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News Links, July 15, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Saudi Arabia borrows $4B as oil price reality hits home
Saudi Arabia has borrowed $4bn from local markets in the past year, selling its first bonds for eight years as part of efforts to sustain high levels of public spending as oil prices slump.
Has the sun set on Africa's growth story?
It Starts: Greeks Rebel Against Bailout, Risk Collapse
Greek Debt Crisis: What Does The Bailout Agreement Mean For Pensioners?
Greece Just Lost Control Of Its Banks, And Why Deposit Haircuts Are Imminent
Greek Debt Crisis: Secret IMF Paper Casts Doubt On Bailout Demands
White Knight Irony: IMF Threatens to Walk Away From Bailout Deal Citing Unsustainable Debt
Greek Debt Crisis: Asset Sale Plan Central To Bailout Strains Credulity
Greek Bad Loans Soar To €100 Billion
Greeks Can't Tap Cash, Gold, Silver In Bank Safety Deposit Boxes
IMF Rips Pandora's Box To Shreds, Demands Greek Debt Relief "Far Beyond What Europe Has Been Willing To Consider"
Grim Economic Outlook Spikes Fear For Recession In Canada
German Production is a Facade Built on Bad Loans…
Dubai's Drydocks World enlists Citi for $2.3bn debt restructuring
China's $1 Trillion Bailout Points to an Ailing Economy 
Singapore Q2 GDP Unexpectedly Shrinks On Blow To Manufacturing
Inflation Is Hitting Japanese Households Hard
Spain Is Not Greece, It's Spain (And That's Worrying Enough)
Q&A on the Iranian nuclear deal
Puerto Rico asks creditors for patience as it develops debt plan
Beware: The "Made In China" Global Recession Is Coming, Morgan Stanley Warns

## Airline death spiral ##
Heathrow Airport delays as Plane Stupid activists block runway - as it happened
Long-haul flights are taking longer - and the effect is worse fuel consumption
Airlines Pocket a Record $38 Billion From Extra Fees
Airlines are shedding services because they want passengers to take care of themselves
Airlines carve US into markets dominated by 1 or 2 carriers
The wave of consolidation that swept the U.S. airline industry has markedly reduced competition at many of the nation's major airports, and passengers appear to be paying the price in higher fares and fees, an Associated Press analysis has found.

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Ukrainian Soldiers Refuse To Take Orders From Kiev; Desertion And Lawlessness Take Hold
Ukrainian police seek calm after clash with right wing activists leaves two dead
Ukraine President Orders Disarming of Far-Right Factions
Russian Black Sea Submarine Presence Revived As It Looks To Strengthen Military Position Near Crimea
US Considering Drones In North Africa To Monitor Islamic State: WSJ
U.S. Military Relax Defense Ties With Egypt After Years Of Restrictions On Arms Sales And Operations
Saudi-led air raids in Yemen kill 21 two days into truce
Baghdad car bombs and suicide attacks kill 35 - sources
Pope closes South America trip urging youths to 'make a mess'
In passionate speeches, the Argentine pontiff urged the destitute to change the world economic order and branded the unfettered pursuit of money as the "dung of the devil". He also sought forgiveness for the sins committed by the Catholic Church against native Americans during the colonial era.
Exclusive: Philippines reinforcing rusting ship on Spratly reef outpost - sources
The Mess that Nuland Made
Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland engineered Ukraine's "regime change" in early 2014 without weighing the likely chaos and consequences. Now, as neo-Nazis turn their guns on the government, it's hard to see how anyone can clean up the mess that Nuland made.
Europe, Pacific not entirely spared from US Army force cuts
Indonesia plans naval base in S China Sea; blasts China's 9-dash line
China's oil platform in E China Sea may serve military purposes
With its oil platform now established in the East China Sea, the People's Liberation Army can easily launch helicopters against Japanese targets near the disputed Duaoyutai islands, according to the China's nationalist tabloid, the Global Times.
Suspected Boko Haram gunmen kill dozens in northeast Nigeria villages: sources
Russia says Iran deal paves way for 'broad' coalition against Isis
Japan's 'submarine killer' tantalizes West
Japan's state-of-the-art maritime patrol aircraft has been attracting increasing attention, not only from its most important ally, the U.S., but also from Europe amid growing concerns about movements by Russian submarines.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Sleepless nights: Back-to-back blackouts trigger protests in Karachi
Chinese police kill three knife-wielding 'terrorists' from Xinjiang province

## Energy/resources ##
EIA Confirms: Oil Production Peaked
The Multi-Trillion Dollar Oil Market Swindle
In the past, I documented the overstatements by both the IEA and EIA in 2014 & 2015 in terms of supply, inventory and understatements of demand. Others also noticed these distortions and, whether intentional or not, they exist and they are very large in dollar terms. These distortions, which are affecting price through media hype and/or direct/indirect price manipulation, are quite possibly the largest in financial history.
S.Korean energy companies urged to review loss-making overseas projects
Low oil price to shut more North Sea fields early
Low oil prices have tightened the screws on some of the most depleted and costly oilfields in Britain's North Sea, forcing operators to cease production earlier than planned and adding to fears of a domino effect in mature areas.
Oil output from U.S. shale plays seen down for fourth month: EIA
Shale Gas Supply Held Hostage by Oil to Drop by Most in a Year
LNG Glut To Get A Lot Worse This Year
Russia extends energy hand to Greece
Alberta faces growing backlog of abandoned oil and gas wells
Millions needed to clean up sites and mitigate environmental risk

