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News Links, June 6, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Greece misses IMF payment in warning shot as showdown with Europe escalates
Greek Banks On Verge Of Total Collapse: Bank Run Surges "Massively" As Depositors Yank €700 Million Today Alone
Tsipras Talks With Putin; Energy Minister Rules Out Deal; Wordsmithing Extraordinaire; 16 Tons
The Central Banks Are Losing Control Of The Financial Markets
Get Used to Selloffs, Central Bankers Say as They Fret about the Terrifying Moment When Liquidity Evaporates
Mega-M&A: Number of large deals to set record
So far this year, 27 global M&A deals with a value greater than $10 billion have been announced, according to Dealogic. The combined volume of the deals is more than $700 billion. This activity surpasses the 25 large M&A transactions with a volume greater than $600 billion at this same point in 2007, the previous megadeal record holder.
Fox TV Interview with David Stockman: The Most Fantastic Bubble In Recorded History (video)
The Next Round of the War on Cash Will be Even More Aggressive

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Why Seats Are the New Weapons for Airlines (video)
There Might Be Fewer Available Seats On Your Next Delta Or United Flight
Airfare sale crashes Southwest Airlines' website
Boeing Shoehorns More Seats Onto 777 Jet by Shrinking Lavatories
Chicago's O'Hare airport still plagued by delays despite new runway
Japan Airlines cuts back on summer flights to Anchorage
Faced with a pilot shortage and fleet reductions, Japan Airlines will dramatically cut back the number of summer charter flights it sends to Anchorage.
European airline mandates three drink limit to curb unruly passenger behavior

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Vietnam eyes Western warplanes, patrol aircraft to counter China
Carter: US must boost military exercises to counter Russia
20 Million People in Grave Danger As Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis Deepens
After months of US/Saudi military assault, almost 80 percent of population in desperate need of medical, food, and water aid
U.S. quietly starts channeling arms from $1.6 billion fund to Iraq
The Battle For Syria: Our 'Friends' Are Handing It To ISIS
Washington's Ukraine Intervention Is Wrecking Still Another Nation
Aquino ready for talks to allow Japan to use Philippines' military bases
The Philippines and Japan are to start talks on allowing Japanese military aircraft and naval vessels to use bases in the Philippines for refueling and picking up supplies, enabling them to extend their patrol range deep into the South China Sea, Philippine President Benigno Aquino said.
More Wrenches into Iran-Nuke Deal
Even as the Saudi-Israeli alliance against Iran fuels Sunni jihadist gains in Syria and elsewhere, neocon operatives are pressing on another front, continuing to hurl wrenches into the final Iran-nuclear negotiations.
"Combat Proven": The Booming Business of War in Israel
Israel's Clandestine Alliance with Gulf Arab States is Going Public

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Tens of Thousands March Against Global Elites Ahead of G7

## Energy/resources ##
U.S. losing rig count race
Energy job losses mount, but sector recovering
Conoco the last global oil firm to quit Polish shale gas
ConocoPhillips, the U.S. energy company, said on Friday it has stopped its shale gas exploration in Poland due to unsatisfactory results, leaving the rest of the field to Polish state-run firms.
The Last Three years Of Global Crude Oil Production
Obama's Big Lie on Syria
Despite the risk that Syria's Christians, Alawites and Shiites will be slaughtered by Sunni extremists, the Obama administration is backing the Saudi-Israeli demand for "regime change" in Damascus, including tweeting bogus accusations linking Syria's secular regime to ISIS.
Gravel-covered patches are popping up on roads. It's cheaper fix to a wide-spread and expensive road infrastructure problem. 

## Japan ##
Japan on alert as deadly MERS spreads in South Korea

## The Clintons ##

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