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News Links, May 29, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Run on Greek Banks Accelerates; ECB Halts Emergency Funding Hike; Untangling the Lies
Greece Owes $1.2 Billion To Drugmakers As Government Can No Longer Afford Basic Medical Supplies
IMF's Lagarde considers Greek exit from eurozone a possibility
April Greek Capital Flight €5 Billion; Eurozone Liabilities Hit €115 Billion
Instead of Playing Golf, the World's Elderly Are Staging Heists and Robbing Banks
Loneliness and poverty are two factors blamed for increased criminal activity among senior citizens
Yuan Now Most-Used in Asia for Payments to China, Swift Says
US Containerized Exports Plunge Off the Chart
Mounting Coal Piles Add to Doubts on India Growth Passing China
The Coming Cashless Society
Southeast Asian economies turn sluggish as exports sag
J.P. Morgan Chase expected to lay off more than 5,000 by next year
Global Youth Unemployment Hits 35 Million As Recent Grads Lean On Parents
Sinking Indonesia Docks,  Idle Ships Spur $6 Billion Port Revamp
Africa's Booming Youth Population May Boost Economy But Also Poses Risks, Economists Say
Cuba: Figuring Out Pieces of the Puzzle
It's Getting Ugly in Spain
More and More Outlets Are Suggesting a Carry Tax on Physical Cash

## Airline Death Spiral ##
For most passengers, air rage begins at home
The Best Airfare Deals Are Now in First Class
How Airlines Turned Your Vacation Plans Into a Losing Bet
Power failure at Belgian air traffic control disrupts officials' programs

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Poroshenko Threatens To Declare Martial Law In Ukraine Within Hours "To Demonstrate Readiness For War"
US Army begins training for the next war, which may be much different — and bigger
China moves weapons on to artificial islands in South China Sea
US mulls larger role near disputed South China Sea territory
Defying China isle buildup, Carter says U.S. flights, sea operations in Pacific will go on
U.S. hopes Chinese island-building will spur Asian response
Turkey and the Islamic State: Clash of interests feeds suspicions
NATO Breaks Treaty to Establish Permanent Forces in Baltic
NATO is set to break a 1997 treaty it signed with Russia by establishing permanent forces in Latvia, as it piles in more troops to the Baltic States.
Superpower in Distress (or Delusionary Thinking in Washington)
Rouhani clashes with Iranian clergy over women arrested for 'bad hijab'
African migrants risk all in Sahara to reach Europe

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Saudi Arabia's Imprisoned Princesses Call For Revolution
Douglas Carswell shoved and taunted by anti-austerity protesters
Douglas Carswell, Ukip's only MP, says he is 'frightened and shaken' after being confronted by dozens of protesters as he waited for a bus near Parliament
Amidst New Protests, DOJ Seeks to Rein in Deadly Cleveland Police
Japan demonstrators gather outside Diet

## Energy/resources ##
Report: Long-Term Focus Needed to Solve Oil, Gas Talent Crisis
The cyclical nature of the oil and gas industry is nothing new to seasoned industry professionals. However, with the most recent dramatic drop in crude oil prices which spurred CAPEX cuts and project postponements across the globe, industry experts see now as an opportune time to address long-term needs for talent.
Oil deficit coming? World may be consuming more than it pumps by year end, analysts warn
Macedonia Caught In East-West Pipeline Tug-Of-War
We May Not See Arctic Oil For Decades
The Tanker Market Is Sending a Big Warning to Oil Bulls
Oh, boy: Data will replace oil as source of energy: Alibaba's Jack Ma
Oil storage is so expensive it could derail the oil recovery
Power crunch from South Africa to Nigeria curbs growth outlook
Africa's crippling shortage of electricity is among the biggest threats to the economy's outlook, delegates and leaders at a key banking conference in Ivory Coast said. From Nigeria to Ghana, and South Africa to Zambia, inadequate power supply and the lack of infrastructure to deliver electricity is crimping economic growth, frustrating businesses and depriving millions of families of basic facilities.

