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News Links, July 17, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Reassured By Greek Parliament's Bailout Approval, European Commission Says Greece Could Get Bridge Loans Soon
The 'Greek Debt Deal' Is Already Starting To Fall Apart
Germany's Schaeuble casts doubt on chance of Greek bailout success
Greek banks to reopen after cash pledge from lenders
Largest "Alternative" Mortgage Lender in Canada Plunges, Denies "Systemic Problem" in Housing Market
Is Canada Next? Recession Is "Quite Contained"
Bank of Canada cuts benchmark interest rate to 0.5%, slashes economic outlook
Bank of Canada Sees Global Economy, Freaks Out, Cuts Rate, Warns of Financial Stability Risks, Loonie Plunges
Rigged………The Most Absurd Global Financial Situation Ever
Another Eurozone Accident Waiting To Happen——-Italian Banks' Nonperforming Loans Hit New Highs
ADB cuts Asia, China 2015, 2016 growth forecasts
Shipping rates fall at fastest pace since 2011 as super ships add to 'plague of overcapacity'
Nasdaq Closes at New Record High

## Airline death spiral ##
Unruly Passenger on China-US Flight Taken into FBI Custody for Attack on Flight Attendant
Climate Change Brings Ill Winds for Airline Industry
Is Air Travel Becoming 'for Rich People' Only?
Super cheap airline fares lure in lots of fliers, but most shell out to upgrade
IAG's Aer Lingus takeover waved through by US regulators
Upgrades on Delta Will Cost More SkyMiles Next Year
Lawmakers worry about air-marshal staffing, but slam first-class seating

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
NATO to test deployment speed with largest exercise in a decade
On the Front Line of the War Against Isis, Joint Action by US and Iran Has Never Felt Closer
Israeli Special Forces Assassinated Senior Syrian Official
Philippines to station warplanes, frigates at former U.S. Subic base facing disputed sea
Iraqi Forces Make Slow Gains Against ISIS In Fallujah; Residents Hope For Liberation
Russian Air Force Receives New Su-34 Bombers, Su-35S Fighters As Military Expansion Continues
President Obama thanks Putin for integral role in shaping Iran nuclear deal
China says Japan, China preparing for 'high-level' talks
With fewer ships at their disposal, US Marines turn to allies
Retired General: Drones Create More Terrorists Than They Kill, Iraq War Helped Create ISIS
Islamic State says it launched rocket attack on Egypt navy vessel
Five ways the EU is undermining democracy

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Athens Sees Violent Demonstrations As Greek Parliament Votes on Debt Crisis Deal

## Energy/resources ##
Shale Industry May Need A Complete Rethink To Survive
BHP Says Will Take $2B Charge On US Onshore Energy Business
BHP Billiton on Wednesday said it will take a $2 billion impairment on its U.S. shale operations - the third writedown in three years.

## Environment/health ##
The world eats cheap bacon at the expense of North Carolina's rural poor
US/Israeli/Saudi 'Behavior' Problems
In Official Washington's latest detour from the real world, top pundits are depicting Iran as the chief troublemaker in the Mideast and saying the nuclear deal should hinge on Iranian "behavior." But the real "behavior" problems come from Israel, Saudi Arabia and the U.S.

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Its glory faded, decaying modern Rome 'needs a miracle'
Dirty and disorganized, Rome is once more in decline. City hall is paralyzed by allegations of Mafia infiltration, basic services are in tatters, the main airport is partially closed, and wild cat strikes have frayed an already ropey public transport network.
When Capitalism Turns to Cannibalism
UK running out of money to pay for clean energy
Department of Energy and Climate Change has already overspent its budget to support renewable energy projects

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