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News Links, June 21, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
'It's time to hold physical cash,' says one of Britain's most senior fund managers
It may be time to money under the mattress. High profile fund managers explain how to prepare for a 'systemic event'
Portugal Prepares for Worst as Greek War of Attrition Escalates
"Bank Holiday" Preparations Begin In Greece, Lines Form At Athens ATMs
Greek officials meet, prepare proposals for Eurozone summit
The eurozone crisis by the numbers
Wave of Defaults, Bankruptcies Spook Bond Investors
Nasdaq closes at highest level in history, tops record set 15 years ago
Consumers return $642.6 billion in goods each year
The value of goods that consumers decide they don't really want would rank as the world's 21st largest economy, behind Switzerland and ahead of Argentina, based on the World Bank's most recent available global economies' ranking.

## Airline Death Spiral ##
MERS outbreak now No. 1 aviation sector risk: lessor
Allegiant Airlines cancels flights for hundreds of passengers
Allegiant airlines canceled six flights to and from St. Pete Clearwater International Airport amid ongoing issues with their flights. This comes one day after an Allegiant airlines flight had to turn around and make an emergency landing due to pressurization problems. Another flight last week had to return to the airport due to smoke in the cabin. Once the plane landed, the emergency slides deployed and passengers were evacuated.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
The Rush to a New Cold War
The U.S. government and news media have jumped back into Cold War attitudes since early 2014 when a U.S.-backed coup overthrew Ukraine's elected president and prompted countermoves by Russia, setting the stage for a potential nuclear showdown.
Yemen Peace Talks End Without Ceasefire Agreement As Saudi Arabia-Led Airstrikes Continue
MoD confirms Britain is arming Saudi Arabia in Yemen conflict
Pentagon Building Cruise Missile Shield To Defend US Cities From Russia
Can US Stop Enabling Israel?
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is like the drunken friend demanding the car keys as he staggers toward his own destruction and that of others – a condition that requires the United States to intervene to stop his dangerous and reckless behavior.
Obama's Libya Fiasco
With Libya's bloody "regime change" in 2011, the Obama administration and its European allies opened the door to anarchy and now the emergence of another Islamic State terror affiliate, but chaos and indecision continue to dominate the West's reaction to the crisis.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
South St. Paul police shop for riot gear
The Shale Industry Could Be Swallowed By Its Own Debt
The debt that fueled the U.S. shale boom now threatens to be its undoing. Drillers are devoting more revenue than ever to interest payments. In one example, Continental Resources Inc., the company credited with making North Dakota's Bakken Shale one of the biggest oil-producing regions in the world, spent almost as much as Exxon Mobil Corp., a company 20 times its size.
Swift: More than 150,000 Jobs Lost in Oil, Gas
The total number of oil and gas job losses globally is more than 150,000 and continues to grow, according to global oilfield staffing firm Swift Worldwide Resources.
Prepare for a total power blackout in South Africa: Union
Solidarity has said Eskom stating that a total grid collapse in South Africa was out of the question is highly irresponsible.
Cameroon Economy Suffers Through Power Failures
Cameroon's economy is on its knees as the central African nation suffers its worst power outages since independence.
Squeezed by 16 months of falling prices and a shrinking export market, French cattle farmers turned to protests this week at 18 slaughterhouses around the country.

## Environment/health ##
Just wait a while. You'll have plenty of opportunities. -- RF
Scientists Build Case for 'Sixth Extinction' ... and Say It Could Kill Us
Even conservative calculations show the world is in the midst of a sixth mass extinction that's being caused by our species — and is likely to lead to humanity's demise if unchecked, scientists reported Friday.

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
1 in 3 data center servers is a zombie
A new study says that 30% of all physical servers in data centers are comatose, or are using energy but delivering no useful information. What's remarkable is that that percentage hasn't changed since 2008, when a separate study showed the same thing.
Deep Panda Group Wasn't Behind Massive OPM Hack, But Other Chinese Hackers Were: FireEye

Prospects for permanent employment to take a hit under worker dispatch law changes
The House of Representatives on June 19 passed a bill to revise the worker dispatch law -- an amendment that will effectively enable companies to keep tapping the pool of "temporary" dispatch workers indefinitely.
Bank of Japan Maintains Record Stimulus as Inflation Challenges Kuroda

## China ##
China Deepens Steel Cuts as Iron Bull Market Crushes Profit
Chinese steelmakers are deepening the first production cuts in a quarter century as the bull market in iron ore drives up costs and squeezes profits.
Foxconn to Build New iPhone Factory in India as it Transitions from China Amid Higher Labor Costs
China's Xi Jinping says poverty is 'nothing to fear' after pesticide deaths
Chinese president is on a three-day visit to deprived Guizhou province, where four children killed themselves by swallowing pesticide

This is the second such incident in Philadelphia within a week. On Sunday, a 36-inch water main broke in west Philadelphia.
Student-Loan Refinancing Boom Could Cost U.S. Taxpayers Billions
State DOT to shut off selected Conway streetlights
59 banks in the United States now have over $20 billion in assets. Top 3 US banks hold $6.3 trillion in assets.
Chart Of The Day: The Demographic Hump Which Will Break The Budget
Water wars in California's coastal wine country
CBO: Social Security Trust Fund Gone In 2029
Disgraced, Demoted Pathological Liar To Collect $10 Million At MSNBC
Warmongering Jackass Ron Fournier Proposes Forced Servitude by Millennials to Fight Isis
A Job Is Not a Job Is Not a Job

## The Clintons ##
Hillary Clinton Fundraises With Pro-TPP Law Firm

And finally...
Lying children make better thinkers, research finds

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