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News Links, July 24, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
World Trade Drops Most Since Financial Crisis
Q1 2015 Eurozone Government Debt-To-GDP Notches Another New High At 92.9%
Forget Recession: According To Caterpillar There Is A Full-Blown Global Depression
Brazil Cuts Budget Goal as Shrinking Economy Erodes Revenue
Commodities Collapsed Just Before The Last Stock Market Crash – So Guess What Is Happening Right Now?
Greece Approves Crucial Second Set Of Bailout Reforms
Central Banks Have Shot Their Wad——-Why The Casino Is In For A Rude Awakening, Part I
What Do Greece and Louisiana Have in Common? The War on Cash
Russians Buy Gold In June – Another 25 Tonnes
Microsoft posts record loss as it writes down Nokia
Gold drop to trigger buying frenzy in UAE
Gold Smash Leads to Surge in Demand For Coins, Bars Around World
Banks see second quarter revenue dip from commodities
Giant Global Miner BHP Slashing Production As Commodity Rout Takes Its Toll
China Aftershocks Ripple Through Earnings From Audi To Iron Ore
This Measure of Copper Is Another Bad Omen for the Commodities Meltdown
Qualcomm to cut 15 percent of workforce
MERS Outbreak Hits South Korea Economy, GDP Growth At 6-Year Low
Swooning Steel, Deteriorating Sentiment & Shrinking Productivity Growth
Dr. Copper Going Down For The Count——–Even Goldman Says So
"No Longer Confined To The Lunatic Fringe": SocGen Admits Markets Are Completely Manipulated

## Airline death spiral ##
The U.S. cities that have lost the most flights
Communities from Milwaukee and Cleveland in the Midwest to Memphis, Tenn., and Newport News, Va., in the South complain they no longer have enough air service.
GOP bill would cap airline bag fees at $4.50
Airlines carve US into markets dominated by 1 or 2 carriers
Man restrained with seltbelts and tape on Siberia Airlines flight

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Ankara 'agrees to let US launch air strikes' against Islamic State from Turkey
Saudi Arabia considers its own nuclear options after Iran deal
Russian Media Says Ukraine Is Expanding Its Military
According to the DPR ministry, the new mobilization plan will increase the strength of the Ukrainian army by recruiting more troops. The conscription age will be brought down to 16.
Philippines' Terror-Inducing 'War on Terror'
A largely forgotten front in George W. Bush's "global war on terror" has been the Philippines where military campaigns to crush various rebel groups and political activists have led to charges of extrajudicial killings, torture and other war crimes.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
France promises emergency aid to farmers
Weatherford Raises Layoffs Target to 11,000
Responding to continued weakness in the North American oilfield services market, Weatherford International said Thursday it would revise the number of planned layoffs to 11,000.
Oil Rigs Left Idling Turn Caribbean Into Expensive Parking Lot
The Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea have become a garage for deepwater drillships -- at a cost of about $70,000 a day each. It's either that or send your precious rig to a scrapyard.

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Vandals steal telephone cables

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
U.S. decides against publicly blaming China for data hack
Obama Should Release MH-17 Intel (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity)
Former Pentagon Intel Chief Says Military's Clandestine Service Is Growing

## Propaganda ##
NYT Enforces Ukraine 'Group Think'
Determined to enforce the "group think" on Ukraine, the editors of The New York Times lashed out at Russia for urging an expanded inquiry into last year's MH-17 shoot-down. But the Times won't join calls for the U.S. government to release its intelligence on the tragedy.

## UK ##
Generation rent: the housing ladder starts to collapse for the under-40s

## US ##
Huge Downward Revision Of Industrial Production Index Threatens The Recovery Narrative
Here's where all the presidential candidates get their campaign money
Tuition is up 300 percent from 1990 and total outstanding student debt has grown by over 1 trillion dollars since 2000.

## The Clintons ##

And finally...
Summer is so bad here that cops arrest weathermen

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