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News Links, July 4, 2015

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Greek Debt Crisis: Don't Blame Laziness. Greeks Work Longest Hours In Europe, Far More Than French Or Germans
Greek banks may not re-open any time soon
Greek economy close to collapse as food and medicine run short
30% Bail-In Haircuts on Greek Deposits Over €8,000 Coming Up; Banks to Raid Deposits to Avert Collapse
LEAKED: How the Biggest Banks Are Conspiring to Rip Up Financial Regulations around the World
Guess What Happened The Last Time The Chinese Stock Market Crashed Like This?
Trade at Dubai free zones said to reach $140bn this year
Fears of a Pan Am Games flop: Toronto faces empty hotel rooms, unsold tickets and angry locals
With a week to go, there are signs that these games, triple the price of the last Pan Am Games, will be an expensive flop — at least when looking at them through an unsentimental lens.

## Airline death spiral ##
Improving 'awful' isn't airline collusion: Experts
Unruly passenger forces flight diversion
Another WestJet Flight Receives Empty Threat
Flights delayed and cancelled at Toronto's Pearson airport due to labour disruption

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Rockets land in Israel, Egypt's IS affiliate claims responsibility
Egypt's Coming Chaos
Saudi-led air strikes on Yemen cities kill 16: Houthis
4th of July fireworks: World War III with China dead ahead
US stockpiling bunker-buster bombs in case Iran nuclear talks fail
Serbia receives assistance to stem illegal migrant flows

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Greek Debt Crisis: Police Use Stun Grenades in Clashes Ahead of Vote

## Energy/resources ##
South Africa's No. 3 City Starts Water Rations to Curb Shortage
Long live Italy! Can the "sun country" reach one million photovoltaic plants?
Bearish News For Oil Growing By The Day
World's Largest Silver Producer Down A Stunning 12%

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Verizon offers up to $10,000 for copper theft info
Thieves will steal anything to make a buck
Thieves strip metal from highway light poles

## Got food? ##
Greek villagers' secret weapon: Grow your own food
Drought spreads into key farming areas as El Nino gets going (Australia)
North Korean farmers face dry fields, drought
Kraft-Heinz merger forms world's fifth-largest food-beverage company
El Nino-spawned dry spell to hit Philippine food production
Illegal fishing crackdown: New rules could bring shortages, higher prices for Thai seafood
The Pursuit Of Food Freedom
Eleven disgusting ingredients you eat every day that food companies don't talk about

## Lifestyle solutions ##
What Choice Do We Have?
Community! -- RF

## Environment/health ##
Carbon capture goes down the tubes
6,000 visible stars light up America's 'dark sky' parks
In time the entire world will return to being a dark-sky park. -- RF
Research Confirms Hydroelectric Dams Not Environmentally Friendly After All
Scientists convinced European heat waves boosted by climate change
Scientists Warn Giant Nuclear Sarcophagus in Marshall Islands Is Leaking

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
US Officials Defend Spying on German Media

## Propaganda ##
Government Trolls Are Using 'Psychology-Based Influence Techniques' On YouTube, Facebook And Twitter
The State Department Terrorism Report—–A Witches Brew Of Confusion, Contradiction, Exaggeration And Hypocrisy

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Superpower Conundrum: The Rise and Fall of Just About Everything
Ford recalls 432,000 North American vehicles over software bug
Puerto Rico Is Emptying of People as Its Economy Disintegrates
As Puerto Rico begins to ration water, close schools and lose its health care system under the weight of a $73 billion debt, tens of thousands of its inhabitants are fleeing to the United States, where prospects of finding a better life are dim.

## Japan ##
Japan's Yen Has Only Begun to Fall
The economic outlook for Japan is not pretty. The country, once the poster child for technological advancement and export strength, has been struggling in both areas.
Record 62% of households in Japan face financial hardship
Japan still set for 2017 tax hike despite struggling economy
Fuel ready to be brought to Sendai nuclear reactor
Toshiba seen lopping more than 150bn yen off past profits
Japan welcomes Mekong leaders in jostle for influence

## China ##
The Untold Cost Of Chinese Economic Growth
China hunts for 'manipulators' as stocks tumble
Chinese stocks tumbled again on Friday, taking the week's losses to more than 10 percent, as the securities regulator said it was investigating suspected market manipulation amid increasingly desperate attempts by Beijing to head off a full-blown crash.

## UK ##
Prince Charles: rewire the global economy to stop climate change
More than one in 10 people in England could not get GP or nurse appointment
BBC to lay off 1,000 people to make up for $234M in lost revenue
Model was key member of 'burkha' smash and grab gang

## US ##
9 Out Of 10 Americans Consume Too Much Salt, CDC Says
Police investigate three early morning smash-and-grab robberies
Fewer people consider themselves 'extremely proud' to be American than decade ago
Chart Of The Day: US Debt-To-GDP To Reach Greek Levels By 2035

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