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News Links, June 17, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Global Cooling Alert: World Faces Longest Oil Glut In Three Decades
Greece Walks Out After 45 Minutes, Talks Collapse; Default Math: Who Foots the Bill? How Much?
It's So Bad in Greece, People Are Moving Back in With Their Parents
Greece Played Germany Like a Violin; Horrified Syriza Demands 'Icelandic' Default
Contagion from Greek crisis engulfs eurozone bonds
Lovable Austerity: Greeks Say Cutting Military Spending Further 'Is A Pleasure For Us'
IMF Study Says Inequality Is Hurting Growth, Calls For Wealth Redistribution
At stake in a financial system meltdown: $26 trillion?
As the U.S. finance system just keeps getting bigger, so does the amount to which taxpayers, in an extreme case, would be exposed should things go haywire again.
Nestle cuts 15 percent of its Africa workforce: FT
Swiss food and drinks company Nestle SA (NESN.VX) is cutting 15 percent of its workforce in 21 African countries because it says it overestimated the rise of the middle class, the Financial Times reported.
Why Governments Are Coming For Your Cash
They're Coming to Take Away Your Cash
I Knew Italy's Economy Was Bad, but the Truth May Be Even Grimmer
The banks and real estate: a Ponzi scheme that could ruin us? (Australia)
Tech boon to cut 5m jobs: report (Australia)
Financial System "Will Implode" … "Hold Precious Metals" – Faber
Pension Funds Are Endangered by Plummeting Coal Prices
The pension funds relied on for financial security in old age by millions of teachers, public sector workers, health care workers and academics are in jeopardy as the price of coal plumments and a global campaign to divest from businesses that deal in the fuel gains steam.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russia Condemns "Aggressive" US Weapons Deployment; Will Send Troops To Protect Border
Samantha Power: Liberal War Hawk
Liberal interventionist Samantha Power – along with neocon allies – appears to have prevailed in the struggle over how President Obama will conduct his foreign policy in his last months in office, promoting aggressive strategies that will lead to more death and destruction.
It's true that under the current situation, the release of that much oil will have a downward effect on oil prices. But at the same time, we need to put that amount of oil in perspective. Forty-million bbl will fuel the world for barely half a day. And that should be a clue to what will happen if oil production is significantly disrupted. -- RF
The Men Who're Stealing The Sun
To protect entrenched oligopolies, Spain's government makes it almost impossible for small businesses and households to generate their own solar power.
Statoil Confirms 1,500 Potential Job Losses by 2016

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Getting tough on cable and electricity theft (South Africa)
COPPER and electricity theft have become a national crisis in SA, with serious implications for the country's economy, reliability of electrical supply and security.
Placing a price premium on items containing palm oil ingredients – which amount to about half of all supermarket products – would have a significant effect on protecting the remaining forests that have not yet been completely destroyed by palm oil plantations, scientists said.
French minister seeks to restrict weed killers
Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal has asked garden stores to stop selling herbicides containing glyphosate, such as Monsanto's flagship weed killer, Roundup.

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
5 Chinese Cyber Attacks That Might Be Even Worse Than the OPM Hack
Privacy Advocates Resign in Protest Over U.S. Facial-Recognition Code of Conduct
Virtual Reality Headsets Raise Very Real Concerns
Petroleum group says personal info could have leaked through computer virus
The Petroleum Association of Japan announced June 15 that personal information for up to 27,307 people could have leaked after work computers were infected with a virus.
In effect, the mainstream media is a vast Psychological Operation (PSYOPS) aimed at persuading the American public that the status quo Imperial system of predatory, debt-based crony-capitalism that benefits the few at the expense of the many is not just beneficial to all its debt-serfs and welfare recipients, but it is the only possible system--there is no alternative (TINA).

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Toyota expanding US airbag-related recalls by 1.37M vehicles
Regional revitalization minister mulls new law on program encouraging elderly to move to countryside
The reader might wonder what's going on here. Rural economies, especially in depopulated villages, are in large part propped up by pensioners, who unfortunately keep dying off. This is likely a plan to "replenish" dying pensioners with a fresh crop, in order to stave off the complete collapse of rural economies. -- RF
Many parents say employers, finances deter them from having second child
10,000 baby boomers a day turn 65 and most are inadequately prepared for retirement. Half of elderly Americans in poverty without Social Security.
What's the Real Unemployment Rate in the U.S.?
By my reckoning, roughly 60% of the civilian work force is fully employed and 40% aremarginally employed or unemployed.

## The Clintons ##

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