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News Links, June 3, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Global Cooling Alert: South Korea's Exports Down 11%, Deepest Slump In 6 Years
French Unemployment Surges By Most In 7 Months To New Record High
Euro Zone Factory Growth Stumbles As Core Struggles: PMI
A Deflationary Gale Is Storming Out Of China—–Can You Say Malinvestment?
Plants in China keep producing as growth falls, fueling deflationary pressure world-wide
Greece: Default and Get it Over With; Stop the Needless Torture
Greek move on pensions could mean deal is close
HSBC Preparing Job Cuts That May Target 20,000 Workers, Sky Says
Cut, baby, cut! -- RF
Argentina Is Racking Up Debt Even Faster Than During Its 2001-2002 Crisis
More Ponzi—–The Pension Obligation Bond Scam
Oil Money: Too Dumb to Fail
Work longer so we can sack your colleagues, public servants told (Australia)
India's Central Bank RBI Makes Third Repo Rate Cut This Year
IMF economists say some countries can 'just live with' high debt
Some countries with high public debt levels might be able to "just live with it," because cutting back carries its own risks, three IMF officials said in a paper that disputes decades of dogma about the benefits of austerity.
Baltic states exploring joint air defense system
The End of the Safe Deposit Box for Wealth Storage
New reality sets in at Fort McMurray that this downturn is different (Canada)
Factory Orders Down 8th Time in 9 Months; Durable Goods Inventories Highest Since 1992 (US)
For sale on Alibaba: bad loans
Ron Paul: Ex-Im Bank is Welfare for the One Percent
Dr. Doom: Investors beware. A perfect storm may be coming
Venezuela Bans Evictions, Delinquencies Soar 99%, Impossible to Get New Lease
Nigeria central bank officials accused of $40 mln fraud
Amazon tests out robots that might one day replace warehouse workers
Sikorsky to cut workforce by 9%, blames oil woes
Sikorsky Aircraft says it's cutting 1,400 jobs in the coming year as the helicopter manufacturer faces declining demand for shuttling workers to offshore oil platforms.

## Airline Death Spiral ##
TSA Failed 95 Percent of Breach Tests Letting Weapons, Fake Bombs Through
A recent internal investigation by the Department of Homeland Security has found security failures at dozens of the nations' busiest airports—breaches that allowed undercover investigators to smuggle weapons, fake explosives and other contraband through numerous checkpoints.
How Not To Fix Airport Screening
A rush to add layers to airport security and screen more passengers will make the system less safe.
Malaysia Airlines 'technically bankrupt'
Jet Airways Slumps On Worst Ever Quarterly Earnings
Airlines try to save time with speedier boarding process
Etihad Airways rejects subsidy claims, attacks U.S. airline 'oligopoly'

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Islamic State suicide attack kills 38 Iraqi policemen
ISIS Routs Rivals, Seizing Key Towns Along Syria-Turkey Border
Iraqi PM Haider Al-Abadi Says Forces Lost 2,300 Humvees to ISIS
Invite Iran To Anti-ISIS Talks: Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop
House Appropriations Committee: Congress Must Consider Authorizing War Against ISIS
The Iraqi Army is Too Exhausted to Fight
Iraq's army grows smaller by the day. Sectarian militants are picking up the slack.
Neocon Fugitive Given Ukraine Province
Ukraine's President Poroshenko has tapped another international "carpetbagger" to rule his people, ex-Georgian President Saakashvili, a neocon hero wanted in his homeland for embezzlement and human rights abuses who now governs Odessa.
Vietnam takes delivery of two Russian-design missile corvettes as maritime tensions mount
NATO Holds Military Exercises In Baltic States Amid Increased Russian Activity
US Downplays Russian Flyover in Black Sea
Iraq to stay out of Iran-Saudi conflicts: PM
Iran promises to back Assad 'until the end of the road'

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Mexican leader retreats on education reform as teachers rampage
Israel and the Water Card
The New York Times hailed Israel's ingenuity in addressing its water needs, but played down how Israel exploits its military domination to divert water away from Palestinians and to Israelis.
Rig Trends: Is the Gulf of Mexico Jackup Market Finally on its Last Leg?
Pundits have been predicting the demise of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) shelf for more than 20 years, and while the number of wells drilled and rigs working has declined, somehow the area has continued to survive. However, the current downturn has resulted in a large number of jackups being cold stacked or retired, and more of each is expected in the coming months.
Russia Oil Output Near Record Swells Global Glut Before OPEC

## Got food? ##
Who's Murdering Thousands of Chickens in South Carolina?
Somebody turned the fans off on 300,000 chickens to suffocate them—somebody who knows exactly how the industry works

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Yes, throw it out! I recently moved — and downsized to a much smaller home. I threw out 80% (of course recycling everything possible), and still have more to go. And as the writer of this article says, "If I had back all the money I wasted when I was younger on all this crap, I'd be richer, too." Of course, this experience not only liberates one, but also teaches one the futility and waste of consumerism. -- RF

## Environment/health ##
With Pollinators at Risk, Bee-Friendly Gardening Moving into Mainstream

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Are You 'Over-Exposed' Online? Lessons From IRS Hack

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
U.S. drug shortages frustrate doctors, patients
Excellent: Liberation Is Unprofitable
12 examples of how liberation is not profitable and therefore it must be marginalized, outlawed, proscribed or ridiculed.
Florida Court Rules ''Off Grid'' Living Illegal

## Japan ##
From Money to Psychology, Japan Reveals The Basis of Corruption
Drill held to deal with illegal landing on island
Japanese police and the coast guard have held a joint drill to prepare for a possible illegal landing by foreigners on a remote Japanese island.

## US ##
Is Our Economy's Cinderella Carriage About to Turn Into a Pumpkin?
The past six years of expansion have been as illusory as Cinderella's magic carriage.

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