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News Links, July 13, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
U.S. Primary Bond Market Seized Up, Junk Bond Issuance Frozen, Chaos in China, Greece, Puerto Rico, Commodities Cited
Greece Offered "Temporary" Grexit in 4-Page Proposal; Merkel's Choice: "No Deal at Any Cost"; Waterboarding the Ward of the Eurozone
Grexit Is On——Germany Prepares 5-Year Greek 'Time-Out' From Euro
Chinese stocks: When mispricing becomes more important than pricing
With cash fast running out, Greek bank failures loom
Elderly Greeks tapping pensions fear cuts could hit hard
Greece nears euro exit as bailout talks break up without agreement
Why the Cash Economy in Greece May Be Ending
The China Crash Is Not Over—–Five Viewpoints On The Turmoil Ahead
Venezuela inflation seen hitting triple-digit levels as crisis deepens
China wants to steal gold-market 'reins' from New York, London
China Is Laying The Groundwork For A Gold Standard Right Now
Major Buyers Continue To Stockpile Silver As U.S. Silver Imports Surge In April
Why GM Is Back Below Its IPO Price, Part 2 - Chinese Auto Sales Collapse At Fastest Rate In 3 Years
The shift of Australia's economy in one painful chart
New Global Taxman to Wage War on Informal Economy
Just reading the title brings two problems to mind. First, because the global formal economy is failing, more and more people worldwide will be forced into the informal economy just to survive. Friction between government authorities and people in the informal economy will worsen and eventually flames will break out. Second, keeping tabs on everyone and their money requires an increasingly sophisticated system which would perforce be computerized and interconnected via the internet. But as net energy declines, such systems will become steadily less reliable, and eventually break down. The "cashless society" is part of this and will — as I've previously observed — ultimately fail for the same reasons.  -- RF
OECD Report: U.S. one of the most indebted nations in the world
Fallout from Reagan's Afghan War
In the 1980s, President Reagan funded and armed Islamic fundamentalists to defeat a Soviet-backed secular regime in Afghanistan. Now, one of those ex-U.S. clients is throwing his support behind the brutal Islamic State, a lesson about geopolitical expediency.
How skyrocketing Vancouver home prices are fuelling anger towards foreign buyers
Russia's Putin scores points at Ufa BRICS summit
The two new endeavors are statements that the five largest emerging markets are both looking out for each other and, simultaneously, moving away from the western financing institutions of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.
Saudi Arabia issues first sovereign bonds since 2007, more to come
Saudi Arabia has issued its first sovereign bonds since 2007 to cover a budget deficit created by low oil prices, launching a series of debt sales that could reshape its financial markets.

## Airline death spiral ##
This Plane Seating Proposal Is Horrifying
In addition to the problems pointed out here, we need to keep in mind that the voluminous waste stream itself would not exist without fossil fuels. -- RF

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
India, Pakistan to hold security meet in a thaw in ties

## Energy/resources ##

Police said that in this instance, the thieves stole the school's central heating pipes, the ventilators from the building's air conditioning system and the pipes connected the water tanks on the roof.
I guarantee you that this is not the future of farming. -- RF

## Environment/health ##
Seas could rise 6 meters even if governments curb warming: study
"Safe" Plastic Alternatives Linked to Scary Health Problems
Exposure to two chemicals widely considered safe—and used in hundreds of consumer products including plastics, cosmetics, and soap—has been linked to increased blood pressure, insulin resistance, and other dangerous health problems in children, according to a new study.

## Propaganda ##
China Rules on Stock Market Reporting
The following censorship instructions, issued to the media by government authorities, have been leaked and distributed online. 
Journalists' Complicity in Hiding Those Guilty for MH17

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Maintaining the Illusion of Stability Now Requires Ever-Greater Extremes
111 years old! -- RF
Japan to look into cracking down on foreign websites
The Japanese government is set to look into forcibly blocking foreign websites that show copyrighted Japanese content.
Why the actions of banning short selling and punishing the market taken by the Chinese government will backfire.
Dozens of Rights Lawyers & Activists Reported Detained or Missing
Chinese Human Rights Defenders reports that at least 57 rights lawyers, law firm staff, and activists have been detained, questioned, or otherwise restricted across China in the past 48 hours.
New government sugar advice will mean 'extreme' diet changes
Most treats will be off limits and replaced with wholegrain and vegetables if health officials act on imminent recommendations from scientific advisers
Modern day feudalism in America where mega landlords rent property out to the working serfs.
These are the houses the 2016 presidential candidates own (gallery)

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