## Got food? ##
China watchdogs to track down smuggled 'zombie meat'
Thai rice annual exports to fall short of target - export association
Wicked problems and wicked solutions: the case of the world's food supply
US Aid To El Salvador Came With Strings Attached: Monsanto Seeds Required
Justice Dept.: Food companies risk prosecution for outbreaks

## Environment/health ##
Wildfires In Canada And Alaska Drive Thousands From Homes
Rainfall drives rapid melt, flow of the Greenland ice sheet
Your Cellphone May Be Hazardous To Your Child's Mental Health
Scientist who studied health effects of 9/11 dust dies at 68
With One-Third of Largest Aquifers Highly Stressed, It's Time to Explore and Assess the Planet's Groundwater

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
'Smart cities': Great idea, or dangerous?
Meet Your Newest Law Enforcement Partners: Netflix And Spotify
Documents: US agents knew of 'El Chapo' escape plots in 2014
Mexico drug lord escape tunnel was too elaborate to miss
Internet firms delete customer data post-Snowden to stop spies getting it
New generation of Internet companies do not want to cooperate with intelligence agencies in fresh row over privacy and security
Suddenly, Everyone Wants the NSA's Cyber Defense Tech
The Latest Snowden Leak Is Devastating to NSA Defenders
The agency collected and stored intimate chats, photos, and emails belonging to innocent Americans—and secured them so poorly that reporters can now browse them at will.
How to Chat in Secret While We're All Being Watched

## Propaganda ##
The World Rebukes Netanyahu
Led by President Obama, six world powers ignored Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's harangues against Iran and agreed to a plan for limiting – not bombing – Iran's nuclear program. But Netanyahu wields more sway with Congress and the mainstream media, which parrot his complaints.
Another "Terror" Arrest; Another Mentally Ill Man, Armed by the FBI
AEI Expert: Iranians Think "Very Differently" From Us Because They're "Nationalists"

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
GM to recall 155,000 vehicles in India to fix wiring trouble
Land Rover recalls 65,000 vehicles over unlatching doors
Honda recalls another 4.5 million vehicles for Takata airbag faults
Second company probed for air bag inflator malfunctions
U.S. safety regulators are investigating inflators made by ARC Automotive that went into about 420,000 older Fiat Chrysler Town and Country minivans and another 70,000 Kia Optima midsize sedans.
Greece and the End of the Euroland Fantasy
Events in Greece are not just a template for sovereign debt crises to come; they also spell the end of the Euroland Fantasy of ever-greater prosperity as a result of ever-greater centralization and integration.
The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves – Spain Officially Becomes a Police State
US Navy to 3-D Print Ships; Brick-Laying Robots; Bit-Rot: Meet "Helium" the Software Coding Robot; End of the Programmer?
The Last Days Of 'Normal Life' In America
We Are All Greeks Now

## Japan ##
Protesters take to streets as ruling camp, opposition square off ahead of vote on SDF bills
Japan's Economic Disaster – Real Wages Lowest Since 1990, Record Numbers Describe "Hard" Living Conditions
Criticism Mounts Over High Cost Of Tokyo Olympic Stadium
Record heat across Japan leaves hundreds ill, 4 dead
Japanese carmakers cling to Indonesia targets as sales skid, showrooms stay empty

## China ##
The (sad) truth about China's rally and crash: Stocks are too frothy
China Passport Policy Restricts Tibetans, Uighurs From Leaving Country: Report
Chinese police say they fatally shot 3 Uighur 'terrorists'
Chinese Authorities Arrest Over 100 Human Rights Activists and Lawyers in Desperate Crackdown on Dissent
Campaign Against Rights Lawyers' "Criminal Gang" Broadens
Stock market rout another blow to fading 'Chinese Dream'
China Fences In Its Nomads, and an Ancient Life Withers
Move Over Americans, Chinese People are Getting Fatter, Faster

## UK ##
Bank of England plans to accept equities as collateral from banks
750 avoidable deaths a month in NHS hospitals, study finds

## US ##
Diminishing Returns on Central-Planning Policy Extremes = 2016 Crash
Texans organize 'Operation Counter Jade Helm' to keep an eye on the federal troops
Top U.S. companies to hire 100,000 'disconnected youth'
How the U.S. Government Squandered $1 Billion in Taxpayer Funds on "Ghost Schools" and Warlords in Afghanistan
VA says it may shut down hospitals to close $2.5B budget gap
The rise of the oligarchy and Barack Obama
Retail Sales Unexpectedly Sink Below the Lowest Economist's Estimate; September Hike? Really?
Santa Cruz County Votes to Cease Doing Business with Five TBTF Mega Banks
The oncoming disaster in public pensions
The $4 trillion retirement savings deficit and the bill of payouts for pensioners.
Food Stamp Recipients Exceed 45 Million for Four Years
Chris Christie Gives Taxpayer Subsidy To Donor Whose Lawsuit Helped Him Prosecute Democratic Financier
It's Gotten Pretty Darn Easy to Get a Car Loan
More Businesses Are Closing Than Opening in U.S.
FedEx to Cut Boeing Order in Half?

## The Clintons ##
Clinton stories the media forgot to tell you about
Hillary Clinton Blasts High Frequency Trading Ahead of Fundraiser with High Frequency Trader

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