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News Links, July 27, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Greek store closures spike as recession, austerity return
Debt Conundrum To Keep Greek Banks In Months-Long Freeze
Struggling Greek Businesses Choked By Money Controls
Emerging Market Currencies Tumble to Record Low in 'Violent' Selloff
Brazilians have noticed their economy is falling apart
Global Cooling Alert: Emerging Market Currencies Drop to Record Low As China Saps Commodities
Commodity Collapse Isn't Slowing Down Amid Worst Week of 2015
UBS's Puerto Rico Bond Funds Implode, "Collateral Value" Drops to Zero, Investors Screwed
Copper, China And World Trade Are All Screaming That The Next Economic Crisis Is Here
Dubai underwater hotel plan shelved as investor withdraws
Dubai Stocks Lead Mideast Declines as Oil Slump Clouds Outlook
A few big winners keep U.S. stock market afloat in 2015
Hedge Funds Net-Short Gold First Time in History; Contrarian Views
Global middle class is 'more promise than reality', with 13 per cent of population qualifying, study finds
Dotcom Bubble King, Henry Blodget——-a 30-50% Stock Plunge 'Would Not Be A Surprise'
Now Comes The Spillover——China's Industrial Slump Is Trashing the Junk Debt Of The Miners
Financial Time Bombs Push Gold Eagles Sales To Record High
BRICS Bank, AIIB Pledge Partnership, Loans To Be Issued In Yuan
The 'gig economy' is coming. What will it mean for work?

## Airline death spiral ##
Thai Airways to cut 1,401 jobs, suspend flights to U.S.
Air France-KLM Reports Revenue Growth as Loss Widens
The Story Behind Berlin's $6 Billion Airport Embarrassment
Charlotte Flight to London Forced to Land Early Due to Unruly Passenger
U.S. airlines return to fuel hedging, get burned again
Airline Stocks Sink After American Sees Fare Pressure Into 2016
Dangerous Trend Continues As More Planes Are Hit With Laser Pointers
The hidden cost of airport security
Power outage at LaGuardia Airport causes 3-hour delays
Lufthansa plans overhaul of airfare system
German airline Deutsche Lufthansa AG (LHA.XE) plans an overhaul of its ticketing system that will require passengers to pay extra for checked baggage, seat reservations and flight changes or cancellations, German daily newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported Saturday.
Study: Airline mergers cut 40% of flights from HIA, 8th most in US
Passenger detained for creating chaos on flight (China)
Top 5 Biggest Complaints About Air Travel (video)

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Turkish Jets Strike ISIS Targets In Syria: State TV
ISIS Makes Three Times as Much from Oil Smuggling as Previously Thought: Officials
Turkey calls for NATO meeting to discuss security threats
U.S. troops to train regular Ukrainian military troops: State Department
The Mother of All Storms Builds Over Catalonia's Independence
Israel Security Establishment Breaks With Bibi on Iran Deal
Affordable housing shortage is key MidEast challenge - expert
Eurotunnel suspends passenger services because of 'migrant activity' in Calais
More delays for Britons heading to France, including truck drivers, as French authorities struggle to control migrants attempting to enter the tunnel
Saudi Airstrikes In Yemen Kill Over 120 Civilians In Southern Taiz Province
Kremlin to Seize Foreign Assets in Response to Frozen Russian Capital
Is Djibouti Becoming the Dubai of Africa?
Kuwait imposes limited control on entry of Saudis
Syria's Assad Admits Prolonged Civil War Has Created Serious Troop Shortage
Northern Cameroon Closes Mosques, Islamic Schools To Prevent More Suicide Bombings
Northern Cameroon temporarily closed its mosques and Islamic schools Sunday in another set of measures intended to increase security after several terror attacks in the region. In addition to the closures, young beggars were ordered to vacate the streets as all recent suicide bombers have been children.
China's New Islands Are Clearly Military, U.S. Pacific Chief Says

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
From HS2 and fracking to Heathrow's third runway, meet the new face of protest in the UK
French farmers' protests to resume 'within days'

## Energy/resources ##
Weatherford: Future looks grim
Water scarcity is becoming a business problem
China Answers Japan Oil Rig Concern With Joint-Development Offer
Mexico's historic oil auction falls short
Deep-sea mining looms on horizon as UN body issues contracts
The situation is getting desperate. -- RF
China working on world's largest Nuclear power expansion
France set to back reducing reliance on nuclear power
Coal Industry Suffering From Lack Of Demand
Hercules Offshore Expects to Emerge from Bankruptcy in Q4
Scrapping fuel subsidies 'will create savings for Gulf' – Fitch
Canada's Encana Lays Off 200 Employees In July Amid Oil Slump
'New Normal' Environment Requires Closer Look at Cost-Cutting Measures

## Got food? ##
USDA: Half of North Koreans to encounter food shortages by 2025
'Corporate Influence Has Won': House Passes Anti-GMO Labeling Bill
DailyDirt: So You Want To Grow Your Own Food?
Pork prices surge 50% in China in four months
Spaniards grow green fingers in response to crisis (video)
Australian farmers fight huge mine in Liverpool Plans, NSW
Coal and gas mining continue to encroach on some of Australia's best farmland, pitting miners against farmers and creating a deep rift between the parties of the nation's ruling Conservative coalition.
Factory farming is killing the planet: Why the meat industry's future needs to look more like its past
Foodroom Gardening: No Rows, No Woes

