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News Links, June 8, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Why Is The EU Forcing European Nations To Adopt 'Bail-In' Legislation By The End Of The Summer?
Court adds $5.4 billion to debt bill; Argentina to appeal
Germany, France Call for Fiscal and Political Union. Public Ignorance Vital for Success of EU Power Grab
Greece: It's Time For Your Default And Debt Restructuring
Greece cannot accept lenders' latest proposal: economy minister
Debt-ridden Thailand being sucked into whirlpool of deflation
Disinflation – or negative inflation – has hit Thailand for the past five months in a row. In the first quarter of this year, inflation was minus-0.5 per cent. The situation worsened in April, with inflation at negative-1.04 per cent. In May the disinflation surged to -1.27 per cent, prompting growing concern as to whether deflation is waiting on the horizon.
Shipping fleet growth has started to slow down, as newbuildings amount to just 329 ships of all types since the start of 2015
Russia's largest bank issues first credit guarantees in yuan
The cost of oil's slump: Saudi Arabia's economic boom shows signs of losing steam
Keynesian Economics In One Photo
Worry About Capital Controls, Not Gold Confiscation
Will Federal Reserve Be Caught Without Gold In 'Repatriation Rush'?
Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Sales Hit New Record Q1 2015
IMF may include RMB in currency basket in November
Egypt's current account deficit at $8.38 bln in first 9 mths of 2014/15
It Scares "the Hell Out Of" Bill Gross, Yet in Last-Ditch Effort, Companies Sell More Bonds than Ever
103 Years Later, Wall Street Turned Out Just As One Man Predicted

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Portuguese govt considering 2 improved bids in airline sale
Turkish Airlines Bomb Scare Grounds Flight Bound For New York In Istanbul
American Airlines CEO cites capacity growth risks
Is the airline industry suffering merely turbulence, or altitude sickness?

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
War Cycles Spread Globally
Saudi Arabia shoots down Scud missile fired from Yemen
Saudi airstrikes kills dozens in Yemen one day after rebel Scud attacks
Saudi-led air strikes kill 44 in attack on Yemeni army compound: agency
Britain to send 125 troops to train Iraqis in fight against Islamic State
Work set to start on new British naval base in Bahrain
US considering new 'containment' strategy to Russia: Report
Syrian Civil War: Number Of Refugees Nears 4 Million, UN Estimates
Shots Fired at CBP Helicopter in Texas near Mexico Border: Reports
India, Bangladesh sign historic land boundary agreement
Thousands of migrants picked up off Libya in mass rescue
Half a million refugees gather in Libya to attempt perilous crossing to Europe
International Flotilla Rescues 5,900 From Mediterranean In A Weekend
Taiwan coast guard launches new ships as South China Sea tensions rise
Navy SEALs Have Become A 'Global Manhunting Machine' With Lax Oversight
CIA Director John Brennan Admits U.S. Foreign Policy Could Spur Terrorism

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thousands protest G7 summit in southern Germany
Argentina protests: Thousands takes part in mass demonstrations to condemn violence against women
Midwest Battlecry Goes Up Against Tar Sands as Thousands March in St. Paul
Violence in 2 states as Mexicans vote in tense mid-term elections

## Energy/resources ##
Excellent: Renewable Energy Will Not Support Economic Growth
Long-time readers know I have said repeatedly that renewables will not support industrial civilization. This is an excellent article by Richard Heinberg, but I still think he is too sanguine. Without the dense energy of affordable fossil fuels, the whole industrial enterprise is fated to grind to a halt as net energy diminishes. -- RF
South African Treasury says power constraints getting government attention
Three more tendons sink at Chevron's Big Foot site in U.S. Gulf
US coal supply increasingly dominated by PRB
Memphis Power Outage: Thousands Without Power In Summer Heat As Memphis Light Works To Fix Substation
Delayed gratification for OPEC, more pain for investors
US Energy Department Invests $60 Million to Advance Nuclear Technology
Nuclear is not a cheap energy: Think tank

## Got food? ##
There Might Be No Saving the World's Top Banana
Six decades after a banana-killing fungus all but wiped out plantations across Latin America, a new strain threatens to destroy global harvests.
Non-profit grocery store opens in Boston
New Report Examines Wal-Mart Food Supply

## Environment/health ##
Awkward: Day After EPA Finds Fracking Does Not Pollute Water, Top Oil Regulator Resigns Over Water Contamination
Flu cases tracking at record levels (Australia)
S. Korea vows 'all-out' effort to curb growing MERS outbreak
South Korea reports 14 more MERS cases, fifth death
Saudi Arabia reports five new MERS coronavirus cases
Insane Heat Wave in Alaska Put Temperatures Higher Than in Arizona

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Top FBI Official Says Tech Companies Need To 'Prevent Encryption Above All Else'
Saudi Arabia upholds 10-year prison, 1,000 lashing sentence on blogger
Surveillance law lets US ratify nuclear terrorism treaties
Big U.S. data breaches offer treasure trove for hackers

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Hundreds of Connecticut highway bridges are in need of repair
Twilight of the Professors

## Japan ##
Japan's Fighter Procurement Crunch
Deal paves way for Diet to scrap legal cap on use of temporary workers
Japan birthrate down to 1.42, 1st fall in 9 years
Firms team up against cyber-attacks
Sword-wielding robot beats Japanese master samurai

## China ##
China Containerized Freight Index Collapses
The Cost of China's Industrialization: 700 Million People with Diabesity /Cancer /Lung Disease and 225 Million with Mental Disorders
Beijing struggles to cut smog with wide-ranging restrictions
60% of China's underground water 'not fit for human contact' - Beijing

## UK ##
Green Deal: Energy efficiency programme may be axed amid austerity drive
Major international effort needed to fight criminal gangs using 'hackers for hire', says anti-cybercrime boss
Your Facebook, Twitter and blog are about to be monitored for references to the Government
David Cameron tells Barack Obama: I cannot guarantee spending 2pc of GDP on military

## US ##
For many in US, more jobs don't mean more financial security
Rising: 25,098,000 Foreign-Born Workers Employed in U.S.A.
Its Nuts Out There: Pennsylvania's Pension Fund Borrows $3 Billion To Gamble In Stock Market
Another 'Perfect' Payroll Report——Except It Doesn't Add Up
The "Illegal Immigrant" Recovery? The Real Stunner In The Jobs Report
Californians urged to rip out their lawns: 'This is about the future we need'
The crisis in housing: Not enough homes are being built and rents are outstripping wage gains.
New Housing Crisis in the Making? If So, What's the Solution?
A Professor Speaks Out – How Coddled, Hyper Sensitive Undergrads are Ruining College Learning
Blurry lines between bikers, police clubs draw concern

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