## Got food? ##
The 20 countries where more than 1 in 4 people go hungry
Bird flu egg-splained: The impact goes far beyond your breakfast table
McDonald's Pins Its Turnaround Hopes On Toasted Buns

## Environment/health ##
Tiny parasite could be behind massive worldwide decline of bees
Department of Defense mistakenly ships live anthrax to labs across country
For months after recovery, Ebola is essentially an STD
Canada Wildfires Rage On, Intensify Near Oil Sands Sites
Death toll from heatwave in south India hits 1,150
First suspected case of MERS reported in S China

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Why The Media Ignores Jeremy Hammond While Praising Edward Snowden
AP sources: IRS believes identity thieves from Russia
Wide-ranging snooper's charter to extend powers of security services (UK)
Obama ordered CIA to train ISIS jihadists: Declassified documents
The Internet's Growth Is Actually Slowing Down

## Propaganda ##
Far from facing the truth, the US is telling new lies about Iraq
Yemen TV v Yemen TV: Saudi Arabia steps up propaganda war with copycat media
A Reckless 'Stand-upper' on MH-17
Australia's "60 Minutes" claimed to do an investigative report proving the anti-aircraft battery that shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 last July fled into Russia and pinning the atrocity on Russian President Putin. But the news show did a meaningless "stand-upper," not an investigation.
Al Qaeda Syria Boss Says That His "So-Called Khorasan Group Doesn't Exist"
Legendary Journalist in Private: "It Is All Fraudulent, All of It, Everywhere"

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
America's descent into a world of madness: The nihilistic philosophy guiding us into the future
The Era of Response (The Archdruid Report)

## Japan ##
Japan nuclear regulator clears first reactors after safety checks
Road to ruin: Diet enacts bill to create Olympics minister
54 SDF troops who took part in Indian Ocean, Iraq operations killed themselves: ministry
4 aging N-reactors decommissioned

## China ##
China Wants to Internationalize Its Currency, So It's Easing Capital Restrictions
China May official factory PMI seen lackluster despite stimulus moves
China markets plunge in record turnover as margin traders take fright
China building lighthouses on two islands in disputed Spratlys

## UK ##
BBC defends reality show involving poor, dubbed 'Hunger Games'
Britain's Hardest Grafter will pit 25 of Britain's lowest-paid workers against each other for cash prize in series it claims is a 'serious social experiment'
Anti-austerity protest: Ukip MP Douglas Carswell mobbed by demonstrators in London
'It was like a lynch mob, I have never seen such hatred'
Alan Bennett, the playwright, says the modern-day poor are looked on as badly as they were under the Tudors
The poorest part of London is wealthier than the richest parts of Northern Ireland and Wales
MoD asked make £1bn of cuts which put Nato spending target at risk, claims source

## US ##
Texas economic outlook darkens
In Shocking Move, Goldman Slashes America's Long-Run "Potential GDP" From 2.25% To 1.75%
Storms kill 17 in Texas, Oklahoma; Houston flooded
Many Americans have no retirement savings: Fed survey
Growing trend: Companies banning salary negotiation
David Petraeus – How This Leaker of Classified Information is Peddling KKR Funds as Opposed to Serving Jail Time
How Healthcare Is Dooming the U.S. Economy (Three Charts)
As it stands now, U.S. healthcare will bankrupt the nation and doom it to permanent stagnation and recession.
Emergency Powers Give Barack Obama Authority Over Just About Everything During A Major National Crisis
Bush earned millions in juggling act as corporate adviser
Floyd Dent, Man Beaten by Michigan Cops on Camera, Settles for $1.4 Million
"Bond Girl" on Chicago and the Quality of Credit Analysis in the Municipal Bond Market
Financial Vulnerability Still Haunts U.S. Households—–47% Couldn't Come Up With $400 For An Emergency
States Turn To Pension Ponzi Scheme To Close Funding Gaps
Shopping with $1 million in Culver City: gentrifying out the baby boomers and those unable to keep up with the Joneses.

## The Clintons ##
What We Know About WJC, LLC, Bill Clinton's Consulting Company
Arizona State Hikes Tuition Dramatically, Yet Pays the Clintons $500,000 to Make an Appearance
How the Clinton Foundation Paid Sidney Blumenthal $10K per Month as He Gave Horrible Libya Advice to the State Dept.
Accent on accents: Will The Real Hillary Clinton Please Stand Up?

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