## Environment/health ##
On four continents, historic droughts wreak havoc
Cancer Patients Sick With Worry Over High Cost of Drugs
'Apocalyptic' Wragg Fire Races Through Thousands of California Acres
Climate Change Effects Could Cost Investors $4 Trillion In Assets, Report Warns
Cruises on two of Europe's most popular rivers came to a halt this week due to a lack of water
Hospital crisis: delays across the state, patients not admitted, as hospitals struggle with winter surge (Australia)
The state's hospitals have been thrown into crisis by huge emergency department delays leaving ambulances stranded for hours and delaying patient care.
American Diet Still Far From Healthy [sic], Even As Consumers Cut Back On Calories
Study finds traces of cocaine, other illegal drugs in Ontario drinking water
Trouble Brewing: Drought-Hit Hops Crop Concerns Craft Beer Brewers
Toronto homeless shelters at max capacity despite mild summer
Deadly Amoeba found in New Orleans water supply
The potentially deadly amoeba, commonly called the "brain-eating" Amoeba, was found in St.Bernard Parish's water supply for the second time in two years.
Is the Los Angeles Water Supply Being Poisoned?
Energy Drinks Causing Heart Attacks, ER Visits

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Rights group urges Kuwait to rethink new DNA testing law
A new law requiring all Kuwaiti citizens and residents to provide DNA samples to the authorities violates the right to personal privacy and should be promptly amended, according to an international rights group.
France Passes New Surveillance Law, Allows Metadata Collection To Counter Terror Threat
Web Wars: German Army to Enter Global Cyberwar – German Media
U.S. Treasury's intelligence network vulnerable to hack - audit
Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Cars After Remote Hacking of Jeep
New Behind The Scenes Photos Show Vice President Dick Cheney On Sept. 11, 2001
Exclusive: Feds Regularly Monitored Black Lives Matter Since Ferguson
U.K. Police Confirm Ongoing Criminal Probe of Snowden Leak Journalists
French Government Sells Out Citizenry to Coddle Saudi Royals
Obama may release Israeli spy, but there are plenty more
Forget the Ashley Madison or Sony hacks – a crippling cyberattack is imminent in the US
Could school computers be a tool in preventing ISIS from recruiting teens?
A software company is piloting a service that alerts educators when students use phrases on school computers that could indicate radicalization or sympathy with violent extremism.

## Propaganda ##
Israel Clears the Bench in Iran Fight
The War Party's Essential Helpers——–Lapdogs Of The MSM
Smoking Gun: MPAA Emails Reveal Plan To Run Anti-Google Smear Campaign Via Today Show And WSJ

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Fiat Chrysler to recall more than 1.6 million vehicles in US
The Eroding Character of the American People
San Francisco Has America's Worst Roads
The broad problem is so great financially that the chances of reversing the disaster are astronomical.

## Japan ##
Japan Debt Risks Rise to Triple GDP Without Change, IMF Says
Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors to end US production
Japanese companies have swallowed up at least one foreign company a day, on average, for the last decade
Nippon Steel's pretax profit seen falling 20% in fiscal 2015

## China ##
China Says Has Every Right To Drill In East China Sea
Caixin China PMI drops sharply, surprising markets
Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble: When Authorities Buy Assets to Prop Up Markets
Beijing Authorities Blame Uber And Didi Kuaidi For Traffic Congestion As Crackdown Ramps Up
Ghost town in Inner Mongolia tries to revive itself
It's Not Just Margin Debt: Presenting The Complete Chinese Stock Market Ponzi Schematic

## UK ##
Big switch off of street lights in Wiltshire gets underway
Rail staffing cuts blamed for 'shocking' increase in passengers being attacked on Britain's trains
Condemnation After UK Lifts Ban on Bee-Killing Neonics
Teachers must take over classroom deradicalisation lessons, says top policewoman Sara Thornton
Tube flooding: Severe delays on London Underground as Circle and Hammersmith and City lines flood
UN human rights body criticises police stop-and-search powers in Scotland
'Put homeless in wooden window boxes to solve rough sleeping'
'It's like a ghost town': lights go out as foreign owners desert London homes
Surprise contender to lead UK's Labour: Renationalise swaths of economy
UK Government To Slash Renewables Subsidies
Secret plan to deploy 5,000 soldiers on UK streets in wake of major terror attacks

## US ##
They Never Learn——Pension Funds Now Scooping Up Risky CLOs
Distressed-Debt Market Upended Amid Deepening Commodities Rout
Live Anthrax Shipped To Dozens Of Labs Across US And 7 Other Nations In Past 12 Years: Report
Lafayette Theater Shooting Highlights Recent Spate of Mass Killings
Thirteen Cities Where Single-Family Rents Are Skyrocketing
Anthem to buy Cigna, creating biggest U.S. health insurer
Attention America's Suburbs: You Have Just Been Annexed
1,500 to be laid off from Newport News Shipbuilding
After Louisiana Shooting, High Cost Of More Security Vexes Movie Theaters
Thanks Fed, For Helping The Average Guy——Inside The New Home Sales Bust
More 2016 Candidates Embrace the Donald Trump Zeitgeist ... Including Hillary Clinton
Fed Staff Accidentally Posts Bearish Economic Forecast and Prediction Inflation Would Not Hit 2% by 2020; Upset Over Leaks? Why?
In Key Decision, Junk-Rated Chicago's Pension Reform Bid Ruled Unconstitutional
Credit card debt makes up for lack of income growth
Credit card debt outstanding back up to $900 billion. Since 1980 household income up 300% while credit card debt up 1,760%.
Six Alaska Megaprojects Lurch Forward After Stall Imposed By State's Budget Crisis Amid Low Oil Prices
State health insurance markets struggle with cost challenges
Friends in high places: Obama and the American oligarchy

And finally...
Mystery pooper targeting holes of Norwegian golf course
Bar Officially Cannot Be Lowered

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