking
Greece makes IMF payment, gets bank funds, but doubts remain
Exhausted world stuck in permanent stagnation warns IMF
The global economy is acutely vulnerable to a fresh recession with debt ratios at record highs. The authorities have already used up most of their ammunition
Oil fallout: U.S. companies kill over 51,000 jobs
Walgreens will close 200 stores to cut costs
Cut, baby, cut! -- RF
China says Iran joins AIIB as founder member
Vietnam Shuns US, Joins Russia-Led Economic Union
Plastic Recyclers Reeling—–How Global Commodity Deflation Ripples Up The Supply Chain
The False Recovery Narrative: Even The Financial Times Is Shilling For The Money Printers
Robert J Gordon's Challenge To The Perpetual Growth Hypothesis—–Six Headwinds
Khazin: The global recession will exceed the Great Depression by 2.5 times
Here's one reason Vladimir Putin may be smiling

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Airplanes Avoid French Skies, Hundreds Of Planes Grounded Due To French Air Traffic Strike
Airbus eyes new seating configurations as economy traffic booms
Airports look beyond flight fees to boost revenues
US Regional airline restructuring Part 2
EU was looking into airline safety regulations prior to Germanwings crash in the French Alps
European Union authorities were looking into German airline safety procedures on "a number of issues" well ahead of the March 24 Germanwings crash after a standard inspection by its aviation safety agency questioned some procedures, an official told The Associated Press Wednesday.
Squeeze alert: Airbus touts 'Budget Economy' airplane seating
AP investigation details perimeter breaches at US airports
Airlines focus on mid-air medical treatment as diversions cost a lot
Frontier leads airline complaints as fliers left hours on hold

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
As U.S. Resumes Military Aid To Egypt, Reports Show How Little We Know On How It's Being Used
With Refugee Camp, ISIS Just Three Miles From Assad's Palace
Sheikh Abdullah: UAE will not rule out ground troops in Yemen
Israel's Unsavory New 'Allies'
The American people, who still want to stop Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, are only dimly aware that longtime U.S. "allies" – Israel and Saudi Arabia – have shifted into an effective alliance with those Sunni jihadists as part of their regional war against Iran and Shiite Islam.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
China Labor Unrest Prompts Official Call For 'Harmonious' Approach
Pakistan orders Islamabad shops to close early to save energy
After ordering summer dress code and switching off air-conditioners in offices, the Pakistani government has reintroduced a plan to beat the energy crisis in Islamabad - shops and restaurants must close earlier.

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Roadshow: Copper thieves mess up 17-85 traffic
Axe-wielding cable thieves threaten rail workers

## Got food? ##
Plummeting sardine numbers could prompt U.S. West coast fishing ban
Sabra hummus recalled on listeria concerns

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Chasing the Dollar, Or Doing Our Own Thing

## Environment/health ##
'Everyday disasters' driving flight from Sundarbans

## Propaganda ##
Hyping the Iranian 'Threat'
Iran hasn't invaded another country for centuries and is helping the U.S. push back against the Islamic State in Iraq, but Israeli leaders and American neocons want to enlist the West in the Saudi cause of promoting Sunni Islam over Shiite Islam, while America's interests suffer.
Political Smears in U.S. Never Change: the NYT's 1967 Attack on MLK's Anti-War Speech
Be forewarned that the world's leaders will make every effort to maintain socioeconomic systems at their present energy level, thereby leading to catastrophic collapse instead of graceful decline. -- RF
The world faces a major challenge in adapting to the radically reduced energy supply, which may mean that it will be able to support no more than about half its present population by the end of the century.
This does not signal a recovery . Rather, it shows that the dust has settled after the shakeout following the 2008 crash and the 3/11 earthquake/tsunami. We are experiencing a respite until the next crash. -- RF
Over half of new investors only have a junior high education or less and the Shanghai Composite is up 100 percent in one year.
China Turns to the Sea for Fresh Water
We Traveled Across China and Returned Terrified for the Economy
China's steel and metals markets, a barometer of the world's second-biggest economy, are "a lot worse than you think," according to a Bloomberg Intelligence analyst who just completed a tour of the country.
A tunnel through Mount Everest? Ain't gonna happen. -- RF

## UK ##
Teachers warn of 'Victorian' poverty among pupils
Teachers say they are seeing "Victorian conditions" with pupils arriving at school hungry and not wearing the right clothes needed for the weather.
Crime victims waiting up to 50% longer for 999 calls to be answered
Keeney regularly fills up his 2,500-gallon water tank truck from a city-owned fire hydrant in Clovis, a city northeast of Fresno. He charges customers $200 to $500 for a truckload of water, delivered, and the cost he pays for the water is a mere "five bucks to load."
More cities and states have realized that poverty can be a profit center. Not for poor people, of course, but for government treasuries and for private companies hired to handle the influx into the criminal justice system of people whose only crime was the inability to pay a traffic ticket or a misdemeanor fine.

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