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News Links, April 29, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
The great unraveling of globalization
Global Cooling Alert: Bloomberg Commodity Index Lowest Since 2001
Bleak iron ore outlook as steel production and demand shrink
Is This a Blow-Off Top? Four Ways to Tell
Nepal Earthquake Could Cost Half Of The Country's Annual Economic Output; Damage To Hydroelectric Projects Still Being Assessed
Fitch Downgrades Japan, Warns About Its Fiscal Strategy And Debt Reduction Policies
Puerto Rico gets downgrade—is it America's Greece?
Australia's Bad Bet on China
Holidaymakers warned to take cash to Greece amid financial collapse fears
Bull Market Most Overbought/Leveraged In History
How this debt-addicted world could go the way of the Mayans
David Stockman: 'There Are No Markets, Just a Raging Casino'
Sad News For Greece? Will Greece Kiss Troika's Ass?
Greek Municipal Union Refuses To Hand Over "Confiscated" Cash To Central Bank
Get rid of the homeless people in Madrid who scare tourists, former Spanish minister says
Greek-Russia ties bloom as default looms
Oilsands woes set to deepen as shaky petro-dynasty risks defeat (Canada)
Nigeria cuts 2015 budget as oil price falls

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Airline industry is least liked in study
Safety problems: Thai aviation in knots
Thai aviation is in trouble. Japan, China and South Korea have all decided to impose air restrictions on carriers from the Southeast Asian nation after an international aviation watchdog raised concerns.
New cockpit rules for Japan 
Airline, travel execs clash over subsidy allegations
Asia-Pacific Airlines Seek More Safety Oversight

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Al Qaida's Nusra advances in northern Syria, capturing another government base
US, Japan Unveil New Defense Guidelines For Global Japanese Role
Saudis pound arms depots in Yemen as bread, medicine run short
Officials Warn Senkakus Fall Under US Protection; Japan To Take "More Assertive" Military Role
Iran Seizes Cargo Ship, U.S. Officials Say
Iran's Revolutionary Guard, Not Navy, Responsible For Seizing Cargo Ship In The Strait Of Hormuz
Saudi says arrests 93 Islamic State suspects, foils U.S. embassy attack
Beijing 'extremely concerned' by ASEAN statement on South China Sea disputes
US Air Force Realigns B-1 Bombers Under Global Strike Command

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Civil Unrest Has Begun In Baltimore And This Is Only Just The Start Of Something MUCH Bigger
Baltimore Protests 2015: Police Fire On Crowd Protesting After Freddie Gray Funeral, Forcing Businesses To Close
Maryland Declares Emergency as Riots Follow Man's Death
Labor Troubles Return To Los Angeles, Long Beach Ports As Truck Drivers Strike

## Energy/resources ##
Next-generation nuclear reactors may not be safer - French watchdog
North Dakota rig count hits new low
Drought may bring West Coast brownouts this summer: energy secretary
Russia To Power Arctic Drilling With Floating Nuclear Reactors
This may seem rational until the astronomical back end costs are added in. -- RF
Venezuela rations power as demand soars on hot weather
City of Saskatoon experiences major power outage
Saudi Arabia: the great oil game
China Grabbing Up Assets In This Key Resource Area
Sweden's Vattenfall to slash jobs, shut two nuclear reactors

## Got food? ##
Yemen struggles to import food as coalition navies hold up more ships
Denied! Powerful Industry Groups Get Setback in Effort to Keep Consumers in the Dark on GMOs

## Environment/health ##
Coffee production slipping in Tanzania as temperatures rise
BP's Oil Hunt Off the Australia Coast is Causing Fear of Another 'Deepwater Horizon'
Nepal Earthquake 2015: Global Death Rate From Quakes Is Growing, Experts Warn It Will Continue To Climb
Hotter and Wetter: Report Finds Global Warming Driving Extreme Weather
Amazon's got your goat...for yard work rentals
Diabetes drug metformin linked with intersex freshwater fish
8 States Dealing With Huge Increases in Fracking Earthquakes

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Oklahoma City Bombing Breakthrough, Part 1 of 2
## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Numbers Are Staggering: U.S. Is 'World Leader' In Child Poverty
While this means unprecedented instant access to vast stores of human knowledge and culture, it also means that mountains of digital data of crucial importance to archivists and future historians are potentially under threat from deletion, corruption, theft, obsolescence and natural or man-made disasters.
And power outages. -- RF
How Much of our Work Is Compliance, Enforcement and Menial Servitude to the New Aristocracy?
It's difficult to estimate the quantity of our work devoted to data-shuffling compliance with and enforcement of perverse regulations and neofeudal menial-servitude to the top 10%.

Camp Zama apparently targeted by explosive projectiles
Explosions were heard early Tuesday near the U.S. Army's Camp Zama in Kanagawa Prefecture and two metal pipes that could be launchers were found on a nearby farm in what may have been an attack by subversives.
Writedowns put Japan's trading houses in tough spot
The country's top five trading houses have announced more than ¥570 billion in asset writedowns, or about half the net income the firms expect to report for last year. And that's probably not the end of it.

## The Clintons ##
181 Clinton Foundation donors who lobbied Hillary's State Department
Hillary Clinton has answered 7 questions as a candidate. Here are 7 more she should answer.

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