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News Links, July 10, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
The Chilling Thing Gartner Just Said About a Once Hot Engine of Global Growth
Twilight Of The Euro Welfare State
China Syndrome Burns Stocks, Commodities
European Stocks, Chinese Stocks And Commodities Are All Crashing – Are U.S. Stocks Next?
Russia Not In A Position To Help Greece: Leading Russian Bank
Greek Debt Crisis Update: Banks To Remain Closed Through Friday As Uncertainty Over Bailout Looms
Doing business with Greece? Cash is king
Here are 7 facts and figures that show just how bad the Greek crisis is right now
Greece submits new proposal of reforms, spending cuts in last-ditch effort to stay in eurozone
Greek solvency concerns are rising: Bundesbank
Global Deflation Alert: China's Excess Steel Capacity Of 300-400 Million Tons Will Swamp Export Markets, Crush Prices, Trigger Trade Wars
Market Plunge Alert—–Margin Call Originating In China Roiling All Markets
Global Deflation Alert: Aluminum Glut Drives Prices To Six years Lows, Deeper Collapse Coming
Has The Global Run On Silver Begun? Shortages On The Horizon?
Anti-Gold Standard Myths Demolished By Modern Tech Guru, George Gilder
China Soars Most Since 2009 After Government Threatens Short Sellers With Arrest, Global Stocks Surge
Hellas: Ship owners scrap the most dry bulk tonnage during 2015
Microsoft to cut up to 7,800 jobs, most in phone division
Microsoft Tallies True Costs of M&A Boom: Layoffs, Write-Offs, Shut-Downs, Economic Decline
Canada needs $9-billion fund to shield it from severe housing crash, C.D. Howe warns
Systemic "Holidays" Are Coming to Banks, Money Market Accounts and More in the Weeks Ahead
Farage: 'The European project is beginning to die'
IMF lowers global growth forecasts, cites U.S. weakness
Absurd IMF Warning on US Rate Hikes

## Airline death spiral ##
5 horrifying ways airlines are making flying worse
AeroMexico flight diverted to IAH due to unruly passenger
The Iran Deal's Strategic Payoff
A successful nuclear deal with Iran could mean an expanded Iranian role in blocking Islamic State advances in Iraq and Syria, but the potential U.S.-Iran cooperation alarms Israel and Saudi Arabia – which may explain President Obama's silence on the topic.

## Energy/resources ##
There Must Not Be Peak Anything (Tad Patzek)
A good read. Note also that he agrees with me totally on the significance of biofuels to the airline industry, saying, "If planes ran on biofuels, there would not be the global airline industry." Flying airliners on biofuels is a joke. -- RF
Boomerang effect: Blackout cuts off city's water supply
KARACHI: The massive power outage on Tuesday night led to the shutdown of the city's five pumping stations, bringing water supply to a halt.

## Got food? ##
Couple angered by city order to change veggie garden (Canada)
Of course the US does not engage in hacking. -- RF
MH-17 Case Slips into Propaganda Fog
Almost a year ago, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine killing 298 people. Yet, instead of a transparent investigation seeking justice, the case became a propaganda game of finger-pointing, with the CIA withholding key evidence all the better to blame Russia.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
What Greece, Cyprus, and Puerto Rico Have in Common

## Japan ##
Five years to go. It's a fair question to ask whether the games will even be held. -- RF
Japan interested in joining NATO missile consortium
Japan is interested in joining a NATO missile building consortium that would give Tokyo its first taste of a multinational defense project, a move the U.S. Navy is encouraging because it could pave the way for Japan to lead similar partnerships in Asia, sources said.

## China ##
Trouble Abrewing; This Time It Is Different
When the National Financial Conditions Index rises above the zero line, bad things tend to happen to the stock market and the economy. This index spiked before the recessions in 1977, 1981, 2000 and 2008, and rose before the stock market nosedived in 1987.
Military Marches Forward With Microgrids
The aging United States electricity grid is facing an increasing number of threats, ranging from severe weather events, to solar flares, to cyber terrorism. Inside Energy research found that major power outages have doubled every five years since 2000. It's something the U.S. military is taking seriously. They're helping to lead the way in the development of smaller and more secure grids – known as microgrids.

## The Clintons ##

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